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Emmy winner Rita Cosby's book 'Blonde Ambition' The Untold Story Of Anna Nicole Smith', continues to entertain readers across the world and once again for the third week in a row is on the New York Times Bestseller list. If you have not read this book, run out and get it now. This book gives you a inside look at all the players from Howard K. Stern to Larry 'Sue' Birkhead. The tragic life and death of drug addict Anna Nicole Smith and her beloved son Daniel Smith is sure to raise many questions. Anyone that is a regular reader of Times Square Gossip, knows that this is the most commented story ever on this site. America is outraged at how this case was handled and how so many people are now making huge sums of money off this poor tragedy. From threatened lawsuits to intimidate media outlets and witnesses , to false claims in the media against good people trying to bring justice for deaths that never should have happened. From all the comments made on this site,…


Shia LaBeouf is desperate to star in the 'Transformers' sequel.The 21-year-old actor wants to reprise his role as heroic Sam Witwicky in 'Transformers 2', which is already being developed by executives at Dreamworks film studios.Dreamworks spokesman Daniel Levy said: "Obviously if you have a movie that's made as much money as 'Transformers', you'd want to do another one."Things are moving along, but until everyone says, 'Now we have everything - we have the script and everybody tied in', we can't say it has the green light yet."Michael Bay is expected to reprise his role as director, with Steven Spielberg as executive producer.'Transformers', the big screen adaptation of the hit 80s animated TV series, was released this summer and took almost $700 million at box offices worldwide.The film focused on a clash between rival robot clans the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. LaBeouf's co-stars Megan Fox, Josh Du…


Usher has released his own celebrity fragrance.The 'Yeah' singer has become the latest star to launch a signature scent - Usher For Women and Usher For Men - and unveiled the fragrances at a party in New York's Cipriani restaurant on Tuesday night. Usher told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Fragrance is another way of interpreting emotion and that's what Usher For Men and Usher For Women are - it's sophisticated for a woman, and confident for a man."They represent strength and sexiness, and more than anything, they represent mystery and a journey. I wanted to offer a piece of myself, no different than a beautiful song I may create that takes many instruments, stories, and places I've gone to create those songs."The fragrances - which were inspired by Usher's pregnant wife Tameka Foster - have already backed by the R'n'B singer's celebrity friends. Beyoncé Knowles, who has her own perfume range, said: "It's beautiful. …


Lycée Français de New York
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have caused such a stir at son Maddox's new school the headmaster has been forced to warn parents not to pester them. Dan Cooke, Director of Operations the Lycée Français de New York - where six-year-old Maddox recently enrolled - has written to parents requesting they stop taking photographs and asking Hollywood's golden couple for autographs.The letter - which was leaked to the New York Observer newspaper - said: "Regretfully, I have seen some parents taking pictures, asking for autographs, talking to the media and even shouting at Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt for recognition."Therefore, in the interests of the school and safety of your children I must ask for everyone to please respect the family's privacy and discontinue these practices."The principle also revealed he met Brad and Angelina's security team before Maddox started at the school in September. He added: "I want to make you aware that be…


Marilyn Manson and Ex. Dita Von Teese Evan Rachel Wood will never duet with lover Marilyn Manson because the goth rocker's fans would "crucify" them.The 'Thirteen' actress, who began dating the 38-year-old goth rocker soon after he divorced Dita Von Teese earlier this year, has no plans to record a track with Manson because she fears his fans would hate it. She told Britain's The Times newspaper: "We'd just be crucified if we did that. People wouldn't really accept that. He's got such a hardcore fan base,and his fans mean a lot to him. I just wouldn't want to go there."While Evan has no plans to team up with Manson in the recording studio, she has expressed a wish to record a solo album.The 20-year-old star is planning to try her luck in the music industry,after wowing critics in the Beatles-themed musical romance film 'Across The Universe'. She said: "I've actually been singing for as long as I've been acting. I …


