Will Grega

Composer/Producer Will Grega grew up admiring the works of composers like John Barry, Tangerine Dream and Ennio Morricone.Today, his music can be heard on television, in clubs,and in feature films. He made his feature-length film debut in 2004 with Three Long Years, which premiered in New York City, and starred Randy Jones (playing a male nurse!). Next up is the 2009 release of the Grindhouse SciFi-Thriller Beyond the Facade for which Grega contributed eleven tracks to the film soundtrack, and a top secret video game project. Apart from his soundtrack and remix work, Grega has five jazz/electronica fusion CD’s available from the Pop Front Music label. His latest effort is Tranquilizer 12, which features trip-hop mixed with blissful, laid back jazz. The Source said: “Whether you want to get your groove on or just get it on, this collection of smooth, saucy, and luscious grooves is it!”The massive “Listening Tank” on his web site ( allows visitors to listen to over 75 complete tracks, view his film reel and music videos, as well as his extensive galleries.