Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tom Cruise And Suri

It's shots like this that we hate. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their daughter Suri and Tom's two children Connor and Isabella to dinner last night in Beverly Hills, California. They ate at E Baldi Restaurant. They had police escorts. Why is taxpayers money wasted like this? We see this in New York City all the time. The police are so star struck, it's pathetic. They see a star and right away they appoint themselves the bodyguards. They should be working and stopping crime, not wasting taxpayer money guarding Tom Cruise at dinner.


Television star Charlie Sheen has married his girlfriend Brooke Mueller in a small, private ceremony in Los Angeles California.The Hollywood couple have been dating for two years. They exchanged vows in front of just 60 friends and family members yesterday. Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane and his actress wife Rebecca Gayheart were among the guests at the wedding. Dane and Gayheart first introduced Sheen to real estate investor Mueller back in 2006. According to, Sheen, 42, persuaded his 30-year-old bride to scale down her wedding plans. A source tells the website, "Brooke really wanted to walk down the aisle in a big way, but Charlie insisted they keep it simple and small." The newlyweds requested guests make donations to the Chrysalis: Changing Lives Through Jobs charity instead of bringing wedding gifts.It is the third time up the aisle for Sheen; he was previously married to Donna Peele and former Bond girl Denise Richards. His two young daughters with Richards, Lola and Sam, were also present at the small ceremony.


The James Edstrom Poster

Well maybe.... We have been photographing the stars for over 20 years. We like some and hate others. We know how the business works. We are not some gossip site where someone writes a story on this star or another and does not even know how the business works or even knows the celebrity. We know the business and we are in the business. We know the celebrity. We may not be the best, but we are real. That's because we know the people and we report on the people. We are either their friends or we don't like them. We are honest. I hate this business the way it has become. The paparazzi have turned into animals. In my day there were 20 of us roaming New York City. Now there are hundreds. Photo agency's are hiring thugs and illegal aliens and gang members. The celebrities are in danger. Yes danger. It's not what it used to be. Every interview I do, they also interview the agency's after me and they water everything down from everything I say because they buy photos from them. When is it going to stop. Every magazine claims they won't use shady shots, but they all do. They support the endless harassment of Britney Spears and others. Very few honest agency's around. One of our suppliers Buzz Foto had a photographer recently turn in a shot of some celebrity, and the owners Brad Elterman and Henry Flores said it was invasive and pulled the shot from every publication. Is this the only agency that has the balls to see when the line was crossed? Celebrities are in danger now. You have gang members that are now the paparazzi. You have ex-cons and scum that creates the news instead of reporting it. I was never like this and never will publish a photo taken in this manner. But we will if the celebrity acted like a asshole and it is clear that they did. We believe if a celebrity would stand there for two minutes, everyone would go their own way. What movie studio would pay George Clooney or other so called stars if we didn't show up? If the writers didn't write about the movie and the paparazzi didn't show up, the star would not be paid. Imagine a premier without the photographers. Imagine a premier if we didn't write about it. The star would not be paid the huge money they get. Anyway, I just slid back to New York City after hanging out with Dina Lohan, Lindsay's Mom and star of her own great show Living Lohan. More on this later. Point being, what have we become? I get hundreds of e-mails saying they want to hear more from me and what I think. I know I should, for some reason I can't. Several e-mails said today they want more of me. It's hard. I'm going to try. I will try to make Times Square Gossip more personal. And I do try to answer every e-mail, so write. May take a few days, but I will try. Anyway, we are real and live from Times Square. Please tell your friends to visit us. We may not be the best but we give it our best !

James Edstrom

Friday, May 30, 2008


Jimmy Buffet

Real Estate king Donald Trump has sold one of his famed casinos to singing icon Jimmy Buffet for $315 million, allowing the American singer to turn his Margaritaville fantasy into a real-life tropical oasis right on the Jersey shore. Buffett agreed to pay Trump yesterday for the purchase of his Marina Hotel Casino, one of three, the billionaire holds in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Trump originally asked for $500 million for the 14-acre property, which features a 27-story hotel with 728 guest rooms and a 79,000 square foot gambling area, but reduced the price after lengthy negotiations with Buffet. The singer has already hatched plans to give the place a full face-lift, beginning with changing its name to his famous hit song, Margaritaville, once the deal is finalized at the end of the year. In the meantime, he is already getting plans underway to open the first Margaritaville casino for his company Coastal Marina LLC on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast in two years’ time. The deal marks a truce between Trump and former friend Richard Fields, the head of Buffet’s company. The pair was engaged in a four-year legal battle after Trump accused Fields of cheating him out of developing casinos in Florida.The real-estate mogul now plans to pour the funds into his two remaining Atlantic City casino-hotels: Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza, which by the way are my favorite casinos in Atlantic City.