Michael Jackson has allegedly married his children's nanny. The 'Thriller' singer and 40-year-old Grace Rwaramba married in Las Vegas earlier this year, according to real estate documents. One insider told The National Enquirer magazine: "Grace is one of his dearest friends. She is one of the few people who stood by his side through all of his problems - including the child molestation trial in 2005." Jackson has been married twice before. He wed Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1994, but the pair divorced less than two years later.In 1996, Jackson married his dermatologist's nurse Debbie Rowe, who is mother to his ten-year-old son Prince Michael Jackson II and nine-year-old daughter Paris, but the pair divorced in 1999. The star also has another son - five-year-old Prince Michael Jackson III nicknamed 'Blanket' - whose mother is not known. The king of pop has recently been dividing his time between Ireland and Las Vegas and was rumo…


Martin Scorsese is to make a film documentary about late Beatles legend George Harrison. The 'Gangs of New York' director wants to explore the extra-ordinary life of the rock icon after being inspired by Harrison's constant "search for spiritual meaning". Scorsese said: "George Harrison's music and his search for spiritual meaning is a story that still resonates today and I'm looking forward to delving deeper." The film will be co-produced by Harrison's widow Olivia.She said: "It would have given George great joy to know that Martin Scorsese has agreed to tell his story."Harrison died in 2001, aged 58, after battling lung cancer and a brain tumor.The film, which is yet to be given a title, will cover Harrison's time with the Beatles, as well as his successful solo career and later involvement in the movie industry.Harrison was a major investor in Handmade Films, the production company responsible for Monty Python's 'Lif…




Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett has flown to Germany to receive "alternative cancer treatments". The former 'Charlie's Angels' star - who was told her cancer of the lower intestine had returned in May - made the decision to travel to Frankfurt after being told the treatment she wanted wasn't available in the US. A spokeswoman for Frankfurt's University Clinic said: "I can confirm that Farrah Fawcett was here and was treated here, but I have no more information."Farrah's close friend Craig Nevius said: "She was declared 100 per cent cancer free and then it came back. She was discouraged by the treatments she got here. The fact that it recurred after all that she went through was heartbreaking."She has been in Germany getting alternative treatments not allowed in the US."Nevius also revealed Fawcett, 60, is filming her cancer battle for a possible documentary. He said: "She's been documenting everything in a video diary fo…


Christy Turlington has got Lyme disease. The supermodel-turned-actress was luckily diagnosed with the infection -which is most commonly contracted through a tick bite and causes flu-like symptoms and a nasty rash - in the early stages and is being treated with antibiotics. A friend of the 38-year-old star said: "They caught it early - she is going to be fine. "If Lyme disease goes untreated, it can go lead to chronic arthritis and inflammation of the brain. A representative for Christy - who has two children with husband Ed Burns -insists she is doing well, saying: "While we don't answer any questions about Christy's private life, so there is no misunderstanding, Christy is very healthy and fine."Meanwhile, Christy - who is mother to three-year-old Grace and 19-month-old Finn - has revealed she is keen to have more children. She said: "I want this chaotic, loud family. I'm one of three and my husband's one of three. I'm working on him."…


Pete Doherty and Sir Paul McCartney got on "like father and son" when they met for a heart to heart.The troubled Babyshambles singer - who has spent the last month fighting his drug addiction at Wiltshire's Clouds rehab centre - promised the Beatles legend he is serious about cleaning up his act. A friend of Pete's told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "He was overwhelmed by meeting Paul. They had a real heart to heart - at times it was like a father talking to his son. Pete promised Paul he was serious about getting clean, was through with the drugs, and said he never wanted to fall back into his dark days again."Pete, who was allowed to leave rehab to interview Paul for the Observer Music Monthly magazine the other day, received some much needed advice from the musician.The source added: "They spoke about everything from music, other singers and even touched on the subject of women - but that was strictly between the two of them."Pete didn&…


Daniel Radcliffe
'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is desperate to play a gay spy.The 18-year-old actor is planning to audition for the role of a boy at boarding school in the 30s who falls in love with his best friend and later becomes an undercover agent in a remake of the 1984 movie 'Another Country'.The film adaptation of Julian Mitchell's play, which originally starred Rupert Everett in both the stage and screen version, is loosely based on the life of Guy Burgess, who became a double agent working for the Soviet Union,and was famously part of the Cambridge Five spy ring. Earlier this week, Daniel - who appeared naked on stage in the London play 'Equus' - revealed he was interested in playing characters who are exploring their sexuality. Speaking at a press conference for his latest movie 'December Boys', he said: "I'd never play a gay character just for the sake of playing a gay character. If the script was good, and it was a good g…


