Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Martha Stewart

NEW JERSEY -- Martha Stewart is the latest celebrity to stand up for New Jersey’s pigs. In a letter  delivered yesterday to the office of Governor Chris Christie, Stewart urges the governor to sign a bipartisan state animal welfare bill that will ban keeping mother pigs in crates so small they can’t even turn around.

Stewart’s letter comes on the heels of fellow New Jersey native Bill Maher’s op-ed in the New York Times, in which he accused the governor, who’s mulling a 2016 presidential campaign, of pandering to voters in Iowa, which holds the nation’s first presidential caucus.

“There must be more to it,” Maher wrote, referring to Christie’s veto of a similar bill last year. “Could it be that a possible presidential candidate is aware that Iowa is the No. 1 pig state in the country, and that Republican primary voters there are strongly anti-regulation?”

In her letter, Stewart writes, “All animals need to turn around; they were designed that way. But pigs, especially, are interesting individuals with unique personalities and complex behavior and cognition. It is no more acceptable to cram pigs into tiny crates than it would be to do the same thing to dogs.”



Story By: G.H. Harding

Adam Lambert

LAMBERT QUEEN COLLABORATION? --- Queen drummer Roger Taylor in an exclusive interview praised their new front man Adam Lambert as the greatest.

Taylor admitted that bringing Adam into the band as their vocalist was a great move and that it helped when they all got on so well when they traveled together. Seems the American Idol-man was a natural fit with the older stars, despite being decades younger than the legends.

“He fit in so well with us and he brought so much to the show.” Taylor explained “He’s a great front man and he looks great and he sings beautifully, and his style is very suited to our music. You know, it’s pretty theatrical music, some of our stuff. He’s the greatest.”

Taylor continued: “It was a really great experience and I’m thrilled. We're going to go on and do Europe in January and February. It’s all good.”

What about Lambert recording new material with the group, as well as having him perform Freddie’s classics at their gigs? Might that be a possibility?

“I think it would be great to do something, yeah.” Taylor continued, though he revealed that it wouldn't be a full album because Adam is currently placing priority on his third record, which is set for release within the next six months.

The drummer added that he believes a recorded collaboration would be very interesting, because his voice is “so extraordinary and I think we could really do something great with it.”

ADAMS MEETS A BRIT ---  Broadway-favorite Nick Adams, who has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, checked a box off his bucket list this past weekend while performing in Las Vegas.

Adams, on the road since the beginning of the year, playing Fiyero in the National Touring Company of Wicked, spent his day off checking out a performance by Britney Spears during her multi-year residency at Robert Earl’s Planet Hollywood. Prior to the show, Adam was welcomed backstage by Britney. Adams has considered Britney his favorite singer since 1998, when she scored with her first hit record.

When he’s performed on Broadway in Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Chicago—The Musical, Adams has always displayed photos of Britney in his dressing room. He’s still in disbelief that he came face-to-face with favorite female singer. “I am beyond thrilled to have a photo as proof that I finally met Britney,” says Adams.

The singer-actor-dancer recently did a short tour with Micky Dolenz (Monkees) in the smash musical Hairspray.

Adams wraps up his 15 month Wicked tour on March 15th in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theatre.

SPEED KILLS --- Apparently, the big film projects aren't quite barreling toward Keanu Reeves like a speeding bus anymore.

The actor, who was last seen in Universal Pictures' 2013 flop Ronin 47, said that he wishes he would receive more offers from the Hollywood studios.

"It sucks, but it's just the way it is," Reeves said about the dearth of offers. "The last studio movie I did was 47 Ronin, but before that it had been a long time — probably The Day the Earth Stood Still." Fyi: Earth Stood Still is a very undervalued hit; Jon Hamm was terrific in that.

The Matrix star said he has always enjoyed making independent films, but acknowledges that a lot of good filmmakers work on studio movies, and so he would like to have more of a balance between the two.

Since The Day the Earth Stood Still, Reeves has appeared in a slew of independently financed projects, including The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Henry's Crime, Generation Um... and Man of Tai Chi.

Reeves can be seen this Friday as a hit man who cuts his retirement short in John Wick. Early buzz and reviews are very good.

CLOSING NOTES --- The Washington Post’s legendary, swashbuckling editor, Ben Bradlee, has passed. For those that remember, he basically took on the Nixon White House during the dark Watergate days. Portrayed in the terrific movie 1976 (directed by Alan J. Pakula), All the President’s Men, by Jason Robards, he was the greatest newspaper man of the post-war world. He’ll be missed …

Eric Clapton announced a series of concert dates in celebration of his upcoming 70th birthday on March 30, 2015. The shows will take place at London’s Royal Albert Hall beginning Thursday, May 14, 2015 through Monday, May 18, 2015. Eric will be accompanied by his band members Paul Carrack, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Chris Stainton, Sharon White and Michelle John.

The shows also mark 50 years since Clapton first played at Royal Albert Hall – his debut was on December 7, 1964 when he performed as part of the Yardbirds for BBC-2 TV’s Top Beat Show. Clapton returned to the venue four years later for Cream’s U. K. Farewell Concerts on November 26, 1968.

