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Thursday, November 02, 2017



Story By: David Salidor & James Edstrom

Barry Z. With James Edstrom, Ian Miller And April Sandmeyer

Cable-TV gadfly Barry Z (The Barry Z Show) passed earlier this week after a series of health setbacks. Say what you will about the ubiquitous Mr. Z, but he was a TV-pioneer much in the way that a Joe Franklin and Nick Yanni were. I worked on a show eons ago, even before Barry, called Crashing New York and though it was done very bare-bones ... we had some of the best guests ever. I know, I booked them. I loved, for lack of a better word, the zeal that those producers had.

Barry Zabusky  AKA Barry Z had such guests as Ray Romano, Joy Behar, Brett Butler, Mario Cantone, Joan Rivers, Jackie Mason, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Lewis, Pat Cooper, Regis Philbin, Julie Andrews and Liza Minelli on at various times in the show’s history. I handled, and sometimes that word encompassed a lot, his PR, and let me tell you straight away, that some press agents wanted to work with him, and some did not; and, I will not name them. Barry always claimed he didn’t know why this one or that one didn’t want to work with him … but, I know he did. He was relentless and truth be told, sometimes that sets us PR-folk amok. One thing I always admired about Barry was his drive.

His show was at times on Time Warner Cable and most recently, UStream.

I’m one of those press-people who usually believe that any press, is good press … but, within reason. At various times, Barry offered to have himself arrested to generate some ink. I always said no to that. Good idea, but very clearly not the right way to proceed.

I had clients who avoided him like the plague, but other clients, like The Fantatsicks-producer Tony Noto and Mark Bego were regularly invited back. Barry did his homework and was actually a great interviewer.

Bit by bit, we penetrated the media in NYC. Michael Starr at the Post was the first journalist to give him ample exposure and he should be applauded for that as Barry’s show served to introduce many personalities who went onto to bigger and better things.”

Money seemed to constantly be an issue and at times the campaign had to be put on hold. That interrupted things quite a bit, so for a time, it seemed like we'd move one step forward and two steps back. Never a good recipe to follow.

As recently as this April, Barry was still interviewing people … like producer Tony Moran and songsmith Mike Greenly.

Often Barry showed a warmer, softer side, but that was when he got to know you. A ribald sense of humor for sure, he was great to work with. Sure, he had his business problems – reportedly the Post sued him and won, but he had a dream and you know, you’ve got to respect those dreamers.

For better or worse I’ve had many clients on the edge, Barry was always a challenge and I say that in a very good way. He had a dream.

He was one of a kind and I will very definitely miss him. RIP Barry!

James Edstrom Gives Barry Z. Shocking Interview


Barry Z was a true cable icon. There were only two, Barry Z and the Famed Robin Byrd. Between the two of them, they changed the way cable came into our homes.

I was on Barry's show many times. He was a loyal friend but over the last few years with all the drama in my life with my abusive landlord St Nicks Alliance, I lost touch. I guess I did not lose him, I kinda lost the world with all the abuse I was getting in my life.

I asked about him a few weeks ago and was told he was doing OK and was still around. 

In the old days I would invite Barry Z to all my parties. He would always film and do interviews and I had many big names at my Birthday bashes.  I would have the cast of One Life To Live and As The World Turns and Barry Z would turn their worlds. I would have Angie Bowie, Honeymooner Joyce (Trixie) Randolph, Grace Jones, Subway Gunman Bernie Goetz and Barry would interview them all. A interview from Barry Z, was not always a honeymoon. Sometimes he would be doing a professional interview and out of the blue he would ask about erections. Some stars had a great comeback, others freaked out, but this was Barry Z.   I would have the heads of The National Enquirer, Star Magazine, The NY Post and The Daily News at my parties and Barry Z. would just push them all away and do his thing.

I had fun with Barry Z. Everyone in New York City knew him and Robin Byrd. They was the queens of cable. Going to any club with either of them would mean everyone was staring at us all night. I was on The Barry Z. float in the Gay Parades. After Barry would treat to dinner and that was something because Barry Z. held onto every dollar. He always had money problems because he spent so much producing his show. Nothing else mattered, his show meant the world to him, even if it meant spending the rent.

Barry Z. could have been huge on Regular Television. There was nothing else like it out there. Once I arranged for some heavy Hollywood producers to meet with Barry Z. about syndicating his show. They saw the value of his access and the value of so many years of stock footage. They were ready to put millions into the project, but things fell apart when Barry Z. wanted to control everything. He still wanted to do it all and the Hollywood people wanted to hire producers and staff and let Barry Z. be the star. Barry Z. wanted control of everything so the deal fell apart. I just never understood this and I told him he needed to give up control and be the star. He refused.

At one of the worst times in my life, when I got real sick from AIDS, I was going through hell with the system in New York City. Barry Z. got on the phone and called Senator Tom Duane. Withing 15 minutes all the problems were solved. I would never had survived if it were not for Barry Z. helping me.