David Beckham has vowed to remain at his sick father's bedside for "as long as it takes". The Los Angeles Galaxy soccer star - who made a 6,000-mile dash back to England yesterday after being told dad Ted had suffered a heart attack - has been praying for the 59-year-old's speedy recovery. A source close to David - who has been keeping a vigil at the London Chest Hospital with sisters Lynne and Joanne - said: "David and his sisters are devastated and desperately worried about Ted. They are hoping and praying he will pull through. He is planning on staying at Ted's side for as long as it takes."David's wife Victoria is currently working in Japan but is set to fly to the UK today while Ted's ex-wife Sandra is in Los Angeles looking after David and Victoria's three young sons.Ted was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after suffering chest pains at home. Sources claim he died in the ambulance on the way to London's Whipps Cross Hospital but wa…


Josef K. Performs at 'Cutting Room'
Cutting Room owner Steve Walter with Jann Wenner and son Gus Wenner along with Jack Byrne and mom Ellen BarkinWhat a pleasant night at one of New York City's best clubs 'The Cutting Room'. Rolling Stone and US Magazine's Jann Wenner joined actress Ellen Barkin to watch their sons band play at the famed club. It's all in the family for Jann and Ellen as they watched their teenage kids perform to a packed house. The band Josef K. is fronted by Jann's son Gus Wenner and Ellen's son Jack Byrne. As always, Cutting Room owner Steve Walter made sure everyone had a great time and as always he made sure I left the place smashed. Ellen was sure her son would not pose for this picture, but surprise, we got the shot thanks to New York City's best hostess Susan who never takes no for a answer.
Jann Wenner with Ellen Barkin and Steve Walter


Queen Latifah is not cheap
Queen Latifah treated her friend to a new car tied up with a silver bow this week.The 'Chicago' star surprised her girlfriend by having the brand new Range Rover delivered to New York restaurant Philippe where they had been having lunch. An onlooker told theNew York Post newspaper: "They had been having lunch and when they came out the car was parked on the street in front of the restaurant tied up with a big silver bow."Her friend was stunned and so happy. It was really sweet."Earlier this year, Latifah revealed she is keen to adopt an American child because she wants to "help a kid in the hood".The rapper-and-actress - real name Dana Owens - is determined to adopt in the US and levelled a veiled criticism at stars like Angelina Jolie and Madonna who have adopted from abroad. She said: "I want to help a kid in the hood. I want to adopt an American baby. There's just so many kids that could use a home."Angelina J…


P. Diddy shouted and cursed at a nightclub host who asked him how many people were in his entourage.The hip-hip mogul - real name Sean Combs - arrived at New York's Gold Bar this week with four friends and lost his temper with a female member of staff when she didn't immediately allow him entry to the club. A witness told the New York Post newspaper: "He walked right up to the door girl with four other people in his crew. When she asked him how many people he was with, Diddy just called her a 'f***ing b***h' and opened the velvet rope and let himself through." Representatives for both the rapper and Gold Bar refused to comment. Meanwhile, Diddy enforced his own strict door policy at his annual White Party earlier this month.Guests - including Billy Joel's wife Katie - were turned away for breaking the strict all-white dress code. Katie was told she could only enter the party if she exchanged her cream outfit for an all-white one, but she refused and hasti…


Britney Spears' friends and family are desperate for her to join Lindsay Lohan in rehab.The 'Toxic' singer - who was ordered to take regular drug tests last week by the judge overseeing her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline for their two sons - has continued her wild partying and friends want her to seek help at Utah's Cirque Lodge rehabilitation clinic. A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "If Britney finally acknowledges that she must face her addictions, then that's the best place.It's working for Lindsay, and hopefully Britney will see that as inspiration."The insider also revealed Britney's mother Lynne received an anonymous phone call last week, tipping her off about the singer's drug taking.The source revealed: "It was one of Britney's friends saying he'd seen Britney allegedly take four Ecstasy pills in the bedroom of a Hollywood Hills home during a party on August 11."Lynne was also told that Br…


