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Jon Bon Jovi used to be a drug dealer.The Bon Jovi frontman confessed he bought and sold marijuana while he was a struggling teenager growing up in New Jersey.He said: "I did the drug thing very young and wised up very young too, because I was into drugs a little too much."I was entrepreneurial even then, buying quarter pounds of dope and trying to make a couple of bucks."The 'Livin' On A Prayer' singer says a bad experience with illegal substances at an early age stopped him from becoming a user when he eventually found fame and fortune.The father-of-four said: "Did you ever smoke dope that was laced with PCP (phencyclidine) and then have that whole summer of hallucinations? It was f***ing awful."That's why I've never been a drug guy. I always felt I didn't have the mental stability."Bon Jovi recently revealed he is embarrassed to let his kids see his old 80s hairstyle.The rock star - who has sold 120 million albums since Bon Jovi…


Britney Spears' visitation rights to her sons were cut to three a week yesterday. The 'Toxic' singer - who was lost custody of her two sons, two-year-old Sean Preston and 13-month-old Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline earlier this month - will get two visits a week from 12pm to 7pm and one overnight stay from 12pm to 10am the next morning. All visits will be monitored.Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon made his ruling following a joint custody hearing on October 26, where he heard testimonies from both Britney and Kevin.The commissioner also heard evidence from parenting coach Lisa Hacker - who monitored four of Britney's visits with her children - and referred to the report Hacker filed about her observations of Britney's parenting skills.Court documents revealed that while Hacker felt Britney "loves her children and the children are bonded" to her, she was concerned the 25-year-old star was not "child-centered" in her intera…


A lock of John Lennon's hair is being auctioned off.The late Beatle gave his shorn strands to hairdresser Betty Glasgow - who worked as a stylist on the Fab Four's films 'Hard Day's Night' and 'Help' -along with a note saying: "To Betty, Lots of love and hair from John Lennon. "The piece is being sold by English auction house Gorringes, in Worthing, as part of 'The Betty Glasgow Collection of Beatles and Film Memorabilia' on December 12, and is expected to reach between £2,000 and £3,000. For safe-keeping Betty stuck the hair inside a copy of John's second book,'A Spaniard in the Works'.She admits she will be sad to sell the hair because it reminds her of the fantastic times she had with John and the other Beatles - Sir Paul McCartney, the late George Harrison and Ringo Starr.Betty said: "It was great fun working with the boys on the films. They were always together in a group and having a laugh. My job was to keep their h…


Cindy Crawford's Russian Vogue cover
Cindy Crawford has angered PETA by appearing on the cover of Russian Vogue wearing a fur coat.The 41-year-old model - who infuriated the animal rights group in 2004 when she agreed to be a spokesperson for their anti-fur campaign before modelling for exclusive mink clothing range Black glama - has sparked further controversy by gracing the cover of the well-respected fashion magazine sporting fur. One livid PETA member said: "What a wretched and sad excuse for a human being. I think she's an ugly person and a washed-up, withered, mole-faced hag whose career was over 10 years ago."Go away Cindy, no one cares about you anymore. People who wear fur are just disgusting and vile."Another added: "With that big furry mole on her face, you'd think she'd be more sensitive to the plight of animals. The lives of the animals she wears are like her relationships - short and painful."PETA are no strangers to causing contro…


Josh Duhamel wants to settle down with lover Fergie and have kids.The 'Las Vegas' actor, who has been dating Fergie since 2004, revealed he is"jealous" of his friends who have children and hopes they can find time to start a family soon. Josh said: "I've got a lot of friends with kids. Two of my friends have three kids. They all have children except for me - so I've got to get on the horse!"I don't know when we will start. I feel a little bit jealous of my friends. But I'm taking my time. We'll do it when it's right. It's busy right now for me and my girl. It will happen."The 34-year-old actor is also looking forward to getting Fergie pregnant so they can have "doggie-style" sex. Josh, who plays an expectant father in 'Las Vegas', joked: "Playing a dad-to-be has been fun for me because you get a chance to learn what any sort of guy goes through when he's waiting to become a father."I've ne…


I have received several nasty e-mails and posts about the comments made on Times Square Gossip. One such e-mail seemed to think that I should delete anyone who disagrees with them and their opinions. I WILL NOT ! As long as the comment isn't vulgar to the point where I feel it should be deleted, or is not spam, I will not delete even if they call me a fat slob, as that is their opinion. This is America and everyone has a right to have their say. There are many comments that disagree with me. I do not and will not delete. We are not children here. I work hard to write many stories everyday even on Christmas and Thanksgiving, I am working. I also have to make a living and go out and shoot these celebrities. I work day and night trying to make this site a great place for everyone. If things need improvement, you can e-mail me with your thoughts at . I love each and every reader and appreciate everyone of you, but I will not be abused by child like readers that th…