He got big interviews with many stars. But he loved the politicians. I remember he got Congressman Barney Frank to do a interview at Broadway Langans. We drank beer and had a blast. 

I am very sad of the Passing of Barry Z. He was a true New York City Icon and a friend!

Thursday, September 07, 2017



Bette Midler

Our favorite star, Bette Midler knows how to get Donald Trump's attention with her tweets. Not only are they right on the money, she adds a comic touch to them, showing just how stupid Donald Trump really is.

For Trump tweets, “We're building our future w/American hands, US labor, US iron, aluminum & steel.” In a Chinese tie, no doubt.

I have a week off; I'm pooped. I don't want to do anything but sit & stare at a wall. Sadly, has totally ruined walls for me.

Look, Bette is a New York City Icon. I have photographed her many times over the years. Always so sweet, always has something to say. Being New Yorker's, we both have met Donald Trump many many times. He always was a asshole. Sorry, sad but true. His kids are great, but that is because they were raised by Ivana and his other wives. I think they have DADDY Issues because he did not seem to be around much. Trump was always at some event or doing some publicity stunt for his FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump was the creator of FAKE NEWS. He was always a master at it, I always said way before he ran for President that he should have been a publicist, because he was a master at FAKE NEWS. I know, I covered many of his FAKE NEWS events. But the reality is, Donald Trump is a fake. Always was, always will be.

Why is it we have a President from NYC that could give a crap about the immigrants that live and work here? Does this nut case of a President think decision to repeal DACA will not effect him? I am sure many of his Restaurant workers in his hotels are DACA. I am sure many of his workers in every single business is DACA. Some media outlet should look at who really works in Donald Trump's businesses. 

Fake Donald Trump

One more point, Donald Trump's taste is tacky. I have been in his Trump Tower apartment many times. (Guess I won't be invited back) It is just so tacky and cold. Everything has it's spot. Fixtures in bathroom all gold and almost every other fixture, all gold. White couches, White grand piano, Gigantic Lion as a centerpiece. Only room that feels cozy is the den. Books adorn the shelf's, cozy couch. The view is not what I would call a great view. But this is his taste.

Mar A Lago is a nice place, but that is because the former Owner had class. When I was Invited there before it was a golf club, I arrived a little early. I was invited by Ivana after her divorce. Security was busy taking down Donald and the kids photos and putting up Ivana and the kids. Everything so planned and everything so cold. 

Donald Trump Has to control everything. From FAKE NEWS to his tacky home tastes. He will not last. His base of KKK and Racist people will learn that he is not even for them. Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. Always been this way and always will. 

And now you know why Bette Midler is mad and millions of Americans. Guess you knew anyway!


Thursday, November 19, 2015


James Edstrom On CBS 2 News

We did a interview today on the illegal renting of affordable apartments in New York City On Air BNB websites and others.  Doing this harms all New Yorkers. It raises the rents in our buildings and takes away our housing stock. 

When you do this, you put other tenants in your building at risk. You have no idea who you are really renting to and having transients in and out of a building is dangerous to other tenants. If you know of anyone doing this, call 311. This effects all New Yorkers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Story By: James Edstrom
Charlie Sheen And James Edstrom

First of all, Charlie Sheen is a very nice guy. I met him a couple of times, he is sweet, caring and funny. I applaud him for telling the world about his status, he should have done it sooner though and not been blackmailed by these ruthless people.

Being diagnosed with HIV is very hard. You are in shock, you think your going to die and you start making plans to die. But even worse is the abuse you receive from the city of New York trying to find a way to stay in a home and to pay for your medicine to stay alive.

When I was told I had full blown AIDS in 2001, days after September 11th, my whole life changed. I was so sick, I could not pay my rent, I could not afford my medicine and having HIV was still not accepted. My doctors sent me to the City's HRA HASA HIV unit which in turn gave me even more horror. They made promises they never kept, they abused me till I finally had it and called my high powered politician friends who contacted the commissioner. But this was just the beginning, the beginning of years of abuse, the beginning of years of being threatened with homelessness by the HRA and their corrupt landlords, being forced to live with mice and rats and when I complained, the abuse got worse.

The last few years I was living on Maujer Street owned by St Nicks Alliance. Right away my son and I were being abused by tenants and caseworkers from St Nicks, because I had AIDS. The more I complained, the more they abused me. Our life was threatened by St Nicks tenants, St Nicks Alliance employees were always threatening us with eviction if we did not do what they told us too. Here we were living in a rent stabilized apartment where we paid our rent, and we had no rights.

We went to the city and complained. They refused to do anything. Here we were, me with full blown AIDS and my son who I adopted and took off the streets. We proved to the city that we were living with mice and rats, we proved tenants were abusing us and we proved the landlord St Nicks Alliance forged our lease agreements. The city still ruled against us. Their own employees who were at the lease signing testified that they were at the lease signing and we never agreed to caseworkers and other things and the leases were forged, yet the city ruled against us.