Joan Jett

Punk Rock icon Joan Jett is set to make a cameo appearance in the television show Law And Order: Criminal Intent. The wild singer is currently in New York City to shoot the episode, in which she will play a "boss from hell" who is murdered, with her personal assistant the prime suspect, reports the New York Post. This sounds like former Ramones manager Linda Stein, that was murdered in New York City last year. Well the show always say's, "Ripped From The Headlines".
Photo By: Mark Rupp


Kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway

Actress Kate Hudson and her co-star Anne Hathaway rehearse a scene outside Bloomingdales store on Lexington Avenue for their upcoming film 'Bride Wars' yesterday in New York City. The movie is about two best friends who become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the very same day.


Toxic singer Britney Spears former manager Larry Randolph is denying reports the singer is in secret negotiations to stage a major comeback spectacular in Las Vegas. Rumors of a Sin City performance emerged earlier this month, after the pop star was spotted dining with Palms Hotel & Casino owner George Maloof Jr. in Los Angeles California.But Rudolph has denied claims the troubled singer will be appearing on stage in the city. He tells the Las Vegas Review Journal, "She’s not here (in Las Vegas) and she’s not coming in. I wouldn’t lie to you."


Francesco Quinn

The wanna-bee actor son of late Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn has been arrested for domestic abuse. Francesco Quinn was arrested in Van Nuys, California on May 1st and spent a night in jail, before being released on $50,000 bail after allegedly beating up his wife of 16 years, Julie McCann. He was charged with a felony, which was later dropped to a misdemeanour, according to reports. Francesco is one of two-time Oscar winner Anthony Quinn’s 13 children.


Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is speaking out to dismiss reports suggesting she has given birth to twins in the south of France where she is currently.Two false alarms today, sent the media into a frenzy, with one outlet even claiming she had delivered two baby girls and named them Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane, honoring Jolie’s late mother Marcheline and her partner Brad Pitt’s mmo Jane.The coverage has prompted a spokesperson for the 32-year-old to come forward and confirm the actress is still very pregnant.The rep tells, "Angelina has not given birth. She is fine, enjoying her home and her family in France."


Former Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan was hospitalised yesterday, after reportedly falling victim to her chronic asthma. Lohan, 21, was spotted leaving a Los Angeles California emergency room with best lesbian friend Samantha Ronson in the late hours after returning from New York City. Sources tell website TMZ the actress spent over two hours in Century City Hospital’s E.R. after enduring the six-hour bi coastal flight. According to reports, the actress began to experience discomfort in her chest and asked flight attendants for a warm compress to ease her pain.But she caused chaos among other passengers - including loser actor Stephen Baldwin - as she moved around the plane so she could sit next to Ronson.


Hollywood star Bill Murray has been hit with divorce papers from his wife of almost 11 years, who has reportedly blamed domestic abuse, drug addiction and infidelity for the breakdown of their marriage. Jennifer Butler Murray filed papers for a legal separation in a Charleston, South Carolina family court on May 12th. According to legal documents obtained by local newspaper the Charleston Post & Courier, Jennifer and the couple’s four children moved out of the family home in 2006 as a result of the comedian’s "adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behaviour, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment". The court papers go on to claim that Murray "hit his wife in the face and then told her she was ‘lucky he didn’t kill her’". Local reports state Jennifer has requested a restraining order against the actor to keep him away from her home. She has also ordered her lawyers to look into the couple’s $7 million pre-nuptial agreement to determine whether it is still valid.The pair married in July 1997 and have four sons together.


Jodie Foster Is All Smiles

Jodie Foster

Hollywood star Jodie Foster makes a surprise appearance for a cameo role on the the set of Uma Thurman's new film "Motherhood" playing a celebrity mom whose child is stalked by the paparazzi at the Bleecker Street Playground in New York City. The actress in real life has had stalking problems. It will be interesting to see this film.