Jennifer Hudson hates wearing heel highs for the 'Sex and the City' movie.The Oscar-winning actress - who plays columnist Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in the hotly-anticipated big screen adaptation of the hit US TV series - is struggling to walk in stilettos for her scenes.She told Us Weekly magazine: "They love heels! The producer Michael Patrick King is like, 'Heels all the time! Have to wear the heels!'"I'm not a shoe girl at all, so I'm like, 'Are you serious?' So that's very different for me."The shows main stars - Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall - are all famed for their love of highs and wore them constantly throughout the six series of the show.Jennifer has refused to reveal what happens in the movie.She said: "You'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag."Storylines that have already been leaked include Carrie's wedding to o…


Sharon Stone
Hollywood star Sharon Stone's AIDS charity auction has raised $1.35 million.The 'Basic Instinct' actress - who is the global fundraising chairwoman of AIDS research charity amfAR - hosted the candlelit benefit in Rome, Italy, on Friday and even sold her own necklace for $50,000.Wearing a Fendi fur wrap and silver dress with a plunging neckline, Sharon said: "I want you to know that I love this necklace. We usually sell a piece of something and it's usually a piece of me!"She told one bidder: "Don't flirt with me and not mean it, you know I hate that. I love that quiet talk but I can't quite hear you."Sharon asked the guests, which included model Eva Herzigova, director Sofia Coppola and actress Mira Sorvino, to bid for contemporary art and De Grisogono jewellery.When one person refused to raise his bid, she jokingly warned him: "I'm going to come over there and slap you!" Italian fashion house Fendi held the auction…


Michelle Williams is set to sell the New York City home she shared with ex-lover Heath Ledger.The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress - who has a two-year-old daughter, Matilda, with the Australian actor - was overheard telling a pal she wants to leave the Brooklyn mansion because it is too big for her. A source said: "The Brooklyn brownstone is too big for just her and the baby."Michelle is now said to be considering buying a smaller apartment in nearby Manhattan.Last month, it was revealed Michelle and Heath had split after battling to save their "rocky" relationship for the sake of their child. A source said: "It was rocky for a while. They did what they could to make it work. The split was amicable."Heath and Michelle began dating after meeting on the set of 'Brokeback Mountain' in 2004.Fellow 'Brokeback Mountain' star Jake Gyllenhaal revealed the pair were instantly attracted to each other. He said: "I remember being in r…


Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg has been warned to tone down his foul language when he hosts the MTV Europe Music Awards.The controversial rapper - who is famous for cursing and use of sexual swear words in his lyrics - will be hosting Thursday's event live from Munich, Germany, and bosses are terrified he will offends viewers with his colorful vocabulary. An awards insider said: "MTV know that Snoop has a huge fan base, so it's a huge coup to get him to host the awards. But let's just say they'll be a few executives who'll be terrified on the night just in case he starts cursing."Snoop - who sparked 400 complaints when he shouted "mother f****r" at Live 8, which was televised on the BBC, in 2005 - has already arrived in Munich, and is planning on "taking things to a whole new level" as this year's host. He said: "Munich, get ready, because the 'Big Boss' is taking over your city and hosting this year's EMAs. Past presenters…


Cameron Diaz enjoyed a wild night out in Las Vegas with a mystery man on Saturday. The 'Charlie's Angels' star - who was most recently romantically linked to 'Wedding Crashers' actor Bradley Cooper - partied at the Mirage casino's Jet nightclub with a tall, dark handsome stranger.A fellow clubber said: "Cameron was really letting her hair down, she was having a great time. They were knocking back drinks and going crazy on the dance floor."As the night went on they got more and more touchy. "The couple partied until 1am before heading to the hotel's craps tables to try their luck for a couple of hours.Cameron, 35, was in town to film scenes for her new movie 'What Happens in Vegas' with Ashton Kutcher.On Sunday night, she headed to hip restaurant Nobu for dinner with a group of friends. Cameron split from long-term love Justin Timberlake in January and has since dated surfer Kelly Slater and magician Criss Angel.Justin is now dating &#…


Sienna Miller's lover Rhys Ifans bought her a broomstick because he believes she is a witch who has cast a spell over him.The 'Factory Girl' actress - who has denied she is dating the Welsh actor,despite being frequently pictured with him - thought it was adorable when Rhys surprised her with the unique gift. Sienna said: "My housemate Rhys bought me a broomstick because he thinks I'm a witch. It's a cute little white one. I love it!"Last week, it was claimed Rhys has asked Sienna to marry him five times. Although Sienna, 25, has spurned 39-year-old Rhys' offers of marriage, she is said to be besotted with the 'Notting Hill' star, and is considering the possibility of getting engaged.A source close to the actress said: "Sienna is probably the happiest I've ever seen her. She and Rhys are perfect together."They are having such a great time, I wouldn't be surprised if they got engaged."


