After successfully opening two Little Thai Kitchen restaurants in Connecticut and Dhaba, Chola and Bhojan in New York City, restaurateur Shiva Natarajan is has opened Singapura, in Murray Hill.

The modern city-state of Singapore, is a melting pot of Thai, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures and what both New York and Singapore have in common, besides their frenetic pace and diverse inhabitants, is their love for food. Located in New York City, at 106 Lexington Avenue, Singapura offers a little slice of Singapore in New York City.

The cuisine in Singapore is as diverse as Singaporeans themselves, who are composed of four major races, which are further divided into many different subgroups based on geography, religion, and language. Thus, a Singaporean meal offers the unique possibility of enjoying great Malaysian, Hakka Chinese, Indian and Thai food - sometimes a combination of two or three cuisines in one meal itself.

Singapura’s menu offers a window into this diversity and draws inspiration from the varied traditions that make up Singapore. Uniquely paired meals such as Kari Ayam, a classic Malaysian coconut curry accompanied by chicken on the bone, and Sarawak Sambal Udang, a red chili paste with ginger and coconut cream, guarantee patrons will return craving more. Owner Natarajan intends to bring his critically acclaimed restaurant standards to his latest venture, while providing the same high quality and authentic Asian cuisine.

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