You can't get ahead at 'Blood Manor'

BLOOD MANOR unveils its freaky face lift consisting of several newly themed horror experiences, dozens of new animatronics and many new props. “The Horridor” is a new entrance featuring giant, 9 foot monsters to welcome the unwelcome as you take your first step to visit the demons from days past. The Dungeon room features an electric chair with a live execution - this is reality without the TV. You won’t find Cannibal’s Kitchen on the Food Network, but this dinner prep puts the bite in tasty tidbits and you’ll be lucky to escape the jaws of the giant serpent in the all-new Slithering Snake Pit. There are a total of twenty environments - each with its own creepy digital sound effects that will make your heart skip a beat. The heart of Blood Manor is the new Heart Chamber Room where the walls are veined, taking you inside the very core of BLOOD MANOR. Its big heart is pounding just like your own will be in this terrifying environ…


Singer Michael Paige
New onstage in Las Vegas is recording artist Michael Paige. He unveiled his act at The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino to a wildly enthusiastic audience. His self-titled CD showcases his own music, some of it written in collaboration with industry heavyweights Linda Thompson and Amy Foster-Gilles. Paige sings in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Hebrew. Thus, his appeal as "The New Voice of Romance," is universal. Watch for him to break big.


Jackass star Steve-O claims Lindsay Lohan allegedly once stole a bag of cocaine from him.The MTV comic star says the 'Mean Girls' star - who is currently in rehab being treated for drug and alcohol abuse - came to his house and left with a bag of his drugs, which he refers to as a "Boog Suge". Steve-O told shock jock Howard Stern on his Sirius radio show: "Lindsay had left her wallet in my bathroom and she came back to my place to get it and while she was there she took a Boog Suge home with her too."I haven't heard from her since she went to rehab."The 'Jackass' star even has proof Lindsay was at his house because she signed a release form for a DVD he was filming there at the time. Meanwhile, Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan has denied reports her daughter is leaving rehab. A friend of Lindsay's claimed the 21-year-old actress - who entered Utah's Cirque Lodge in August after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influen…


Phil Spector's murder trial collapsed on Wednesday after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler declared a mistrial after the jury were unable to agree on whether the 67-year-old music producer was guilty of second-degree murder in the killing of Lana Clarkson in 2003. The panel of 12 - which had been deliberating for 12 days - returned a hung vote of 10-2, with the majority favouring a guilty verdict. It is the second deadlock the jury have reached in this five-month case. Last week, Fidler sent the jury back with new instructions on the definition of murder in the case, and offered various scenarios for the jury to consider, after they returned a 7-5 split vote. Speaking after Wednesday's court hearing, three jurors admitted that as two jurors remained determined of Spector's innocence it gave weight to the defence's assertions that Clarkson may have accidentally committed suicide.One juror added they had trou…


Tom Cruise is allegedly planning to build a $10 million bunker underneath in preparation for the end of the world.The 'Top Gun' star, who is a devout follower of Scientology, is said to believe evil intergalactic ruler Xenu will attack Earth and so has designed a place to hide underneath his Colorado mansion. A source told America's Star magazine: "Tom is planning to build a $10 million bunker under his Telluride estate."It's a self-contained underground shelter with a high tech air-purifying system where up to ten people can survive for years."Scientology's founder, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, claimed extra-terrestrial beings were sent to Earth by intergalactic ruler Xenu, who then destroyed the aliens with hydrogen bombs in a volcano. The aliens' souls attached themselves to chosen humans, known as the tans, who will be one day be saved.Tom is a devout follower of the bizarre sci-fi cult and has been hailed by leaders of the faith as…


Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera insists she's never been happier.The 'Dirrty' singer - who is rumored to be pregnant with her first child by husband Jordan Bratman - feels completely content with her life.Christina told Britain's Grazia magazine: "I feel so happy in my life right now. I feel comfortable about myself - completely secure - and that has nothing to do with being married, because you can easily marry the wrong person. It's about being with the right man and having gone on this journey and getting to this place where I am right now."The 26-year-old star - who regularly witnessed her mother falling victim to domestic abuse when she was growing up - has learnt to tame her outrageous behaviour.Christina said: "I had a very emotional childhood and heavy past and everything to do with domestic violence can colour you. But ultimately, it's all about choices, not victimising yourself and having the strength and maturity to choose the rig…


