Pete Doherty was allegedly with Amy Winehouse on the night she almost died, it has been reported.The troubled Babyshambles rocker reportedly fled the scene when Amy was rushed to hospital after a drugs overdose last month. A source told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "They had a meal and a few drinks. They took a cocktail of drugs called a speedball, it's a mixture of heroin and cocaine. Amy couldn't take it, she is very lucky to be alive."She collapsed when they went back to her flat. Pete left because he didn't want any bad publicity. He didn't know how to deal with it and thought she was dying. She was foaming at the mouth and fitting - Pete had never seen anything like it."Amy and Pete were introduced by mutual friends last year and have been seen drinking together in Camden pub The Hawley Arms, in north London.They allegedly spent the night together six months ago, while Pete was still dating Kate Moss, but Pete refuses to reveal what happened.A friend said: "Pete said he wanted to see Amy because she was all alone in her flat. They were in there for hours. I knew something happened between them when I spoke to him the next morning. He wouldn't confirm he had sex with her, but he didn't deny it either."The pair remained friends after Amy married Blake Civil-Fielder in June and the trio have reportedly regularly used heroin together.Meanwhile, shocking photographs of Amy and Blake holidaying in the Caribbean seemingly show the singer is still using heroin.Amy, 23, is seen lounging on a beach with fresh red sores on her arms, a tell-tale sign she is injecting the drug.Her father-in-law Giles Civil has confirmed the tracks on her arms are new.Giles said: "When Amy showed us her body before she went on holiday there were no suspicious marks in the joint of her elbow. There was no bruising of any kind. They have been in St. Lucia for six days and the bruising looks around two or three days old. If they are injecting they are on the road to hell. If you want to avoid drugs, you don't go to the Caribbean."Amy's father Mitch is reportedly so worried, he planned to kidnap her to get her clean and fears the pair won't get help until they reach "rock bottom".