Walking is not easy for Britney Spears
Britney Spears needs help !BRITNEY SPEARS holds her breasts as she makes her way looking very loopy out of Winston’s Night club after partying with her friend Ali Sims in West Hollywood, CA. Britney Spears is held by her longtime pal Ali Sims as she looses her step and almost falls. Britney Spears looked as if mentally she was not part of this world. Well we all knew that !Photo By: Mr Nunez/


Nicole Richie is still smoking, despite being seven months pregnant, it has been claimed.'The Simple Life' star is expecting her first child but has apparently been unable to give up cigarettes. She has allegedly been seen lighting up several times outside various Beverly Hills restaurants over the past few weeks.A source, who claims to have spotted the star having a sly puff earlier this month told the New York Post newspaper: "I saw Nicole come out of DaSilvano with a girlfriend and a middle aged lady. She looked around at the outdoor tables, like she was checking to see who was there, and then lit up."They drove off in a black Cadillac Escalade and Nicole was still smoking."A few days later, Nicole, 26, was dining with fiancé Joel Madden - the father of her unborn child - at Nobu and as soon as they left she is said to have lit up a cigarette.Pregnant mothers are advised not to smoke as it can harm the unborn baby.Nicole, the adopted daughter of singer Lione…


Simon Cowell wears a wig, according to fellow 'X Factor' judge Louis Walsh.The Irish music mogul - who returned to the judging panel on the British TV talent show earlier this year after being fired - has noticed that 48-year-old Simon never seems to age, and is convinced he is getting help to stay looking youthful. He said: "I think Simon's had some surgery done this year. He looks so different from last year. He hasn't got a single wrinkle or grey hair. I reckon it's a wig - it never moves!"Louis admits sitting alongside Simon and the other two judges Sharon Osbourne and Danni Minogue has inspired him to go under the knife. He told New! magazine: "I'd definitely consider having surgery. Sharon and Danni have had so much done - nips, tucks, everything! But they look great."Both Sharon and Danni have undergone a variety of cosmetic procedures. Australian pop singer Danni has confessed to having Botox and is rumored to have had a nose job, b…


Well the Bahamas inquest is here. Will there be justice for Anna Nicole Smiths beloved son Daniel ? With over a year passing and witnesses memories fading as well as many witnesses who are now scared about being sued by Howard Stern's lawyer Lin Wood, justice seems far away in the Bahamas. I have received many e-mails from readers that seem to think that the Bahamian government will give us justice. I am sorry, but I don't think so. Americans are not safe in the Bahamas. We are only the dumb Americans that spend twelve dollars on a Margarita. They could care less about crimes against the American visitors. Self serving Bahamians like Lincoln Bain only care about milking Americans for money and publicity. Anna Nicole Smith's mother Virgie Arthur said Today that she hopes an inquest into the death of her 20-year-old grandson will lead to justice as a Nassau court gathered potential jury members to hear the case. Sorry Virgie, I don't think so. Virgie Arthur, who flew to t…


WORLD EXCLUSIVE ! Steve Wilkos was not happy with Jack McClellan
Times Square Gossip has learned exclusively that admitted pedophile Jack McClellan is once again online promoting his sick lifestyle. We met this sicko on the set of the hit 'Steve Wilkos Show' in Chicago, where Wilkos was so disgusted by this guy, that he took McClellan's chair away and made him stand onstage for the whole show. I am surprised he got out of NBC Towers alive as the audience was so disgusted. Jack McClellan's new website is called Portland Girl Love and on the website he gives his phone number but cautions you that he won't answer blocked caller ID's. He also gives his address as NW Glisan Street in Portland Oregon. On his site he has links to all the media he has received as well as links to places like Girl chat, Boy chat, Pro Pedophilia sites and many others. He tells you events where you can spot little girls like the Polish Festival and the Oregon State Fair. He lists Elementar…


Palm West GM Chris Gilman and Micky Dolenz
Fresh from a triumphant performance Monday night at the ROCKERS ON BROADWAY show, where he performed "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Ease On Down The Road", MICKY DOLENZ held court at Palm West Wednesday night (DARLENE LOVE and LEA THOMPSON were also spotted at the chic eatery) where he disclosed to Times Square Gossip a number of upcoming projects: Next week, back in LA, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, he performs for the MAKE-A-WISH foundation, where MY NAME IS EARL creator GREG GARCIA will be honored along with NANCY CARTWRIGHT, the voice of BART SIMPSON. EARL's cast will appear there as well; Dolenz also said that meeting BERRY GORDY Monday night was a thrill, as well as performing two of the catalog's strongest songs. "I don't usually get an opportunity to perform songs like that, but it was great." Dolenz also said the another Broadway show (he's done AIDA and PIPPIN') is also in the works; a…


Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has a huge crush on Sting.The sexy singer thinks the 56-year-old Police frontman is "hot" and insists his wife Trudie Styler is a "lucky woman". Nicole said: "Sting is so sweet. I think there are a lot of hot English men. I just love the accent. His wife's a lucky woman."Nicole and Sting recently recorded ballad 'Power's Out' together for her debut solo album 'Her Name is Nicole'.The 29-year-old star is so smitten with the 'Roxanne' singer she even has a photograph of them in the studio as the screensaver on her computer. She said: "I know it's a bit dorky to have that picture on my computer, but I got to sing a duet with Sting - that is so cool!"Nicole was briefly engaged to Nick Hexum, the lead singer of 311, but their two-year relationship came to an end last year.'Her Name is Nicole' is set for release next month, and also features collaborations with Kanye West, Ak…


Britney Spears
Britney Spears' new album is set to be a huge success, despite the controversy surrounding her personal life.The singer's LP, 'Blackout', goes on sale worldwide tomorrow and although Britney's public image has taken a battering with accusations of drug use, bad parenting and excessive drinking, the album is being predicted to match the success of her past multi-million-selling records.Geoff Mayfield, Billboard's director of charts, said: "You almost have to throw out the rule book when you evaluate her. You might think the attention she has got does not bode well, but the first single has been very well received."Britney's comeback single 'Gimme More' is currently riding high at number six in the UK singles chart, and peaked at number 17 in the US Billboard chart.'Blackout' is the singer's first studio album since 2003. Her previous four releases have all been number one hits and have sold more than 75 million co…


Robbie Williams has been banned from performing at a Dubai racecourse. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - the current ruler of Dubai - rejected Robbie's concert request because the 'Feel' singer terrified the sheikh's thoroughbred racehorses when he performed there last year. Dubai Racing Club chief Frank Gabriel said: "The concert affected the horses' state of mind and their performance. That will not and must not happen ever again."Sheikh Mohammed is a major international figure in the breeding and racing of thoroughbred racehorses. He hosts the annual Dubai World Cup, which is the world's richest series of horse races.Robbie was paid a staggering £1 million (US $2 million) to perform at a sell-out concert at the course in April 2006.The singer's follow-up show was set to be the biggest concert ever held in Dubai.Robbie isn't the only music act to have upset equine residents.In July, a Rolling Stones concert in Serbia was moved followin…


Oprah is shocked and ashamed
Oprah Winfrey has been left devastated by allegations students at her South African all-girls school have been sexually abused by staff.The US chat show host - who opened the Leadership Academy for Girls, a boarding school for the gifted near Johannesburg, in January - broke down in tears as she begged for forgiveness from parents over the claims.Oprah said at an emergency meeting at the school: "I've disappointed you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."The 53-year-old TV star cancelled appointments to fly to South Africa for the second time in two weeks after allegations emerged that one of the matrons fondled a girl and that other pupils had been physically abused.One student claimed a matron grabbed her by the throat and threw her against a wall, while other girls have said the "dorm parent" swore and screamed at them, assaulted them and sexually fondled at least one girl.The alleged incidents came to light when one of the pupils…


Kate Moss believes Sienna Miller will break Rhys Ifans' heart.The supermodel - who had a blazing row with Sienna at a wedding last month when she accused the 'Factory Girl' actress of stealing her style and friends - is said to have warned the 39-year-old Welsh actor, who is her close friend, that Sienna is bad news.A designer friend of Sienna's told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Kate isn't happy. Rhys was her main male friend in her close-knit group. She isn't keen on Sienna. There is definite tension between them."Sienna was fuming after Kate gave Rhys a talking to when she heard the relationship was getting serious. Kate doesn't think it will last and doesn't want Rhys getting hurt."Despite Kate's misgivings, the pair - who have constantly denied they are a couple, despite being pictured frequently together and even seen kissing in public - are said to be so in love they are even considering getting married.The source con…


Heather Mills splashed out a reported £100,000 (US $200 thousand) on a Disney-themed fourth birthday party for daughter Beatrice.The former model - who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Beatrice's father Sir Paul McCartney - hired actors dressed up as famous characters, including Snow White, Tinker Bell and Cinderella, to entertain the tot and around 60 of her friends over the weekend.A cinema, fountains, bouncy castles and trampolines were erected in the grounds of Heather's £3.2 million (US $6.5 million) East Sussex home.Beatles legend Paul also attended the party, but left after 20 minutes. A source said: "Beatrice is Paul's world and there was no way he wasn't going to be there. But he doesn't get on with Heather's family."Birthday girl Beatrice also received a pony as one of her presents. In the evening, Heather - who recently rejected a £50 million (US $100 million) divorce settlement from Paul - also threw a lavish black ti…


The Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs will never write a James Bond theme, because they hate 007 films.The 'I Predict a Riot' rockers have no interest in penning a track for the next movie, tentatively titled 'Bond 22', because they think the suave spy is boring. Drummer and chief songwriter Nick Hodgson said: "We won't be doing any James Bond music. I've never seen a Bond film. Actually, I have seen a couple.They were boring."We were asked to write a soundtrack once. But it was for a romantic comedy,it wasn't our thing. We thought it would be interesting, but it wasn't."But one day it would be cool for the right sort of film. Not a big fanfare sort of thing. A much more cheerful 'Kes' where the kestrel lives, maybe."Lead singer Ricky Wilson also revealed his favorite band is his own. He said: "It's important that your fans enjoy your music and that you enjoy it too."I quite like the songs we make. I'm not in a ban…


Clive Owen will never move to Hollywood to further his acting career.The 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' star has had to work in America for many of his blockbuster films, but has never had the urge to move there.Clive - who is married to Sarah-Jane Fenton, with who he has two daughters,Hannah and Eve - said: "I've never felt the need to up sticks and relocate to Hollywood. So many films are made in Europe now, and that allows me to stay in the UK. I have my home in London and I have a weekend house in Essex. It means that I'm never that far away from the family. They can visit me on set. For me, London is, and always will be home. I've been there for 20 years, ever since I went to drama school. I can't really imagine living anywhere else."The actor has also said he doesn't regret being overlooked for the role of suave spy James Bond. He explained: "I never really look at my life and worry about missed opportunities. As I get older, my life has g…


Don't walk-RUN past Oliver's Restaurant
EDITORS NOTE:From time to time we have had restaurant reviews about places around New York City or the Hampton's. We have received many e-mails requesting we review more places and not just by readers in the NYC area but from readers around the world who are interested in the type and quality of food in the worlds biggest city. Since no one would know restaurants better than a New York City publicist who books events for their celebrity clients in almost every location, we have acquired one of the top publicists in the business to review for us. To keep his identity a secret, he wishes to be referred to as 'Nostalgic New Yorker'. And of course I will also review places that I happen to dine at and tell you the real scoop.

'The Nostalgic New Yorker'

Oliver’s Restaurant
190 West 4th street
Check up another New York tradition gone by the wayside.

Resuming our Sunday ritual of church and brunch at a favorite lively but comfy W…


Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon
Hollywood stars Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have gone public with their relationship after enjoying a romantic weekend in Rome.The Oscar-winning beauty and the 'Brokeback Mountain' actor - who have repeatedly denied romance rumors - walked hand-in-hand around the city and onlookers say they seem besotted with each other.One passer-by said: "They couldn't keep their hands off each other. At one point, Reese nestled her head into Jake's shoulder and he tenderly kissed the top of it."Reese - whose divorce from Ryan Phillippe was made official earlier this month - first met Jake on the set of their film 'Rendition'.The pair were said to have grown close as he comforted her over her split from Ryan, father of her two children, Ava, eight, and three-year-old Deacon.On set sources claimed the Hollywood stars were virtually inseparable, and spent almost all their time between takes together.However, it was report…


Sugababes star Keisha Buchanan is set to have a hernia operation.The 22-year-old singer says the band's relentless schedule has finally taken its toll on her body, and she will soon be having an operation to remove the abdominal tissue protrusion. She said: "I have a hernia that I'm going to have operated on soon. I get so stressed that I can't look at our itinerary as I get flustered and worry."I worry how I'm going to pose in pictures, what I'm going to say in interviews, I never know what we are doing - I just can't cope with it. Everyone tells me not to worry but I can't help it. That's just how I am."Keisha - who is currently topping the British singles charts with the band's new song 'About You Now' - also said her skin is suffering as a result of the stress.She added: "My main insecurity is my skin. I had chicken pox when I was 17 and now whenever I'm stressed or tired, out comes a spot attack. I've seen a …


Jennifer Garner is amazed husband Ben Affleck gets praised for being a hands-on father.The 'Alias' actress - mother of the couple's 22-month-old daughter Violet - believes women and men in the 21st century should take joint responsibility of parenting.She told Gotham magazine: "It's funny that the man is always applauded for it. It's like, 'You change diapers?' You'd better change diapers. We're not in the '50s, buddy!"Jennifer, 35, recently revealed Ben is their daughter's favorite parent.She said: "Violet prefers him to anyone. He's a teddy bear of a guy. Nothing makes me happier than to see the two of them together and her little hands on his face."Jennifer insisted Ben, 35, is her dream guy, because he has the whole package of good looks and family values.She added: "You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben is that guy."


