Hollywood star Salma Hayek is hitting out at the very aggressive paparazzi, because they continue to jeopardise the health of her baby.The actress gave birth to daughter Valentina last year with partner Francois-Henri Pinault, and she’s shocked by the lengths the photographers will go to to get photos of her with her family. She says, "I was hounded when I was pregnant. And even more since I’ve had the baby. They are parked outside of your house and they will not move for months. I didn’t leave my house for nearly three months… I’ve gotten hit with a camera before." And Hayek has grown increasingly concerned since a February clash with photographers nearly sent her daughter flying to the pavement from her caretaker’s arms. She recalls, "First I see them attacking me with the camera and the flashes. Now she starts screaming, the baby. Then they push the nanny, she was going to the floor."It was so disturbing. I didn’t know if they wanted to get the picture or they wanted to push the baby and get me crazy. I’m not sure because it was almost - it was really deliberate. It’s a baby."


Anonymous said…
This is out of line. If they can not control their actions, laws will be made to ensure they will. Time to police your own here.
Anonymous said…
That is wrong on so many levels.
I love seeing celebrity photos & especially the babies but not at the expense of harm to them.
I love Salma & her daughter is beautiful but I don't need to see her if it means she might be harmed in the process.
The same goes for any stars.

I recall Brad Pitt saying he gets upset at how they do his children, calling them by name & stuff.
I think I remember him saying Maddox has learned to retaliate. LOL
Go Maddie!!! LOL