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Saturday, February 17, 2018


James Edstrom & National Enquirer's Mike Walker

Richard Johnson With Mike Walker & Geraldo Rivera

We are hearing today from several friends that National Enquirer legend Mike Walker has died.

Mike Walker came from the old time school of Gossip reporting. Mike checked his facts and hit the streets to get a story. When you made a deal with Mike, there were no contracts, no paper work, there was just a handshake or a agreement on the phone and Mike Walker kept his word. 

Mike Walker had a book signing a while back and afterwords a few of us went out to dinner at Bobby Vans in Times Square.  We had a fun evening talking old times and gossip. In the 80's and 90's I was on many television shows with Mike Walker. It was always such fun listening to his style of reporting that only Mike could deliver. RIP MIKE WALKER!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Perez Hilton

Gossip King Perez Hilton posted this video today. In it he is crying and says he is a addict. He say's not drugs or alcohol, but does not say why he is a addict. Sex Addict or what? 

CAPTION ON YOU TUBE: I am an addict. I was unsure if I should make this video. This is just step one of change that I need to make. I think this is healthy. I hope.


Perez, I met you right at the time you started to get fame at Sirius radio. We did many shows together. You were fun, we all went out for drinks and you seemed very happy, even know you were not famous yet, even know you could not pay your rent, you were happy. 

This business is a killer. Everyone takes and takes and you never can count of people to just "do the right thing".  After 30 years of photographing these celebrities, 30 years of doing television shows, I just got burnt out by being burned by all these people in the business and many so called friends.

Just shows you, money and famed can not make you happy. For many years I have been miserable and now I rarely go out, even know I am invited everywhere. It's always come have dinner with this famous person or that famous person and the catch phrase is always, "don't forget your camera".

It might be time to do what I did. Stay away from these celebrity parties, stay home day and night relaxing.  You run the business and don't let the business run you. Turn off your phones and computers, shut out the world. Don't answer the phone.  Do this every few days for a few days every time. 

Perez, you do not look good. Looks like you are not eating.  If things get worse, call for help. I am sorry this business has been so hard on you!

Friday, August 25, 2017



Los Angeles, CA — Twentieth Television announced today that “Page Six TV,” the new daily TV show from Endemol Shine North America and the New York Post, is set to launch Monday September 18 in more than 200 local markets across the U.S.

The daily TV show, delivering in-the-know gossip and news from entertainment, culture, the media, finance, real estate and politics, is now sold in more than 98% of the country for its first season in national syndication. “Page Six TV” is set to launch on the Fox Television Stations (FTS) in 16 markets, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Kay O’Connell (“Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe”) and Michael Bachmann (“Dish Nation”) have been named executive producers of “Page Six TV” and Kathleen Rajsp (“The View”) has been named co-executive producer. They join previously announced executive producers Jesse Angelo, who is publisher of the New York Post, as well as Endemol Shine North America’s Michael Weinberg and Rob Smith.

“Page Six TV” is hosted by John Fugelsang (Sirius XM Radio/VH1) and the show’s insiders include Bevy Smith (Bravo’s “Fashion Queens”), Variety entertainment reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister and New York Post Page Six reporter Carlos Greer. Page Six Editor Emily Smith and Deputy Editor Ian Mohr provide updates and insight, as well as exclusive first-looks into the latest breaking stories from the newsroom.

Throughout the season, celebrities, comedians and newsmakers will join “Page Six TV” as Plus Ones. The special guests will join the show’s regular insiders and offer their own insights on the day’s top stories.

“Page Six,” the iconic New York Post gossip column, will soon unveil “Page Six Best of Summer,” a week-long editorial celebration of the biggest moments of the summer. Weighing in on summer’s most buzzed about moments, Page Six editors will select winners and losers ranging from celebrities and athletes, to politicians and socialites, with the wit and candor that Page Six is known for. The inaugural list with themed categories will be announced daily in print and online beginning August 28, 2017 and through September 1, 2017.

