Britney Spears ex-husband Kevin Federline is convinced his short lived marriage to her is a stepping stone to super stardom.Despite a horrible and bitter divorce and an custody battle, played out for the world to see, Federline has no regrets about his disastrous relationship with the singer.Instead, he plans to use it to make him a bigger star than the toxic Spears herself. He tells Interview magazine, "I never will regret anything that’s ever happened in my life. I look at life as a lesson. I am a very strong believer that this is a stepping-stone for something else. Not to say I like having the paparazzi around or that I like having my life in the media. But as much as I try to be mad at it, I can’t be."The paparazzi and the press have given me a voice. One day I’ll be able to use that voice."


Anonymous said…
What a pathetic example of a father for his sons! He will never regret anything that has happened in his life? Shows his immaturity.