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Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff

Eleonora Kennedy

Jean Shafiroff With Valerie Steele And Cinzia Bernasconi

Ryan Nessing And Roy Kean

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and renowned Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci hosted “Design the Dream” on Thursday, October 23, 2014, as part of Madison Avenue Fashion Heritage Week, benefitting the Museum at FIT through the Museum’s Couture Council.

Upwards of 150 guests attended the event. Veuve Clicquot was served to guests and Emilio Pucci printmakers from Italy demonstrated how Pucci prints are made. An excellent time was had by all. Some of the guests included Jean Shafiroff (Host & Couture Council Board Member), Valerie Steele (Director and Chief Curator at the Museum at FIT), Cinzia Bernisconi (SR. VP at Pucci), Eleonora Kennedy, Phillip Bloch, Geoffrey Bradfield, Chui-Ti Jensen, Alex Donner, Amelia Ogunlesi, Victor deSouza, Christine Lindebak, Roy Kean and Peter Rosenthal.

Twenty percent of all the evening’s sales were donated to the Museum at FIT.


June 'Mama' Shannon

In her first exclusive interview since the news of the scandal first broke, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June “Mama June” Shannon is giving her side of the story on E! News TONIGHT at 7pm and 11pm. The family matriarch of the now-cancelled TLC series is setting the record straight following the shocking and very public allegations that she is once again dating her former boyfriend and registered sex offender, Mark Anthony McDaniel.

In the revealing interview, Mama June talks about whether she has spoken to her eldest daughter, Anna ‘Chickadee’ Shannon, who according to police reports claims she suffered sexual assault at the hands of McDaniel at the young age of eight. The star of the hit show also speaks to how Anna and the rest of the family are holding up following the recent developments and affirms, “The protection of my kids is number one priority.”

Talking exclusively to E!, Honey Boo Boo’s famous mom is responding to the claims that she has been in contact with McDaniel and maintains that “The whole truth will come out on my side…”

Plus, the reality star insists there is no bad blood between the family and TLC, stating “I can’t say anything bad about TLC…” She also discusses whether she is upset that the show has been cancelled.

Get the full story TONIGHT only on E! News at 7:00pm and 11:00pm ET/PT.




Story By: G.H. Harding
Benedict Cumberbatch

RUNT RETURNS TO NYC --- Talk about irascible personalities, Philadelphia’s own Todd Rundgren must rank in the Top 5. I first became of the Runt (from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania) when his first single “We Gotta’ Get You A Woman” topped the charts back in 1970. His double album Something/Anything was so good, so brilliant, he may well have set himself a bar then that was hard to top.

So many brilliant albums followed (Hermit Of Mink Hollow; A Wizard A True Star; Todd; Nearly Human; Faithful) albums followed, including a new band called Utopia, that confused as many fans as he made, yet made some brilliant music.

Production projects with The New York Dolls, Hall & Oates, Badfinger, XTC, Patti Smith and Grand Funk Railroad (!!??) followed, everything bearing his hallowed mark. Several years back, he and bass-mate Kasim Sulton, joined The New Cars and I saw several shows that were absolutely stunning. One, at NYC’s late-lamented China Club, he even performed one of my all-time-Todd favorites “Black Maria.” 

Now, living in Hawaii, he returns to New York, B. B. King’s, for two shows Sunday and Monday. Must see music for sure.

FOR JACK --- Over the weekend we learned that the legendary singer and bassist of Cream, Jack Bruce, had passed away at the age of 71. While Cream/Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker immediately took to social media to pay his respects to Bruce and his family, Clapton was notoriously silent. It's no secret that the trio were not on the best of terms.

Monday, however, Clapton simply posted the following on his Facebook page:

DR. BENEDICT --- Marvel has found its Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in final talks to play the star role in the studio's latest superhero film, according to sources and London's Telegraph has just now reported the role has been confirmed.

Some of Hollywood's biggest names have been linked to the Scott Derrickson-directed flick in recent months, including Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling. 