“We’ve assembled a great station lineup, a terrific production team and group of insiders and now we’re ready to bring ‘Page Six TV’ to a national audience for the first time,” said Endemol Shine North America CEO Cris Abrego.

“There is a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the show and we are looking forward to extending our reach this fall,” said Jesse Angelo, CEO and Publisher of the New York Post and Executive Producer of ‘Page Six TV.’ “As an extension of the iconic column, the show will continue to deliver a real insiders perspective on the latest gossip and news to a much broader audience.”

“It's been great to see all the different divisions at our company come together on this. I see it as a great blueprint for future projects,” said Frank Cicha, Senior Vice President of Programming for FOX Television Stations.

“Page Six TV” Executive Producer Kay O’Connell was part of the team that produced the three-week preview last summer on seven FOX TV Stations. O’Connell most recently was an EP on Lifetime’s “Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe,” executive produced “Kathy” with Kathy Griffin on Bravo and was part of the original team that launched “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Executive Producer Michael Bachmann helped create and executive produce daily TV series “Dish Nation” and produced several shows on Yahoo! TV including “Primetime in No Time,” “What’s So Funny” and OMG’s “411.” And Kathleen Rajsp, who will serve as co-executive producer on “Page Six TV,” most recently was a co-EP on “$100K Pyramid with Michael Strahan” and previously served as Senior Supervising Producer on “The View.”

“Page Six TV” is a daily television show modeled after Page Six, the iconic New York Post gossip column and web site. True to the Page Six signature style, the show’s contributors and insiders deliver in-the-know gossip and news from entertainment, culture, the media, finance, real estate and politics. The half-hour show will cover today’s biggest personalities including high-flying real estate moguls, the hottest sports stars, larger-than-life politicians as well as break celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

“Page Six TV” leverages the dynamic social media presence of Page Six and the New York Post to drive audience engagement. Viewers will have the opportunity to weigh in on topics with their own opinions across social media prior to broadcast.

And for the latest news on “Page Six TV” including where to watch in your local market, go to

Thursday, February 07, 2013



Brandi Glanville

Eddie Cibrian
The cover story of the new issue of Us Weekly reveals that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville may have been the first to cheat! As Us Weekly revealed nearly four years ago, both former husband Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes cheated on their respective spouses when the Northern Lights costars embarked on an infamous romance in 2009 -- eventually leading to the end of both of their first marriages. But though Cibrian's then-wife Glanville -- now a published memoirist and mainstay on Bravo -- has long portrayed herself as the scorned woman, the truth is a lot more complicated than that. Indeed, multiple sources exclusively confirm in the new issue of Us (out now) that Glanville, 40, cheated on Cibrian, 39, several times during their eight-year marriage. In one particularly shocking incident, Glanville had sex with another man in her bedroom just six weeks after the birth of son Jake, now 5. "Brandi loves to play the victim," one source tells Us, "but she doesn't tell the whole story."

Khloe Kardashian

Also in the new issue is a Q&A feature with Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom, and the duo sets the record straight on rumors of marital strife! When asked directly if there was trouble on the homefront, Khloe responded, “yes, we bicker – we’re both stubborn! – but we make sure to never go to bed angry.” And Lamar added to that, “And we say our prayers together. That helps.” Nasty fights? Divorce lawyers? No way. Even when asked about the next 15 years, Lamar boasted, “we’ll be tucked away in a little Italian village. Drinking wine. Naked. In a field full of daisies.”


Leighton Meester

Seth and Blair? It’s on! Inside Brody and Meester’s romance

Adam Brody
A match made in teen-tv heaven! a source tells Hot Stuff that Gossip Girl alum Leighton Meester, 26, and The O.C. vet Adam Brody, 33, have been dating for several weeks. “They’re hanging out,” says an insider of the Oranges costars. All around the globe, apparently. The undercover couple were first spotted toting their luggage into the Siam Kempinski Hotel during a mid-January getaway to Bangkok, Thailand. Meester — who split with actor Aaron Himelstein, 27, during the holidays — and her guy then continued their romance stateside. On February 1, the twosome were arm in arm as they perused an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But their favorite spot just might be at home on the couch. An excited Brody (who last dated director Lorene Scafaria in 2010) recently told a pal he and his new love have logged substantial cuddle time. Recounts the friend, “He said, ‘I’m newly not single. Now I have someone to spoon with.’ ”

