Friday, July 03, 2015


Micky Dolenz

Next week in NYC, at cabaret-club 54 Below, Monkee-Micky Dolenz, debuts a new show called A Little Bit Broadway; A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll, and we have an exclusive peak into his rehearsal sessions held last week.

Working with a new band, with music director Michael J. Moritz, Dolenz performs several Broadway-numbers that are simply sensational.

Watch him do “Don’t Be The Bunny” from the show Urinetown, and, “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago.

He also does several Monkee-numbers, including a rare performance of the Carole King/Toni Stern song from Head, “As We Go Along.”

The shows are July, 7, 10, and 11, and we’ll be on hand for a closer review. A lived-album will be recorded and released on Broadway Records in September.



Story By: James Edstrom

Flo Rida Macy's Dress Rehearsal For Forth Of July

Being at ground zero for the Macy's Forth Of July in Long Island City on the East River, tonight I watched Flo Rida bring filmed on the East River. Not only did it appear that Rida was lip Syncing, it also looked like Macy's and NBC were staging a pre taped show to air on the Forth Of July. Even the Empire State Building was in on it when they lit up the building in Forth Of July Colors, only to turn them off when the taping was done.

I have been in this business for many years and was the photographer for many television shows, so I can spot when something is being faked. The crowds started forming in front of the set up stage and they were being handed lights with flags on them. Directors on stage would tell them to yell or scream and the cameras were rolling as they filmed the audience. They played Rida's song time after time to get footage, most of the time Rida was not even on stage. When he was on stage, it was the exact same thing as the pre-recorded version that played so many times. It clearly was being lip synced.

It would seem a big disappointment if Macy's and NBC along with Rida can not even do a live stage show for the Forth Of July. It looks like at least part of the famed show is being staged and filmed way before the holiday. Ed Sheeran was there the other night performing. Since I did not pay attention that night, I wonder if his show is being staged too.


About the Show

NBC's annual "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" celebrates the nation's birthday with all-star performances from multi platinum singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The six-time Grammy nominated singer joins Dierks Bentley, Kelly Clarkson, Brad Paisley, Flo Rida and Meghan Trainor. "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" airs Saturday, July 4 (8:00 -10:00 p.m. ET/PT) with an hour-long encore presentation at 10:00 p.m.


For weeks now we have had Homeland Security casing our block and installing cameras. They have been going up and down Hunters Point South Park with maps and marking security points with spray paint which I am sure they will not remove after this event. I am being told our street will be closed off starting today. Residents are a little upset that no arrangements were made for them. I asked our building if passes were requested for the tenants from Macy's and I was told yes and they were told no. It is a shame that our park and block is taken over and no arrangements made for the people who live here. I am also being told by a source, that only friends, relatives and Macy's VIP's are allowed in the park to see the show. Since I am press, I can pretty much go anywhere, I used to do this event for years with Macy's. But I am remorseful that the people in my building are not even thought of. They are going into lock down and will be prisoners till this event is over.

Macy's needs to address this issue and think of the residents that live here. But I am sure they won't!

Thursday, July 02, 2015



Photos By: Patrick McMullan
Laraine, Gordon, With Jean Shafiroff And Renee Schlather

Adam Gould And Natalie Cohen Gould

Carol Bauhs And Cynthia Roth

Julia Cairo
Jean Shafiroff and Sequin, a fashion jewelry store founded by sisters Kim and Linda Renk, hosted a glamorous kick-off event, along with store manager, Cheryl Dovenberg on Saturday, June 27th, for the July 18th Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation's 6th Annual Unconditional Love Gala. Supporters including Board President Jonathan McCann, Executive Vice President Clifton Knight and his wife Raya Knight, Martin Shafiroff, Randi Shatz, Sharon Kerr, Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, and Lauren Witkoff were among the guests admiring women’s fine jewelry and petting the adoptable dogs on hand for the party. Chairwoman, Jean Shafiroff, thanked guests for coming and discussed the importance of The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

This year’s Great Gatsby themed Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Unconditional Love Gala will take place on July 18th with music by The Alex Donner Orchestra.

Randi Schatz And Lauren Witkoff

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is ranked among the top ten shelters in the country. In addition to providing adoption services, the shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. The Training and Behavior Department, evaluates each dog and develops individually tailored training, based upon a dog's needs. Dog obedience classes, as well as dog playgroups, are offered to the public.

For further information and/or to purchase tickets for the July 18th Unconditional Love Gala, please contact: Adrienne Walter, 631-488 8000 or visiting HERE FOR TICKETS.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


New York City Skyline

Living at Hunters Point Crossing has to be the best moves we ever did. Every night this is our view from our offices and home in Long Island City.

The builder and landlord Related out did themselves on this project. Our apartment has everything. Stainless steal dishwasher, stove and fridge. Hidden away are washer and dryer and everything from the countertops to the bathroom are marble. Amazing. Once these two buildings are done, we have a farm on the roof, bee hives for the tenants to get fresh honey, restaurants, gym, business center and even a playroom for the kids. The roof will have barbecues and lounges for the tenants to throw parties. Related and their buildings Hunters Point South Crossing and Hunters Point Commons are the future of housing in NYC.

