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Monday, May 07, 2012



 Jackson Rathbone

Warner Premiere, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Dolphin Digital Studios, Inc., and Wonderland Sound and Vision today announced a second season of the hit online series “Aim High” has been green lit and shooting will commence in the Los Angeles area later this month. Jackson Rathbone, best known for his role as “Jasper Hale” from the “Twilight” film series will return as government operative “Nick Green.” Additional casting information will be announced in the coming weeks.

Directing the second season of “Aim High” is Ari Sandel who won the Academy Award® for his live-action short film “West Bank Story.” Writer Daniel Mackey, having previously collaborated with Wonderland on other projects, penned the script.

“The first season of ‘Aim High’ was well received by online audiences and fans will be blown away by what we have planned for season two,” said McG, Producer of “Aim High.” “I am thrilled to be working with a filmmaker as talented as Ari Sandel. His proficiency in storytelling and ability to connect with a discriminate audience are second to none."

“I’m very excited to be working with McG and Warner Bros. on ‘Aim High’,” said Ari Sandel. “When I saw the production quality of the first season I was truly impressed. Warner Bros. is really taking digital storytelling to new levels and I think fans will love what we have planned for season two.”

“Aim High” is the story of a young man leading a double life - juggling his studies by day and serving as a government operative by night. Season one of the series chronicled the life of Nick Green and his junior year of High School while working as one of the country's 64 highly trained teenage operatives. Fans can view the entire first season on Aim High’s Facebook page.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Bethany St. James Garners Huge Attention On
The Cover Of The Huffington Post

Bethany St. James

Personal and sexual empowerment coach and one of the biggest advocates for the legalization of brothels, Bethany St. James set Huffington Post on fire yesterday with the cover of the culture section in her article “Sexuality vs. Sensuality: The Steady Decline of Affection in America.” The published writing drew over 1100 comments, over 120 Tweets and over 500 Facebook shares with her very blunt and articulate article.

In it, Bethany divulges that because she is a legal prostitute and courtesan, she can make a case for the lack of affection in American relationships as she says here, “In my opinion, modern Americans have failed miserably when it comes to differentiating between the words "sex" and "sensuality."

She goes on to say, “Our view of what is "sexy" has become so askew that many women and men don't even know what their own desires are anymore. With most contemporary portrayals of sexuality being outright promiscuity and tactless drunken debauchery, it's not surprising that women and men have lost sight of the joys and need for sensuality. Between this severely misguided view of human sexuality and the pressures of our everyday lives, the sex lives of most Americans have been stunted. Those involved in relationships, and even those who are battling through the "dating scene," are faced with the pressures to conform to what society is telling us sex should be.”

To read and comment on the full article, please visit the Huffington Post here....

For more information on Bethany, please visit here....

About Bethany St. James

Pamela Anderson meets Kat Von D meets Dolly Parton. Do not be fooled by her thick southern accent, brutal honesty and intricate artwork adorning her body. Bethany is able to debate a point in an educated rational manner. She is a creature of class and sophistication but makes no bones about the fact that she loves what she does. Bethany spent her formative years in the South admiring the elegance and beauty of her Mother and her Father's charm and charisma. At 16 years old, Bethany began traveling the country, making the most out of what life had unintentionally taught her – combining her beauty and her brains to live off the kindness of strangers. Before making her mark as one of the country's favored courtesans, she became very well versed in the art of seduction and sensuality.

At the age of 28, Bethany desired to find a legal means to do what she enjoys. Sheri’s Resort and Spa- the country’s largest and most exquisite legal brothel – gave Bethany the knowledge and experience about the politics, health codes, and even her no apologies stance on anti-decriminalization of prostitution. Bethany began to develop a real passion for perpetuating the legalization of Brothels, consuming herself with the ins and outs of legalized prostitution; researching the benefits and pitfalls; educating herself about small communities that have legalized prostitution and how it had benefited them.

Her journey through life has also given her an interesting perspective toward relationships, as well as personal and sexual empowerment for men and women. Bethany states, “I would love to see ‘Bethany St. James’ become an icon for intelligence, smart politics and a motivational force for the betterment of people’s lives.”

