Britney Spears has hit out at the media with a public rant claiming she is"pregnant".The troubled star let rip when a group of reporters and paparazzi gathered outside a Malibu restaurant where she was dining and sarcastically told fans to "always believe everything you read". Britney said: "I just want to talk and say, like, how nice our world is. It really is. Like the other day, I saw this magazine and it said I was pregnant. And I went up to my mom and my mom knew, like, she was right, as I am really pregnant."Always believe everything you read everybody, because I am."Mother-of-two Britney, 25, also tackled reports she has been drinking since leaving rehab last month. She said: "I went to see, like, this person, like, on USA Today and they said I was drinking a lot and it was just so true."Britney - who shaved her hair off in front of paparazzi before entering Malibu's Promises rehab centre - also asked the journalists if she could see the footage they had just recorded, before saying she wanted to film some more. She added: "Because, like, my management so knew what they were doing sending me to rehab. Like, totally. Isn't it nice how nice our world is?Nobody is going to talk about this. The world's so nice, that's all I want to say."