Helle Berry with Tonight Show's Jay Leno

Halle Berry has been forced to apologize after making an anti-Semitic joke on a US talk show.The Oscar-winning beauty - who is currently pregnant with her first child - was showing chat show host Jay Leno and his audience distorted images of herself when she made the faux pas.When holding up a photograph of her with a larger nose, she quipped she looked like her Jewish cousin.One audience member told the New York Post newspaper: "She introduced the first photo by saying, 'Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin!' - it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, 'I'm glad you said that and not me.' When the show aired, they cut out her 'Jewish' comment and added a laugh track to the bit."Halle later apologised for her remarks, insisting she didn't mean any offence. She said: "I so didn't mean to offend anybody - and after the show I realized…


Cheryl Cole never argues with her husband Ashley Cole.The outspoken Girls Aloud singer - who married Ashley in July 2006 - denied reports she often has blazing rows with the Chelsea soccer star, saying they always "discuss things like adults". She told New! magazine: "We don't have arguments. I know people would love to think we do, but we don't. We discuss things like adults - and like a married couple would. "We have conversations - that is natural between a couple. But Ashley is a different person to how he is on the pitch. He wouldn't even know how to hit the roof - we have never had any blazing rows."Cheryl also defended her reluctance for Ashley to sign for Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid, insisting she didn't want to ruin her career by leaving the UK.She said: "Let's face it, nobody lost out. He's still in an amazing club, doing fantastically well. The thing is, I've got the other four girls to consider - and they are …


'Spice Girl' Mel C.
Mel C says the Spice Girls tour is "no place for a baby".The 33-year-old singer - who is the only Spice Girl yet to become a mother - has hit out at her bandmates for bringing their children on tour.Mel told Britain's Closer magazine: "Travelling around the world and living out of a suitcase is no place for a baby. I feel that if I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a kid, then I want to be a regular mother."I'd want to be at home taking them to school and being there full-time. I wouldn't want to be travelling all over the world with them strapped to my back. I'm not criticising anyone else. That's just how I'd want it."Victoria Beckham has three sons - Brooklyn, eight, five-year-old Romeo and Cruz, two - with soccer star husband David Beckham.Mel B has an eight-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, and a six-month-old daughter, Angel Iris, with former lover Eddie Murphy.Geri Halli…


Sarah Jessica Parker admires Angelina Jolie for adopting.The 'Sex and the City' actress thinks it is incredible Angelina has opened her home to three underprivileged children - Cambodian son Maddox, six, three-year-old Vietnamese son Pax and two-year-old Ethiopian daughter Zahara - and admits she can't even imagine doing the same.Sarah - who has a five-year-old son, James, with husband Matthew Broderick - said: "It's too late for me to have a big family - I can't imagine it now. But I do think that what people like Angelina Jolie do is amazing. I love being a mother and I would be thrilled if my family were larger but I can't imagine having eight children."The 42-year-old star admits she finds it hard to balance motherhood with being an actress because of all the attention it brings.She added to Britain's OK! magazine: "The loss of privacy scares me, that's why you don't hear me complaining about that stuff and that is why you can'…


David Beckham has been named the number one "man's man".The soccer star topped website's Top 49 Men of 2007 list, which saw over one million Internet users vote for the most masculine male star.David - who moved to the US this summer after signing a reported $250 million contract with soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy - was praised for his many manly attributes, with the website stating: "Between his tremendous talent, English charm, stylish wardrobe, and slick haircuts, Becks is single-handedly making soccer relevant Stateside."'Bourne Ultimatum' star Matt Damon came second, hip-hop producer Timbaland was named third, while pop heartthrob Justin Timberlake rounded off the top five.Last year's winner George Clooney only just made it into the top 10, slipping seven spots into eighth place.Cinema's ultimate "man's man" James Bond also made an appearance in the guise of actor Daniel Craig who came sixth.David wasn't th…


Earlier this year, there was an anthem that started in the clubs and then became a staple on the airwaves -- most notably, HOT97 here in New York ... it was "Turn me On" by CHANTELE and JIM JONES. Now, she has, with manager/producer KENNETH STEWART, put together a dazzling CD which features her song "True Hollywood Story (Lindsay Lohan)" that will hit the airwaves this week, setting the stage for a dazzling career."The song is no indictment of Lohan, ' says the demure 24-year old, but, rather a cautionary tale for any new personality on the music scene." She also cites some other notorious names in her song, like, COREY FELDMAN; COREY HAIM; BILLY BALDWIN; TIFFANY; TODD BRIDGES; MOLLY RINGWALD; and, RIVER PHOENIX. Another interesting point about the singer, is that she writes all her own material ... and, has put together a six-piece band. "I really felt that the best presentation for me, was with a live band ... and, so we put it togethe…


Milla Jovovich is worried her fiancé will miss the birth of their daughter.The model - who is expecting the couple's first child any day now - revealed film director Paul Anderson is currently away shooting his latest movie until November 3, the day before the baby's due date. Milla is doing her best to try and hold off the labor for as long as possible. She said: "The only problem is that Paul is finishing his new film as we speak in Montreal and won't wrap until like the day before her actual due date! So, I am trying my hardest to stretch the time out until at least this weekend, so he can finish with his principals and wrap them, allocate stuff to the other people and get his skinny butt down here to meet who will be the most important person in his life. Apart from me, but that goes without saying!"Milla, 31, also believes her daughter will be stubborn because she is already showing traits in the womb. She wrote on her blog "Up until two …