Phoenix had reportedly reached the negotiation stage to play the powerful neurosurgeon-turned-Sorcerer Supreme, until talks fell through earlier this month, over the number of movies Marvel wanted the actor to commit to. 

Cumberbatch had been an early contender for the role, then came back in the running.

The 38-year-old Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star will play the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats in the upcoming movie, slated for release in 2016.

The character of Doctor Strange was first hatched by Marvel Comics veterans Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963.

In the comic books, Strange teams up with Thor, the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to fight enemies.

Marvel has already teased him in several films, including Thor and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, fuelling speculation he'll appear in future Avengers sequels.

Cumberbatch's geek-friendly casting has set Twitter afire, with some users cracking jokes and others expressing their excitement.

Veteran comic book writer J.M. DeMatteis described it as a perfect casting.

"This may be the best comics-to-screen casting since Robert Downey as Iron Man," he posted.

Meanwhile, some wondered whether another franchise was the right move for the acclaimed actor.

"Just remember, for each Marvel movie Benedict Cumberbatch is in, we will lose three or four quality Benedict Cumberbatch performances," one wrote.

Cumberbatch's schedule, which includes his Emmy-award winning role in the BBC's Sherlock Holmes series and theatre productions, will reportedly dictate the success of the deal.

He will next be seen in The Imitation Game and voices characters in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Penguins of Madagascar and Warner Brothers The Jungle Book.

TRUE KITSCH --- Actor Taylor Kitsch said in a recent interview that he will be portraying one of four lead characters in the upcoming second season of True Detective. Kitsch said that was so elated to be involved with the series, in fact, that he had been turning down roles in anticipation of joining the other actors. HBO would not confirm or comment on Kitsch.

The actor said that the show would be filming in Los Angeles and that the plot would take place in the present day, though he felt that an old-school vibe was present.

"[True Detective show runner Nic Pizzolatto] is obviously incredibly smart and passionate, so that rubs off," Kitsch said, recalling a conversation he'd had with the show creator. "I can't fucking wait to hit camera. So I'm excited. I loved that first season of it so much. It's just unlike anything I've seen in – I don't know when. And it was so grounded. It could really happen. This is very similar, and I love that. It makes it more readable. It makes these guys more real. Nowadays, it takes fucking balls to stand by that and do it that way."

Previously, HBO confirmed that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell would be two of the four second-season leads. The eight-episode arc would center on three police officers, one of whom is Farrell, who work with a career criminal (Vaughn) as they attempt to work through a conspiracy that arose in the wake of a murder. The actor who will play the fourth lead has yet to be confirmed.

CLOSING NOTES --- This season's episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist have been uniformly hard to follow; what with so much narrative going on pretty much non-stop. Monday’s episode, The Mombasa Cartel, settled things down a tad and was the best ep so far this season. The way James Spader chews the scenery is positively chilling. Guest star Peter Fonda held court with him for a scene and it was like a master class. I think the writers have come up with so many plots going on at once, they've scarified a bit of clarity … 

In case you wondered, Showtime's Homeland has been a bit of a mess this season thus far. With Damien Lewis, the bar was set so high and he was so good, that, now without him, it's like a somewhat different show. Mark my words, Brody will return next season. How? They'll figure it out; don't forget, Bobby Ewing dreamed a whole season of Dallas way back when ...

Georgia Dolenz, Micky Dolenz’s daughter, and her comedy troupe with Rebecca Warm and Sheila Carrasco, We’re Having A Panic Attack is having their next show Saturday, December 6th at the Acme Theater in L. A. ...

Just caught 18-year old Ella Henderson performing on the Today Show ... wow! She reminds me of Adele and Duffy, but just sensational. More on this great new name next time. 

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Ellyn Harris

In her new, intimate Cabaret act called "Back to You," Ellyn performs songs from
the 70's through the present with her own twist, sprinkled with original songs. Ellyn will be at the Metropolitan room on November 5th.

