Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes has moved back in with former lover Francesca Annis - who dumped him for cheating last year.The 44-year-old actor moved his possessions into the 62-year-old actress' £3 million London mansion last week.Francesca dumped Ralph after discovering he'd had a two-year affair with 33-year-old Romanian singer Cornelia Crisan.Onlookers spotted the newly reunited couple getting amorous during a West End screening of Sean Penn's new film 'Into The Wild' last week, before they left the cinema hand-in-hand and kissed passionately outside the building.One cinemagoer said: "They looked very much in love, regardless of what has gone on in the past."Ralph and Francesca had been together for more than ten years before they split in February 2006.Crisan said at the time: "He wanted to keep me secret. He wanted me to be there for him whenever he needed to have sex. Twice he told me he loved me. But he was already with someone and he was a cheat."Earlier this year, it was reported the Oscar winner enjoyed a 'mile-high' sex session with air hostess Lisa Robertson.