Well the Bahamas inquest is here. Will there be justice for Anna Nicole Smiths beloved son Daniel ? With over a year passing and witnesses memories fading as well as many witnesses who are now scared about being sued by Howard Stern's lawyer Lin Wood, justice seems far away in the Bahamas. I have received many e-mails from readers that seem to think that the Bahamian government will give us justice. I am sorry, but I don't think so. Americans are not safe in the Bahamas. We are only the dumb Americans that spend twelve dollars on a Margarita. They could care less about crimes against the American visitors. Self serving Bahamians like Lincoln Bain only care about milking Americans for money and publicity.
Anna Nicole Smith's mother Virgie Arthur said Today that she hopes an inquest into the death of her 20-year-old grandson will lead to justice as a Nassau court gathered potential jury members to hear the case. Sorry Virgie, I don't think so. Virgie Arthur, who flew to the Bahamas for the long-delayed proceedings, has suggested foul play contributed to Daniel Smith's death last year from a combination of drugs, including methadone and antidepressants.I hope this starts the process of justice, Arthur told reporters as she entered the courthouse. The Bahamian Coroner's Court needs a seven-member jury to explore whether the death of the former Playboy playmate's son was accidental, suicide or perhaps even a homicide. More than a dozen potential jurors arrived Tuesday, but it was unclear when jury selection might begin. Daniel Smith died Sept. 10, 2006, as he visited his mother three days after she gave birth in a Nassau hospital to her daughter, Dannielynn. Anna Nicole Smith died in Florida on Feb. 8 at age 39 from an overdose of prescription drugs, including the painkiller methadone and a powerful sleep aid. In February, Arthur claimed in a television interview that Smith's boyfriend-turned-attorney Howard K. Stern played a role in both deaths, but she did not provide evidence. The inquest had been delayed by a challenge from Stern's legal team, which wants jurors to take a questionnaire to test for possible bias. Stern did not attend the session today. Meanwhile author Rita Cosby continues to stand by her New York Times best selling book 'Blonde Ambition' The Untold Story Of Anna Nicole Smith. It seems so many things in Cosby's book are coming true and I doubt if we would be getting so many answers if it wasn't for this book. Indeed Cosby's book is forcing action to be taken everywhere. But I guess we will have to wait again, as the Bahamians have now postponed the case till Nov. 19th. Their excuse, a hurricane is coming the the islands Wednesday. A 19 day hurricane ? The Bahamian government is a joke !
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Anonymous said…
USA wants Justice for DWS!
Anonymous said…
People are posting at TMZ that the judge is no nonsense and is standing up to HKS's attorney. But if the judge is bought off, it's not like he's going to be stupid enough to be pro HKS in the courtroom. I hate to be so cynical but based on what's occurred to date let's just say I'm in a wait and see mode (and I'll remain that way until the inquest is over).
Anonymous said…
Daniel Wayne Smith, you have many on Planet Earth seeking the truth on behalf of your far-too-brief LIFE!
Anonymous said…
Stearn will walk as always. Hard to understand but he will and it makes me incredibly sad.
Anonymous said…
IMO...That storm coming to the Bahamas is the guardian angels named Anna and Daniel to protect the man they loved named HOWARD K STERN who is being railroaded by Mommie Dearest, Clark, O'Q, DO, Hattan, FS, GBT, RC...ETC. You'll probably delete this because any comments that do not support your truth are deleted! Pathetic little Ritaaa and Mommy...may you all have a clear conscience when you meet your maker!
Anonymous said…
Makes me sick.. Put Howard in jail. they knew they was not going to have an inquest when they started ittoday.
Anonymous said…
HKS and his sister and Dr. E. and attorneys should rot in hell. They give America a bad name and they are the scum of the earth.
Anonymous said…
Well the judge today didn't seem very fond of Ms. Liz Thompson. He told her to sit down and shut up.
Don't be discouraged, things are going as planned.
Keep the faith
Anonymous said…
, We must have faith, there will be justice for Daniel and ANS, dont let these smart ass comments get in our way of seeking the truth and justice, Just remeber GOD dont like ugly and he will deal with all the evil thats been going on.
Anonymous said…
BOYCOTT THE BAHAMAS!!! How DARE THEY LIE and DELAY this Inquest further??? Have they cancelled any other events due to the weather?

