I have received several nasty e-mails and posts about the comments made on Times Square Gossip. One such e-mail seemed to think that I should delete anyone who disagrees with them and their opinions. I WILL NOT !
As long as the comment isn't vulgar to the point where I feel it should be deleted, or is not spam, I will not delete even if they call me a fat slob, as that is their opinion. This is America and everyone has a right to have their say. There are many comments that disagree with me. I do not and will not delete. We are not children here. I work hard to write many stories everyday even on Christmas and Thanksgiving, I am working. I also have to make a living and go out and shoot these celebrities. I work day and night trying to make this site a great place for everyone. If things need improvement, you can e-mail me with your thoughts at . I love each and every reader and appreciate everyone of you, but I will not be abused by child like readers that think I should delete comments that don't agree with their view. I am not going to be like the other sites and play the games. I let people comment so their views can be seen by the world. This is not the Bahamas !
James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
thanks james, you're so right. it only takes a few to screw up something good. i for one appreciate your site and love to hear all opinions. i have my own opinion and cruise through those who want to bicker and name call. how boring it would be if we all thought alike. there are many really smart people here that i have had the pleasure of hearing what they have to say. keep up the good work. i don't expect you to babysit your site
Anonymous said…
James I enjoy your site, I appreciate all the information you provide us with and a place to give our opinion, well have a nice day James
Anonymous said…
Thank You James :)

Appreciate you being YOU...

Mo said…
Hey, hey James! Thanks much for your site and the efforts you put into it.

I think you're doing a great job, given all the personalities that post on your blog.

Keep doing what you're doing and maybe the "children" will just go away with their filth and vile.

Thanks again, James.
Anonymous said…
Coming here is like coming home; I can kick off my shoes and enjoy the warmth or the house. Thanks!

It takes a tall man of strength to stand for their views and not bow to the winds as they blow. You are tall.
Anonymous said…
Thanks James, I appreciate your site. I love your photos they are unique. Your photos appear as if they are lite up by neon lights like Broadway. I enjoy reading the post. It is good to see you respect freedom of speech with exceptions. Thanks for your site. IMO
Anonymous said…
Hi james

A wonderful site. I know you respect the views of others and have a very deep and abiding love for the freedom of speech we have in the U.S.

All of use need to be respectful of others and their opinion.

Thanks for all your hard work.
take care. Remember except for the grace of God , there go I.
Anonymous said…
Good Morning, James!

Enjoy your beautiful creation, magnificent authenticity, and fairness to all!

Take care!

Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work James. If some don't like it, let them go elsewhere.