You can't get ahead at 'Blood Manor'

BLOOD MANOR unveils its freaky face lift consisting of several newly themed horror experiences, dozens of new animatronics and many new props. “The Horridor” is a new entrance featuring giant, 9 foot monsters to welcome the unwelcome as you take your first step to visit the demons from days past. The Dungeon room features an electric chair with a live execution - this is reality without the TV. You won’t find Cannibal’s Kitchen on the Food Network, but this dinner prep puts the bite in tasty tidbits and you’ll be lucky to escape the jaws of the giant serpent in the all-new Slithering Snake Pit. There are a total of twenty environments - each with its own creepy digital sound effects that will make your heart skip a beat. The heart of Blood Manor is the new Heart Chamber Room where the walls are veined, taking you inside the very core of BLOOD MANOR. Its big heart is pounding just like your own will be in this terrifying environment. Blood seeps, drips and pours everywhere; BLOOD MANOR spews roughly 37 gallons per blood per night, give or take a fatality. The finale of this terror tour is bound to leave you running for your life from The Slaughterhouse. Upon arrival at BLOOD MANOR, you find yourself giggling at the ambulance and hearse parked outside the venue and note that it's a clever effect. Almost immediately upon entering, however, you start to realize that these vehicles may be a necessity. You witness those who have gone before you being carried out on stretchers, some in the proverbial state of shock. You want to turn back, but there is only one way out of BLOOD MANOR alive, and apparently it's a secret. Averting your eyes from the scene of the apocalypse surrounding you, you are transfixed by the entrance to what must be Satan's playground. Your curiosity outweighs your sense of judgment and you mindlessly continue along with all the other unsuspecting revelers who have dared to embark on this journey to the dark side.As a door slams behind you, you are overcome by the sickening stench of embalming fluid. Your eyes water, your nose burns and you are in a pitch-black cave. The devastating realization that you have made the biggest mistake of your life sets in, but there is no visibility, no escape. You can't believe you paid for this experience! The only option is to move forward through the pit of darkness and hope you can find your way out. The sounds are deafening, and although you cannot see them until it's too late, there are psychopaths in your path. You are confronted by corpses rising from the dead, spiders falling from tombs, and heinous freaks just oozing everywhere.As you stumble through the labyrinth of doom, there are endless turns into chamber after chamber of unrelenting terror. You can feel the hot and rancid breath of the zombies of death blowing across your doomed face. Creatures wail, flail and lunge at you. You find yourself wishing they would just kill you quickly and end this torture. It crosses your mind that Hell itself would be a more pleasant experience. The smell of the putrid fumes of your regurgitating roommates leaves you gasping, dry heaving and desperate for a smidgen of air. The whole terrorizing experience takes 20-25 minutes, depending on how fast you can run. This is so scary it makes Freddy Krueger look like Leave it to Beaver. This is a family adventure, especially if your surname is Addams.
Jim Faro and Mike Rodriguez, whose combined passion for all things spooky, created this Halloween Haven. Sparked by insurmountable cravings for the macabre and decades of their own incredible Halloween houses, the pair have reached scary nirvana with BLOOD MANOR.Jim designs the layouts and plans; Mike devises the operations that make everything scream or jump, and Jim is an expert decorator who provides the chilling atmosphere.And this year, Jim and Mike are pleased to welcome Jim Lorenzo of Imagine It Events Inc. to BLOOD MANOR. Jim’s professional experience in staging large events and corporate productions that include set design, lighting and his ability to create a “spooky” atmosphere are a huge plus to BLOOD MANOR 2007. Jim, Mike and Jim worked all year long to perfect the haunted attraction in time for “the only month that really matters,” October. If BLOOD MANOR doesn't scare you out of your skull, these guys are not satisfied.
The Nightmare on 27th Street, returns in all its gory glory in the same creepy location, 542 West 27th Street
Be prepared to scream!
'Blood Manor' creators Jim Lorenzo and Jim Faro with their creations !
Photos By: James Edstrom