I mentioned all of this to The NY Post's own Cindy Adams and she wrote the following.

Everyone’s moving to LIC?

Celeb fotog James Edstrom moved his to Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South. Chosen from 92,000 applicants for LIC’s new community, he says: “It’s rooftop beehives, resident farms, energy-efficient green. Resident Magazine moved there. Also 43rd Street’s Manhattan Plaza developers. It’s housing’s new world, where kids don’t even know what a phone booth is.” OK.


Fran Drescher With Rita McKenzie And Tori Murray

RUTHLESS! THE MUSICAL entertained the crowd on Fran Drescher’s New York Harbor cruise to kick off Gay Pride Week last Sunday, June 21st. A benefit for Cancer Schmancer, the floating party was held aboard the Hornblower Hybrid. Patti LuPone joined the festivities immediately following her matinee of SHOWS FOR DAYS along with other celebrity guests including Thomas Roberts, Patti Stanger, Jill Zarin, Peter Marc Jacobson, and Ann Hampton Callaway. The fabulous Rita McKenzie (ETHEL MERMAN’S BROADWAY, RUTHLESS! L.A.) and 10-year-old Tori Murray (Paper Mill’s NEW VOICES OF 2014: OH, WHAT A NIGHT!) performed their showstopping numbers from RUTHLESS! to thundering ovations from the (literally) glittering crowd.

RUTHLESS! began performances on June 25th and the official Opening Night is set for Monday, July 13th at St. Luke’s Theatre. Book and lyrics are by Joel Paley with music by Marvin Laird. Joel Paley also directed the original production of RUTHLESS! as well as productions in L.A., South Beach and the record-breaking concert event starring Bernadette Peters. He will once again serve as director of the new production, with Marvin Laird on board as music supervisor as well.

When THE BAD SEED meets GYPSY it's fun for the whole dysfunctional family! Tina Denmark is a pretty, charming and diabolical eight-year-old who "was born to entertain." With the encouragement of slick and overbearing potential agent Sylvia St. Croix, Tina will do anything to play the lead in her school play. The question is, where does such remarkable talent and unstoppable ambition come from? The answer is shocking in this award-winning Stage Mother of all musicals.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Dallas, TX, June 30, 2015 – The Liberty Project unveiled its new website today, At launch, there are more than 120 original works and personal accounts from emerging writers, photographers and artists, as well as stories from today’s top thought leaders, experts and personalities.

Among the celebrated contributors, author and fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy writes a personal account of discovering what beauty means to her, following an accident in which she lost her left eye and hand. Recalling a particularly impactful moment with her now husband Jason Kennedy, she writes, “It took me six months to show Jason my arm with out my prosthesis on . . . But Jason found a way to make feel brave, and to make this a loving, gentle experience.”

Also opening up, actor Sarah Michelle Gellar, known for her roles in television and film, writes about her new roles: mom, wife and cook. In Gellar's piece, she shares: "'The kitchen is the heart of the home.' We have all heard that statement and for me there is no greater truth. When I met my husband, we bonded over a shared love of food... When we entered our 30s and had kids, the kitchen took an even greater place of importance in our lives."

Monday, June 29, 2015


Avril Lavigne

This morning on “Good Morning America” singer Avril Lavigne sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer to discuss her debilitating Lyme disease diagnosis.

Singer Avril Lavigne said she’s seeing progress in her treatment for Lyme disease, which struck her last year while she was on tour.

Her treatment regimen has included multiple antibiotics and ample rest.

“I'm about halfway through my treatment,” the Canadian singer said in an interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer. "I'm doing a lot better. Seeing a lot of progress. ... I'm just really grateful to know that, like, I will make [a] 100 percent recovery."

Lavigne, 30, said trying to get a diagnosis was the worst time of her life.

“I literally became bedridden last October,” the “Complicated” singer said, adding that she saw multiple specialists who failed to get to the root of the problem. “They would pull up their computer and be like, ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome.’ Or, ‘Why don't you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano?’ It's like, ‘Are you depressed?’”

Lavigne said she would wake up with night sweats and felt as though she had the flu.

“This went on and off for a month,” she said. "And I saw my doctor right away, got blood tests, got swabbed, and they didn't really know what was wrong with me."

It wasn’t until two months into the symptoms that she said she suspected Lyme disease.

“I started going to other doctors and, like, specifically telling them and asking, like, ‘I have Lyme disease. I know I do. Can you check me?’” she said. "Then I finally figured out, 'Find a Lyme specialist.'"

"And the thing is, when you're a specialist, you also really know the disease inside and out and you can diagnose their symptoms," Lavigne said.

After getting the diagnosis of Lyme disease, which Lavigne believes she got from a tick bite last spring, the singer was bedridden for five months in her Ontario home.

