Clive Owen will never move to Hollywood to further his acting career.The 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' star has had to work in America for many of his blockbuster films, but has never had the urge to move there.Clive - who is married to Sarah-Jane Fenton, with who he has two daughters,Hannah and Eve - said: "I've never felt the need to up sticks and relocate to Hollywood. So many films are made in Europe now, and that allows me to stay in the UK. I have my home in London and I have a weekend house in Essex. It means that I'm never that far away from the family. They can visit me on set. For me, London is, and always will be home. I've been there for 20 years, ever since I went to drama school. I can't really imagine living anywhere else."The actor has also said he doesn't regret being overlooked for the role of suave spy James Bond. He explained: "I never really look at my life and worry about missed opportunities. As I get older, my life has got better. I'm having the best time of my life at the moment. I'm so happy with my wife and children, I just don't worry about things I have missed out on or that haven't happened for me."