 Photos By: RD/Kabik/Orchon/Kirkland/Retna

Wednesday, January 02, 2013



The US Weekly Cover

The new issue of Us Weekly features the best diet tips from celebrity dietitians and trainers to the stars to get fit in the new year, and the cover story is an interview with Kourtney Kardashian where she opens up about her 44-pound weight loss since the birth of her daughter, Penelope. About easing into working out slower with this pregnancy she says, “I really didn’t feel the pressure. Last time, once the doctor said it was fine to work out, I started running. This time, I waited a few weeks past the OK and then started slowly doing some yoga.” And the encouragement from sister Kim Kardashian has helped. “If she wasn’t scheduling the workouts, I probably wouldn’t have been as motivated. There are times when I’d say, ‘I’ll wake up at 9 when everyone else is getting up.’ But she’ll be like, ‘We’re working out.’ If one of us isn’t in the mood, we push each other.” And as for staying positive, she says, “I definitely had some moments when the weight was at a standstill. It was frustrating and I’d start to wonder, Am I ever going to get my body back? Then I’d be like, OK, you just had two kids. Take it easy.” Please find more here:


BETHENNY & JASON: ‘Devastated’ by the Split

The separated couple share daughter Bryn for lonely holidays

The coparenting has begun. One day after Bethenny Frankel announced her separation from husband of nearly three years Jason Hoppy, he took daughter Bryn, 2, to his folks’ house in Pennsylvania December 24. “Bethenny was devastated to be away from Bryn on Christmas, but she agreed it was best for her to see her grandparents,” a pal of Frankel, 42, tells Hot Stuff. Though Hoppy, 41, brought Bryn to a mall to sit on Santa’s lap, he was mostly bah humbug. “Jason was so bummed, he didn’t want to see friends,” says a second insider. Two thousand miles away in Aspen, Colorado, “Bethenny kept saying she couldn’t wait to hug Bryn,” says the first source. That moment came December 26, when Bryn arrived to spend New Year’s with Mom. Come 2013, though, Bryn has her parents under one roof again. “There are no plans yet for him to move out of their NYC loft,” says an insider, adding that Frankel’s talk show will tape in the city this fall. “She fought to have it shoot in New York to make sharing custody easier.”

Friday, October 12, 2012



Tori Spelling With New Baby

The new issue of Us Weekly features the gripping account of how Tori Spelling nearly lost her life fighting for her unborn son. Twenty weeks into Spelling's fourth pregnancy, doctors diagnosed her with a condition known as placenta previa -- a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix, leading to massive internal bleeding. She was even at risk for a bleed catastrophic enough to force doctors to terminate her pregnancy.

The actress and reality star spent 10 weeks in the hospital and four grueling months on bed rest, worrying about dying and leaving her family behind. But she kept her ordeal secret from fans. "I just remember thinking, I can't leave three children behind," Spelling, 39, tells Us exclusively of Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 12 months, who she shares with husband of six years Dean McDermott. The Craft Wars host's condition was caused in part by conceiving Finn just one month after giving birth to daughter Hattie, and undergoing three prior C-sections.

Fortunately, after enduring nine massive bleeds -- and one very close call -- Spelling safely welcomed baby Finn Davey McDermott on Aug. 30. (Three weeks later, the star underwent successful emergency surgery after her C-section scars burst open). Spelling proudly shares the first pictures of baby Finn -- with Mom, Dad and his three proud siblings -- shot in the family home in a stunning, exclusive eight page portfolio in this week's Us Weekly. "When they put him in my arms I was like, 'We made it.''" she tells Us. "We have an insane bond. We've been through hell and back."

Below please find select Hot Stuff items from the new issue. I’ve attached our cover image for your use, and I’d be happy to send the story pdf as well if you’d like. Please let me know if you’d like to speak with an Us editor regarding this issue or other entertainment-related news.