Rent laws are clear and so is the Americans With Disability Act. Persons with disabilities must have equal or better housing. St Nicks Alliance refused to abide by the law and the HRA refused to enforce their contract with St Nicks Alliance which states that they must comply with all ADA laws. After endless e mails to the Commish, the Deputy Commish, phone conversations with them both and endless e mails to HRA HASA personal, I was forced to file in Supreme Court and to go public that I had AIDS in the New York Daily News.

I complained about the mice and rats, no one did anything. St Nicks Alliance has violations going back years for mice and rats, yet they did nothing. I was bitten in my bed one night. Still they did nothing. Tenants were outside my windows yelling move white boys move and we have to get the AIDS faggots out, the city did nothing and St Nicks Alliance did nothing. I complained about the drug dealing in the building. St Nicks Alliance told me I should be careful at what I say, I could be sued for slander. They refused to do anything. But lo and behold, St Nicks Property Manager Haydee Cordero was recently arrested for money laundering for a Heroin drug cartel. St Nicks Alliance owns or operates around 80 buildings in the Brooklyn area. I told them about the drug dealing and they ignored. They even refused to give video to the police department when I witnessed a deal in our lobby.

When I filed the lawsuit, St Nicks employees came to the building and took the hard drive on the security system. They also took the security reports. St Nicks Alliance refuses to turn them over to us as required by law. There are also hundreds of e mails they refuse to turn over, they gave us around ten. In them St Nicks employees Michael Rochford and Frank Lang joke about the mice and rats. Replys are blocked out. They refuse to comply with the law. Another lawsuit was filed in Federal Court last week by Courtney Crawford. He is being abused by St Nicks Alliance employees and the same tenants in the building who abused us. St Nicks Alliance is trying to evict Mr. Crawford because he has a dog, something everyone in the building has, but St Nicks Alliance thinks it's right for them to discriminate against people with AIDS.

Still the HRA refuses to step in and pull the contract from St Nicks Alliance. Lawsuits in Supreme Court, Lawsuits in Federal Court, and the city continues to allow this alleged Not-For_Profit to get city contracts. 

The abuses have gone on for so many years in the city's HRA-HASA system with these providers and it has to stop. Thousands of people are being abused in this system that costs a Billion A Year to the taxpayers, A system that abuses people with AIDS who need housing and most of all, need their medicine. My Medicine costs over three thousand a month. Someone like Charlie Sheen can afford this, but most people can't and end up very sick and even die. 

I am out of this fake provider system and out of abusive St Nicks Alliance. My lawyer bills are through the roof and since St Nicks Alliance refuses to follow the law and turn over videos, security books and e mails, we are spending so much money on motions trying to get them. What is St Nicks Alliance scared of? I'll tell you, they are abusing people with AIDS, they are breaking several laws, some of them Federal Laws and they run a corrupt operation that provides no services to anyone with AIDS. They live off the taxpayers of New York City and the Federal Government. Most of all, they live off the sick people who suffer with AIDS. Persons with AIDS are trying to stay alive and St Nicks Alliance is profiting off them.

I am glad Charlie Sheen came out for having HIV. I understand what he was going through being blackmailed and getting to courage to stand up and fight and to tell the public he has HIV. I had to do it last year in the NY Daily News. It was not easy, but St Nicks Alliance and the HRA left me no option but to admit I was sick and fight. I hope Charlie continues fighting for the rights for people with HIV. I hipe he give me a call.

Thursday, December 04, 2014



Story By: G.H. Harding
James Edstrom And Jerry Springer

KEYS LOST-- Bobby Keys, the saxophonist who played with the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Buddy Holly, has died Monday at the age of 70 at his home in Tennessee.

According to his spokesperson, Keys had been suffering with long-term liver problems following his well-documented problems with alcohol and heroin.

While he played with many rock 'n roll legends during the 60’s and 70’s, Keys was best known for his work with the Stones - including tracks “Brown Sugar,” “Live With Me,” and “Emotional Rescue.”

His horn-break on their “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” is positively captivating and chilling.

In a statement, the band said: “The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys."

"Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960s. He will be greatly missed.”

“He was a good friend and an inspiration to play with,” said long-time friend and Nashville rock veteran Michael Webb, who performed with Keys in a band of Southern rock all-stars called Bobby Keys and the Suffering Bastards.

He added: “About two months ago, he started wrestling with his health. He had been in and out of (the hospital) several times.”

Keys initially made a name for himself playing sax for Buddy Holly at the tender age of 15 in Texas, before playing on Elvis Presley's “Return to Sender.”

From there he was picked up by Eric Clapton for the Derek and the Dominos project and made his way to London, where he fell in with George Harrison, John Lennon, and Keith Moon. He also played with Joe Cocker, Leon Russell and Delaney & Bonnie.

He met the Stones in the mid-60’s while they were on the same bill in San Antonio, Texas, and was distraught that the British rockers had recorded a cover of Buddy Holly's “Not Fade Away.”

