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Hot Topics: Larry Kudlow named Trump's next chief economic adviser.

Joy Behar says: "He just picks people from TV! Everyone at this table is qualified at the Trump administration!"

"It comes from the top," Sunny Hostin says. "[Trump] didn't have experience for this particular position, and so he doesn't think anyone has to have experience or training or education for the role they're playing."

“I can say thank you for that,” Whoopi Goldberg says of Kudlow's economic experience. “Now we can at least argue about economics with someone who can actually explain what they're doing, or you can question them and they won't look at you like they don’t know.”

Hot Topics: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to be fired?


Hot Topics: What's behind craze over the royal wedding?

"Well, that's never going to happen to you because they don't marry folks like you," Goldberg remembers people telling her as a child. She shares why she's "really happy" about the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: "The little kid in me says, 'You know what, even you could be a princess!'"

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Donald J. Trump

A New Suit Alleges Unlawful Conduct by Trump Administration Officials, Seeks Injunctive Relief to Prevent Deportation of Over 50,000 Haitian TPS Recipients.

The Administration’s Decision to Terminate Program Exposes Complete Lack of Knowledge of Immigration Law Resulting in Violations of the Administrative Procedure Act, Plaintiffs’ 5th Amendment Rights and Regulatory Flexibility Act.

A new suit filed in the Eastern District of New York alleges violations of law and the Constitution by Trump administration officials seeking to operationalize the President’s racial animus toward Haitians, in spite of mandatory statutory criteria and procedures required to evaluate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians. The Administration announced that TPS for Haitian nationals will expire on July 22, 2019, endangering the lives of over 50,000 Haitians and their 27,000 U.S. citizen children.

The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NIPNLG) and the law firms of Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger, Tetzeli and Pratt P.A, (Kurzban), Mayer Brown and the Law Office of Clarel Cyriaque are bringing the suit on behalf of a dozen plaintiffs, including Haïti Liberté, the largest weekly Haitian newspaper in this hemisphere and Family Action Network Movement, Inc. (FANM). Providing significant support was the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), a Boston-based human rights nonprofit.

“The Administration’s about-face on TPS exposed their discriminatory agenda to reduce the number of Haitians in the United States and their disregard for the safety, security, and due process rights of Haitians,” said Sejal Zota, legal director of the NIPNLG.

Consistent with previous reviews, the Administration in May of 2017 extended TPS based on an assessment that “extraordinary” conditions persist, including an ongoing housing shortage, severe cholera epidemic, lack of access to safe drinking water, an economic crisis including 40% unemployment, a population of 3.2 million who lack food security, and environmental risks including the impact of Hurricane Matthew, the worst hurricane to hit Haiti in 52 years.

President Trump is credited with making several discriminatory statements, including all Haitians “all have AIDS,” “[w]hy would we want any more Haitians?” and to “take them out” of a proposed bipartisan immigration deal. These statements, along with the President’s reference to “sh*thole countries” and other actions, reveal the racial animus underlying the TPS termination. Moreover, the suit alleges that officials did not follow the required procedures set forth in the immigration statute in deciding to terminate Haitian TPS and violated the law and Haitian TPS holders’ constitutional rights as a result.

Steve Forester of IJDH stated the following: “Haiti is a textbook case for TPS on the facts, as editorial boards and political and civic leaders have recognized. Getting to “no” required DHS to ignore the reality on the ground and move the goalposts on the applicable criteria.”



NEW YORK, NY -- Pocket Universe, producer of last summer’s acclaimed Julius Caesar set in an all-girls high school, has announced a new production of Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher’s THE MAID’S TRAGEDY, set in present-day Hollywood. Conceived by Alyssa May Gold (Julius Caesar, Brilliant Traces) and directed by Lucy Gram, it will play from June 13-30, 2018 at the Access Theater (380 Broadway) in TriBeCa. Tickets are on-sale now here.

THE MAID'S TRAGEDY is a Jacobean revenge drama that centers on the hero Melantius, who must challenge the monarchy and reclaim the family’s honor due to despicable conduct by the King. Traditionally portrayed as a male soldier returning home from war, Melantius discovers the King has arranged a marriage between his social-climbing sister Evadne and his best friend Amintor – a power move to protect the King’s personal interests, which in hand also destroys Amintor’s engagement to his long-time love, Aspatia. The Pocket Universe production reimagines the tragedy as a story of two sisters in present-day Hollywood – a now-female Melantius, film producer, and Evadne, actress – whose different attitudes about sex, fame, and honor collide in the wake of their studio-king’s misconduct. Careers are jeopardized and lives are threatened, as everyone contends with one question: when the person in power robs you of yours, how far will you go to get it back?