A pal says money is holding up Kutcher’s split from Moore

Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher
ASHTON KUTCHER is ready to let go of DEMI Moore — just not his dough. An insider says the pair are still working out a financial arrangement before filing for divorce, and their negotiations have hit a snag. Though the Two and a Half Men star, 34, pockets $700,000 an episode, “he’s so cheap!” says the insider. “He’s trying to get the best deal he can.” But being legally wed to Moore — who announced their separation last November in the wake of his cheating scandal with then–22-year-old Sara Leal — hasn’t hurt his five-month romance with Mila Kunis, 29. “They’re really serious,” says the insider. And seriously getting under Moore’s skin. “She’s not psyched about Ash­ton and Mila,” a Moore pal admits. Her main issue: Kutcher’s longtime bond with his former That ’70s Show costar. “She was always inse­cure over the course of her marriage,” the pal says of the actress, 49. “So, yeah, it’s hurtful that he’s with someone he knew the whole time he was with her.”


Emily Blunt 

No Cruise control here! Tom Cruise, 50, let loose with All You Need Is Kill costars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton at Matt Damon’s October 6 birthday blowout at the Box club, sources tell Hot Stuff. “They were all having fun,” says an onlooker. “Matt and his wife [Luciana] were jumping on couches, kissing and doing shots.” A solo Cruise stayed out till 3 a.m., enjoying the club’s wild circus and comedy acts. Says the source, “He even got paddled by the transgender hostess!”

Saturday, October 06, 2012



AnnaLynne McCord

Actress AnnaLynne McCord enjoyed a day of pampering at Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills. With her sister and friends (including ladies from The Somaly Mam Foundation), the group indulged in blow-outs, makeup and mani/pedi's while having a few laughs.

The day of beauty was the perfect relaxer for the girls, who left glammed up from head to toe. AnnaLynne was glowing (although sans boyfriend, she has plans to bring him with her next time) with her straight blow-out, donning rubber sandals to keep her toes perfectly polished.

Photo Courtesy Of:  Melissa Libertelli.


Tinsley Mortimer

Join a star-studded evening that celebrates the strength and courage of breast cancer survivors and those we have lost to this difficult disease.

From the firm of Cohen & Crockett, Brandon Cohen & Angela Crockett also dubbed the “Dynamic Duo”, comes a star studded event on Friday, November 9th, 2012, honoring the women who have triumphed against breast cancer and all whose lives have been touched by the disease.

The elegant evening will also feature celebrities who have been personally affected by breast cancer. Celebrity journalist, PR guru, and Jackson family insider Flo Anthony will open up and share her journey as an ovarian cancer survivor. In addition to hearing Flo speak, there will be a video testimonial from Lawrence Zarian from Entertainment Tonight; guests will enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction and musical performances.



Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline Laurita
The new Us Weekly cover story has all of Teresa Giudice’s dirty secrets. In the wake of an emotionally charged 13-hour reunion taping (part two of three airs October 7 at 10 p.m.), her fed-up fellow Housewives are finally revealing the truth about Teresa. “I used to always cover up for her — I’ve kept in a lot of secrets,” admits sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. Not anymore. Says the singer, “When she stops telling lies about me, I’ll stop telling the truth about her.” Among her offenses is her insensitivity towards Jacqueline Laurita after she received the diagnosis that her son is autistic. “If I went to talk about my son, she would quickly change the subject and start bashing her family,” says Jacqueline. “Despite what she’s claiming on TV, she wasn’t there when I needed her most.” No one was spared Teresa’s viciousness during the reunion, but no victim is more shocking than her 7-year-old niece, Antonia. Melissa relates that when she signed her then toddler daughter with a modeling agency, “Teresa called me and said, ‘I heard Antonia got accepted.’ Then she was like, ‘Yeah, the ugly kids always get picked.’”