''I said, 'Hey, that was Buddy's song'," Keys recalled in Richards' memoir Life, published in 2010.

“Who are these pasty-faced, funny-talking, skinny-legged guys to come over here and cash in on Buddy's song?”

But once Keys listened more closely, he decided the Stones were playing 'actual rock and roll', an opinion the Stones more than shared about Keys.

He first recorded with the Stones in the late 1960’s, and toured and recorded with them off and on over the following decades.

While it was Keys' sax playing that had made him famous, he would soon become infamous for his nights of boozing and drug-taking.

Despite being a close friend of the Stones, he was allegedly banned from touring with the group for 10 years in 1973 after filling a bathtub full of Dom Perignon champagne, going for a dip, and then failing to make a show.

Around the same time he also sought help for his heroin addiction, which, according to his autobiography, he picked up after touring with Jagger.

Keys was not a full-time member of the Stones but frequently led the horn section when the band went into the studio or on the road.

He also helped the band work on seminal albums such as Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St. and Goats Head Soup.

During the making of Exile, Keys was also open about his drug and alcohol use, once saying: “Hell, yeah, there was some pot around, there was some whiskey bottles around, there was scantily clad women. Hell, it was rock'n'roll!”

Keith Richards also paid tribute (written no less), saying: “I have lost the largest pal in the world and I can't express the sense of sadness I feel, although Bobby would tell me to cheer up.”

No doubt about it, a true legend. RIP Bobby.

SNYDERMAN’S MEA CULPA --- It was Nancy Snyderman's first on-air appearance in a month and a half and she followed her talk with Matt Lauer by reporting a story on women and depression.

NBC had kept her off the air following an angry public reaction to her broken promise: After saying she'd stay in her New Jersey home until the danger for symptoms of the disease had passed, she was spotted in a car getting takeout food.

"I'm very sorry for not only scaring my community and the country, but adding to the confusion of terms that came as fast and furious as the news about Ebola," said Synderman, a surgeon who has worked for NBC News since 2006 after a long stint for ABC.

Snyderman had been reporting on the outbreak in Liberia in October and worked briefly with cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, who contracted the deadly virus. Mukpo came back to the United States for treatment and has since recovered, and no one else from NBC was infected.

Snyderman said she and fellow crew members were taking their temperatures several times a day to check to see if they were developing symptoms. But within 72 hours of agreeing to a 21-day quarantine, Snyderman left her home, compelling New Jersey authorities to then make her quarantine mandatory.

"We knew the risks in our heads," Snyderman, "but we didn't really appreciate and frankly were not sensitive to how absolutely frightened Americans were."

She said "Good people make mistakes and I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me, and for that I'm sorry."

Snyderman said she would be willing to go back to Africa tomorrow to cover Ebola. Left unsaid was whether NBC would take her off the story given the furor over her violation. There was genuine doubt among NBC executives about whether Snyderman would be allowed to return at all.

NBC said Wednesday it was not commenting beyond Snyderman's interview.

More than 100 public comments about her apology were posted on the Today show website by early Wednesday afternoon. They were overwhelmingly negative, although there was some suggestion that she deserved some sympathy.

I know Nancy and I believe she deserves a second chance; everyone deserves a second chance.

STING’S SHIP --- I like Sting a lot, but I didn't love those early commercials for his Last Ship on Broadway. I called them at the time the equivalent of the Aqua Velva commercials with a rousing crowd singing an anthem.

Well, with Ship’s sales headed south, Sting himself is joining the cast on December 9. Their re-worked version of his “Show Some Respect” debuted at the Thanksgiving Day parade and I rather liked it.

Star Jimmy Nail’s part has been severely downsized, but it worked well. Will be interesting to see the Sting-effect … I think it’s a good idea.

There’s no one with more pure passion and charisma than Sting.

SPRINGING INTO ACTION-- I was watching the Jerry Springer show at the gym the other day and it occurred to me that the hardest job on that show … is being a security guard. One segment, with several different women and one guy, had the security team pummeled to and fro. Yikes … Our Editor James Edstrom was his studio photographer for years and says it was one of his best gigs. Said Edstrom, " I had more fun running around the set with Jerry Springer's PR Linda Shafran. Jerry adores her and all our ideas drew worldwide attention. Jerry and NBC  thought we were crazy half the time, but things worked with the old Chicago crew. Every idea was pure magic, because Shafran thinks out of the box. This is what makes a great Public Relations person."