Photos By: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto


Hollywood star Salma Hayek is hitting out at the very aggressive paparazzi, because they continue to jeopardise the health of her baby.The actress gave birth to daughter Valentina last year with partner Francois-Henri Pinault, and she’s shocked by the lengths the photographers will go to to get photos of her with her family. She says, "I was hounded when I was pregnant. And even more since I’ve had the baby. They are parked outside of your house and they will not move for months. I didn’t leave my house for nearly three months… I’ve gotten hit with a camera before." And Hayek has grown increasingly concerned since a February clash with photographers nearly sent her daughter flying to the pavement from her caretaker’s arms. She recalls, "First I see them attacking me with the camera and the flashes. Now she starts screaming, the baby. Then they push the nanny, she was going to the floor."It was so disturbing. I didn’t know if they wanted to get the picture or they wanted to push the baby and get me crazy. I’m not sure because it was almost - it was really deliberate. It’s a baby."


Click Above To View Tila Tequila
Well, we’ve reached the end of the 30-day campaign for Burma. Thanks to Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Ellen Page, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities who used their voices to raise awareness about the plight of Aung San Suu Kyi, the campaign has been able to collect over 50 thousand voices for Burma. The last video in the series is a light hearted video by Tila Tequila that is geared towards her fan base to get them to relate and learn about the atrocities occurring in Burma.


The Tangled Crane Mess

Once again another construction crane collapsed today on New York City's Upper East Side, smashing into a 23-story apartment building as it went flying to the ground. One construction worker was killed and two others were seriously injuring. It was the second building crane accident in 2½ months on the east side, which is undergoing a huge building boom just like the rest of Manhattan. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the latest collapse was "unacceptable," and the city would investigate. Speaking to the press, Bloomberg said one of the casualties was in the cab of the crane and a second was on the street below. He said he didn't know about the third person and didn't say who else was killed.The mayor said seven buildings around the area have been evacuated as a precaution following the collapse. One body was brought out of the rubble at East 91st Street and First Avenue, placed on a gurney and covered in a white sheet in clear view of the public. A construction worker knelt over the stretcher, gently stroking the sheet. It is not known whether there are more fatalities. Rescue crews pulled others out of the wreckage, the Fire Department said. Their conditions were not known right now. Firefighters and rescue workers continued to search through the building wreckage.The neighborhood, not far from the mayor's official residence, Gracie Mansion, has undergone a construction boom in recent years, with high-rises swiftly replacing older, low-rise brownstones. In the March 15 accident about 2 miles to the south, contractors building a 46-story condominium near the United Nations were trying to lengthen the crane when a steel support broke, killing seven people. A four-story town house was demolished and several other buildings were damaged.


Editors Note: The greed of builders and landlords continues. You can not complain about un-safe conditions in New York City. They tell you they will give your complaint to the buildings department. When you ask when will someone go there, they say it could be days and they just don't know. When you complain about anything in New York City, it could be days and most of the time it is too late. The city wants the new tax money but they don't realize that down the line we must build new sewers, add more subways and buses and build more infrastructure to handle the people and the building. We lose in the long run. Chicago and other big cities find new uses for their old buildings. Why Can't we?


Harvey Korman

Hollywood television star Harvey Korman, who won four Emmys for his funny roles on "The Carol Burnett Show" and played a conniving politician in "Blazing Saddles," died Thursday. He was 81. Korman died at UCLA Medical Center after suffering complications from the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm four months ago, his family said. He had undergone several major operations recently. Korman gained national fame on "The Danny Kaye Show," appearing in skits with the star. He joined the show in its second season in 1964 and continued until it was canceled in 1967. That same year he became a cast member in the first season of "The Carol Burnett Show." His most memorable film role was that of Hedley Lamarr in Mel Brooks' 1974 Western satire, "Blazing Saddles."

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani and son Kingston Rossdale playing on the playground in a park the other day in Los Angeles, California. Gwen and Kingston shared a beautiful mother and son kiss as they rested a few minutes along a knee high wall. They also ran around the park playing hide and seek. We love Gwen's long green dress outfit. She always looks so good and colorful. Clearly pregnant, the mom to be again, always is friendly to photographers and never gets upset by being photographed. This star has real class. And she is also a great mother !