Let Howard Stern continue to support their crooked and criminal economy with his bribes and spend your tourist dollars ANYWHERE BUT THERE!!!
Misty said…
My conscious is and will always be just fine. I have no problem seeing Stern for what his is and what he has done. There will be justice for Anna and Daniel. If not sooner, it will most certainly be later, but it will happen.

Stern against the world? How did that happen? As if ALL of those people, and many of US are all out to get the innocent Mr. Stern. Wake up!! Stern didn't love Anna. Stern didn't love Daniel. Stern only loves two things. Himself and the money he can steal from others.

May Justice come soon and may Stern be seen as the dark soul he really is.
Anonymous said…
Deb H. Go back to tmz and spill your trash...or go hang out with hk$ & get yo fix.......U suck

Anonymous said...
IMO...That storm coming to the Bahamas is the guardian angels named Anna and Daniel to protect the man they loved named HOWARD K STERN who is being railroaded by Mommie Dearest, Clark, O'Q, DO, Hattan, FS, GBT, RC...ETC. You'll probably delete this because any comments that do not support your truth are deleted! Pathetic little Ritaaa and Mommy...may you all have a clear conscience when you meet your maker!

3:43 PM
uuuhhooohh!!! said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
word has it einy is in the bahamas hiding in one of virgies chins...safe place, but kind of smelly

as she says the clock is ticking only its the cuckoo clock
Anonymous said…
obseesion is what takes a loony to follow an inquest

pure psycho
Anonymous said…
dang its hard to stand tall in virgies chin
uuuhhooohh!!! said…
LSH, again...pointless.
Dear Pretty In The Pink,

I appriciate your comment. But you posted the same comment twice with a link to your site. I would have left the first comment stay, but there is no need for you to post twice to promote your website. If you wanted to put a link on my site, its called a link exchange and all you have to do is ask instead of posting twice in a row.
I wouldnt do that to your site. Enjoy your interview with Rita, but it wont be 2 hours...lol

Anonymous said…
Tonight, I sat back and watched as Jane Devin’s website, one of my personal favorites, closed up shop. Jane says she’s writing a novel, and while I’m sure she is, I also think that the Internet Crazies took their toll on what had to be one of the most intelligent and compelling writers in cyberspace.

I was introduced to Jane’s writing when I became engrossed in the story of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. While I was never a fan of Smith’s, and never understood how she made it to even D-List status in her post-Guess days, the story of her death, and Howard K. Stern’s role in her life, fascinated me. And I suppose that not unlike many Americans, I was titillated by the media’s constant coverage.

I soon found http://janedevin.com/ online, and it was like finding a gem in a pig pen. Jane sorted out the issues one by one and made sense of the senseless. Most of all, her writings made me really think about things, not just about the story at hand, but about bigger, more universal things and the logic behind them.

And then, just as Jane’s site was soaring, the first batch of internet crazies hit. In some convoluted multi-site drama that would leave Einstein shaking his head, Jane was sent a copy of an email, written by a lady named Rose, and copied to Stern’s attorneys, that called her a media whore, a “wannabe”, and accused her of plagiarism. Jane had no prior dealings with Rose; they were only both occasional contributors to another site, http://annanicoleandhowardkstern.com/, which is run by a lady named QV. The accusations were wild and untrue, and anybody that read Jane’s site would have known that.

Rose, it turns out, was leaving one site and starting her own. She wanted to be, and with Bonnie Stern’s (Howard’s sister) blessing was (it was later learned), the online “legal liason” for Howard. She and partner Havana collected research from QV’s posters and put it together for Stern’s attorneys. When Havana, Rose, and QV had a falling out, Rose and Havana started their own site, called Rose Speaks / Havana’s Home. (Weird title, really. It makes me think of a woman at a podium, and a little girl kneeling at her feet, finally “home” when Mama talks).

However, it wasn’t enough to go on an email campaign to destroy QV, their new enemy, they also decided to try to destroy Jane through their blog. Rose & Havana wrote a post that repeated their accusations. And Jane, who’d been silent on her own site about the issue, apparently trying to handle it through email, eventually blogged right back, denying the accusations and, in typical Jane fashion, pointed out how illogical they were. Rose then posted a whole bunch of things about the law of the internet, and in one of those posts intimated legal action was forthcoming:

Jane got blasted all over again, but she didn’t respond and eventually things seemed to die down. Until Bonnie Stern lied to her.

