Lorne Michaels

VERY CARREY SATURDAY – Jim Carrey’s stint as host of the weekend’s Saturday Night Live was not only hilarious; but, it delivered the best rating for the show since the terrific Betty White/Jay Z episode last year on May 8th. Don’t get me wrong, I love SNL … but, it has been on for 36 years, and the last few years have proven somewhat maddening in the talent selections. Svengali-Lorne Michaels’ war horse goes on and on; although in recent years his choices of hosts and acts has become somewhat problematic; at issue is the fact that what he liked when the show began all those years ago ... does it really jibe with what he chooses now? - Always a dicey issue for sure. Carrey’s opening was terrific, especially when he seemingly approached a random female in the audience … and, proposed to her. I couldn't tell, nor have unearthed, whether it was real or not, but he/it was terrific; as his comedic talents have shown no signs of diminishing. His takeoff on The Black Swan was equally as funny; with some people telling me the skit was much better than the movie! I've been a fan of the comic since his turn in the 1998 epic The Truman Show; to me, that movie showed off not only his spectacular comedic talents, but his dramatic flair as well. Director Peter Weir really pulled off one terrific movie back then. And, Ed Harris’ take as the puppet master was equally as awesome. The Black Keys were the musical guests as they were spotlessly terrific as well; really bringing a nice dynamic to the show. Musically, the group doesn't do anything terribly new, but their conviction and visual presence is impressive. Carrey’s take as an actor-turned-mystic was pretty good too; as he did a series of celebrity-voices; including Jimmy Stewart and Alan Thicke! I mean, really, no one does Alan Thicke anymore! All in all, a great episode.


David Lyons

CAPE HEAVY – Last night was the two-hour season premiere of NBC’s heavily-hyped new show The Cape; and, you know what … It didn't suck. And this is coming from a certified comic con devotee too! I watched Heroes; their first year was terrific, then it sputtered out like a spent firework; then NBC abruptly canceled it. Their show this season called The Event could have re-titled The Dud as three-months into the show, nothing challenging or interesting (for that matter) ever really happened. In fact, when the show ended its run; seemingly going into a winter-hiatus … there were more questions posed than at the start of the show. In reality; I don't think it will ever be back as it turned out as more of an embarrassment to all involved than anything else. The Cape had an interesting premise, characters, and, the story moved swiftly. With some terrific special effects and great actors (including David Lyons as the lead character; Keith David, and the stunning Summer Glau as the mysterious Orwell) it presented a very viable storyline and tale: Cop gets seemingly killed after learning too much about a possible foe; re-invents himself, with the help of some shady carnival characters; then, tries to re-unite with his family while not giving his new identity away. Nothing terrifically new here, but done with verve and flair. I loved the obvious nods to The Dark Knight with The Cape standing alone on a mysterious and very tall skyscraper. Lyons is terrific; as is Keith David as the mysterious Carney-person who teaches Lyons some tricks. James Frain as the arch-enemy Chess/Peter Fleming is over-the-top with just the right amount of sarcasm and glee. Glau , who remains the mysterious friend, seemingly to be able to help the title character thus far. When he asks her who she is … she says no one special. Let me predict she'll be the wife of Fleming! The ending of the first episode had Lyons in a grocery store trying to make a purchase when two thugs arrive to hold it up. Enter The Cape and the dastardly deed is ended. When the store owner thanks The Cape he asks him what his name is? Lyons says The Cape and the response from the owner is somewhat muted; he says “well ... you'll work on it.” Funny! I'll say one thing; NBC didn't spare any expense which is always a good sign; but, as the current #3 network, and more misses than hits; they'd do well to make this one a success.


Katie Holmes

KENNEDY DOUBLE DOWN – Much has been made this weekend of the History Channel’s decision to yank its forthcoming miniseries on The Kennedy's. When the project was announced almost two years ago by filmmaker Joel Surnow, the Kennedy faithful came forth and made a pretty convincing argument about why not to make it, arguing that it was more or less an expose of JFK’s personal habits rather than on the family. Actors Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes signed up and from a well-placed source on the set, the movie came together surprisingly well. Also, reportedly in the miniseries were characters like mobster Sam Giancana and Judith Campbell Exner, JFK’s rumored lover, giving added fuel to the rumors that it was more about JFK’s sex life. Surnow, the producer of the film is a former Fox News producer and a close friend of the very biased Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh. He also donates money to the Republican candidates and causes. It makes you wonder what the original motivation was in even shooting this. My source also confirms that Holmes’ role as Jackie Kennedy was nothing short of sensational and would have given her even more industry cred; something every actor can use. I’m quite sure it’ll pop up somewhere along the lines; maybe even going straight to DVD. A loss!


The Palm Restaurant

SALIDOR BACK AT PALM WEST? We got a call several weeks back from the PR-pasha-himself David Salidor inviting us to the Palm West where a caricature of then-Governor David Paterson was to be held. In attendance was well would be Wally Ganzi, one of the owners of the stellar eatery. Turned out that the Governor fell ill and the session was postponed; but, does this mean that the Palm has re-enlisted Salidor as their PR-mouthpiece? He toiled there for almost three years and we heard about the hallowed chop shop on a weekly basis. Truth be told; we haven't heard anything till this latest effort with Paterson. We'd love to hear more!