Sex And The City's New York premiere on Tuesday, has prompted a mean battle between the event’s organizers, Radio City Music Hall and New Line Cinema. Fans were furious after discovering 8,000 tickets were handed out for the 6,000 capacity venue, and entry was granted on a first come, first served basis. Many fans waited all day to just get into the event and were turned away. But head bosses at the city’s famous Radio City Music Hall and movie studio New Line Cinema are keen to blame each other for the mishap. A source tells The New York Post, "The movie studio gave out way more promotional tickets than could fit in the orchestra. Radio City managers told the New Line people, ‘You can solve this by opening up the mezzanines, which have 2,700 more seats’ - but they wouldn’t do it." However, New Line Cinema executives are quick to disagree: "It was Radio City Music Hall making that decision. They took control of the fan line. They turned the fans away." After the venue’s 6,000-person capacity was filled, 500 ticket holders were escorted to a local theatre for viewing as the remainder were given vouchers to see the film for free when it opens to the public on Friday.
Editors Note: I was having lunch with some Public Relations bigwig the other day. He had tickets to The Radio City event but not to the after party at MOMA. He put a add on Craigs List for tickets. Someone called him and said he had many tickets. He wanted 10 thousand each. Now, who would have so many tickets? Publicity people? Someone from New Line? HBO? Just asking. Seems someone inside had tickets to sell. Needless, I could have gone for free, but after all these years, I hate these events.


Keanu Reeves

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves flashes the peace sign and enjoys a glass of red wine on the terrace of the Trump International Hotel with a friend on Central Park West the other day in New York City. Keanu is currently filming 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee' and is rumored to be dating actress Winona Ryder who is his co-star in the film.

Keanu Reeves Enjoys A Glass Of Wine
Photos By: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto


Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas and his beautiful wife have unveiled their 400th school playground. This concludes their ten year effort to provide a safe place for Californian kids to play. Yesterday, Douglas, still strong at age 91, rode down a slide at the opening of the Beethoven Street Elementary School’s newest play area in Culver City, California, something he has performed at every playground ceremony. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas’ close friend and co-star in the 1979 movie The Villain, was present to praise the Spartacus star and his wife, Anne, for their contributions to the state’s play areas.The couple set up the Anne & Kirk Douglas Playground Awards in late 1997, with the aim of building and refurbishing 400 play areas in Los Angeles California's school districts. They have donated more than $8 million in the last 10 years alone.



Pop superstar Madonna is planning to tighten her bond with the African nation of Malawi. A government official has revealed the singing icon is set to be made an honorary citizen of the country.The icon, has become emotionally attached to the impoverished nation after adopting little David Banda from an orphanage there in 2006, leading her to fund orphanages all over the country. She has also set plans in motion to build a $40 million school to help provide education to Malawian girls. Madonna recently produced the documentary I Am Because We Are, in which she chronicles the plight of the Malawian people. The documentary opened to critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this month. And now the singing star will be honored for her devotion to the country, with the country’s government making plans to grant her the same rights as their citizens, reports Britain’s Hello! magazine. Billy Kaunda, Malawi’s deputy tourism and culture minister, is quoted as saying, "We are proud as a country to be associated with such a megastar."She will have freedom of all cities here. She won’t be bothered with issues like visas and other limitations."


Leona Lewis

Always troubled singer Whitney Houston is planning to duet with hit British singer Leona Lewis and is hoping it will help her comeback, according to media reports. Houston is back on stage this year, after a lengthy break to battle alleged drug addictions, and a new album is being planned for release later in 2008. Now her mentor, music mogul Clive Davis, wants to give her a helping hand by teaming her with Bleeding Love pop sensation Lewis, reports the New York Post. Since winning British talent show The X Factor in 2006, Lewis has stormed the charts in both Britain and the United States and drawn numerous comparisons to Houston and Mariah Carey.But the 23-year-old will have to overcome her nervous disposition if she wants to perform with her idol - she suffers from stress-related chronic throat problems, which doctors have confirmed can only be cured permanently by surgery.


