Heath Ledger And Christian Bale

Heath Ledger's co-star Christian Bale insists the late star has one final shock in store for fans when he appears as comic book villain The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel. In an interview given just before Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on Tuesday, Bale told reporters the Aussie star would stun film fans with his dark portrayal as Batman’s arch-villain in The Dark Knight.He said, "Heath’s an incredible actor and he’s brought a very, very scary Joker to life. It’s shocking. He’ll shock you. Heath will shock you." Meanwhile, toxicology reports won't be back for another 8 days. An autopsy has proved inconclusive. Ledgers body has been transported to a New York City Funeral Home where arrangements are pending. Paparazzi are spending a all night vigil outside the funeral home awaiting Ledgers parents and estranged wife to claim the body.


Conicienta said…
heath looks so cute there..
Anonymous said…
awww. RIP Heath <333 we all miss you