As for Teresa’s teary reconciliation with friend turned foe Jacqueline? Purely for show. As soon as the cameras powered down, Teresa told Melissa she’d faked the whole scene. Says Melissa, “She was like, ‘Oh, please, Jacqueline is crying again. I don’t care!’ ” It’s a tried-and-true move, says Melissa. “That’s how she filmed with me,” she explains. “She’d be nice on camera and as soon as they were done, she’d be like, ‘That f--king bitch!’”

Also included below are this week’s Hot Stuff items which include the scoop on Emily Maynard and Jef Holm using her daughter Ricki to fake their romance, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hitting the road together, The Situation being off the wagon, and Kristin Cavallari dishing about her painful labor.


EMILY & JEF: Heartbreak for Ricki

Maynard’s daughter has been pulled into their web of deceit

How low can they go? As Us reported September 26, Bachelorette winner Jef Holm, 28, bragged to former flame Kaylee Shepherd that his relationship with Emily Maynard, 26, is “basically for TV.” But as the two continue their fauxmance for fame and money, it’s Maynard’s daughter, Ricki, 7, who will suffer when they split. Holm has been coaching the girl’s soccer team — while making sure to tweet photos of her to his 265,000 followers. On September 26, he tweeted another picture of Ricki (calling her his “gem”) along with a shameless product plug for headphones. Hand in hand with Holm at the San Diego Film Festival that night, Maynard painted a portrait of joyful parents, bragging to reporters about Ricki on the red carpet. But when the audience vanished, so did the happy family. The next day, as Maynard and Holm lounged poolside at the Grand Del Mar hotel, the pair showed little affection and, says a source, “Emily seemed bored.”

ROB & KRISTEN: On the Road Together!

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson
Twi-hards aren’t the only ones giddy that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reunited. Execs at Summit Entertainment, producers of the Twilight franchise, “are very happy they don’t have to deal with broken-up leading actors,” says an insider. Considering that the epic international press tour for Breaking Dawn, Part 2 kicks off October 14 and lasts until the film’s November 16 release, “it would have been a real nightmare!” says the source. Though they are living together again, Pattinson, 26, and Stewart, 22, have also been enjoying their independence: Stewart jetted to Paris and chatted with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at a Balenciaga fashion show September 27. Three days later, Pattinson hit a Black Keys concert in L.A. without Stewart. Says a witness, “He was holding up a drink, clapping and moving to the beat!”

He’s Off the Wagon

 Mike Sorrentino

Mike Sorrentino is in a tough situation. The Jersey Shore star, 30, who entered rehab for substance abuse in March, “isn’t sober anymore,” a source tells Hot Stuff. Indeed, at West Hollywood’s London hotel September 26, a witness saw him “downing so many cocktails, he could barely stand.” (His rep responds, “He has not been drinking.”) The insider adds that Sitch is stressed the MTV series is ending: “Mike’s freaking out about what he’s going to do after the show.”

K-Cav’s Labor Was a ‘Bitch’

Kristin Cavallari

Ouch! Former Hills star Kristin Cavallari, 25, has been telling friends that giving birth to son Camden (dad is Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, 29) at 2 A.M. on August 8 “hurt like a bitch and felt like period cramps, but 10 times worse,” a source tells Hot Stuff. Despite the agony and the fact that doctors were forced to break her water, “Kristin says she would do it all over again.” For now, the new mom is focused on losing the last of the 25 pounds she gained while pregnant, adds the insider. “She still has some weight to go on her stomach, but she is almost back!”

Sunday, September 16, 2012




Amanda Bynes

Is hitting rock bottom in the cards for all young Hollywood? This week, the once bubbly child star, Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon star and “Forbes richest under 21″ lister has been careening for the title of “celebrity train wreck” by racking up multiple DUIs and hit-and-runs with a suspended license. A source spoke about her rapid downfall, telling RadarOnline that, ”She has been told by her agent and her dad Rick that she has substance abuse issues and needs to get help.”

Yet Bynes is refusing. So what’s in the cards for this former role model?


Co-founder Of Origins Recovery Centers

“Amanda Bynes' refusal to accept professional help is a hallmark of addictive illness and the thinking that clouds the mind of the sufferer. Ideas like ‘I'm not that bad’ or ‘they don't understand’ or ‘I can think my way through this,’ might be what she's telling herself,” states Ben Levenson, co-founder of Origins Recovery center. .