Pocket Universe is a New York City-based theater and film production company founded by Alyssa May Gold dedicated to reconsidering and reimagining classic stories and conventions. Their 2017 production of Julius Caesar set in an all-girls high school was hailed as “a radical take on the tragedy… with the capacity to take women seriously at the heart of all” by The New York Times and The Village Voice stated the production featured “provocative staging…that would leave the Bechdel test in its dust.” Stage Buddy raved, “You're going to be hard-pressed to find a more unique, inventive staging of Shakespeare's political drama. The all-female cast feels like a breath of fresh air. Julius Caesar has never been so potent, so moving, or so riveting.”



Alyssa May Gold (Producer) is the founder/President of Pocket Universe as well as an actress and writer. Her work as a producer includes Pocket Universe’s acclaimed production of Julius Caesar, the web series “You Made It Worse,” (which she wrote and directed), the indie feature Dream Years and a season as the associate producer for BEDLAM. As an actress, her recent credits include Brilliant Traces with Art of Warr productions, the Tony-nominated revival of Arcadia, Middle of the Night and Lemon Sky with Keen Company, and the film Rebel in the Rye. Alyssa holds a multidisciplinary BA from NYU Gallatin and an MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.



Los Angeles alternative duo THE PALMS will head out on the road for the month of April in response to the rapid growth of new fans that have discovered the band. Kicking their tour off on April 3 with a hometown headlining performance at The Troubadour sponsored by KROQ for a "Locals Only" showcase, the completely independent duo of Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti and their band will then travel to Las Vegas to headline Emerge Impact + Music with Warbly Jets, Stokeswood and The National Parks. Next, THE PALMS will move on to Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, San Francisco and Santa Ana, CA with fellow L.A. indie pop duo Coast Modern.

At each show, THE PALMS will highlight material from their independently released mixtape album MULHOLLAND DR which was written, recorded and produced out of their tiny home studio in Malibu, CA on super old gear they coin "vintage digital." The message within their songs, which reflect the times culturally and politically, are just as relevant as their California vibrations. Bridging the gap between Laurel Canyon folk and West Coast beats, THE PALMS create a true modern L.A. sound. Lookfor THE PALMS to bring the energy that will "...capture the essence of California" as recently noted by Live Nation's Ones To Watch blog (2/21/18).


Justin Bieber

E! NEWS -- Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are keeping the lines of communication open, E! News has learned, after learning that the two are taking some time apart.

The two rekindled their romance last fall, three years after their much-publicized breakup that had followed an on and off three-year relationship. Multiple sources told E! News last week that they have been spending time away from each other.

"They are still in contact and talking," another source told E! News exclusively on Thursday. "They have cooled off on being together all the time and making it a big serious thing.

Selena Gomez

"They had several disagreements on their lifestyle and how to handle their relationship in the public eye," the source said. "She really wants to keep things low key and out of the spotlight. Selena has been spending time with her family and her girlfriends. She is still going to church and keeping the lines open with Justin though. This is a more reset and a step back to reevaluate what's going on and what direction they want to go in."

Inside Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Rekindled Relationship

Earlier this month, Bieber celebrated his 24th birthday with friends and Gomez was not spotted.

"She's on a break with Justin, partly because of family pressure but also because of some issues surrounding his birthday," another source told E! News earlier this week. "She wanted to have a quiet birthday celebration with Justin and he wanted to go big and involve all of his church friends."

The source told E! News that the pair is "still in contact" and this break is "likely not the end.”

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Erin Richards

Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor and Erin Richards were photographed at The National Geographic "One Strange Rock" World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall last night in New York City.


Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds gives the peace sign as he visited the Build Series in New York City today.


Adam Rippon

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from the HRC Los Angeles Dinner recently. Adam Rippon gave a stunning speach.

“One word best describes Adam Rippon — fierce,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “By being out and proud, Adam is bringing LGBTQ visibility to a whole new level while capturing the hearts of millions around the world with his incredible talent and personality. He isn’t afraid to use his global platform to speak out for equality, and we are proud to honor him with the HRC Visibility Award at the 2018 HRC Los Angeles Dinner.”

Adam Rippon made history as the first openly gay U.S. American male figure skater to compete in the Olympic games. Rippon publicly sparred with Mike Pence in the press and on social media, bringing a new focus on Pence’s long anti-LGBTQ record. Rippon publicly voiced his concern over Pence leading the diverse U.S. delegation to the Olympics.

Maxine Waters

You definitely shouldn't miss Congresswoman Maxine Waters' speech, which came shortly after Trump’s shameful comments about her recently. She certainly proved why she's become a leader of the resistance in her commitment to defending American values.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Jimmy O. Yang

Jimmy O. Yang was photographed at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert yesterday in New York City. He is best known for starring as Jian-Yang in the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley.


Donald J. Trump And Donald Trump Jr

New York Post “Page Six” Editor Emily Smith has revealed that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife are headed for divorce and expected to file soon, according to multiple sources.

Vanessa and the eldest son of President Donald Trump married in November 2005, and have five children.

Tune In tomorrow to “Page Six TV” as Emily Smith will be a guest in the studio to discuss the details.