Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Rita Ora

Rita Ora performed at Drai's Nightclub at The Cromwell in Las Vegas, Nevada to a packed crowd.


Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly seen out shopping in Beverly Hills, California in a very colorful fashion dress.


Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas was snapped arriving for a lunch in West Hollywood California the other day.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Chanel West Coast

Recording artist Chanel West Coast is a truly one of a kind talent. You might recognize her as the sharp, sweet, and vivacious blonde from such MTV hit shows as Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness -- but don’t let that fool you, Chanel is a passionate musical artist, with a true love and talent for self-expression. Couple that with her unique fashion sensibilities and ability to genuinely connect with people, and what you get is a force to be reckoned with.

Born Chelsea "Chanel" Dudley, music has always been at the forefront of her life. Growing up, she split her time living between North Hollywood with her mom and New York City with her father, a local DJ. Chanel’s Dad would bring, his then, eight- year-old daughter along with him when he spun at packed nightclubs throughout the city. Some of her earliest & fondest memories involve sitting under the DJ booth, so that no one could see her. “I've always been around music, and I knew it's what I'd do for the rest of my life. I didn't have a choice." With the encouragement of her family, Chanel avidly pursued singing and dancing lessons from a young age. Her love of performance grew, fueled by partaking in (and ultimately winning) competitive Hip-Hop dance team competitions. Immersing herself in Hip-Hop, and picking up skateboarding in the process, she formally got behind the mic in none other than the legendary Marvin Gaye's Hollywood Hills studio. At the young age of 17, she launched her first MySpace Music page -- under the moniker “Chanel West Coast” -- in hopes of sharing her personal recordings with the world. From that point on, Chanel’s musical career has been on an upward trajectory.


Karlie Redd

Burbank, CA – Amidst the buzz of the season finale of Love & Hip-Hop ATL, where viewers were treated to reality-star Karlie Redd’s test shoot, Playboy Plus confirmed she will indeed pose nude.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Karlie Redd pose for us” says Daniel Richard Product Director, Playboy Plus. Richard adds, “Her images will be featured within our celebrity section and will live among other celebrity nudes from Kim Kardashian and Madonna, to Marylyn Monroe and Kate Moss”.

The opportunity arose from Karlie Redd’s prior appearance on The Playboy Morning Show, Playboy TV’s live, nationally syndicated, television and radio series. Amongst rumors of a sex tape offer, Karlie confessed to hosts Dan Cummins and Andrea Lowell of her intentions to pose Playboy.

“This is something I have always dreamed of. You can be sexy at any age. I think all women’s bodies are beautiful and should be embraced. I have looked up to all of the women who have done it before me. I advise everyone to be who they are and be confident within their skin. This is all that matters. Be proud of your body. This is about the beauty of a woman” says Redd.



Meghan St. Thomas And Josh Mercantel

NEW YORK -- Audience members must decide for themselves if a sinister Irish fairy is real or simply a scary manifestation of a lonely girl's psychology in "Comes a Faery," the newest play by James McLindon, which will be presented by Nylon Fusion Theatre Company from October 1 to 24, directed by Shaun Peknic.

In this fantasy-drama, a suggestible and precocious eight year old girl named Siobhan has been forced to live with her unmarried aunt because her single mother, a truck mechanic in the Army, has been called up to active duty. While the aunt, a twenty something saddled with unexpected obligations, cultivates a love affair with an understanding young artist, Siobhan immerses herself in a book about Irish folklore. Her solitary hours are spent conjuring an eerie friend named Seaneen, a peevish 8000 year old Irish fairy. It's not certain if this playmate is imaginary or real, but it's certain that the imp is coaching the girl to manipulate with troubling behavior so her mother will have to return.

As her aunt struggles with her responsibility for the child and her boyfriend finds an occasional crack in the girl's emotional armor for closeness, Siobhan's behavior deteriorates. She is referred to a pediatrician who tries to help her interpret her feelings. This gifted and sympathetic doctor fights to a standoff with the girl's impulses, which are being manipulated by Seaneen, who is lurking constantly in the background. Ultimately, Seaneen lures her to the doorstep of The Fairy Fort, a point of no return where she must choose on a knife's edge between promises of immortality and the harsh circumstances of her temporal life.

Throughout the play, what's revealed is the magical thinking of children in uncertain circumstances and how families are forced to deal with losses, crises and their lack of control over the world.

Author James McLindon explains that his impulse to write the play came partly out of his readings in Irish folklore (he's fourth generation American) and articles in The New York Times about the problems of American single mothers being deployed overseas in military service. He says, "There is very little in place to help them deal with their children. It's another example of how we don't particularly value our children, whose welfare is left to improvisation by all concerned." The pediatrician character is partly based on the experiences of his wife, a doctor who has been called upon as a counselor of last resort in such cases, causing McLindon to vicariously see the system at work and sometimes not working.


Miley Cyrus

E! NEWS -- Miley Cyrus killed Hannah Montana using a potent combination of sexuality, foam fingers and marijuana. And it happened right in front of our eyes.

Her transformation began exactly two years ago, when she caused international outrage by twerking her butt offagainst Robin Thicke's crotch during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The performance came across as desperate, a suggestion that she was willing to do anything to break free from the shackles of her Disney-sweetheart alter ego.

But two years later, as she gears up to host tonight's VMAs ceremony, we know how wrong we were. It has become remarkably clear that Miley is much smarter than anyone initially gave her credit for.

She may have stuck a fork in Hannah Montana that night, but she reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Here are five things we're loving about Miley 2.0:

She Outwitted Her Critics:

For a while, Miley's spree of candid marijuana talk, twerking and tongue-wagging gave the impression she needed to come with a permanent NC-17 warning. And we weren't the only ones who thought so. In her recent New York Times interview, Miley admitted: "People that I really loved and thought were my friends judged me for it. They were like, ‘You were on drugs when you did that performance.' I did nothing! I still don't get it."


Jill Scott

Jill Scott was in a smashing concert at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas Nevada. Summer may be almost over, but Sin City is heating up.