The brain of the active addict is fundamentally impaired. The regions of the brain where executive thinking and higher reasoning reside are virtually non-functioning in the toxic brain. Bynes is actually unable to utilize reason and logic to make competent decisions about her healthcare, including her recovery.

Continues Levenson, “As if a broken brain is not enough, her ability to recover is further complicated by co-dependency in her family and the constellation of enablers surrounding her. No one wants to upset the active addict. Everyone is walking around on eggshells. So all of these factors taken into account leads to what we are witnessing - an addict who is out of control and a system of people around her that are paralyzed to do anything about it.”

“As a recovered addict, I know firsthand that this disease is insidious, progressive and fatal when left unarrested. It pains me to no end to see another addict suffer and from the horrors of addiction. Having lost my brother to an overdose in 2001 my heart goes out to Amanda’s family and friends,” empathizes Levenson.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The new issue of Us Weekly has all of the details from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ dream wedding day.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds
Without even announcing their engagement, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds married Sunday in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina at Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens. Although the guest list only included about 60 family and friends, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress made sure to include her fellow sisters on that list. America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel were all in attendance to witness Lively tie the knot. The four ladies have remained close since starring together in 2005's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and 2008's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which were based on Ann Brashares' bestselling young adult novels.

The couple, who have been together less than one year, exchanged rings in an intimate ceremony on the same property where the 2004 romantic movie The Notebook was filmed. For her walk down the aisle, the Gossip Girl star wore a custom-made Marchesa bridal gown.

Also included below are this week’s Hot Stuff items which include the scoop on Britney Spears’s booze-free hotel rider, Teresa Giudice slamming Lauren Manzo for her lapband surgery, Selma Blair’s split from boyfriend Jason Bleick, and Dianna Agron leaving Glee.


Britney Spears

Brit’s Team Bans Booze!

If Britney Spears seems a little loopy on the X Factor judges’ panel, it’s not because she’s buzzed. During auditions around the U.S., the singer’s team made sure booze was removed from every place she stayed before she arrived! “Very important: We require you to empty the minibars of all alcohol,” reads a hotel rider for the rehab vet, 30. “And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.” Not that Spears has been treating her gig as an opportunity to let loose. When discussing the Fox show’s second season, Simon Cowell, 52, declared September 6 that his fellow judge “has taken this very seriously.”

TERESA GIUDICE: Her Cruel New Insult

 Teresa Giudice

The New Jersey Housewife slams Lauren Manzo’s surgery

Weight war! Teresa Giudice, 40, tipped the scales of drama during the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion taping September 7, attacking enemy Caroline Manzo’s daughter, Lauren, for having lap-band surgery. After host Andy Cohen interviewed the 24-year-old about shedding 30 pounds with the 2011 procedure, a source says, “Teresa went after Lauren and told her she took the easy way out.” Mama Manzo, 51, “went off!” says the source. “She said Teresa didn’t know what she was talking about.” And bitterness from the reunion (part one airs on Bravo September 30) spilled over to Watch What Happens Live September 9. Giudice highfived fellow guest Perez Hilton, 34, for losing weight without going under the knife (“I like natural,” she said). Lauren defended her choice on Twitter, writing, “I’m healthy now.” Then she fired back with a reference to an infamous Giudice episode: “Letting your husband call you a c--t . . . is a great message to send your daughters.”

Selma’s Sad Split

Selma Blair

Selma Blair is single again. The Anger Management actress, 40, has quietly parted ways with fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick, 42, whom she began dating in 2010. “They were fighting nonstop,” says a source of the duo, parents to 14-month-old Arthur. Blair and the baby have now moved into a temporary rental in L.A.’s Venice, according to an insider, but Bleick did get some quality time with his son September 8: “Jason met Selma at a restaurant, then took Arthur for a walk by the beach.”

DIANNA AGRON: She’s Done With Glee!

