Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has been warned to tone down his foul language when he hosts the MTV Europe Music Awards.The controversial rapper - who is famous for cursing and use of sexual swear words in his lyrics - will be hosting Thursday's event live from Munich, Germany, and bosses are terrified he will offends viewers with his colorful vocabulary. An awards insider said: "MTV know that Snoop has a huge fan base, so it's a huge coup to get him to host the awards. But let's just say they'll be a few executives who'll be terrified on the night just in case he starts cursing."Snoop - who sparked 400 complaints when he shouted "mother f****r" at Live 8, which was televised on the BBC, in 2005 - has already arrived in Munich, and is planning on "taking things to a whole new level" as this year's host. He said: "Munich, get ready, because the 'Big Boss' is taking over your city and hosting this year's EMAs. Past presenters have been great, but this year I'm taking it to a whole new level. I've called up my homeys from east to west, and I guarantee it's going to be off the chain! You dig?"