Jane was in email contact with Bonnie, and Bonnie knew about the accusations Rose & Havana had made. She even knew that Rose had misrepresented a letter of appreciation that was sent to her by Bonnie. In that letter, Bonnie said she was sorry that “so much greed had to come to this.” She was talking about the greed of O’Quinn and Vergie. Rose, trying to obliterate Jane, said that Bonnie was talking about Jane’s greed. Jane, the unpaid writer, who wrote dozens of articles about Howard’s unfair treatment by the media? It was outrageous.

Anyway, Jane did not want to have anything to do with Rose & Havana or their site. She dealt, instead, with Bonnie. One day, she wrote Bonnie an email and said she had some research to forward. . .who should she send it to?

Bonnie wrote back and said stormdncr@gmail.com, and told Jane this was the email address of “the legal liasons” for Howard K. Stern. Jane thought it was odd that legal professionals would have such an email address, so she researched it. She googled (as you can too) “stormdncr” and found the email address was attached to Rose and her husband’s D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle. She also received a letter from that address, sent to an online researcher, that was signed “Howard K. Stern’s Legal Liason Team.”

Jane was not happy that Bonnie was dishonest with her, but more she was amazed at the short-sightedness of those involved in defending Howard. Jane basically said (again through emails) Look, I don’t care what kind of lifestyle people have, but don’t you think signing letters “Howard K. Stern’s Legal Liason Team” from an account linked with BDSM is just a bad idea?

Most people would have gotten that without further explanation. Most people, but not Bonnie. Not Rose, or Havana, and apparently not Ben Erwin from Lin Wood’s office.

And Jane, in trying to defend logic and propriety, ended up taking it in the jaw again. This time because others, who were also researching the connection between the email address, found evidence of several “lifestyle” sites owned by Rose and hubby, and posted them on Jane’s board. Jane removed those links and the info, but not in time to prevent another attack.

It’s been a few months now, but I was one of the ones who looked at the registrations for the four sites, all hosted at the time on one server, and all registered with Domains by Proxy, and I have to say that it definitely appeared at the time that they were all owned by the self-same people. (Some registrations have since been changed, so who knows?) Rose, however, denied owning the two that contained pornography. The other sites she does claim are a non-porn “fantasy-type” D/s site, and one that aims to support victims of abuse in the BDSM lifestyle.

In any case, Rose once again blogged about something that should have been kept to email, and her defense was really off the mark. Instead of addressing the issue of why a D/s email addy was being linked to “Howard K. Stern’s Legal Liasons”, she went on about civil rights and freedom and lifestyle, conveniently turning the matter into one of prudishness vs. sexual freedom.

But it didn’t end there. Nope. Rose then blogged about how she had won the support of Ben Erwin against Jane.

The same Jane who once received a letter of support from Howard’s mother. The professional writer who helped rally logical troops to fight the media that was convicting Stern in the press. Yep, this is the one who dug up the stepbrother of Anna’s no one else could find, and who painstakingly researched every article she wrote.

And who are Rose & Havana? Well Rose is a lady from Texas, who once said she worked for a telecommunications company, but who has been too sick to work for several years. Her side-kick, Havana, from Canada, also has no career.

It was sickening to watch, and it was soon after this that Jane decided she’d had enough. She would wrap up her Stern coverage and move on to other topics.