 Dianna Agron

Robert De Niro
Quinn Fabray has clocked out. Sources tell Hot Stuff that Glee’s Dianna Agron, 26, has negotiated an early exit from the musical comedy’s fourth season. “Dianna was unhappy and had been trying to get off the show for a while,” says a source. “She and producers came to an agreement where they let her go. That’s what she wanted.” (A show rep tells Us, “This is patently false.”) The actress, whose character graduated and was accepted to Yale last season, will appear in a few episodes before being written off, the source adds. Agron isn’t alone in her dissatisfaction: “Some cast members have lost their passion for the show. They find the stunt casting and lack of good story lines depressing,” says the source. Meanwhile, Agron has a juicy new role. She’s in France for three months shooting the mafia drama Malavita —with Robert De Niro!

Photos By: Sara de Boer/RD/Orchon/Retna 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012



The new issue of Us Weekly is its annual style issue which includes pages filled with fall style trends, looks for less, and an inside glimpse into private world of one of the most stylish stars today, BeyoncĂ©! 

Heidi Klum

Also in the issue is a feature that has the real story on Heidi Klum’s romance with her bodyguard. The truth, says one confidant, is that after years of Martin Kirsten guarding Klum’s every move, “this summer the relationship developed into something more.” The romance with the reserved but muscle- bound Kirsten started casually, but by July 4, on a holiday getaway to picturesque Shelter Island, New York, the German- born model seemed “smitten” with Kirsten, according to a fellow beachgoer. Needless to say, Klum’s estranged husband, Seal, isn’t a fan of The Bodyguard. In an impromptu interview at LAX airport August 31, the singer, 49, lashed out, expressing dismay that Klum would “fornicate with the help.” When asked about Seal’s tirade, Klum told Us, “I cherish all of the great memories Seal and I created together over the years. . . . Seal has moved on and so have I.”

Also included in this week’s Hot Stuff items which include the scoop on Taylor Swift’s new hit song being about Jake Gyllenhaal, Lena Dunham dating Fun.’s Jack Antonoff, John Mayer and Katy Perry being back on, and Ryan Lochte shopping around a reality series.


TAYLOR SWIFT: Hit Song Is About Jake!

Taylor Swift

The singer leaves clues that Gyllenhaal inspired the track

Jake Gyllenhaal
Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever getting back together with . . . Jake Gyllenhaal. Sources tell Hot Stuff the singer’s latest hit is influenced by her 2010 fling with the actor, 31. “It’s definitely about Jake,” an insider says. In “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” she sings about an ex who comes back to say, “Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change.” (Gyllenhaal flew to Nashville three weeks after their split to attempt a reunion.) Swift has been dropping hints too: The song’s video features an actor who resembles Gyllenhaal, and in a promo clip for the September 6 MTV Video Music Awards, she jokes about the hit with host Kevin Hart, who pastes his own face on a photo of the then-couple. Despite her past dramas, Swift, 22, is pushing forward with new love Conor Kennedy, 18. She’s even lining up promotion for her CD Red (out October 22) with the Deerfield Academy senior’s schedule. Adds the insider, “She’s working around his school holidays!”


Hipster hookup! Girls creator Lena Dunham has been seeing Jack Antonoff, guitarist of the indie rock band Fun., sources tell Hot Stuff. “They’re trying to keep it a secret,” explains a Dunham pal. And the NYC-based actress/writer, 26 — who has described her love life as a string of “multiple gay ex-boyfriends” — is already collaborating with Antonoff, 28. The pair recently made a video for The New Yorker together, and Dunham “has asked to use Fun. songs on Girls,” notes a source. She also wore a dress designed by his sister, Rachel, on The Colbert Report May 3. Despite hectic schedules, says an insider, “they have a good time when they can get together!”

JOHN & KATY: Back On

Katy Perry


John Mayer may not be “the one that got away” from Katy Perry after all. Despite Mayer breaking it off with the singer in mid- August, the musicians met up September 1 at L.A.’s FYF Fest. “They seemed back together,” a witness tells Hot Stuff. “She kept turning and whispering in his ear and kissing him.” Another concertgoer says Perry, 27, and Mayer, 34, “were all over each other! He was grabbing her from behind.” Still, the duo have emailed and texted about keeping their relationship casual. Says a pal, “She told him she just wants to have fun.”