CLOSING NOTES: Director Sam Mendes has just revealed the title for Bond 24 which will be entitled Spectre. Mendes made the announcement this morning from the legendary 007 stage at Pinewood where the film will shoot along with London, Rome, Mexico City, Tangier and the Austrian Alps. The newest cast members are confirmed as Christoph Waltz, Andrew Scott, David Bautista, Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux. Daniel Craig returns as Bond along with Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomie Harris as Miss Moneypenny and Ralph Fiennes as the new M …

SIGHTINGS --- Beth Stern and a gaggle of girl friends at Narcissa in The Standard Hotel; PR-pasha David Salidor at Bukhara.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Out For Blood:
Private Diary of a Gossip Vampire


Mike Walker's 'Out For Blood'

NY Post's Richard Johnson With Enquirer's Mike Walker & Geraldo Rivera

Resident Editor Christopher Pape With Rita Cosby


Jean Shafiroff With Mike Walker

Tomaczek Bednarek With Rita Cosby And Marty Berman

Power Publicist Norah Lawlor With Ann Lawlor And Rita Cosby

Vanity Fair Icon John Connolly With Flo Anthony

James Edstrom With Legend Mike Walker

Erica And Geraldo Rivera

Ben Widdicombe
Geraldo Rivera hosted a book party to celebrate the launch of National Enquirer gossip columnist and #1 New York Times bestselling author Mike Walker’s latest novel, Out For Blood: Private Diary of a Gossip Vampire at Ivy Bar and Grill on Monday, November 4, 2013. In Out For Blood, the latest book from veteran National Enquirer “Guru of Gossip” Mike Walker, the term “deadline” takes new meaning. Out For Blood’s atypical hero, Clark, has a to-die-for secret: he’s the undead! Flying the night skies to spy on Tinseltown’s sexiest stars and consistently scooping his industry cohorts, with a killer career as gossip-in-residence at the National Revealer, Clark has long stood to be one of Hollywood’s most feared men…which is to say nothing of his razor-sharp bite. But when a sex tape scandal with smokin’ hot starlet/tabloid terror TayLo Logan leads him into a nefarious murder plot that threatens everything he holds dear – including his beloved Revealer post – it’s high time for the real fangs to come out.

An uproariously funny, satirical and surprisingly thought-provoking romp through the sex, lies, and videotape that make the Hollywood gossip machine go ‘round, Out For Blood is a novel that only the likes of Walker could write.

At the book launch party, Mike Walker, Geraldo Rivera and his wife Erica Levy were joined by many close friends and the media elite for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at Ivy Bar and Grill, including New York Post columnist Richard Johnson, New York Observer writer Ben Widdicombe, Executive Producer of The Geraldo Rivera Radio Network Marty Berman, New York Daily News Confidenti@l gossip columnist Lachlan Cartwright, Vanity Fair contributing editor John Connolly, entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy, Inside Edition special correspondent Rita Cosby, Susie Coelho (ex-wife of Sonny Bono), creator of Eyewitness News Albert T. Primo, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and Resident Magazine editor-in-chief Christopher Pape.

While celebrating Walker’s new novel, guests enjoyed an elegant jazz performance by The Jazz Company. The talented quartet included leader Allan Schwartzberg, trumpet player Warren Vache, guitarist Bob Mann, and bassist David Finck.

Mike Walker’s Out For Blood: Private Diary of a Gossip Vampire was published by original Fifty Shades of Grey publisher The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House on October 31st, 2013, and is currently available both in book stores and online.


Heralded as “the Hemingway of gossip” by America’s favorite shock-jock, Howard Stern, millions of readers have faithfully followed Mike Walker’s every word as the National Enquirer’s Guru of Gossip and a New York Times bestselling author.

A longstanding television and radio favorite, for years he hosted the nationally syndicated Mike Walker Show on the Westwood One Network (CBS), and was seen every Friday as a co-anchor on Geraldo, making the record number of appearances of any guest ever (264)! Guesting on such top TV shows as Nightline, Larry King Live, The O’Reilly Factor, Nancy Grace, Joan Rivers, A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight and Charlie Rose, Walker has proven to be an engaging personality as Hollywood’s #1 source of celebrity gossip.

Out For Blood is widely available via all major online retailers and select brick-and-morter booksellers as of October 31st, 2013.


The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing (TWCS) House is an independent publisher based in New South Wales, Australia. They gained a great deal of attention with Fifty Shades of Grey, the international literary sensation they released in June 2011 and is now represented by Random House.

Launched in October 2010 with the vision of working alongside talented authors while providing quality e-books to the growing marketplace, TWCS publishes a wide range of fiction titles and is sure to have something for any reading appetite.

For more information, please visit their Website:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012



Bitching By: James Edstrom

James Edstrom Clowns Around On G5 Jet

The past week has been a tough one. I really don't know about this summer, it has been hard just to survive.

Many of my readers wrote and asked why I did not write anything last Friday. Well I had to fly to Washington DC, that's all I can really say right now, I will be writing about that in a few days. Just want to make sure I have all the information right before I do a big story with some great photos. 

I have some very good and generous friends. Knowing that I was not feeling so good last week, they flew me and a few friends down to DC on their personal G5 Jet, arranged for all the limo service and treated me like a king. I know they are very private, so I won't mention their names. But they got me to Washington DC in 30 minutes compared to a 5 or 6 hour drive and they got me home just as quick. 

