Cheryl Cole never argues with her husband Ashley Cole.The outspoken Girls Aloud singer - who married Ashley in July 2006 - denied reports she often has blazing rows with the Chelsea soccer star, saying they always "discuss things like adults". She told New! magazine: "We don't have arguments. I know people would love to think we do, but we don't. We discuss things like adults - and like a married couple would. "We have conversations - that is natural between a couple. But Ashley is a different person to how he is on the pitch. He wouldn't even know how to hit the roof - we have never had any blazing rows."Cheryl also defended her reluctance for Ashley to sign for Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid, insisting she didn't want to ruin her career by leaving the UK.She said: "Let's face it, nobody lost out. He's still in an amazing club, doing fantastically well. The thing is, I've got the other four girls to consider - and they are all still happy. Everybody won in the end!"