Guy Ritchie denies his marriage to Madonna was close to breaking point over their adoption of a two-year-old Malawian boy.The 39-year-old film director insists toddler David Banda - who Madonna controversially took out of Africa last October after she was granted an 18-month interim adoption order - has quickly settled into his new family and they couldn't be happier.He said: "He's part of the family now. We haven't talked about the adoption for ages - he's part of us."We don't talk about it. We haven't talked about it for the past six months."It was only in the first month when the adoption was going through - since then we've all been getting on with our lives and it hasn't been mentioned. That's par for the course. He's part of the family."Madonna, 49, was accused of using her celebrity status to fast track her adoption of David last year and the criticism was rumored to have put a strain on her relationship with Guy, who …


Westlife want Robbie Williams to join the band.The Irish four-piece would love to welcome the 'Angels' singer in a trade-off for their own ex-member Brian McFadden joining Robbie's former band Take That.Nicky Byrne said: "Take That should have Brian back, and we'll have Robbie."If I was Take That I wouldn't want Robbie back."I think they're doing very well without him and Robbie's doing very well on his own."Nicky's bandmate Kian Egan can see why fans would like to see both bands reunited with their departed fifth members, but insists there is too much "politics" involved.He told British radio station Heart FM: "For a Take That fan I think it would be great to see them back together, I'd pay to see that, and perhaps for Westlife fans they would like to see the whole magic of a full five back on stage again so I can see that point of view."I would love to go and see Take That with Robbie in there but wh…


Paris Hilton's trip to Rwanda has been postponed.The hotel heiress - who was planning a five-day trip to the poverty-stricken African country in November - was told by the Playing for Good Foundation, the celebrity charity organisation sponsoring the visit, that the tour has been "regrettably rescheduled".The charity said in a statement: "Due to the restructuring of the Playing for Good Foundation, the philanthropic trip to Rwanda that the foundation had previously planned with Paris Hilton has been postponed."Paris has been a loyal and gracious supporter of Playing for Good but the foundation has to regrettably reschedule this trip. We would like to thank Ms. Hilton for her generosity and her continued support of this initiative and are looking forward to rescheduling the trip with her at a later time."Earlier this month, it was revealed Paris' Rwanda trip was being turned into a reality show.The program, called 'The Philanthropist', was set t…


Kate Hudson's divorce from Chris Robinson has been finalized.The pair have officially ended their six-year marriage, almost a year after the Black Crowes frontman filed for divorce from the Hollywood actress citing "irreconcilable differences".Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ruled on the matter the other day. Hudson and Robinson, who married in a shamanistic ceremony on New Year's Eve in 2000, did not request spousal support.Hudson, 28, recently claimed she would always love the 40-year-old singer because he is the father of her child, three-year-old son Ryder. She said: "For both Chris and me, our main focus is, and was, Ryder. And happy parents equal a happy baby."Therefore, I love Chris to pieces."The pair are seeking shared custody of their son.Hudson recently dated actor Dax Shepard, but reportedly split from the 'Employee of the Month' star after deciding she wanted to rekindle her relationship with Owen Wilson.Hudson sta…


Beautiful Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller's new love Rhys Ifans has asked her to marry him five times.Sienna - who has constantly denied she is dating Rhys, despite the pair frequently being pictured together - isn't taking their romance seriously, while the 'Notting Hill' actor is "besotted" with her and desperate for them to wed.A source said: "Their romance has been a big secret for months now. Friends believe Sienna sees the relationship as a bit of fun, while Rhys has fallen in love. Rhys wants the world to know but Sienna was keen to play it down - even though she usually flaunts her romances."He is besotted, totally in love. He can't believe his luck. He has already asked Sienna to marry him about five times but Sienna just laughs it off."His friends are worried that she will break his heart when someone better comes along."Rhys, 39, has reportedly fallen out with his two best friends, fellow Welsh actors Ioan Gruffudd and Matthew Rh…


Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen have named their newborn daughter Olive.Isla and fiancé Sacha, who welcomed their first child into the world in Los Angeles last Wednesday, are said to have finally agreed on the baby's name.A source said: "Isla and Sacha are over the moon with their newborn daughter. They wanted to wait until they saw the baby to pick a name. Both agreed Olive is perfect for her."Borat...' star Sacha is "thrilled" with the new arrival and has been a hands-on dad since the birth.The couple's representative said: "They had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing great."Isla accepted Sacha's marriage proposal in 2004, although they are still to set a wedding date.The Australian actress - who converted to Judaism for Jewish Sacha - recently insisted she has no plans to follow in the footsteps of many other celebrity mothers and throw herself back into work. She said: "There is no way I am going to wo…