Who else can say they left for Washington DC at 1pm, attended meetings and a dinner, met with television stars, members of Congress, Generals, Diplomats, Politicians and was back home in Times Square by 9pm. But being around such good people, when I have been feeling so down lately, really made me feel alive again. Like I say, I am working on the story and it should be up sometime this week, hopefully. 


I am sure I will be doing a scandalous story on why I really have to move out of Times Square. My building has just become impossible to live in. There are drug raids in our building, drug dealers that live here dealing up and down our street and I am hearing rumors of prostitution from other tenants. When I moved in here there was none of this. The landlord has made some very mean moves against me all while smiling to my face like they were my friends. The more I complain about whats going on the more they want me out. So I have decided I do not have the time or energy anymore and I just want to move. I have been speaking to my media friends as well as my politician friends and when I give the signal, this landlord is going to learn a few things about being fair and they are going to learn that they can not break State and Federal laws, and to treat good people this way. And all of this in Times Square!


So many of my friends are moving to Harlem. It is the last Manhattan frontier to be renewed. One of my ultra rich friends just brought a townhouse there. In Harlem you are going to get more bang for the buck. The Times Square area is now all tourists, Central Park is all tourists and the feel of the old New York is disappearing. Everywhere you look is Disneyland and tourist traps. 

Harlem still has that old Manhattan style, so I am really considering a move up there. But Times Square Gossip will remain as always. We are getting close to 8 million readers and I have some wonderful changes planned for the future. I really need more space and a change. I need to leave the stress of Times Square and this building. Harlem could be the answer!

UPDATE: I got so many e-mails from friends asking what happened to my eye. Nothing happened, friends sunglasses broke and I was joking around. I am fine!

Friday, July 20, 2012



Memories By: James Edstrom

 James Edstrom

Writing the last story (below this one) on Chris Colfer visiting Elvis Duran's hit show on Z100 Radio yesterday, brings back such memories on morning TV and Radio shows. Some good, some not so good.

Morning is very hard for me. I do not understand why no one seems to understand this. And radio can be hard if you do not have a host that listens to their guests. Some hosts are great and some are only concerned about themselves. I have done almost every TV and Radio show and was a regular on so many big shows for years. Some were so easy and fun and others were just plain hard. But the hardest part was waking up for them. I am a night person, when the sun goes down, I am up and when the sun rises, I'm in bed.

Mancow In The Morning is a very hard show to do. I was a regular every few mornings on the phone from New York and when I was in Chicago I was in the studio. I love Mancow, he's a friend, but his show is just crazy to do. In the middle of stories, sound effects come on or he starts talking to someone else and I would just go crazy trying to get a whole story in. It had to be the most fast paced show I ever did. You never knew who would be sitting next to you in the studio and I am talking huge stars. But it was such a hard show to do. Because it was so early and so fast paced, I would leave the studio like a zombie. I slowly backed out of doing his show.

The Rude Awakening Show in Ocean City Maryland. Funny, the star Bulldog I met through Mancow, but this show may be early, but is a very easy show to do. I had a whole fan base down there, at least two people, and the show is a fun show. I had my own theme music and was on almost every day, but the morning wake ups started to get to me. But Bulldog always lets you tell your story and he has fun with his guests. I even went down there one cold winter night with Randy Jones from The Village People to host a radio station party, but the next morning with my hangover was a killer. The producers are wonderful on The Rude Awakening Show and I just love phone girl. I still do this show now and then.

The Derek And Romaine Show on Sirius XM. This show was good, because it was at night, and for a few years I did it every Tuesday night for a hour. I adored Derek And Romaine and I would go crazy on the show. There were no boundaries and we had a lot of fun. You never knew what would happen next, but Derek started to get real mean to me on the air after a few years. He was pissed for some fight I had with some loser celebrity at a club and he never forgave me and hated me forever after. I never understood this, I was so loyal to Derek, but he just got meaner and meaner and I finally decided to just not go back. I heard they did a couple of shows after I left, The Best Of James Edstrom. I was a nut on that show and it was very sad to walk away, but even Romaine said to me I was being abused. I e-mailed Romaine several times after I left and she ignored me. Sad, I thought she was a friend.

WPIX television star Lionel used to have a radio show on WABC. I do not know if he still has a show, but Lionel was a great show to do. He saw the bull in the celebrity business and always had a good insight on my adventures. And I never knew AM radio had so many listeners. I would be in a club and people would come up to me and tell me they loved me on Lionel. This was a very easy show to do, it was in the afternoon and was perfect.

Brett Winterble from Sirius XM. I just did this show recently and Brett is a great host. He lets you talk and knows what you are saying and has good commentary. Fun show to do.

Eddie Finocchiaro's new Ham Radio Show. This was a fun show, brought back memories of my days on Sirius when I would say just about anything. Only downside, its a early show to do, but Eddie understands the irony of things in this world and laughs at it all.