Former television star Mischa Barton is fueling reports she is unhappy with her new picture You And I, after reportedly refusing to promote it.The actress initially sparked media rumors of her dissatisfaction when she failed to attend the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this month. She insisted then she "was never due to go", but now You And I director Roland Joffe cannot locate Barton in London to complete promo duties. He tells New York gossip column PageSix, "She hasn’t pulled out of interviews, she’s pulled out of everything… Her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don’t know where Mischa is." In the film, Barton plays a Russian lesbian who falls in love at a t.A.T.u concert.


Kirsten Dunst

Actress Kirsten Dunst walks around Soho yesterday in New York City with two friends, stopping at Dean & Deluca for coffee, sitting on a bench outside Epostrophy restaurant and sitting on a stoop on Broome Street talking on her cell phone. Kirsten was wearing a blue mini dress and dark sunglasses and enjoying a great day in the Big Apple.


Sexy Hollywood star Sharon Stone has suffered another blow after her comments following China’s recent earthquake. The French fashion house Christian Dior has axed her promotional posters in the country.Stone has come under attack from officials in China for suggesting the country’s recent earthquake was caused by "karma" - and a leading movie chain has already threatened to ban all her films. But now head bosses at Christian Dior have banned adverts featuring the star in China. A spokesman at the company’s Shanghai headquarters said, "We don’t agree with her hasty, unreflected remarks and we deeply regret them."Dior was one of the first international brands to enter China and has won the affection and respect of the consuming public. We absolutely do not support any remark that hurts the Chinese people’s feelings." Meanwhile, Stone herself has apologized for the interview. She said in a statement: "Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people."I am willing to take part in the relief work of China’s earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people." The outspoken actress was talking to a Chinese media outlet on Thursday, when she linked the recent disaster, which left more than 67,000 people dead, to China’s recent treatment of Tibetans.


Will Grega

Composer/Producer Will Grega grew up admiring the works of composers like John Barry, Tangerine Dream and Ennio Morricone.Today, his music can be heard on television, in clubs,and in feature films. He made his feature-length film debut in 2004 with Three Long Years, which premiered in New York City, and starred Randy Jones (playing a male nurse!). Next up is the 2009 release of the Grindhouse SciFi-Thriller Beyond the Facade for which Grega contributed eleven tracks to the film soundtrack, and a top secret video game project. Apart from his soundtrack and remix work, Grega has five jazz/electronica fusion CD’s available from the Pop Front Music label. His latest effort is Tranquilizer 12, which features trip-hop mixed with blissful, laid back jazz. The Source said: “Whether you want to get your groove on or just get it on, this collection of smooth, saucy, and luscious grooves is it!”The massive “Listening Tank” on his web site ( allows visitors to listen to over 75 complete tracks, view his film reel and music videos, as well as his extensive galleries.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Calista Flockhart and Hollywood star Harrison Ford will marry this summer in a very small ceremony. The couple have been dating since meeting at the 2002 Golden Globe awards, and Ford has raised Flockhart’s seven-year-old adopted son Liam as his own.With two divorces under his belt, the 65-year-old has was reportedly reluctant to wed again - but sources tell the National Enquirer he has finally decided to make the 43-year-old former Ally McBeal star his wife. Insiders tell the tabloid, "He said he’d marry Calista as soon as he’s finished with the promotional work for the new Indiana Jones movie - and Calista is holding him to his promise."


The Lights Of Bentley Meeker

Bentley Meeker and his highly skilled design team are considered among the top special event lighting experts in the world. Meeker has lit weddings and special events for the who's who of New York and Hollywood. He has lit every U.S. President since Ronald Reagan, Mayors Giuliani, Bloomberg, Dinkins and Koch and has created the environments for the weddings of such celebrities as Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Melissa Rivers, Eddie Murphy, Catherine Zeta Jones and Liza Minelli, just to name a few. A recognized pioneer in the highly specialized art of lighting events, and an industry leader in the use of new technologies, Meeker is now poised to move the entire events industry toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Bentley Meeker is the first lighting company in New York City to announce that it will be using renewable energy sources for all of its events. They will offer all of their clients a clean, renewable alternative to traditional coal generated electricity. "With the use of renewable energy, it is now possible to create opulence without tipping into excess," adds Meeker. "I am particularly pleased that there is now an effective way for all of us to help protect the air we breathe. Also, because of the profile of our clientele and what we do, it's my hope that our renewable energy initiative will raise consciousness about the use of non-fossil fuel based energy sources for all other related and even unrelated industries."Meeker lights well over 40 events a month. He now offsets 100 percent of the electricity used with wind power.
Editors Note: Bentley Meeker, New York City's top lighting maestro, who has been responsible for making the cast of Sex in the City look incredible over the years at all their HBO premieres, was once again entrusted to create a gorgeous environment for the Sex in the City Movie premiere after-party gala at MOMA last night. Meeker tells Times Square Gossip that "lighting Sarah Jessica and the other girls with pink and fuchsia not only fits within the special theme of the night --but warm colors in that range will make almost any star look younger and sexier.