Lavigne, who is married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, said her family and fans have helped her through her ordeal.

Many fans, she said, made videos and sent her letters and posters and other items to show their support.

“I sat there in my bed and I watched the videos and, like, did exactly what I'm doing now. I cried through the whole thing,” she said, laughing. “Honestly, I felt very, very loved. And it sounds silly saying it, but I really truly did feel my fans through the process.”



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Jane Fonda

SQUIRE PASSES --- We’ve lost so many music greats this year, but over the weekend we lost a true, true music giant; bassist-extraordinaire Chris Squrie, co- founder of Yes, at 67 from a rare form of leukemia.

Current Yes keyboardist Geoff Downes first tweeted the news, "Utterly devastated beyond words to have to report the sad news of the passing of my dear friend, bandmate and inspiration Chris Squire."

Yes confirmed Squire's death on their official Facebook page. "It's with the heaviest of hearts and unbearable sadness that we must inform you of the passing of our dear friend and Yes co-founder, Chris Squire. Chris peacefully passed away last night in Phoenix Arizona, in the arms of his loving wife Scotty,” wrote the band.

"For the entirety of Yes' existence, Chris was the band's linchpin and, in so many ways, the glue that held it together over all these years. Because of his phenomenal bass-playing prowess, Chris influenced countless bassists around the world, including many of today’s well-known artists. Chris was also a fantastic songwriter, having written and co-written much of Yes' most endearing music, as well as his solo album, Fish Out of Water."

Yes formed in 1968 after singer Jon Anderson met self-taught bassist Squire at a London music-industry bar; the pair was soon joined by guitarist Peter Banks, keyboardist Tony Kaye, and drummer Bill Bruford. Yes released their self-titled debut in 1969. However, it wasn’t until Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman replaced Banks and Kaye, respectively, that the prog rock group really hit it big with 1971's The Yes Album and Fragile.

Over the ensuing decades, Yes would see a parade of band members depart, enter and reenter, but Squire was the lone constant in the shape-shifting band, serving as their bassist for nearly 50 years. He is also credited as a co-writer on many of Yes' greatest cuts, including "I've Seen All Good People," "Starship Trooper," "Owner of a Lonely Heart," "Yours Is No Disgrace" and "Heart of the Sunrise."

In addition to his work with Yes, Squire was involved in other side and solo projects. His 1975 solo LP Fish Out of Water is revered among prog fans.

In May, Squire revealed that he was recently diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia, which would force him to miss the band's summer co-headlining tour with Toto. The absence marked the first time in the band's history that Yes performed without their longtime bassist.

"This will be the first time since the band formed in 1968 that Yes will have performed live without me," Squire said in a statement. "But the other guys and myself have agreed that Billy Sherwood will do an excellent job of covering my parts and the show as a whole will deliver the same Yes experience that our fans have come to expect over the years."

We recently viewed again their Songs From Tsongas - The 35th Anniversary Concert and Squire’s bass work throughout the show was outstanding; in fact, it was the highlight of the concert, especially his compelling solo on his song “The Fish.”

A major, major loss.

Grace & Frankie --- I finally had the chance to sit down and watch, well, at least the first five of thirteen episodes of the Jane Fonda/Lily Tomlin Netflix show Grace and Frankie, and really enjoyed it.

It’s been widely written about already, so you may well know the plot already. It’s about two couples, Fonda and Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterson, whose husbands decide to leave them both and hook up … with each other. It’s not the newest narrative in the world, but the combined talents are fierce and highly compelling.

Fonda continues her cable-net hot streak first started with her wonderful work in the Newsroom and Tomlin, well, she’s terrific, certainly equaling Fonda’s caliber here. Sheen and Waterson, besides making an interesting and believable couple, are terrific too. Who knew?

The show, from Friends-creator Marta Kauffman, is cute, almost too cute in some ways, but works for certain. The shows I saw dealt with the usual issues in a plot like this; where will we live; what do we do when the credit cards are cut off. Surprisingly, the tone of the show is somewhat similar to the new Odd Couple, with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Actually, with Kauffman involved, you can see the road signs.

With a particularly strong supporting cast; Brooklyn Decker and June Diane Raphael as Fonda’s daughters, the short, as half-hour sitcom, works terrifically well.

Did I like it … most certainly. It’s already been set for a Season Two.

CLOSING NOTES --- Gloria Reuben’s solo show Friday night at L.A.’s Saghettini was a big success, according to All Access’ Roy Trakin. "She was great; the band impressive and she gave me a head-rub when she did her Roger Rabbit number.” She’ll be back on the East Coast shortly. Catch her in USA Network’s Mr. Robot …

You have to hand it to The Stones; on their current Zip Code tour they’ve featured a special guest appearance or a deep dip into their legendary catalog at nearly every stop, and at the band's concert Saturday night at Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium they continued that trend by having none other than Ed Sheeran, who served as their opening act for the show, later joined the band onstage to duet with Mick Jagger on "Beast of Burden” …