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Adult movie superstar Jenna Jameson plans to open a bar in a former brothel.The retired porn actress has teamed up with designer Richie Rich for the new business venture, to be called The General Store, in New York's Chinatown.Richie said: "It used to be a w***ehouse!"The bar will also have a shop in the front of the premises which will sell Richie's designs and clothes picked out by Jenna.They plan to open The General Store in 2008.Jenna recently retired from the adult filmmaking industry and celebrated by having her trademark breast implants removed.The 32-year-old blonde - who earns a reported $30 million-a-year from her business, ClubJenna - said: "When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. So I thought, 'Why don't I be who I am and get my real ones back?'"The first thing I did when I got home after surgery was open my bra. I wasn't supposed to but I did. I was so happy, I cried. It was like looking into the …


Sir Paul McCartney gives every woman he romances expensive lingerie and designer perfume on their first date.The 65-year-old 'Money Can't Buy You Love' singer, who has recently romanced married millionairess Nancy Shevell and actress Rosanna Arquette, has been described as "predictable" when it comes to seducing the opposite sex.A source told the New York Post newspaper: "He has a ritual. He buys the same thing. He's been buying a bottle of perfume and lingerie for so long, it's predictable. He gives it to them even before they get dinner. He's done it with everyone he's been with."Since the former Beatle split from Heather Mills - with whom he has a four-year-old daughter Beatrice - in 2006 he has been linked to a series of women including 'Bridget Jones' star Renée Zellweger.McCartney met his first wife Linda - who died of breast cancer in 1998 - in New York in 1968. Before that he dated British actress-turned-cook Jane Asher w…


The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls' tour has been put in jeopardy after Geri Halliwell's daughter contracted chicken pox.Geri's 18-month-old daughter Bluebell has been flown back to the UK because Geri is terrified she and the rest of the band - Victoria Beckham, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Mel B - might catch the highly-contagious disease before their world tour starts on Sunday. A source close to the singer told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Chicken pox is very contagious and when Geri noticed the spots on Bluebell she panicked and warned the rest of the girls. Older people who get chicken pox sometimes develop shingles, which could wipe the band out for weeks."And it's not only them who are at risk. Bluebell has played a lot with Victoria's sons Cruz and Romeo lately. Mel B's baby Angel could get the bug too, and she is only eight months old."Geri - who is busy rehearsing for the 'Return of the Spice Girls' tour which kicks off in Vancouve…


Superstar Madonna
Madonna's new song with Pharrell Williams is so "hot" it will "make the music speakers bleed".The 'Hung Up' singer has been in the studio with hit producer Pharrell creating tracks for her upcoming album, and he claims their collaboration will take the music industry by storm.Speaking at the launch of his new shop Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in New York on Wednesday, Pharrell said: "It was crazy. I don't want to say too much. I'd rather wait for you to hear it. It's awesome though. It makes the speakers bleed. It's hot!"Earlier this month, it was reported Pharrell had been recording with the49-year-old singer at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles.The pair reportedly bumped into Kanye West, who was working with Michael Jackson in a studio next-door, inspiring the hip-hop star to rap on one of Madonna's new songs.Last month, Madonna signed a $120 million, 10-year record deal with Live Nation Inc. an…


Liv Tyler is taking a break from Hollywood to concentrate on being housewife.The 30-year-old 'Armageddon' actress, who has just finished filming 'The Incredible Hulk' alongside Edward Norton, is planning on taking a break from acting to focus on her family.Liv, who has a two-year-old son Milo with husband Royston Langdon, told the USA Today newspaper: "It's a good time for me to take a work break. I'm really excited to stay at home and cook and do some other fun projects with my son."The stunning brunette also revealed she is planning to move her family from New York's Manhattan to a quieter town.She said: "I don't want Milo to grow up like this and have all this going on around him. I grew up in Maine, New England, and had this great sense of wide-open spaces. I just don't want to deal with this, or for him to deal with this, anymore."


Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts chased a photographer in her car, before scolding him about his ethics.The 'Pretty Woman' star - who has three-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and a five-month-old son Henry with husband Daniel Moder - was furious after spotting the paparazzo outside a Los Angeles school and decided to tail them when they drove off. Julia, 40, then pulled up alongside them on the wrong side of the road angrily beeping her horn and forcing them to pull over.The irate actress stormed up to the photographer's vehicle, and fumed: "So listen, you are going to turn your camera off and I am going to talk to you about how you were at a school where children are."Julia is not the first celebrity to lose her cool with the paparazzi. Earlier this month, George Clooney lost his temper with a photographer who was trying to get a picture of him and girlfriend Sarah Larson driving through Los Angeles on his motorbike.George - who was involved in a motorcycle crash …


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are selling their New York apartment for a $4.7 million profit.The 21-year-old Olsen twins have never even lived in the 12 room Greenwich Village property - which they bought in 1994 for $7.3 million - but have now put it on the market for $12 million.The millionaire stars have been renting out the spectacular condo for $35,000 a month.Real estate agent Charlotte Van Doren said: "The apartment has been rented, and has been continually rented since they first bought it."The apartment's main feature is a 53ft-long entertainment space with a glass-enclosed fireplace in the centre.Van Doren said: "It's very dramatic, very dramatic. You walk in and it's right there, bang."The condo also boast views of the Hudson River from the living/dining room, the master bedroom, the master dressing room and the two other bedrooms.It also has two separate 100sq ft walk-in closets.Mary-Kate and Ashley - who in 2005 were estimated to have a combin…


John Mayers gay hug
John Mayers romance on the streets of NYCJohn Mayer leaves the Waverly Inn in New York City. He seemed in good spirits as he held hands and hugged a mystery asian male companion very close and very gay. Are we coming out of the closet ? If you are, please go back !Photos By: Justin Campbell/BuzzFoto


Nicole Kidman's children refuse to call her mom.The Oscar-winning actress says Isabella, 14, and 12-year-old Connor - her two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise - are reluctant to use the traditional parental moniker and instead call her Nicole, much to her annoyance.She told UK TV show 'GMTV': "My kids don't call me mommy, they don't even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it."The 'Golden Compass' star recently revealed she is unhappy Isabella and Connor are being raised as Scientologists in Los Angeles.Catholic Nicole lives in Nashville with her second husband Keith Urban, while her children live with Scientologist Tom and his new wife Katie Holmes.She said: "Yes, they're being raised as Scientologists. I don't want to go there."My daughter and son, their life is moulded by the way I live. If I wasn't willing to take on that responsibility, I shouldn't have adopted them. Then i…


Daniel Craig has branded self-obsessed celebrities "f***ing boring".The 39-year-old actor is tired of hearing stars open up about their personal lives and insists he would never share his private moments with the world. Daniel said: "You know people who talk about themselves all the time? I think it's quite frankly f***ing boring."I don't like talking about my personal life. It's wrong to discuss my private life in public because it affects many other people I care about. It has nothing to do with trying to get a better career."The star, who is dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell, also insisted he has no intention of adding humour to his portrayal of Bond.He said: "I don't think you should write gags in Bond. I'm not going to shy away from the fact that occasionally there should be humour. I just don't like the written gags. That's not the way I've ever liked working and I don't think it is funny."Daniel will rep…


Britney Spears stripped off in the middle of an adult shop to try on raunchy underwear. The 'Toxic' singer visited West Hollywood's X-rated Hustler Store and although staff told her she couldn't try on the lingerie,she lost her temper and whipped off her panties in front of shocked shoppers.A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Staff employees told her they don't allow people to try on underwear."She looked out of it. There was nothing going on behind her eyes. She threw a fit and took off her underwear and tried on a pair of boy shorts with 'Barely Legal' stitched across the rear end in the middle of the store while 15 other customers looked on in astonishment."The employees kept saying, 'Don't change out here!' She's just like, 'Well, I couldn't take them in the fitting room!' It was like dealing with a child."Britney's mood reportedly worsened when staff asked her to pay for the underwear, and she stormed …


Helen Hunt and Boyfriend Matthew Carnahan
Hollywood star HELEN HUNT and her long term boyfriend MATTHEW CARNAHAN had a romantic early dinner at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, California. Helen and Matthew were all smiles and hugs as they headed to their car. OutOfSightMedia/