Robert Redford is set to make a movie criticising US President George W. Bush.The Hollywood legend is in talks to direct 'Against All Enemies', an exposé of the Bush administration's handling of the al-Qaeda terrorist threat in light of the September 11 attacks on the US.The movie is an adaptation of the best-selling memoirs by Richard A. Clarke, a former terror expert for the US government. 'Against All Enemies' was published in 2004 and led to intense criticism of Bush and his political allies, particularly over the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Redford, 71, is known for making political statements in his movies. In 1976, he starred in 'All the President's Men', a movie about the Watergate scandal which led to President Nixon leaving office in 1974.The scandal rocked the US when it was revealed Republican President Richard Nixon had been bugging the Democrat headquarters leading to his resignation. Redford's latest directorial effort 'Lions…


Hugh Grant enjoyed a wild night of partying with three different women.The 'Love Actually' star - who recently split from long-term love Jemima Khan - was seen out in London's West End with the trio of attractive ladies on Tuesday night. An onlooker said: "Hugh was with at least three different women when he arrived at Boujis nightclub at 2.30am."He didn't want to be seen so one of the girls tried to cover his face, but it was obvious it was him."The 47-year-old actor then carried on partying at nearby private members club Mamalanji, where he reportedly enjoyed several table dances from women. A source added: "When Hugh finally left at 4am he looked more than a little worse for wear."Grant - who dated actress Liz Hurley for 13 years before they split in 2000 - recently said he is in a hurry to get married before he turns 50. He said: "It's true that my age sometimes worries me."Each birthday is an almost unpleasant date. I told my…


The legend David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff is set to play himself in a spoof show about his life.The former 'Baywatch' star is in talks with TV producers to star in dark comedy 'Tales of the Hoff', a fictional look at the actor's experience of trying to make as a Hollywood heavyweight and how the divorced father-of-two copes with the dating scene. A source said: "David is really excited about the project. So much is written about his off screen adventures, he is relishing the chance to ridicule the rumors. " 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest will produce the show, along with Hasselhoff, Dan O'Keefe and Eliot Goldberg. Hasselhoff - who now appears as a judge on US talent show 'America's Got Talent' - inspired TV bosses to make the show after he told friends his life story would make great television.The former 'Knight Rider' star recently revealed he wants to turn daughters Taylor Ann, 17, and Hayley Amber, 14, into pop s…


Angelina Jolie gives her son Maddox $50 every time he loses a tooth.The 'A Mighty Heart' actress pays significantly more than the average tooth fairy after it was revealed she gave her six-year-old adopted son an impressive $100 when he lost his two front teeth recently. A friend of the couple said: "Angelina plays the tooth fairy, and gives Maddox a bit more than the usual $5! He gets $50 per tooth, and he's allowed to spend his reward on anything he wants."So far he has lost four teeth - that's a whopping $200. Not bad for a six-year-old kid!"Angelina - who has three adopted children, Cambodian boy Maddox, three-year-old Vietnamese son Pax, and Ethiopian girl Zahara, two, and a 16-month-old biological daughter Shiloh with lover Brad Pitt - reportedly has high hopes for Maddox in terms of career choices, and is keen to see his flying his own planes by the time he turns 14. A source said: "Angelina told me, 'I want to get Maddox into planes at a…


Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland has been arrested on suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence).The '24' actor was stopped for making an illegal U-turn by police at around 1.10am on Tuesday morning. in West Hollywood. Kiefer - who had been partying at the FOX Fall Eco-Casino in Arena nightclub earlier in the evening - took a breathalyser test that registered above the state's 0.08 legal alcohol limit before he was taken to the Hollywood police station.The 40-year-old star, who was described as "co-operative and mellow" while in custody, was booked and released on $25,000 bail at 5.40am on Tuesday. This isn't the first time the actor has been arrested for suspected DUI. In November 2004, he pleaded no contest to a drink driving charge in Los Angeles.The actor was sentenced to serve 50 hours of community service and fined $500. Kiefer is due in court on October 16 and if found guilty of a second misdemeanour DUI, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of …


