Liv Tyler took her two-year-old son to watch his grandfather Steven Tyler rock out in Canada on Monday. The 'Armageddon' star and her son Milo - the actress' only child with husband Royston Langdon, lead singer of rock band Arckid - watched the59-year-old rocker perform with his band Aerosmith at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre from the side of the stage.Liv, 30, made sure Milo's hearing was well and truly protected from the loud music by making him wear bright pink headphones. During the show, Steven treated his grandson to his own private serenade,coming over to the wings and bringing his microphone right down to the tot's level. Milo is not the only toddler to be spotted at a rock concert of late. Gwyneth Paltrow recently took her three-year-old daughter Apple to watch her father Chris Martin perform with his band Coldplay.Apple sported similar hot fuchsia headphones to Milo. Liv famously starred in the Aerosmith video for 'Crazy', in which she played a rebellious teenage alongside actress Alicia Silverstone.The actress has recently finished shooting the thriller 'The Strangers',about a young couple on vacation who are terrorised by three unknown assailants.


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Photo captured the "Madonna" look... nice!
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i love liv!!
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I've always loved this photo of Liv Tyler!

No concert is a place for any baby's nervous system and not even with its ears covered.