Clara Lofaro

As media buzz gets louder in her native Toronto, CLARA LOFARO is poised to turn up the volume in the States with the release of her new CD 'PERFEKT WORLD.' An eclectic songwriter and soulful performer who embraces pop, rock, R&B, and, jazz, the 2006 Toronto Indie Week winner, now based in New York, combines the best of both worlds - the old and the new.Lofaro's third album release is on her own Come True Records, the label she started as a Berklee College of Music student clearly inspired by Annie Lennox, John Legend, and Laura Nyro. Produced by Mark Turrigiano (Ingrid Michaelson's Boys and Girls) PERFEKT WORLD continues the tradition of the new-age female singer-songwriter carved out by such mainstream mainstays as KT Tunstall and Amy Winehouse. In Toronto, The Telegram declares 'her take on pop music is inventive and almost arresting.' Metro Toronto says 'her vocals ooze with both vulnerability and defiance.' And, Red Deer Express notes, 'something immediately attractive about her jubilant approach to performing.'Says the artist, "I want to make music that's great because it gives people an experience."In honor of the new CD, Lofaro has teamed up with Action Against Hunger ( to produce an upcoming video for the title track, while donating 20% of proceeds from all album sales. AAH is an international relief and development organization committed to saving lives of malnourished children and families by combating hunger in emergency situations.She will be hosting a CD release party at Steve Walter's Cutting Room, Wednesday, June 25.


The Sex And The City Girls

It's been 4 years waiting for the Movie version of Sex And The City to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte reunited once again. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis hit the pink carpet (Not Red) for the long-awaited movie premiere at New York City's famed Radio City Music Hall last night. Huge fans of the show had lined up since the early morning in hopes of scoring a seat to the hot event, though many went home disappointed.The best part of the night for Parker who said' "Being with you and all those people," she told reporters as she pointed to the fans. The crowd also went crazy as Cattrall and Nixon and Davis walked the carpet. "Being in Sex and the City is the best thing," Jennifer Hudson -- who plays Carrie's assistant in the film -- told "[The writers] spoke about the things that we all go through." Added Jason Lewis (who plays Samantha's beau Smith Jerrod), "It was nice" filming the movie. The best part: "There was a sunset in Malibu that stopped production." Celebs including Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Ashley Olsen, Fergie, Mary J. Blige, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Edie Falco and designer Donna Karan turned out for the film, which has been receiving mixed reviews from critics.


(sanctioned by KCBS)
Pure Barbecue

Forget about waiting online for hours in New York City just to get a taste of Barbecue at the Madison Square Park annual event next week. Head over to Atlantic City this weekend where you can help a great cause and have some great Barbecue cooking. Besides, you can visit the famous Boardwalk and my favorite Casino The Taj Mahal after the great cookout. Discover the many great things this historic town has to offer.The ChARTer ~TECH High School for Performing Arts presents “The Art of BBQ Cook-off Competition” on Saturday, May 31, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the grounds of the Atlantic City Race Course, in Mays Landing, NJ. “The Art of BBQ” is the first annual BBQ cook-off competition to benefit the ChARTer~TECH High School for Performing Arts and is the school's first major event of this kind designed to raise funds for the programs offered in Instrumental Music, Vocal, Dance, Theatre and TV/Film/Animation Production. The main event will be the professional competition, which will bring professional cooking teams from all over the country. The event is open to the public from 10 am-6 pm. “The Art of BBQ” is sanctioned by the K.C.B.S. (Kansas City BBQ Society,). The Atlantic City Race Course in Mays Landing, NJ has generously donated the location for the event. A ‘Call For Entry’ is being sought for teams of all levels to participate in this contest. Barbecue categories will include: Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder/Butt and Brisket. The BBQ will be judged by certified KCBS judges. A Dessert Competition will also be held and judged by the public. Patrons will be given a chance to judge the desserts for a nominal fee. An Amateur BBQ Contest is also being held for all the ‘backyard barbecue’ chefs to compete in.