Who could forget Dr. Judy Kuriansky's Love Phones on Z100 and syndicated around the country. I loved doing this show with people calling up about their sexual adventures. It was really fun, it was also at night and Dr. Judy till this day is still a very good friend.

TV is a little different. Theres makeup, I always insist on this and then theres getting to the studio. I always insist on a limo. I'm a diva when it comes to TV, but I love it. 

First of all, I tried early in my career to plan everything I was going to say on TV.  It never worked out that way, producers always had their own ideas on how they wanted the show to flow, so eventually I learned not to plan on anything and just go with the flow and enjoy.

60 Minutes was a great show to do, they profiled me for almost the whole hour in 1997. The producers listened to me and understood my story and the show came out great. They saw both sides of the story and were very fair. Besides, how many people can say they were profiled on 60 Minutes. For weeks after the showed aired, people would stop me on the street and say they saw me on the show.

Access Hollywood, Extra and Entertainment Tonight. These shows were great, but I always said to the producers tell me where you are heading and what you want. These shows are fast paced since they have to be put together daily. But I loved doing these shows and most of the time they would meet me anywhere to do the interview. I did these shows many times.

MSNBC treated me great. They always sent a limo, and the staff there was always at the top of their game. I used to love doing Rita Cosby's Live And Direct. We flowed together so well, I think it was because we knew each other so well. I also did Rita's show when she was on FOX TV. To this day, we are still such good friends and I think Rita is one of the biggest talents out there.

CNN was a thrill to do. I did a Princess Diana story with them, but I never heard from them again. It's a shame, as I am right down the street from their studios and I love their shows.

Good Day New York. A very early show to do, but the staff was always so good to me. I used to love going up to their Upper East Side studios and they always sent a limo. The show has such a huge viewership, I would get stopped on the street after doing their show.

FOX TV was always fun as it was in the same building as The NY Post, who I supplied photos too. You never knew who you would meet in the Green Room there and I have so many friends that work there. We would always go out after and have such a great time.

Past hit shows that I loved to do were A Current Affair and Hard Copy. I did these shows many times and this was the golden age of tabloid reporting. We worked hard on stories and left no stone unturned. From the streets to the studio, these shows gave the story. It was a shame that after Princess Diana died, there was such a backlash against these shows and they went off the air. When it came to getting the story, we were the best.

I did so many more shows and was a regular on most of them. Times have changed, I am so busy behind my computers writing and editing photos, it's hard to find the time to do any of them anymore. I'm thinking after the summer is over, I am going to start doing shows again. It's work, but fun!

Photo By: John Martini

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Tanay Jackson On YouTube

Tanay Jackson, Tito Jackson's daughter and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson, launches a new campaign to show the world just what she's got going for her...and that's a lot. Like her uncle, Jackson combines exciting, evocative songwriting with expressive and energetic stage routines. Reviews say “she looks incredible onstage...a great performer,” and “Tanay obviously takes after her Aunt Janet.” She records in the Pop music genre.

Her most recent music video “Honey” is available for viewing on YouTube; Jackson is the songwriter and director. She is the only daughter of former The Jackson Five/The Jacksons guitarist Tito Jackson and the younger half-sister of Taryll, Tito and TJ Jackson, members of the singing group 3T.

Like the first generation of the Jackson family, Tanay Jackson discovered her natural abilities at a young age. Raised by her mother in Maryland, the gifted songwriter and performer was first recognized by her fourth grade music teacher who insisted on vocal training for the child prodigy. By the age of 12, Jackson began writing poetry and music for fun. She has received writing royalties from JASCAR in Japan for one of her songs; Sony Urban noticed her excellent writing and tried to negotiate a publishing deal with the talented performer.


 Ed Asner

Today, celebrities and environmental leaders joined the call for the first-ever national mobilization on Fracking July 28th in Washington, DC, “Stop the Frack Attack.” The event will have three demands for Congress: stop dangerous fracking, close 7 legal loopholes that exempt the oil and gas industry from parts of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Air, and Clean Water Acts, and implement a pathway towards 100% clean renewable energy.

Mark Ruffalo, Pete Seeger, Lois Gibbs, Bill McKibben, Ed Begley Jr., Ed Asner, Josh Fox, Gus Speth, Cornel West, Vandana Shiva, Holly Near, James Hansen, Dar Williams, Michael Kieschnick, Joe Uehlein, and Margot Kidder join over 100 organizations and community groups in their call to action.

"Fracking is proof our addiction to fossil fuels has gone too far,” said Margot Kidder, “In the face of this kind of destruction, doing nothing is not an option. I'll be in DC on July 28th because I’m worried about the world my grandchildren will inherit without immediate action. We have to stop the destruction, and we have to do it now."

Fracking is a hot-button issue in swing states including PA, OH, CO, NM, NC, and MT. In New York, the fight against fracking spurred Governor Cuomo to ban the practice in much of the state, but “Fracktivists” continue to fight for a total ban.