Rehabs best customer Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's bid to stop her upcoming court appearance being videotaped has failed.The 'Mean Girls' actress had requested that the deposition for her upcoming civil lawsuit - involving a car crash two years ago - should not be taped, because if it was leaked it could damage her career.Her attorney David J. Ozeran wrote in court papers: "If a single picture of Ms. Lohan can sell for thousands of dollars, a videotape of the deposition will undoubtedly sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or more."I believe the real purpose of videotaping is to annoy Ms. Lohan and to attempt to gain a litigation advantage by causing her concern about the embarrassment of such a videotape.''However, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern ruled yesterday that the deposition - against a lawsuit brought by Los Angeles waiter Raymundo Ortega, who alleges Lindsay had been drinking when she crashed her black Mercedes-Benz convertibl…


Paris Hilton will be a great mom !
Hollywoods Paris Hilton wants to have a baby.The hotel heiress is desperate to follow her pregnant best friend Nicole Richie into motherhood, so their children can "play together" and become lifelong companions too. She said: "Nicole and I have been playing together since we were two years old. I was just telling her, 'I want a baby so that our babies can play together.' It would be lovely if they could grow up as close as we are."The blonde socialite - who recently split from 20-year-old pizza delivery boy Alex Vaggo because he was "too shy" - added: "I don't have a boyfriend right now, but I would love to start a family."Paris, 26, added Nicole and her fiancé Joel Madden are both "really excited" about the birth of their first child, due on New Year's Eve. She added to People magazine: "Nicole is really happy, and a little scared. They are both really excited and Joel is such a g…


Tony Noto with May Pang and Chris Gilman
The PALM WEST here in NY hosted a reception for TONY NOTO and his first-book THE STOKER FILE: THE LOST DIARY OF BRAM STOKER. Noto, the song of legendary-off Broadway impresario LORE NOTO (who created the original production of THE FANTASTICKS), was greeted by family and friends in the media, including PLAYBILL's HARRY HAUN; music's MAY PANG; NEW YORK TIMES' KEITH GIRARD; author-MARC ELIOT; ace-lensman AUBREY REUBEN; his wife ELAINE; circus-man BELLO; and, of course the restaurant's GM CHRIS GILMAN. Noto, who's in the middle of a radio Tour for the book (yes, the Pasha David Salidor's hand is at work here too) , is on WOR's JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW next week and several cable outlets in the weeks to come. Bello Photo By: Barbara Brady


Now that Broadway is back in business don't walk, run to see Ben Rauch in a limited engagement at 42nd streets Laurie Beechman theatre. The show is about a musical theatre obsessed community theatre outcast from NJ named Horace Vanderveer who's one dream is to be on Broadway. The only problem is he has one credit to his name and very little training. Come hear him act, sing, dance, and play the xylophone in this musical theatre comedy romp. This guy probably has the worst teeth to hit the theatre scene since ... well no one has worse teeth. This show is appropriate for families and any big name people in the industry who want to give Horace his first job. HORACE is an original character in the vein of Napoleon Dynamite and Pee-Wee Herman. The show was written by Ben Rauch and his sister Melissa Rauch and and Winston Beigel. Shows are limited so book early. Laurie Beechman Theatre 407 West 47th street New York NY 10036 Tel: 212-695-6909


BROADWAY STRIKE IS OVER ! New York City's Broadway theaters and the striking stagehands union have reached a deal to end a strike which has kept most of the premier U.S. theater district dark since November 10, negotiators for both sides said late on Wednesday night. "Performance for all shows will begin tomorrow night," said Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of The League of American Theaters and Producers. The agreement is a good compromise that serves our industry," St. Martin said.Negotiations resumed on Sunday and have continued in recent days between the theaters and producers and stagehands Local 1 after talks broke down on November 18, leaving 26 theaters dark through the lucrative Thanksgiving Week. The strike ends in time for most of the shows to recoup their lost holiday business.