Very interesting read......
Anonymous said…
9:01pm, What have you been smoking, what the heck does this have to do with the inquest?
Anonymous said…
what's with all those links above? who gived a rats ass about janes site?
Anonymous said…
What this synopsis about JD has to do with with the inquest, is to show what sleeze HKS and BS are. Just one more example of how people get mowed over for God knows why. Even ones that put their all into what they MISTAKENLY thought was a good cause. A few factual errors but a very good overview.
Anonymous said…
I do have to agree you have some people posting who act like children. I never bothered to read these entertainment sites until the death of Daniel & Anna. I never watched her show or was her fan, it just appeared to me that something shady was going on with Stern & his family so I've been following ever since.
Your site is much better than TMZ because of your watchful eye with the repeats.
I've always liked Rita, Opri & O'Quinn & feel for Virgie so hope justice will come soon.
Madeline said…
I always leave these decisons to the courts. There is nothing I can do. My feeling is why even speculate what the outcome may be. To me that is a waste of my cognitive skills. What will be will be. It is a wait and see. I do not pay much credence in speculation just procedure. I deal in the real world with facts and true outcomes. Stay Strong Virgie and family. You Have So Much Support. IMO
Anonymous said…
what a big picture of Vergie !!!You should ask her to put dark color instead of white!!! my god how ugly she look like washhh Elstommmm who the hell are you??? Are you lawyer??? or would you like to go to bahamas and you don't have an off money???
Do you tink you will win something on bashin other gouvernement law???/no you guys lose everything cause you are not good players and with all the lies surronding you you gona continue to work until the end of time shame on your web site!!!!
Anonymous said…
BY the way were is rita you know like "were is Chalie"
Einstein said…
Hey Laughing/Oh happy day aka Michelle Stern
It appears that it is getting harder and harder for you to contain your inner beast.
Posting Mrs. Arthur's address and then threatening to write letters to her.
This thing is going to unravel and all the connections between the web sites/Kirsta Barth/Lawyers for Lin Wood are going to come tumbling out into the open.
E.T. will be exposed and you dear should be reading up on visitation rules for the prison system.
Mr. & Mrs. Stern allowed their son to launder money through them, so they are not going to come out of this mess unscathed.
Talk about greed.
Bonnie's connection to Anna's former company and her ties to S#M bondage sites.
Yeap, now there is a family that you can be proud of.
As for Rita, she's hiding in plain site. Attending parties etc.
Guess we will see what happens in court, won't we.
You remember what a Court of Law is, don't you?
That's where these issue are going to be resolved.
That's the end game, everything else is just a side show.
So you just keep on calling Mrs. Arthur fat, because that has been such a effective strategy to date. Meanwhile, I think the rest of us shall keep sending the Attorney General whatever information is available and watch you people come unraveled.
It ain't pretty, but I have to admit it sure is poetic.
Faye said…
E-You are correct as I have always felt was three main bloggers-the one that swears the worst is Bonnie-Kimmie is just an idiot-and Michelle attacks Virgie all the time.Three Stern women no paid bloggers they just changed names to try make appearance of several people.I have suggested on Topix and will say the same thing here.IRS is a good route to take an Audit needs to happen-make that Stern clan account for the money.You are one of the very best writers for the good guys.Thanks
Anonymous said…
For all of you who thinks that Stearn loved Anna and Daniel and "walks on water", why is he not as eager as the rest of us to find out the truth about what killed Daniel?
Anonymous said…
Have any of you Stearn lovers ever had a daughter on drugs? I have due to a guy just like Stearn. When, by the grace of God, she gathered enough courage on her own to walk, she came back to me, her Mother, who she knows worships her and I helped her get off the drugs and over the guy. However, my daughter's boyfriend didn't have her anywhere as addicted as Stearn did Anna by giving her all of those pills every 4 hours to keep her pliable. My heart goes out to Vergie. She loved that girl and Anna loved her when Stearn wasn't telling her that she didn't and keeping her too high to do anything on her own.
Anonymous said…
I heard on t.v. that Vergie's attorney has the entire tape where Anna is attacking Vergie (that we all saw) and at the end of the tape (which was edited out), Anna is heard asking Stearn if what she said was "good enough" and "did she say enough?" Who did Anna call first when Daniel died? Her Mom, just every every other woman would do whose Mom was still alive. You betcha she loved her Mom but thanks to Stearn, she lived in such a clouded world until she didn't even bond with Dannielynn. The psychiatrist said this, that Anna never bonded with the baby and the baby had others to care for her. This was the psychiatrist's excuse for saying it was okay to prescribe all of those drugs for Anna.
Faye said…
James-Let your readers decide on a simple survey-could you post a site showing picture of Virgie and also one of Kimmie.Thanks
Anonymous said…
You are all coming paranoiac !!Elstromm said they report the inquest cause of hurricaine. Yes ye hurricaine kill now at least 10 plls.
who is paying for Vergie to put her ass in Bahamas and say that she represent" Daniel estate in Texas" wath a big joke!!! As big and ugly as she is !! By the way I am not a Stern family friends or so ever I am just a regular poster
For Elstromm an other lie last sunday Rita's book was'nt on the N Y Times best sellers.Check your infos.
On barnes and noble the book is # 1073.
On Amazon he is on #600.
You ouhhhh!
belicoso said…
I am not under any kind of delusions that Virgie is representing anyone's interest but her own, but it is shady that Howard is not more involved with this inquest. I realize he's VERY tied up at the moment trying to fleece the Marshall family out of money that he has no claim to, but he at least publicly claimed to care about Daniel. Certainly he was around Daniel enough to have formed a relationship with him and for him to show this lack of effort in pursuing the investigation is very suspicious.
Anonymous said…
Howard K Stern will be at the inquest and you will be suprise what he have to say. He ad not to be there yesturday,Vergie was with all her "suite" wonder why???
Anonymous said…
some people don't have enough sense to come in 'out of the rain'

