Milla Jovovich is worried her fiancé will miss the birth of their daughter.The model - who is expecting the couple's first child any day now - revealed film director Paul Anderson is currently away shooting his latest movie until November 3, the day before the baby's due date. Milla is doing her best to try and hold off the labor for as long as possible. She said: "The only problem is that Paul is finishing his new film as we speak in Montreal and won't wrap until like the day before her actual due date! So, I am trying my hardest to stretch the time out until at least this weekend, so he can finish with his principals and wrap them, allocate stuff to the other people and get his skinny butt down here to meet who will be the most important person in his life. Apart from me, but that goes without saying!"Milla, 31, also believes her daughter will be stubborn because she is already showing traits in the womb. She wrote on her blog "Up until two weeks ago she had been a breach baby since about August, which is pretty rare as babies move around so much normally, doing somersaults until they get too big to change positions so drastically. Well, she decided that she really liked her special location and literally stayed that way for over two months! I can see that she is already a very determined little thing and she knows what she wants!"