Leonardo DiCaprio stepped in to defend his friend during a row at a New York bar.The 'Titanic' star was drinking with club promoter Danny A and a group of pals on Sunday night at swanky venue Upstairs when a fellow party goer started shouting at Danny. An onlooker told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Danny was getting into an altercation by the bar with a regular patron. Leo jumped up from his seat and stood right behind Danny. He was just glaring at this guy over Danny's shoulder, with his posse behind him."The reveller immediately backed down, allowing Leonardo and Danny to continue partying in peace. Danny has played down the incident, saying: "I have security. I don't use my friends." Meanwhile, it was recently revealed Leonardo wanted to play Hugh Hefner in a movie about the Playboy icon's life.The 'Blood Diamond' star had reportedly spoken to the 81-year-old adult magazine editor about making a biopic based on his extraordinary…


Christian Slater has been seen kissing Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon.The 38-year-old actor - who is in London preparing for his upcoming role in the West End play 'Swimming with Sharks' - took Tamara to watch Robin Thicke in concert at Camden's Koko music venue, followed by an intimate dinner at Mayfair's exclusive Japanese restaurant Sumosan, where they were seen canoodling. An onlooker told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "They were kissing, and sitting very close together. They looked absolutely smitten!"Christian and Tamara - who launched the designer shoe company favoured by celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker - first sparked romance rumors after being seen talking intensely at last week's V+A Golden Age of Couture Gala in London. The pair spent most of the evening in each other's company chatting and laughing.The 'True Romance' star has been romantically linked to a series of Hollywood beauties in the past, including Wino…


Tom Cruise in 'Valkyrie'
Tom Cruise was left furious after a crew member on his latest film set passed wind during a minute's silence.The Hollywood actor - who is currently shooting World War II drama 'Valkyrie' in Berlin - had paused filming to honor the anti-Nazi heroes portrayed in the movie when one employee decided to use the tribute to break wind. Fellow star Christian Berkel - who plays anti-Hitler plotter Albrecht Mertzvon Quirbheim - said: "The film's director Bryan Singer, the screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise asked us all to observe a moment's silence shortly before we started filming."A source on the set told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Fortunately the mystery gassy man didn't completely ruin the touching gesture."Quite rightly, Tom is furious. We were filming at the Bendler Block in Germany where the anti-Nazis were executed."The source said Cruise decided to ask for the minute's sil…


Lindsay Lohan is set to leave rehab this weekend, it has been reported.The troubled star - who entered Utah's Cirque Lodge in August after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence - is nearing the end of her treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, according to a friend. When asked where Lindsay, 21, was planning to go after her release, the friend told the New York Daily News newspaper: "I don't think she knows yet." During her lengthy stay at the facility, Lindsay has been allowed out for day release to go shopping, hit the gym and even get her hair and nails done. But according to reports, the 'Mean Girls' star has not been a model patient, with stories of her being caught taking drugs and warned to stay clean or face being thrown out of the centre. She was also believed to have been found having sex in a toilet cubicle with a male patient, as well as being reprimanded for being frequently late to meetings and refusing to do any chores…


Kate Moss and Jamie Hince
Kate Moss reportedly proposed to new boyfriend Jamie Hince during a night of alleged passion.The supermodel and her new musician lover Jamie Hince - who only started dating last month - are said to be engaged after Kate popped the question during a 12-hour lovemaking marathon. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "When they surfaced Kate told her friends that she and Jamie were engaged."They had spent the night making love and Kate asked him during that. He was overjoyed because that's what he wanted too. They're clearly totally in love with each other."However, Kate's pals don't think she'll be tying the knot with The Kills rocker in the near future.The source added: "No-one thinks they are actually going to walk down the aisle any time soon - they know it was Kate's way of saying she's serious about him."Friends also believe the proposal was Kate's way of showing ex-boyfriend Pete Dohert…