others are smart enough not to fly into hurricane weather - especially when they are the final witness in a court proeding....

what did virgie gain by being there? except for 5 more pounds
Anonymous said…
Howard is a good man with a heart of gold and he's very handsome too.
Anonymous said…
Howard is garbage always was always will be!
Anonymous said…
what did virgie gain by being there? except for 5 more pounds

6:43 PM

You low-life, Vergie gained the respect of people knowing that her love is with Daniel.Where was Howard busy trying to bribe a judge or corrupt more politicians in the Bahmas?
Anonymous said…
vergie only has a love for money.

howard is the LAST witness so why would he go into an area with a hurricane approaching?

he wasn't needed; either was virgie; goes to show ya who the stupid one is
Anonymous said…
8190. 8189. Found this on Gretawire and thought maybe it could help the family!

Please help us get interest in the case of LaQuanta Riley, missing since 7 Dec 03, from Montgomery AL. Her family is not wealthy, does not have the resources to do as much as they’d like in spreading the word, and you are a God-send and champion for the missing as far as I’m concerned. Please help us get some publicity for LaQuanta. Her website is http://www.findlaquanta.com.

Posted at 12:33PM on Nov 1st 2007 by Lacey
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...

vergie only has a love for money.

howard is the LAST witness so why would he go into an area with a hurricane approaching?

he wasn't needed; either was virgie; goes to show ya who the stupid one is

12:20 PM

Ah....who says the listing is their order of appearance?
Anonymous said…
Dear friends and others,
The last couple of days Howard K. Stern and his cohorts of thugs have been going into chat rooms and threatening people inside with all kinds of stupid stuff.
Most disconcerting Mr. Nazarine the bald headed bully wrote that they were using track and trace software on people to find out who they were.

This is a very serious development and one that should not be taken lights as it interfers with one's fundamental Freedom of Speech and in the times we live in Assembly.

Please be aware that these "Goons" are engaged in this behavior and report any emails etc. that contain these threats.

Anonymous said…
Off topic,I would sure like to know why not one of the lawyer's on all the TV talk shows has never brought up the fact that Stern is still allowed to even retain his law license,he's lied in Fla court,admitted he live and had a sexual relationship with his ONLY client,among all the other things he's done,it clearly states in Cal. bar ass.rules he's violated a lot of them that are grounds for "DISBARMENT " yet as far as I've heard he's not been brought before the bar ass.for one single thing.
Anonymous said…
who's name himself Einstein???
This is a disgace for the real Einstein.Specialy when you state a comment like you did!!!
Oh by the way why O"gin have not his licence,since he violate so many law?????
Anonymous said…
Whose name idiot moron-shoe shine addict-door knob sucker-oh hello Kimmie!
Faye said…
You my dear Rotten Crotch-are still the same demented piece of garbage you have always been.Take your head out of the toilet no one has lost his license yet-but we are hoping Howard and his buddies soon will.Einstein is intelligent and you well failed recess-first 3rd grade ever in history of the world! You are the most hated person right behind Howard ! We tried to assist you as you can easily plead not guilty by reason of insanity.Do you ever bother to proof read what you write-everyone makes mistakes you moron make no sense-you write like blind people see not at all.You and your buddies are the same sick people you all have been.You make fun of Suzanne buying a lamp -she can buy it-you have to steal what you want-.
Madeline said…
I have decided not to post for awile. I do not post that often, but I can no longer handle this topic. It is much to painful for me. Christmas is coming and I must reserve my strength to get through. It is a hard time of the year for me. Also a suggestion, please try and be a little kinder to one another. Stay Strong Virgie and famliy. Justice is coming. I really believe Virgie is a good woman. I truly do not believe she is in this sad situation for the money. I am sure Virgie knows and realizes money does not bring back your loved ones or make one happy. Happiness comes from within. You can not buy happiness. Material things only make one happy for a short while. It is instant gratifaction. Take care all. IMO
wait and wait said…


faye said…
What are we doing ladies quitting?That is what they want!Stay the course!
Anonymous said…
Blessings and strength to you.