Wild Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson's alleged liking for prostitutes has been outlined in former co-star Debra Winger's new autobiography Undiscovered. Winger joined Nicholson in the 1983 Oscar-winning movie Terms of Endearment, co-starring Danny DeVito and Shirley MacLaine. And among her own intimate revelations, the actress recalls a shocking encounter with Nicholson after the pair landed in Germany to promote the movie. She writes, "I had never been there (to Germany) and was relentlessly joking with Jack (Nicholson) about how I, as a Jew, would be treated. He finally told me to stop, that these paranoid fantasies had little to do with modern Germany and that I should relax and enjoy the trip - and perhaps join him on his search for the perfect brothel." Winger’s book is slated for release next month.


Sir Ivan Wilzig

Sir Ivan Wilzig aka Mr. Mitzvah, the first Jewish superhero on TV, will be Honorary Grand Marshall for the Salute to Israel Parade this year marking the country’s 60th Anniversary.
Although his late father Siggi B. Wilzig, an Auschwitz survivor and legendary banker, bought over $100 million dollars worth of Israel Bonds in his lifetime and received the Prime Minister’s Medal for supporting the State of Israel, it was his son’s hysterical over-the-top performance as Mr. Mitzvah, the world’s first Jewish superhero, that inspired the Israel Independence Day Parade organizers to pick “Sir Ivan” Wilzig to be the Honorary Grand Marshal of the parade this coming Sunday. According to I.M.D.B., the television industry’s internet measurement guide of popularity, “Sir Ivan” was by far the most popular contestant on the Sci Fi Channel’s hit reality show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” produced by comic book superhero creative genius Stan Lee. The Mr. Mitzvah character stood out from the pack and was particularly unusual because “Sir Ivan” looked like the bleach-blonde rock star Billy Idol but sounded like the Broadway comedian Jackie Mason.“Sir Ivan” in his Mr. Mitzvah superhero costume will be marching alongside Mayor Bloomberg, the actual Grand Marshal of the Parade and talk-show host Larry King.The Salute to Israel Parade is the largest and most exciting Jewish community parade in the world. In this 60th Anniversary year, 100,000 participants will step off on Fifth Avenue, cheered on by an expected one million spectators. Millions more will watch the parade on television. This year, the event celebrates sixty years of Israel’s independence and brings together groups from many segments of the American-Jewish community in an affirmation of American-Jewish loyalty to Israel.The Parade route begins at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and continues north on Fifth Avenue to 79th Street. The Parade will take place from 11 AM to 4:30 PM rain or shine.


The Girls Of Rick's

The management at Rick's Cabaret offered free admission to all uniformed military personnel during Fleet Week here in New York City. "We wanted the guys to have a great time, and show them some old fashioned hospitality," said Lonnie Hanover, spokesperson for the chain of upscale gentleman's clubs. "The weekend was quite successful, we even found some stowaways who didn't want to leave," he joked. Sailors from all around the world hit Rick's VIP Deck and discovered a more exciting way to float their boats - getting lap dances from over 100 beautiful Rick's Girls.The club gave free admission to all in uniform during Fleet Week, and the well-heeled customers took it from there. One American sailor, a 23 year old from North Carolina who surely wants to remain nameless, was the beneficiary of a lap dance “marathon,” when a patriotic Wall Street banker sent over a stunning busty (36D) blonde and told her, "Thank him for his service--just keep dancing." She did just that, for over two hours.The generosity of the customers was apparent, as dances and drinks were being bought for the servicemen all over the club, all weekend long. "I love dancing for the military," said Rick's Girl Renee (34C-25-36), "it's my chance to show them that I appreciate what they've done."