Jennifer Lopez burst into tears when she returned home to the Bronx to begin her concert tour.The 'Jenny from the Block' singer was overcome with emotion when she and husband Marc Anthony performed their first joint show at a New York public school yesterday. Jennifer tearfully told the children: "What did you do to me? Look at my make-up!"We're really overwhelmed. We look at you and see ourselves in you and dream of great things for you. I remember when I was just like you, and it touches my heart."The 38-year-old singer-and-actress fuelled pregnancy rumors by wearing a baggy dress to the event and sobbing as the school choir sang 'I Have the Power to Be'. The children waved homemade signs and gave paper flowers to the couple,while shouting "we love you!" as the pair arrived. Jennifer told Us Weekly magazine: "We walked through the school and to feel all this love and this warm reception is amazing. This is my core, and everything I&#…


Pamela Anderson's wild partying is putting her health at risk.The former 'Baywatch' star - who contracted hepatitis C from sharing a tattoo needle with ex-husband Tommy Lee - is said to be in danger of seriously damaging her liver with her excessive drinking and constant partying. A source told New York Post newspaper: "She parties almost every night. She drinks, she does stuff and she's got hepatitis C. Her liver is shot but she keeps living this crazy lifestyle."We don't think she understands how serious this is. She has two kids and may not be around to see them grow up at this rate."The 40-year-old actress - mother to sons Brandon, 11, and Dylan, nine - is said to be leading an even wilder lifestyle since she began dating Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon.The source said: "They went wild over the MTV Video Music Awards weekend. Ijust watched them party with my jaw open."Pamela has allegedly been telling friends she is engaged…


Liv Tyler took her two-year-old son to watch his grandfather Steven Tyler rock out in Canada on Monday. The 'Armageddon' star and her son Milo - the actress' only child with husband Royston Langdon, lead singer of rock band Arckid - watched the59-year-old rocker perform with his band Aerosmith at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre from the side of the stage.Liv, 30, made sure Milo's hearing was well and truly protected from the loud music by making him wear bright pink headphones. During the show, Steven treated his grandson to his own private serenade,coming over to the wings and bringing his microphone right down to the tot's level. Milo is not the only toddler to be spotted at a rock concert of late. Gwyneth Paltrow recently took her three-year-old daughter Apple to watch her father Chris Martin perform with his band Coldplay.Apple sported similar hot fuchsia headphones to Milo. Liv famously starred in the Aerosmith video for 'Crazy', in which she played …


Paris Hilton is a dog !
Paris Hilton is planning to visit Rwanda.The hotel heiress - who vowed to better herself after serving 23 days in jail for driving offences in June - hopes to use her fame to draw attention to the plight of the war-torn African country. Paris, 26, told E! Online: "I'll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie."There's so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help."I want to visit more countries where poverty and children's issues are a big concern."I know there's a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues."'The Simple Life' star - who is currently filming horror-musical 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' in Toronto - was originally invited to Rwanda by Scott Lazerson, of Playing for Good, an organisation which helps top businesses and celebrities get involved in charity work. Meanwhile, P…


Halle Berry has received racist death threats to her unborn baby. The Oscar-winning beauty - who recently announced she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry - has been forced to hire security guards after allegedly receiving several disturbing letters from anonymous writer. One note warned she and her child would be "cut into hundreds of pieces". A source close to the actress - who has a white father and an African-American mother - told Britain's Daily Mirror: "Halle does not normally use security but she has taken on a couple of guys to make sure."In 2002, Halle became the first woman of American African descent to win a best actress Oscar for her role in 'Monster's Ball'. Despite the upsetting threats, Halle is enjoying her pregnancy, and her boyfriend Gabriel has revealed she is craving pickles and bread.The 32-year-old model told People magazine: "She does crave pickles. And any bread. Doesn't matter, as long as …


Sleeze Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri
The father of Anna Nicole Smith's infant daughter was sued by his former attorney, who claims Larry Birkhead attempted to damage her reputation by making defamatory remarks. Debra Opri's lawsuit, filed Monday, accuses Birkhead of falsely claiming in a CNN interview that she was a source for "Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death." The book, by journalist Rita Cosby, claims Birkhead worked with Howard K. Stern, Smith's lawyer and sometime boyfriend, to manipulate the media and maximize profits after Smith died.Opri denies providing information to Cosby. She contends his defamatory remarks were "planned and malicious."An after-hours call to Birkhead's attorney, Michael Trope, was not immediately returned.The lawsuit claims defamation, fraud and other allegations, and seeks damages, including about $200,000 Opri says she spent to hire a crisis management firm to "salvage" he…