The Three Graces
Bebe Neuwirth and Ben Vereen with The Haydenettes

The stars shined last night for the CBS Television special live from New York City's hottest winter entertainment, The Pond at Bryant Park. Superstars and Tony winners Ben Vereen and Bebe Neuwirth performed along with the Talent Unlimited High School choir with special performances by The Three Graces. Three time national skating champions Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman went wild on the ice to the amazement of thousands of New Yorkers and tourist's from all over the world. They dazzled the crowd when they lit the Bryant Park Holiday tree designed by Canadian Brian Gluckstein, decorated with 3 thousand snowflakes and 30 thousand crystal and glass white lights. Backstage everyone was in the holiday spirit with Ben Vereen playing with his grandson Ajan then joining Bebe with the world famous Haydenettes for a holiday photo.
Noel Mignott with Ben Vereen and Elliot Mignott

Ben Vereen with grandson Ajan

The Talented Unlimi…


Hollywood star Owen Wilson is reportedly dating 'Bionic Woman' star Michelle Ryan.The 'Wedding Crashers' actor has enjoyed several dates, including a romantic meal at exclusive Malibu restaurant Nobu, with the British actress and sources claim he has been impressed with her down-to-earth attitude.One source said: "Michelle's one of the few women in Hollywood who looks like herself and hasn't had loads of work done. She's refreshingly natural."She's also pretty innocent about how this whole town works, which Owen finds endearing. And then there's that British sense of humour."Michelle, 23, has been living in Los Angeles since landing the lead role in the remake of classic TV series 'The Bionic Woman'.Owen, 39, was recently linked to supermodel Le Call after they were spotted taking a yoga class together and enjoying a cycle ride in New York.He was also rumoured to be dating pop beauty Jessica Simpson after they met on the set o…


Lindsay Lohan is set to record a new album.The 'Mean Girls' actress is reportedly under pressure to release a third LP - tentatively titled 'Nobody's Angel' - because she is under contract to Universal Music Group.A music insider told the New York Post newspaper: "She is only recording another album because of a contractual obligation to Universal."However, one of Lindsay's employees insists the star is looking forward to returning to the recording studio, saying: "Lindsay always planned to release a third album."Lindsay signed a record deal in 2002, after impressing music producers by singing on the 'Freaky Friday' soundtrack.Her debut album 'Speak' was released in 2004 and reached number four on the Billboard 200.In 2005, Lindsay's second album 'A Little More Personal (Raw)' debuted at number 20 on the Billboard 200, but fell out of the top 100 within weeks.'Nobody's Angel' was originally set for rel…


Madonna is hoping to use her celebrity status to promote husband Guy Ritchie's movie.Madonna and her director spouse are set to co-host a VIP preview of 'Revolver' - which was panned following its UK release in 2005 - and the music superstar has invited several big names in a bid to boost the film's profile before its US release.Guests invited to the New York VIP preview on Sunday include Howard Stern, Lauren Bacall, Helena Christensen, Patricia Clarkson and Ivanka Trump.A source said: "Madonna is planning to sprinkle a little stardust on Guy's latest gangster film."Madonna is hoping her star power will help the film, which faltered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and was slammed by UK critics.'Revolver', which has been re-edited for its US release, stars Ray Liotta, Jason Statham, Andre Benjamin and Vincent Pastore.Pastore said: "You have to pay attention - you may have to sit through it twice to figure it out, which I just did with 'N…


Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse has called off all concerts and public appearances for the rest of the year.The troubled singer has taken the drastic decision after claiming she can't "give it her all" on stage without her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who is currently on remand in London's Pentonville prison awaiting trial for allegedly perverting the course of justice. She said: "I can't give it my all on stage without my Blake. I'm so sorry but I don't want to do the shows half-heartedly. I love singing."My husband is everything to me and without him it's just not the same."The 24-year-old star - who has well documented problems with drink and drugs - has reportedly been advised to take "complete rest" by her doctors.Amy had been due to perform at the Bournemouth International Centre last night, and Cardiff International Arena today, with further dates scheduled for Dublin, Belfast, Manchester and London next month.The 'Rehab…