To preview songs please go to:

The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 West 22nd Street (between 5th and 6th
Ave.) in New York City. Doors open at 9 PM and the show starts at 9:30 PM.

Reservations are required.

Tickets are $20 and there is a two drink minimum at the venue.

RESERVE BY PHONE: 212-206-0440


Ellyn Harris is a pop singer who started her career as a teenager and signed
with the William Morris Agency at 18 years old. Performing in TV commercials and
shows, she joined SAG-AFTRA and Equity. With a diverse career - from touring
with multi-platinum selling recording artist, Dan Hartman, singing Alka Seltzer
"plop plop fizz fizz" commercial, performing at an Emmy Awards Dinner, touring
with her own rock band, performing in off-Broadway shows and summer stock,
opening act for Rodney Dangerfield (held over several times) - to performing her
top charting dance music songs on Megatone Records for thousands of people.
Ellyn was nominated for Best New Artist at dance music's Hi-NRG Music Awards. 

After Dark Magazine: "Ellyn Harris sings from the hip and from the heart."

Our Town: "Ellyn Harris sang and artfully performed for a captivated audience.
Her repertoire of songs includes old favorites as well as some she has written
herself. With a wry wit, she covers such topics as love, life and personal
aspirations. Funny, talented and entertaining Ms Harris charms her audience." 

The New York Daily News: "Song thrush Ellyn Harris is being hailed as a young
Barbra Streisand."

Billboard Magazine: "An artist to watch, creating her own musical forum is vixen
Ellyn Harris with the house flavored "Got A Green Light."

DMR Magazine: "Ellyn Harris is a stunning beauty with an equally gorgeous voice.
She is certainly one of this industry's girls-to-watch for."

Rodney Dangerfield: "What a voice, what a talent." 

DMA Magazine: "Ellyn Harris stole most of the attention at this year's Winter
Music Conference. With her winning smile and fabulous live rendition of "I
Specialize In Love" on Megatone Records, she is poised for major industry

Photo Courtesy Of: Ellyn Harris


Mark Rogers With Steve Tickle And Jim Tom Hedrick

Sugarlands Distilling Company has joined forces with master moonshine distillers Steve “Tickle” and Mark Rogers, two of the most popular personalities from the hit TV show “Moonshiners.”

Tickle and Rogers are the latest moonshine legends to be included among the best-selling Sugarlands Shine Legends series. Jim Tom Hedrick helped launch the Legends Series in March 2014 with his 100-proof “Jim Tom’s Unaged Rye” when the distillery opened its doors to the public this spring.

“The Legends Series is a product line that celebrates authentic moonshine craftsmen like Mark and Tickle,” said Brent Thompson, director of marketing for Sugarlands Distilling Company. “We’ve been working with them for months now crafting their secret recipes which we’ll announce later this year.”

Tickle is a native of Southwest Virginia who loves to spend time cooking and developing new moonshine recipes.



William Shatner

There’s a true passion behind brewing beer and making wine, some would say maybe a ‘spirituality’ and Shatner agrees. The craft beer salesman explained that “beer is just a tool” and good alcohol let’s you “sip slowly and talk more as fermentation happens, as the alcohol kind of changes our body chemistry, we get to talk more deeply than we would have before hand. That’s the spirituality of drinking.”

At the end of the interview, Shatner passes Sean a brown bag hiding the mystery wine and asks the craft beer pro to describe what he tastes in beer professional terms. Sean describes the wine as “malty, big, and fruity, with some tannins, some dark fruit, stone fruit, and earthy.” He adds that the Pinot Noir from Napa Valley, is “not hoppy, malt forward, with residual bitterness” giving the wine an overall 92 points.

The new Ora TV web series “Brown Bag Wine Tasting” follows Shatner’s adventures as he asks willing participants to blindly taste wine and describe it in terms of their occupations, with the goal of making the show fun, interactive and a social experience. The series was created out of Shatner’s love of wine and conversation, as well as wanting to have a fun wine tasting experience in an entertaining format. "I'm using wine as a way to explore the psyche of each of my guests," William Shatner, the legendary Star Trek captain explains. The original series is executive produced by Shatner and Scott Sternberg who will continue in his role as the series expands with Ora TV with the addition of Ora TV executive producers, Allison Glader and Jason Rovou.