George Clooney is worried he may be "in trouble" following his motorbike crash.The 46-year-old actor - who suffered a fractured rib and road rash after he collided with a car in Weehawken, New Jersey, at around 3.30pm on Friday - admitted producers on his new movie 'Burn After Reading' warned him not to use his motorbike until filming had finished. Clooney, who attended the world premiere of his latest movie 'Michael Clayton' in New York with bandaged arms last night, said: "I'm a little dinged up - lots of Neosporin ointment. I'm definitely not jogging or doing jumping jacks."I'm not supposed to be on a motorcycle. I think I am in trouble now."Clooney - who was accompanied to the premiere by girlfriend Sarah Larson,who was hobbling on crutches after suffering a broken toe and a black eye in the crash - said the couple were slowly recovering from the accident and refraining from all rigorous activities. He said: "We are just re…


Britney Spears
Britney Spears is reportedly using an asthma inhaler in a bid to lose weight.The troubled singer, who does not suffer from the respiratory illness, is allegedly puffing on the medical aid to suppress her appetite. A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Britney doesn't have asthma. She's using the chemical epinephrine, found in asthma medications, as an appetite suppressant."Friends are extremely concerned about her reported use of the inhalers as Australian cover girl Krissy Taylor died from using a similar weight loss method.The 17-year-old model, who had appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines, suffered a fatal heart attack after using an inhaler to control her appetite. Medics warn side effects include headaches, dizziness, nausea and an irregular heartbeat. Britney - whose figure was criticised after her performance at the MTV Video Music awards, in which she wore a sparkly bra and hotpants - has told pals she will "do anything" to…


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson pleaded guilty Monday to charges of drug possession and driving under the influence stemming from a traffic stop last year as he was leaving a nightclub. Tyson quietly acknowledged to a judge that he had cocaine and was impaired when he was stopped for driving erratically in Scottsdale on Dec. 29.He pleaded guilty to a single felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor DUI count and faces up to four years and three months in prison when he is sentenced Nov. 19. A felony charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and a second misdemeanor DUI charge were dropped as part of a plea agreement. Defense lawyer David Chesnoff said Tyson has been clean and sober for eight months."It's obvious this was a crime he was committing against himself," Chesnoff said. Police stopped Tyson after the boxer had spent the evening at Scottsdale's Pussycat Lounge. An officer said he saw Tyson wiping a white substance off the dashboard of his b…


Lindsay Lohan is being named in divorce papers by Stephanie Allen, who believes her husband Tony Allen slept with the 21-year-old actress. Reports surfaced that Lohan was having an affair with a fellow patient in rehab. The man, Tony Allen, denied he and Lohan were involved and said they were “just friends.” Apparently his wife Stephanie didn’t believe him and has now filed for divorce. The papers does not specifically name Lohan, but does refer to Tony having inappropriate “conduct and relationship with another woman.” “Upon my husband’s return from rehabilitation I was bombarded by calls alerting me to the fact that my husband’s conduct with another woman was on the Internet and in gossip magazines,” Stephanie said. Meanwhile, Lohan’s mom has revealed her daughter plans to travel abroad upon her release from rehab, which is reportedly set for October 15.


David Hasselhoff's ex-wife, Pamela Bach, turned herself in for booking on a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge stemming from a fender-bender in North Hollywood. Bach, 44, was booked Monday afternoon and released about three hours later, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department records. The actress is accused of backing her car into another vehicle on Jan. 22. Bach's lawyer, Peter Knecht, has said Bach inspected both cars and left when she did not see any damage. An onlooker took down her license plate number.Knecht did not immediately respond to a phone message left early Tuesday seeking additional comment. Bach and Hasselhoff, who starred on "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch," have been locked in a custody battle involving the couple's two teenage daughters. The couple was married in December 1989. They divorced last year.