Sean 'Diddy' Combs
P. Diddy is planning to send "expensive god-daddy presents" to Jennifer Lopez's baby.The rapper - who dated Jennifer for two-and-a-half years from 1998 - thinks his pregnant ex-girlfriend will be a natural when it comes to motherhood,and intends to lavish the tot with gifts when it enters the world. He said: "Jennifer is one of the most caring people I've ever met. When I went out with her, I saw that quality."I'm extremely happy for her, and I will be sending some expensive god-daddy presents to her baby!"While 38-year-old Jennifer has refused to confirm that she is pregnant with husband Marc Anthony's child, her former lovers have been queuing up to congratulate her.Ex-husband Chris Judd recently said: "She's always wanted to be a mother and now she's going to be. I only wish her the best, I always have. I couldn't be any happier for her. I can't wait to see the baby." Jennifer, who has made…


Leonardo DiCaprio complained he was still a virgin at 17.The 'Titanic' star - who turns 32 next month - was worried he had not yet lost his virginity and moaned about it constantly to his 'The Quick and the Dead' co-star Russell Crowe.Russell revealed: "I worked with Leonardo when he was 17 on 'The Quick and the Dead'."He was a virgin, and he'd talk about that constantly. It was quite funny."The Australian actor is hoping Leonardo - who has since dated Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Israeli model Bar Rafaeli - can now compensate by regaling him with tales of his exciting sex life.The 'Gladiator' star said: "I'm hoping we have some time so he can fill in what's happened in between, maybe show some photos, because I'm sure life's different now."Leonardo and Russell, 43, are currently working together on Ridley Scott's new film 'Body of Lies'.Leonardo recently ended his relationship with Ba…


Naomi Campbell allegedly threw a huge tantrum at an airport yesterday after she wasn't allowed to board her flight.The supermodel - who recently had to attend anger-management classes - turned up 11 minutes before her flight was due to take-off from London's Heathrow and demanded to be let on.Onlookers claim the 37-year-old star stamped her feet and whined: "You have to let me on. Come on."British Airways staff said she was too late but did offer to let her travel without her luggage and send her bags on a later flight.But Naomi yelled: "You are joking. You are always losing bags and I don't trust you with mine in a million years."I can't believe you won't allow ME on your flight. What is this? Who must I speak to?"A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "When BA staff explained she was too late, she exploded and stamped her foot. There was a tirade of abuse."Naomi - who arrived in chauffeur driven car at 13.29 even th…


Unsexy Britney Spears
Sarah Jessica Parker has been named the Unsexiest Woman Alive.The 'Sex and the City' actress, who is most famous for her role as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the hit US TV show, was given the dubious honor in the online poll by men's website a scathing attack on the 42-year-old actress, writers - who compiled the poll - likened Sarah Jessica to famous US racehorses Barbaro and Secretariat and insisted they would rather get up close and personal with her 'Sex and the City' co-star Chris Noth.One writer said: "How the hell did this Barbaro-faced broad manage to be the least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women and still star ona show with "sex" in the title?"Pull your skirt down, Secretariat, we would rather ride your co-star Chris Noth!"Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse - whose beehive hair and prominent eyeliner has been copied by teenage girls worldwide - finished in secon…


Mariah Carey banned fans from hugging her at the New York launch of her new perfume M.The pop diva's most devoted supporters paid $300 for "VIP access" which allowed them to pose for a personal photograph with Mariah - as long as they didn't get too close, at the fragrance launch in Macy's department store.One source said: "Mimi wouldn't let her male admirers put their arms around her waist during picture time - and absolutely no hugs."One young guy tried to get to close and was quickly shown to the exit."The crowds gathered outside the store to catch a glimpse of Mariah - who arrived in a Rolls Royce - were so huge that a heavy police presence was drafted in to hold them back. Around 200 fans were allowed into the store to pay $130 for a bottle of marshmallow scented M in the 'Hero' singer's presence, while 75 forked out the extra money for VIP access. Mariah was seen politely speaking to two female fans who were proudly showing of…


Darlene Love and Deborah Gibson
The other night at BB King's in Manhattan, the ROCKERS ON BROADWAY group celebrated the music of MOTOWN. Rockers, led by JERSEY BOY's DONNIE KEHR, had as performers, MICKY DOLENZ; DEBORAH GIBSON; LARRY GATLIN; CHRISTINE EBERSOLE; DAPHNE RUBIN VEGA; LALA BROOKS; DARLENE LOVE; and, the event was hosted by TV's CAROLYN RHEA. Dolenz performed "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "Ease On Down The Road"; Gibson performed FREDA PAYNE's "Band Of Gold"; Kehr sang "For Once In my Life"; the wonderful KATE TAYLOR sang "How Sweet It Is"; VEGA performed a soul-stirring "Midnight Train To Georgian"; and, EBERSOLE stole the show with a breath-taking "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."Honored also, were the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland ... who came onstage, with the original Mr. Motown himself BERRY GORDY, Dolenz, who is on his way back to California for a performance at nex…