Nicole Kidman is spending Christmas with her children.'The Golden Compass' star - who has two adopted children, Isabella, 14, and Connor 12, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise - is looking forward to being reunited with her kids for the festive period.Nicole, 40, said: "I'm going to spend Christmas with my family. It's going to be a family occasion."The Australian actress and her country singer husband Keith Urban have a home in Sydney and a ranch in Nashville, but Nicole is unsure where they will be for the holiday.Tom Cruise and his new wife Katie Holmes live in Los Angeles with their 19-month-old daughter Suri and as Scientologists do not celebrate the Christian holiday. Nicole is a Catholic.The blonde actress was speaking at the London premiere of new movie 'The Golden Compass' last night, and revealed she was delighted to be back in the UK. She added to BANG Showbiz: "It's lovely to be here. I've been in Australia working on Baz Luhrman&…


Usher's wife has given birth to the couple's first child.The singer's wife Tameka Foster delivered the 7lb 9oz boy, named Usher Raymond V, at 9.30pm on Monday in Atlanta, Georgia.The overjoyed couple said: "We are so happy and proud of our beautiful son. What a blessing!"Usher, 29, and 36-year-old Tameka married in a secret ceremony in Atlanta on August 3.Just before the couple announced Tameka's pregnancy in June, she said: "What people don't realize is that Usher and I were friends for nearly seven years and I worked as his personal stylist for five years. I was the only female friend he felt he could talk to."I definitely plan to have children with Usher. This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn't I want to share that bond of bringing another life into this world with him?"The new family are expected to leave hospital and return home today.


Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig cursed so much on the set of his latest movie he had to pay a "small fortune" into a swear box.The 39-year-old actor had to pay £1 (U.S. $2 dollar) every time he swore while shooting 'The Golden Compass' and his 13-year-old co-star Dakota Blue Richards made sure everybody adhered to the rules.He said: "It was worth every penny. It cost me a lot of money but it was good. I had to pay a small fortune."It became a joke after a while - sometimes Dakota would be on set and you wouldn't know it and you would hear 'It's another £1.' "Daniel - who plays hero adventurer Lord Asriel in the movie based on Philip Pullman's hit book 'Northern Lights' - insisted working with a young star was an enjoyable experience.He added to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper: "I get big kick out of working with children because you've got to keep them enthused and it's a long day."You have to keep them amu…


Matthew Perry will play the grown-up version of 'High School Musical' star Zac Efron in a new comedy.Matthew - who shot to fame playing Chandler Bing in the hit US TV show 'Friends' - will be exploring his childish side when he wakes up to find he is a teenager again in age-switch film 'Seventeen'.In a bid to find out exactly what goes on in his children's lives, the newly-young character, played by Zac Efron, sneakily enrolls at their school.Meanwhile, Zac's character has to deal with waking up to find himself a middle-aged man with a wife and family.Leslie Mann, who recently appeared in unlikely hit 'Knocked Up', will play Matthew's character's wife Scarlett in the New Line film.While Matthew has found success with his role in new sitcom 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip', his film career perished when he starred in flops including 'The Whole Ten Yards' and 'Serving Sara'.This will be 20-year-old Zac's first le…


Image has a crush on Lily Allen. The Black Eyed Peas star fell for the 'Smile' singer the first time he laid eyes on her and is desperate to see her again.The 32-year-old rapper told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I have a crush on Lily Allen. I met her before very briefly. She's cute. I would definitely like to see her again."However, will have to battle with Lily's current boyfriend Chemical Brother star Ed Simons if he wants to win her heart. isn't the only musician to admit to having a pop crush.Lily, 22, previously confessed she was infatuated with Irish boyband member Stephen Gately, before he came out as homosexual.She said: "My first crush was on Stephen Gately from Boyzone. He wasn't gay at the time. I had a poster of him in my room when I was younger. Then I grew up, took all my posters down and no I'm a grown-up I collect 'art'."