Madeline said…
Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I will begin posting when the inquest starts up. IMO
Anonymous said…
Judge to Rita Cosby -- Something Fishy
Posted Nov 6th 2007 7:45PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Celebrity Justice, Anna Nicole Smith

A judge has ruled that there's a lot of evidence that former MSNBC anchor turned author Rita Cosby crossed the line in writing her tell-all book about Anna Nicole Smith.

Howard K. Stern is suing Cosby, claiming she defamed him in the book by saying there are witnesses -- two nannies -- who say Anna Nicole had a video of Stern and Larry Birkhead having sex.

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York issued an order today in the wake of Stern's allegation that Cosby "sought to tamper with two witnesses by offering to pay them thousands of dollars for their testimony." The judge allowed Stern to probe the allegation, concluding he has "presented substantial -- indeed troubling -- evidence that Cosby has sought to improperly influence witnesses..."

In a statement to TMZ, Rita Cosby said <"I am pleased that the Court will get to the bottom of these unfounded allegations. I trust that when all the facts come out that a very different picture will be shown."
Anonymous said…
As an original LB supporter, I DO NOT feel that Mrs. Arthur continues in this saga for the purpose of money (not even with O'Quinn as her attorney). One has to be a mother and/or grandmother to comprehend the foundation upon which she now continues to approach the deaths of her first grandchild and her only daughter.

As a business professional, I've observed throughout the years MANY women estranged from their mothers, i.e. mother-daughter estrangement from wealthy, middle income, and poor families for less reason than drugs, physical, or sexual abuse. Had Anna Nicole lived (as she was meeting another psychological milestone or seven-year cycle along with having a second child) she would have healed her estrangement with her mother no matter how her personal lawyer OR the haters of Mrs. Arthur perceive that drugged and staged interview which appeared on the infamous Entertainmet Tonight show.

Dr. Perper (own words) stated more than once in public interviews that Anna Nicole Smith would have lived HAD her inner circle (she was surrounded 24/7 by a lawyer and a psychiatrist the last five months of her life) taken her to the hospital and placed under PROFESSIONAL medical care she would be ALIVE today. What the greater public has not comprehended since hearing of her death is -- WHY NOT???? I think Mrs. Arthur is continuing to say with her actions -- WHY NOT????

Some of us have great compassion for Stern in that he is the sole creator of every action and decision he has made since the death of Daniel Wayne Smith and it appears that is, basically, only appreciated by his attorneys. Had he not gone on Entertainment Tonight and LKL with half-truths, lies, and held that baby captive and separated from her biological father, the greater public would have a much different perception of him. Most, however, did see him participate in the Anna Nicole Show and scratched their heads with wonder that a professional lawyer could degrade himself as he did on that show so the rest of the story has only added fuel to the burning embers of original perception.

It's time for the Daniel Wayne Smith Inquest to be concluded and everyone involved in the lives of these two young people to look deep within their souls as to their individual responsibility and how their inappropriate and/or non-actions relate to the interpersonal relationships they experienced with both child and mother.

If Daniel Wayne Smith was involved in the use of pharmaceutical and/or illegal drugs, I think even less of Stern and Birkhead for not having taken the "bull by the horns" and gotten him professional counseling long ago and, therefore, do not find anything loving or heroic of either of their actions.

Every day I pray for her daughter (along with every other child in the world) that G-d provide her with the faith, hope, and strength to endure the future ahead until she can break free from the entire mess!
Mo said…
Anonymous said...

5:44 PM

Thank you for such an eloquent and well stated post. I surely appreciate it and it articulates similar thoughts/feelings I have.
passing thru said…
Howard at inquest, day 1: His atty is getting him eased into the court room procedures, and getting the jury amenable to HKS's acting presence...Part of the lawyering game. Remember it if you are called to a jury.


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