Ryan Preps for Reality

Keep on your toes, Kardashians! Ryan Lochte, the Olympics’ breakout swimming stud, is shopping around a series that “will focus on his training, his love life and his new fashion line,” says a source close to the athlete, 28. And expect to meet other Lochte men: His dad and younger brother (who’s his roommate!) will have supporting roles. Says the pal, “Ryan’s a fun guy who will be great on TV.”

Photos By: RD/Dziekan/Sara de Boer/Retna


Friday, August 31, 2012


Jennie Garth

Not so fast, Beverly Hills, 90210 fans.

Despite rumors that former on-screen loves Jennie Garth and Luke Perry have taken their longtime friendship to the next level, a source close to the actress insists it's simply not true and tells Us Weekly they're just good friends.

Earlier this week, the National Enquirer reported that the pair, both divorced (Perry called it quits with Minnie Sharp in 2003), reconnected at the shoot for their Old Navy commercial.

As multiple sources confirmed to Us in mid-August, Garth, 40 -- who split from her husband of 11 years, Peter Facinelli, in March -- is actually seeing photographer Noah Abrams. (The pair were spotted strolling hand-in-hand in L.A. August 14).

Since parting ways from Facinelli, Garth has been committed to moving forward. In May, she enjoyed a flirty dinner with HGTV star Antonio Bellatore in Las Vegas.

Says a friend of the actress, who debuted a seriously slimmed-down, sexy new bod last month, "She's happier than ever!"


Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Tanay Jackson On YouTube

Tanay Jackson, Tito Jackson's daughter and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson, launches a new campaign to show the world just what she's got going for her...and that's a lot. Like her uncle, Jackson combines exciting, evocative songwriting with expressive and energetic stage routines. Reviews say “she looks incredible onstage...a great performer,” and “Tanay obviously takes after her Aunt Janet.” She records in the Pop music genre.

Her most recent music video “Honey” is available for viewing on YouTube; Jackson is the songwriter and director. She is the only daughter of former The Jackson Five/The Jacksons guitarist Tito Jackson and the younger half-sister of Taryll, Tito and TJ Jackson, members of the singing group 3T.

Like the first generation of the Jackson family, Tanay Jackson discovered her natural abilities at a young age. Raised by her mother in Maryland, the gifted songwriter and performer was first recognized by her fourth grade music teacher who insisted on vocal training for the child prodigy. By the age of 12, Jackson began writing poetry and music for fun. She has received writing royalties from JASCAR in Japan for one of her songs; Sony Urban noticed her excellent writing and tried to negotiate a publishing deal with the talented performer.


 Ed Asner

Today, celebrities and environmental leaders joined the call for the first-ever national mobilization on Fracking July 28th in Washington, DC, “Stop the Frack Attack.” The event will have three demands for Congress: stop dangerous fracking, close 7 legal loopholes that exempt the oil and gas industry from parts of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Air, and Clean Water Acts, and implement a pathway towards 100% clean renewable energy.

Mark Ruffalo, Pete Seeger, Lois Gibbs, Bill McKibben, Ed Begley Jr., Ed Asner, Josh Fox, Gus Speth, Cornel West, Vandana Shiva, Holly Near, James Hansen, Dar Williams, Michael Kieschnick, Joe Uehlein, and Margot Kidder join over 100 organizations and community groups in their call to action.

"Fracking is proof our addiction to fossil fuels has gone too far,” said Margot Kidder, “In the face of this kind of destruction, doing nothing is not an option. I'll be in DC on July 28th because I’m worried about the world my grandchildren will inherit without immediate action. We have to stop the destruction, and we have to do it now."

Fracking is a hot-button issue in swing states including PA, OH, CO, NM, NC, and MT. In New York, the fight against fracking spurred Governor Cuomo to ban the practice in much of the state, but “Fracktivists” continue to fight for a total ban.