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The Best 'Joker' Jack Nicholson
Indiana Jones and Batman's Joker have topped a list of the Greatest Heroes and Villains of all time.The list, compiled by Total Film magazine writers, reveals the "50 icons we idolise and 50 badfellas we loathe".Harrison Ford's portrayal of archaeologist Indiana Jones landed him the top spot on the Heroes list.Harrison will reprise the role for the fourth instalment of the adventure series, 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull', next year.Batman, the 'Caped Crusader', followed Indiana Jones in second place, closely tailed by Sylvester Stallone's brave boxer Rocky Balboa.British spy James Bond came in fourth - proving the latest 007, Daniel Craig, still has what it takes, while Superman rounded off the top five.Batman's arch nemesis The Joker, who first appeared on the big screen when he was played by Cesar Romero in the 1966 film 'Batman: The Movie', topped the Villains list.The evi…


Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks' sex life is being ruined by her wig.The supermodel is said to be very "insecure" about her hair and refuses to spend the night with men because she doesn't want to remove her long fake locks in bed. A source said: "Tyra is a confident woman for the most part, but she is really insecure about her hair. She doesn't want any guy to see her without her wigs or hair extensions."Tyra feels like guys are with her for her image that they see on TV and in magazines. If one wakes up without her glamorous hair, she's worried he may not call back!"Meanwhile, the 33-year-old star has confessed she doesn't like wine - but orders it in public just to look sexy.Tyra said: "Every now and then I'll order some wine at the table. I'll only take two sips, but I'll keep holding the glass cause it makes me feel sexy,but I still don't drink it because it still tastes kind of nasty to me."The chat show host believes s…


Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had 200 one-night stands.The 'August Rush' actor used to bed lots of different girls but gave up his promiscuous ways because he got "bored" of sleeping with strangers. He said: "I got bored of one-night stands when I was about 26. They were fun when I was young but now I'm 30 I think they're meaningless and dull. I won't say how many I've had it could be two, it could be 200."Jonathan also revealed he has one rule when it comes to sleeping with his female co-stars - don't have sex with them on the first day of rehearsals.He told New Woman magazine: "It's best not to bed your leading lady on the first day of rehearsals. Especially if your roles require sexual chemistry.Sleeping together spoils it. Maybe that's why I haven't dated an actress for nine years."However, the single Irish star - who split from long-term girlfriend Reena Hammer a few months ago - also confessed he is a "selfish…


Charlize Theron has blasted US President George W. Bush for being"irresponsible".The Oscar-winning actress, who stars in Paul Haggis' war thriller 'In the Valley of Elah' - says her latest role helped her form her own opinions about the war in Iraq. She said: "My opinion is that our president should be a little bit more responsible. When we watch the news, we see those politicians in their very expensive suits and air-conditioned buildings telling us how our soldiers are doing in Iraq."I think this film is the voice of the soldiers that we're not hearing in journalistic news today."However, Charlize has no plans to use her fame to impose her political opinions on others, like so many actors do.She added: "I don't want to be that kind of actor. If I were that kind of person, I would be a politician. But I'm not a politician - I'm an entertainer and I always will be."


Red Hot Flea
Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker Flea's million dollar home has been destroyed by fire.The 45-year-old bassist's luxurious Malibu mansion was "burnt to a crisp" by the wild brush fires which swept through the US state at the weekend. Luckily, Flea - real name Michael Balzary - was not at home at the time of the blaze. Hollywood stars Minnie Driver, 37, and Matthew McConaughey, 38, were among the 20,000 residents forced to evacuate their homes as the flames spread. Britney Spears, Jim Carrey, Sting, Pierce Brosnan, Courteney Cox and Bill Murray's houses were also threatened by the fire, which has destroyed at least 49 multi-million dollar homes.The fire - which is believed to have been started by either arsonists or a falling power line - began at around 3.30am on Saturday and spread rapidly in the dry conditions and 60mph winds.One of the 1,700 fire-fighters struggling to battle the blaze described it as "like a blowtorch with a huge hairdryer behind…


Kelly Brook claims fiancé Billy Zane is the most romantic man she has ever dated. The British model and actress, who is currently appearing on TV talent show 'Strictly Come Dancing', met Billy on the set of their raunchy 2004 film 'Three', and has revealed the actor is still as loving now as when they met. She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Billy is so incredibly romantic. Once, I woke up at 3am and my whole garden was filled with buckets of roses." There was also a record player playing Chet Baker. I'd really wanted a record player and he'd found one for me." Meanwhile, Kelly has been blasted by 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge, and world famous choreographer, Arlene Philips, for being "unsexy". Arlene has accused the 28-year-old brunette - who narrowly escaped being voted off the BBC show last night with her dance partner Brendan Cole - of being like a giggly child. She said: "Kelly and Brendan don'…


Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes has moved back in with former lover Francesca Annis - who dumped him for cheating last year.The 44-year-old actor moved his possessions into the 62-year-old actress' £3 million London mansion last week.Francesca dumped Ralph after discovering he'd had a two-year affair with 33-year-old Romanian singer Cornelia Crisan.Onlookers spotted the newly reunited couple getting amorous during a West End screening of Sean Penn's new film 'Into The Wild' last week, before they left the cinema hand-in-hand and kissed passionately outside the building.One cinemagoer said: "They looked very much in love, regardless of what has gone on in the past."Ralph and Francesca had been together for more than ten years before they split in February 2006.Crisan said at the time: "He wanted to keep me secret. He wanted me to be there for him whenever he needed to have sex. Twice he told me he loved me. But he was already with someone and he was a chea…


J.K. Rowling has given fans permission to write sequels to the 'Harry Potter' books.The author - whose seven-book series about the young wizard has sold almost 400 million copies - will not take legal action against George Lippert, who wrote a follow-up to Harry's adventures on his website.Under copyright laws Lippert could have been prosecuted for his actions.Rowling's lawyers confirmed she is happy for spin-offs to be published online as long as the publications are not sold and it is made clear she was not involved in the stories. She also requested the follow-ups do not contain pornography or racism. Meanwhile, Rowling - who has seen the 'Harry Potter' books turned into blockbuster movies - has been voted entertainer of the year by Entertainment Weekly magazine.The publication insisted she deserved the title for getting"people to tote around her big, old-fashioned printed-on-paper books as if they were the hottest new entertainment devices on the plane…


'Sin City' actress Jaime King has married her director boyfriend.The 28-year-old blonde and filmmaker Kyle Newman exchanged vows at Los Angeles' Greystone Park and Manor on Friday. The location has special significance for the couple as it was the scene of their first date over a year ago. Jaime said last month: "I don't know why, but some part of me was instantly connected to him, and I loved him so much. It was intense. I never thought that would happen to me."The couple met in 2006 when Kyle, 31, directed Jamie in 'Fanboys', which is to be released next year. Jaime began shooting 'Sin City 2' in June, in which she reprises her role as prostitute Goldie. Earlier this year, Jaime filmed 'The Pardon', a true story about the only woman to be executed by the electric chair.In the movie, she plays hooker Toni Jo Henry who was executed aged 26 in 1942 for the brutal murder of Joseph Calloway on Valentine's Day in 1940. Jaime stars alon…


'The Simpsons Movie' was the main winner at the BAFTA Children's Awards last night. The film version of the hit US animated TV series beat off stiff competition from 'Happy Feet', 'Spider-Man 3' and 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' to be voted Film of the Year by the under-16s.Despite being the fans' favourite, 'The Simpson's Movie' wasn't in the category for Best Feature Film, which was won by animated penguin movie 'Happy Feet'.The awards took place at London's Hilton Hotel and were hosted by comedian Keith Chegwin.Independent Production Company of the Year went to the world leader in model animation, Aardman, whose prolific output included British TV series 'Shaun the Sheep' and 'Chop Socky Chooks' as well as a US version of 'Creature Comforts'.Channel of the Year was claimed by BBC spin-off CBeebies whose programmes include 'In the Night Garden', 'Autumn watch', &…


Tom Cruise is set to star in a special episode of hit British TV show 'Doctor Who'.The 'Lions for Lambs' actor is among a host of top US stars, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who the BBC are hoping to get on board for three blockbuster instalments of the British sci-fi series to be filmed next year.An insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "BBC producers know they can't pay these stars what they are used to, but what they can offer is an exciting role in a real cutting-edge show. And the big stars love that kind of kudos."'Doctor Who' already has a track record of attracting top stars for cameos.This year's Christmas special, 'Voyage of the Damned', will see Kylie Minogue play a waitress at the 1912 launch party for the famously doomed ocean liner the Titanic, which sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage.The three 'Doctor Who' specials will be shot in 2008, but will not hit screens until …