There is still time for you sailors to visit Rick's !
Rick's Cabaret
50 West 33 Street
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Josh Guberman And The Lux 74 Team

With sales booming this month, developer Josh Guberman of the Core Development Group has again raised the bar for the Manhattan real estate market with the construction of LUX 74. Josh Guberman recently opened LUX 74’s doors for a private preview party celebrating the new development, located at 429 East 74th Street in New York City. The residence boasts an architecturally progressive design in the high demand Upper East Side market. It offers twelve unique, handcrafted residences in an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by some of the most exclusive and important landmarks in New York. The oversized floor-to-ceiling high “E glass” windows are the defining attribute that offers remarkable panoramic views of the city while flooding the residences with warm sunshine. The private event attracted VIP’s of the New York real estate crowd, who sipped champagne and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres while embracing the luxury setting. LUX 74 offers nothing less than first class amenities across the board, cutting edge design, superior quality and unique living at an affordable price.


Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman, partied at Villa Lounge nightclub the other night in West Hollywood California. The singer who just had a baby, seems to be having trouble losing all her baby fat. In fact, she looks pregnant again. We only report the news kiddies.....


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson leaves her make-up trailer on West 64th street and Central Park West displaying a blue hair dye job the other day in New York City. Our Buzz Foto photographer Christopher Peterson, hates her new hair, but I kinda like it. I think she looks good. Kate, who was carrying a coffee and a copy of The New York Times, was due to shoot a scene for her upcoming movie 'Bride Wars' which also stars Anne Hathaway. The movie is about two friends who become rivals when they each schedule their weddings for the same day.

Kate Hudson And Her New Blue Do

Photos By: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto


Britney Spears

Toxic Singer Britney Spears made a spontaneous tribute to Hollywood actress Julia Roberts last week, by mimicking a recent photo shoot by the award winning star.The pop star had fun with the paparazzi outside her Los Angeles California home, when she emerged clutching a red rose between her teeth and holding up a copy of U.S. magazine Vanity Fair - with Roberts striking the same pose on the cover.

Photo By: Manuel Velasco/BuzzFoto


Singing icon Shirley Bassey is recovering in a hospital in France after undergoing emergency stomach surgery.The 71-year-old was admitted to the hospital in Monaco, where she now resides, with severe abdominal pains last week. The star’s spokesman Paul Carey says, "Dame Shirley Bassey is recovering well after an emergency operation to relieve stomach complications, after complaining of abdominal pain last week."The Dame was admitted to hospital in Monaco, where she is a resident."Doctors performed an emergency procedure and the Dame is making a good recovery and doctors are happy with her progress." The Welsh star is expected to recover ahead of her scheduled performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in London England next month.


Singing star Ray J. was reportedly kicked out of a Washington, D.C. hotel this weekend, after bosses allegedly found marijuana in his hotel room. According to TMZ, the 27-year-old star was forced to shorten his stay at the Hyatt Regency hotel after staff found a stash of marijuana and a drug identified as ‘Boat’ in his room while the Sexy, Can I star was out partying. Ray J is also alleged to have attempted to bribe hotel security to let him stay, only to be escorted out of the establishment following a verbal altercation. Police were called to the scene at the time of the incident, but have decided not to file charges against the singer. Ray J has been dating superstar Whitney Houston following her split from husband Bobby Brown last year. Both Houston and Brown are said to have struggled with a alleged drug addictions in the past.


Hollywood star Rob Lowe has dropped a lawsuit filed against his former chef, after he reportedly agreed to provide information on two former nannies who have accused the star of sexual harassment. Former employees Jessica Gibson and Laura Boyce filed the lawsuits against Lowe last April. Gibson alleged Lowe touched her inappropriately several times between September 2005 and January 2008, while Boyce is also suing for wrongful termination, accusations both the actor and his wife Sheryl have denied totally. Cook Peter Clements then followed suit with more legal action against the actor, claiming he had been unfairly dismissed after being accused of having sex on the Lowes’ bed while the family was out of town. He had also reportedly stolen prescription drugs from the family and overcharged them for his services.But, according to TMZ, Lowe has now dismissed the lawsuit they filed against Clements. Legal documents obtained by the website read, "Once Peter Clements provided Rob and Sheryl Lowe with accurate information, the Lowes’ willingly dismissed their claims against him without cost to either side." The dismissal request was filed in a Los Angeles California court on Friday, and the lawsuit is expected to be formally dropped later in the week.