Jennifer Lopez burst into tears when she returned home to the Bronx to begin her concert tour.The 'Jenny from the Block' singer was overcome with emotion when she and husband Marc Anthony performed their first joint show at a New York public school yesterday. Jennifer tearfully told the children: "What did you do to me? Look at my make-up!"We're really overwhelmed. We look at you and see ourselves in you and dream of great things for you. I remember when I was just like you, and it touches my heart."The 38-year-old singer-and-actress fuelled pregnancy rumors by wearing a baggy dress to the event and sobbing as the school choir sang 'I Have the Power to Be'. The children waved homemade signs and gave paper flowers to the couple,while shouting "we love you!" as the pair arrived. Jennifer told Us Weekly magazine: "We walked through the school and to feel all this love and this warm reception is amazing. This is my core, and everything I've been able to accomplish, through all the highs and lows, I got through it because of where I came from. And to come back here and feel all the love is so overwhelming and emotional and beautiful and I really feel blessed."Marc added: "I'm from Manhattan but the majority of my family is from the Bronx. I'm extremely touched and overwhelmed. The kids' artwork is amazing.There's nothing in the world, forget a Grammy or award, that I've ever felt that is more warm than I feel today."