The episode is now LIVE on and (new episodes premiere Monday’s 2pm EST)

Photo Courtesy Of: ORA TV


Rita Ora In Cosmo

British pop princess Rita Ora covers the December issue of Cosmopolitan, available on newsstands nationwide November 4th. The singer opens up to the magazine about her music, sex and dating, and loving her body.

On Ora’s recent breakup with DJ/producer Calvin Harris:

“It was the right guy at the wrong time. I was about to start a tour, and he was also all over the place. There’s only so much you can do when you don’t see each other. I really admire people who have long-distance relationships. It’s an incredible achievement. I couldn’t do it.”

On Iggy Azalea’s feminist anthem “Black Widow,” in which Ora is featured:

“As soon as I heard it, I was like, ‘This is the fucking song.’ Katy Perry cowrote it – it felt nice to have all women involved.”

On her sexuality:

“I’m very proud to say that I think about sex. It’s what everybody thinks about, whether they say it or not. For me, sex is a form of getting to know a person – feeling someone’s skin.”

On loving her body:

“You have to come to terms with loving your body. Stand naked in front of the mirror and say, ‘I’m fucking sexy.’ That’s where it starts.”


Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler visited the Late Show With David Letterman in New York City yesterday. The star was all smiles for the cameras.


Hilaria Baldwin

Rob Meyer

Katrina Eugenia With John Buffalo Mailer

John Waters

Lisl Steiner

The Norman Mailer Center 6th Annual Benefit Gala at The New York Public Library, brought out the stars in New York City last night.


Kim Kardashian West With Khloe Kardashian And Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian West celebrated her 34th birthday at TAO Las Vegas on Friday along with friends, family and husband Kanye West. The entire group, which included Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, Robin Antin, Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck took in Kanye's performance at the Life Is Beautiful music festival in downtown Las Vegas before heading to the birthday celebration. Kim arrived on the red carpet looking stunning in a plunging white Alexandre Vauthier dress, paired with Givenchy shoes. While on the red carpet, Kim was surprised by the massive group of fans that had gathered as they sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Khloe interacted with the fans as Kim walked the red carpet and Kanye signed a copy of the couple's cover of Vogue magazine.


John Schneider

Tom Wopat
JOHN SCHNEIDER and TOM WOPAT – the original stars of “The Dukes of Hazzard” – will release a special holiday album Home for Christmas to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the iconic TV show. The recording will be available from D13 Entertainment in stores and online October 28. The pair, currently starring in a national TV advertising campaign for, have performed in concert over the years, but this marks their first full recording together. Mixing immediately recognizable Christmas standards with lesser-known holiday songs, the album combines a bright and brassy big band, lush strings, and rustic country sounds and laces it all together with humorous banter that reflects over three decades of friendship. Home for Christmas is produced by David Finck with arrangements by John Oddo, Tedd Firth and Rob Mounsey.

The duo will celebrate with an exclusive CD release concert at New York’s Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater on Tuesday, December 2 at 9:30 PM. This concert marks their first time performing together in the city.

Home for Christmas is a collection of swinging seasonable treats to get you ready for holiday cheer. “I think this is a fresh take on the Christmas album,” says Tom. “Jazz fans and serious musicians will appreciate what we’ve done with theses tunes. Our arranger John Oddo has a true affinity for that classic 50s and 60s sound. He really nails it. Tedd Firth is a major talent and a creative voice. And, of course, I love singing with John Schneider. The timbre of our voices match, the harmonies blend so easily. Plus, he’s a barrel of laughs.” Schneider adds, “Tom and I really bring out the best in each other. We may not sound alike when we talk, but when we sing sometimes you can’t tell us apart. In the studio, I put him first and he puts me first. If that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is.”