Dustin Hoffman
Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman has vowed to stop picking his nose.The Oscar-winning actor revealed his New Year's resolution is to give up the disgusting habit, because he keeps getting caught on camera doing it.Speaking at the European premiere of his new movie 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium' in London's Leicester Square, he told BANG Showbiz: "Oh boy, my New Year's resolution? There are some that are hard to say in public, but I do have to stop picking my nose, especially in the car. I'll be driving and I will catch someone trying to take my picture."Dustin - who plays the eccentric owner of a magical toyshop who leaves his strange business to his insecure manager played by Natalie Portman - also revealed he is a big kid at heart and still believes in magic.After demonstrating his spit bubble blowing ability, he said: "I do still believe in magic, and there isn't anything more magical than being here right now. I never sto…


Britney Spears is reportedly set to adopt Chinese twins.The troubled singer - who recently lost custody of her two sons, Sean Preston, two, and 14-month-old Jayden James, to ex-husband Kevin Federline - is allegedly in the final stages of talks with an agency about adopting the six-year-olds.Friends claim Britney - who has three supervised visits with Sean and Jayden a week - is desperate to fill the void in her life since she lost the boys and believes opening her home to the disadvantaged youngsters will give her life new purpose.A source said: "She misses her boys terribly and needs them in her life. She thinks adopting the twins is the perfect solution."The 'Gimme More' singer - who was ordered by a judge to undergo random drug tests to prove she's a suitable mother - is also said to be planning her own funeral.Britney, 25, is so concerned her unhealthy lifestyle will eventually take its toll so has splashed out £25,000 (US $ 50 thousand) in case she ends up …


Amy Winehouse was booed by fans after a shambolic London performance on Saturday.The troubled 24-year-old singer took to the stage late at the Hammersmith Apollo, slurred throughout her most famous songs and cut her set short. Many fans booed their idol off stage, and demanded a refund after the performance - at which she wore a tropical-print mini-dress, gold and silver jewellery and her trademark ballet pumps. One fan wrote on an online forum: "This was a tragedy of a show. She should never have been allowed to perform."Another added: "A shambles - I paid to see Amy, not some spaced-out girl wandering around. I have never seen so many people leave a concert early, get help Amy!" Despite constantly assuring fans she has kicked her drug and alcohol problems, Amy was pictured last week with white powder up her nose and sported a nasty nostril scab at Saturday's performance.Amy - whose husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is currently being held in custody at London'…


Superstud Brandon Routh
'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh got married on Saturday.The actor tied the knot with his girlfriend of almost four years, actress Courtney Ford at Santa Barbara's El Capitan Ranch in front of their friends and family.Wedding planner Katie Tiffany said: "Even though it cooled off into the evening, I can only feel the warmth and love in this breath-taking setting."No other details are yet to be revealed.Routh, 28, proposed to Ford, 29, in Glastonbury, England, in August last year during the promotional tour for 'Superman Returns'.Earlier this year, Routh compared his love for Ford to kryptonite, the fictional space debris which robs Superman of his incredible powers.He said at the time: "Courtney is my own personal kryptonite. She brings me to my knees."The couple met at Hollywood bowling alley Lucky Strike, where Routh was working as a bartender.He said: "I used to work at Lucky Strike. I was a bartender and her …


Marilyn Manson wants to break the world record for sharing a bath with snakes.The controversial rocker - who is famous for his peculiar obsessions with death and taxidermy - wants to beat the 'Texas Snakeman' Jackie Bibby, who currently holds the world record by bathing with 87 rattlesnakes for 45 minutes.A source close to the singer said: "Marilyn is desperate to get into the famous book, and wants to do it for something people will associate him with."He thought about all the wacky records he could try and break, and came across Jackie Bibby's record. That's when he decided he wanted to try and break it."Father-of-two Jackie - who holds four world records including holding eight rattlesnakes in his mouth by their tails - has perfected the art of bathing with the venomous creatures.He said: "They can go wherever they want as long as they don't start biting. The key to not biting is for me to stay still."Rapid movement scares a rattlesnake.…