After his time with the Yardbirds in 1963, Clapton began a career as a professional musician that has seen numerous bands, an abundance of albums, countless worldwide sold out shows, an impressive array of accolades, unwavering critical acclaim and his consistent display of legendary guitar work. These concerts will mark his return to the stage after his limited global tour 2014 which included a headlining set at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and shows in Japan, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain UK, Germany, Austria and Poland. A new DVD, Planes, Trains and Eric, is out next month.

SIGHTINGS: Mark Bego with Debby Campbell at NYC's Aleo, celebrating their book Life With My Father Glen Campbell ...

Rocket Music's Tony King and pr-pasha David Salidor at Palm West ...

Jersey Boys Donnie Kehr at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village (in NYC) prepping his Rockers On Broadway set for November 17.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Robert Funaro

New York – After eight preview performances of Vincent Amelio’s ‘How Alfo Learned To Love Women,’ it has been announced that there will be an encore performance on Thursday, November 6.

After the final preview performance this past Saturday night at the National Opera Center in NYC, Amelio said that he’s reached a new sweet spot in his play. “After two weeks of tweaking the script, I think the play is at its optimum performance. Our last two shows we had people literally stacked up at the rear of the theater.”

Directed by Sopranos-actor Robert Funaro, the two-act affair has elicited a bevy of positive notices, including Times Square Gossip which said, “Amelio and Funaro have fashioned a terrific cast for this cleverly-written play (Armen Garo, Christian Thom, Danielle Guldin, Kelli K. Barnett, Gordon Silva) and, Funaro has lovingly and beautifully-directed this presentation, where some of the actors even speak from the floor before arriving on stage. We caught their last performance before their-hiatus and absolutely loved it; definitely coming from Woody Allen-land with scintillating dialogue and a universal theme almost everyone can relate to, we felt it clicked immediately. Gordon Silva as the father was terrific; channeling the best of Jackie Gleason; and, Armen Garo (a big Sorsese-favorite) just off the charts.”


Jean Shafiroff In Oscar de la Renta

Jean Shafiroff, noted philanthropist who is actively involved as a volunteer fundraiser and leader of several New York City and Southampton charitable causes, has been elected to NYC Mission Society’s Board of Directors, effective October 15, 2014.

Ms. Shafiroff already has devoted her time to helping NYC Mission Society. On March 12, 2014, Ms. Shafiroff was honored by NYC Mission Society at its annual Gala and received the Dina Merrill Award for Public Service. She co-chaired a successful event in East Hampton on August 30th and the nonprofit’s Bicentennial Gala in December 2012, and she is co-chairing the annual Gala planned for Spring 2015.

“I believe deeply in the work of NYC Mission Society and how it changes the lives of our most underserved children in New York City. NYC Mission Society is interested in adding business and community leaders to its Board – individuals who are focused on advancing our city's children forward through education and supportive after school programs,” Jean Shafiroff said. “I am here to support the Board and Elsie McCabe Thompson, who I believe is moving NYC Mission forward with strong leadership.”

Monday, October 20, 2014


Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker performed at The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada the other night.



75 Main In Southampton

Southampton staple 75 Main, which is open all year-round, has debuted an appealing new Fall Menu which balances familiar favorites with new dishes, highlighting the very best of autumnal flavors and produce.

With October heralding the end of the Hamptons’ high season, the dispersing of crowds and traffic comes as a welcome relief for residents and the less-frequent fall visitors. 75 Main’s owner and restaurateur Zach Erdem says the offseason is very pleasant time to be in the Hamptons. “It’s so calm. There’s something so magical about the crisper sea air on an autumn day when the beach is virtually deserted.”

75 Main Burger
Another advantage of fall are the excellent dining specials on offer, and 75 Main has some of the most enticing fall specials of all the restaurants in the Hamptons. Monday night is all about the expertly-crafted pastas; guests can choose any soup or salad starter and any one of the restaurant’s delicious pasta entrees for $16. Every Sunday throughout fall, guests can enjoy steak specials; with any soup or salad starter you have the choice of the 75 Main Burger, Flat Iron Steak, Marinated Skirt Steak, or Hunger Steak for $18. From Tuesdays through to Fridays, 75 Main serves the popular 3-course pre-fixe dinners for only $29.95. Executive Chef Mark Militello’s flavorful new menu can be perfectly complemented with selections from 75 Main’s specialty cocktail menu and extensive wine list.


Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan’s rise to NFL greatness was improbable, and his second coming as a television star is even more remarkable. After 15 years with the New York Giants, the 6 foot 5 former football superstar now juggles three TV jobs and has even more ventures to keep him occupied. But despite his physical size and drive to defy categorization, this gentle giant also has an admitted shy side off the small screen.

The November cover story in Cigar Aficionado hits newsstands October 28th. A selection of quotations include:

On knowing no limits: “I don’t limit myself and I tell my kids not to let anyone limit you. That’s one of the great things I learned from my dad. He never said, ‘If…’ It wasn’t ‘If you’re drafted by the pros.’ It was always ‘When.’ When you’re drafted by the pros. He made things seem like they were supposed to happen.”