 Andy Griffith

TV Land will honor the life and work of beloved actor Andy Griffith, who passed away today at the age of 86, with blocks of programming highlighting his most treasured work, “The Andy Griffith Show.” On Wednesday, July 4th from 8am-1pm ET/PT and Saturday and Sunday, July 7th and 8th from 11am to 8pm ET/PT, TV Land will air some of the most memorable episodes in marathons of “The Andy Griffith Show.” The TV Land Facebook page ( will also pay tribute to Andy, celebrating some of his best TV moments.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend, Andy Griffith,” said Larry W. Jones, President, TV Land. “His contributions to the entertainment industry and his role as Sheriff Andy Taylor will live forever in the minds and hearts of generations of television viewers past, present and yet to come. The entire TV Land staff will miss him and our thoughts go out to his family.”

“The Andy Griffith Show” has long been a part of TV Land’s history and has been in the network’s line-up for over a decade. In 2003, the network erected a statue in Raleigh, North Carolina, depicting the famous opening sequence featuring Andy Griffith and a young Ron Howard in their roles of Sheriff Andy and Opie Taylor walking hand-in-hand. Then in 2004, the network unveiled a replica of the bronze statue in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Andy Griffith’s birthplace and the town after which Mayberry was modeled. Also in 2004, the cast was honored with the Legend Award at the 2nd Annual “TV Land Awards.” Additionally, the network has produced two retrospective specials on the series, “TV Land’s Top 10: The Andy Griffith Show” and “Inside TV Land: The Andy Griffith Show.”

Monday, July 02, 2012


The cover story of the new issue of Us Weekly is all about Katie Holmes finally breaking free from her “Rosemary’s Baby” marriage to Tom Cruise. 

 Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes' Hollywood fairy tale with Tom Cruise definitely did not have a happy ending. When the 33-year-old actress filed for divorce from Cruise, 49, last Thursday -- aggressively moving for sole legal custody of daughter Suri, 6 -- it was the culmination of a year-long attempt to break free of a confining, Scientology-influenced marriage to Cruise, sources tell the new Us Weekly, out now. "Every move she made and everything she did was controlled . . . She felt like she was in Rosemary's Baby," says one insider, referring to the classic 1968 horror film, in which an aspiring young actress (Mia Farrow) unwittingly bears a child for her husband's Satanic cult.

Indeed, her shocking divorce filing, which has blindsided a "furious" Cruise, wasn't simply about the Kennedys star's own personal contentment, a Holmes source says.

"This is about protecting her daughter," the insider explains to Us. "She wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and didn't want her to have an exclusively Scientology education."

The first source puts it more bluntly: "She felt she had to get out to save her daughter." For more on the biggest divorce shocker of the year -- inside their rigid marriage, their final blowout fight, how Cruise is "flipping out," how Holmes "got the strength to do it".

Jessica Simpson


The scale has spoken — and it doesn’t have good news for Jessica Simpson. A source tells Hot Stuff the new mom learned at her first Weight Watchers weigh-in — a few weeks after the May 1 birth of daughter Maxwell — she had gained 70 pounds. Luckily, the spokesperson, 32, has $4 million worth of motivation to shed them. Her contract requires a 20- to 30-pound loss by the end of August or no payday, says a source. But it won’t be easy. “Jessica has always had issues with junk food,” says a Simpson pal. So the 5-foot-3 fashion mogul has called in reinforcements: She enlisted her mom, Tina, and a few pals to do the program “to help keep herself in check,” says the insider. Simpson, who plans to breast-feed through July, also ditched her beloved high-calorie margaritas, adds the source. “She had a few drinks post pregnancy, but then stopped.”

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is totally dialed in to boy­friend Kanye West. In fact, she’s the only one who has his phone number! West, 35, “doesn’t like to be tied down by technol­ogy,” says a source, and didn’t have a cell before falling for Kardashian, 31. “It frus­trated Kim,” adds the insider. “She had to call him through a bodyguard.” But West recently caved and got a secret phone. Says a source, “He only uses it for Kim!”

Channing Tatum


The star clashed with Magic Mike protégé Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer
When Channing Tatum bares his true feel­ings about Magic Mike costar Alex Pettyfer, it’s not pretty. “He hates Alex,” a source tells Hot Stuff. “They had massive fights on set.” The beefcake to blame, insists another insider, is Pettyfer, 22, who plays a character based on for­mer male revue dancer Tatum, 32. “Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no rea­son,” says the insider. “He thinks he’s the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey.” Tatum, a coproducer of the stripper flick, retaliated by cutting a Pettyfer scene and, according to a source, “went on a ram­page about it!” And at Magic’s L.A. premiere June 25, the pair still hadn’t patched things up. The actors barely interact­ed and posed on opposite ends of the cast line. Says a source, “Channing refuses to do appear­ances alone with Alex — and he’ll never work with him again.”

Photos By: RD/Hebert/Retna