On his football field strategy: “I always looked at football as psychological. It was like chess, where you’re figuring out what your opponent’s next move will be, or how to make them move where you want them to…That’s one of the things I miss—that chess match.”

On the difference in his life since leaving football: “I’m not sore every morning.”

Co-host Kelly Ripa on Strahan’s surprising shyness: “All he has are strengths. He can talk about anything…If charm was a drug, you could extract it from his body and give it to everyone…People run up and hug him. They see a big personality. But in his private time, he’s really very shy.”

On his “Live with Kelly and Michael” audience: “Those are the only ones we really think about talking to. If I started thinking about how many people are actually watching us on TV, it would freak me out.”

On being in the limelight: “One of the most embarrassing things to me is people yelling out my name in the street, I want to be the guy who can walk in and out of a room and you don’t know I’ve been there…I miss being able to sit in a restaurant and not have people try to sneak a photo with their cameras.”

On finding anonymity within the community of cigar smokers: “Cigars solicit conversation. You see someone smoking a cigar and you feel instantly closer to them.”

On his choice cigars: “For the most part, I like my cigars light and sweet. Sometimes, though, give me something robust that will knock my socks off. I think the little ones look funny in my hand because I’m such a big guy. But I don’t want a cigar that’s the size of my thumb either.”

On his many ventures off of the field and what’s next: “Someone asked me what I’d like my legacy to be. When I thought about it, I decided I’d like to have been more successful outside of football than I was in it…I’m not done yet. I’ve got a long way to go.”


Oscar de la Renta

Famed fashion icon Oscar de la Renta,who designed Americas First Ladies including Jackie Kennedy, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush has died at 82. He recently designed Michelle Obama's dress for a White House party and the wedding gown worn by George Clooney‘s new wife, Amal Alamuddin.

No other details were available on how de la Renta died.

The award-winning designer was born on July 22, 1932, in Santo Domingo, and became one of the happening designers for American First Ladies and celebrities. Recently in 2006, the fashion legend was was diagnosed with cancer.

Last year, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Executive Director Fern Mallis called him "the sultan of suave." At that event, he spoke of his cancer, saying, "Yes, I had cancer. Right now, I am totally clean. The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life."

Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna




Rapidly rising R&B songstress Tinashe was spotted at TAO Beach. Joined by a small group of close friends, the group soaked up the sun and enjoyed a few dishes from the TAO kitchen including the Buddha burger, wings and chicken Caesar salad.

Later that night, Tinashe hosted the official album release party for her debut studio album “Aquarius” at TAO Nightclub. After enjoying dinner at TAO Asian Bistro, she took over a VIP table upstairs inside the nightclub. She kicked off the celebration for the highly anticipated album with a performance of a few hits from it including “All Hands on Deck,” her newest single “Pretend” and the huge hit “2 On.” Following the performance, Tinashe returned to her table where she was surprised with a congratulatory custom cake featuring the cover of “Aquarius.” She spent the rest of her night dancing with friends to the sounds of DJ Five and graciously took time to pose for photos with adoring fans on the dance floor.

Photo Courtesy Of: Al Powers, Powers Imagery/Domain MSA


Phil Lesh And The Terrapin Family Band

Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band performed at The Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada the other night.


Josh Young

Broadway In Chicago is pleased to announce that the Pre-Broadway World Premiere engagement of Amazing Grace, the new musical with music and lyrics by Christopher Smith and a book by Christopher Smith and Arthur Giron, directed by Gabriel Barre (Andrew Lippas’ The Wild Party) and choreographed by Tony Award® winner Christopher Gattelli (Newsies), opened this Sunday, at the Bank of America Theatre (18 W. Monroe). Amazing Grace will play Chicago through Sunday, November 2.

Amazing Grace stars Tony Award nominee® Josh Young (Jesus Christ Superstar), Erin Mackey (NY Philharmonic's concert production of Sweeney Todd, Chaplin), Tony Award nominee® Tom Hewitt (Jesus Christ Superstar, The Rocky Horror Show), Tony Award winner® Chuck Cooper (Act One, The Life), Chris Hoch (Matilda, Far From Heaven), Stanley Bahorek (Nerds, Honeymoon in Vegas), Harriett D. Foy (Mamma Mia!), and Laiona Michelle (The Book of Mormon national tour).

The ensemble will also feature Marie Juliette Abney, Erica Aubrey, Leslie Becker, Sara Brophy, Rheaume Crenshaw, Miquel Edson, Mike Evariste, Sean Ewing, Rachael Ferrera, Savannah Frazier, Christopher Gurr, Abdur-Rahim Jackson, Allen Kendall, Elizabeth Ward Land, Michael Dean Morgan, Vince Oddo, Oneika Phillips, Clifton Samuels, Gavriel Savit, Dan Sharkey, Bret Shuford, Evan Alexander Smith, Uyoata Udi, Charles E. Wallace, Toni Elizabeth White and Hollie E. Wright.