Photo Courtesy Of: Bethany St. James

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Joey Lauren Adams

RedLever Studios, a global studio at the nexus of advertising and entertainment and Emmy Award-winning producer Jonathan Prince have partnered to produce a live action and animated web series, SUPERMOMS, presented by The Clorox Company, a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products.

Now in post-production, SUPERMOMS’ eight webisodes focus on four women living on a cul-de-sac who not only share the common bond of motherhood, but also the uncommon responsibility of being super heroes working together to foil their arch-enemy, Dr. Deconstructo. SUPERMOMS features both live-action and animated “super hero” storylines, with the moms bouncing between their real identities and their animated alter egos. Along the way, they grow closer, share life lessons and solve minor domestic disasters -- with help from Clorox products, including: Clorox® Liquid Bleach, Clorox® Clean-Up, Glad® Trash Bags and Fresh Step® Cat litter. SUPERMOMS will be directed by Michael Barnett, who also directed the award-winning HBO documentary Superheroes.

“Our collaboration with Jonathan Prince is focused on creating an entertainment property that will capture the imaginations of online audiences while seamlessly integrating Clorox product messages,” said Richard Shore, President of RedLever Studios. “SUPERMOMS is a highly entertaining scripted web series that offers Clorox a platform for increasing awareness of its wide range of consumer products, while creating an emotional connection with its consumer and encouraging moms across the United States to put on their super mom outfits!”

“It’s been my pleasure to work with the RedLever and Clorox teams in developing this project. Whether one creates content for web, television, or the big screen, story and character are what drives loyal, passionate viewership. Clorox “gets” that and has encouraged us to do what it takes to create that kind of “lean-forward,” engaging program,” said Jonathan Prince. “Bottom line, SUPERMOMS is romantic and comedic, dramatic and super-heroic as it deals with all of the issues facing women today.”

The cast of SUPERMOMS includes Brennan Hesser, Joey Lauren Adams, Julie Warner, Lourdes Benedicto, Tabitha Morella, Tim Rock, K Callan, Hank Baskett, Jacob Hopkins, Caitlin Carmichael, Jake Borelli, Patrick Fabian and Larry Poindexter.

Leveraging its exclusive relationship with Joost Media, a fully owned subsidiary of Adconion Media Group, RedLever Studios will distribute SUPERMOMS to millions of viewers in the U.S.

In addition, Red Lever Studios is producing exclusive behind-the-scenes content for SUPERMOMS' Facebook page, which will serve as the web series‘ hub site and will launch by early January 2012.

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Thursday, August 18, 2011



Mick Jagger

MIRACLE MEN --- Mick Jagger's Super Heavy super group’s debut album is almost out and is immediately creating controversy seemingly everywhere … especially with the music geeks. To wit: This response posted over the assertion that the song was just another reggae song: “Since when does another commercial reggae song have 3 different singers from different backgrounds playing individual parts that create its own style, yet keep their backgrounds distinct. Sure, it has the traditional reggae beat and a Reggae singer (Damian Marley), but that's about it. It's got the soul of Joss Stone, the rock of Jagger and Stewart, the celtic-influence with the violin, and the Indian influence of A.R. Rahman. So, it's definitely not just another commercial reggae song.” Touchy … right? Reggae always been a touchy subject: sure, many think Eric Clapton invented it with his terrific song “I Shot The Sheriff” in 1974, but the reality is that it grew up in the Jamaican-region for years; the genre motivated as much by pure music as deep, sociological feelings in the region. The song was written by the father of reggae, Bob Marley; who in his career, he passed away in 1981, distinguished himself for his exemplary music and lyrics; including "No Woman, No Cry," "Redemption Song" and "One Love." Personal note: I was taken to a Bob Marley concert by August Darnell (Kid Creole & The Coconuts) in the 80's at Madison Square Garden and I was transfixed .. for the entire show! In fact, now that I think about it, I haven't seen anything like it since! It was, off the charts. Now, back to Jagger-gate: I think that if we can give anyone a well-due pass here, it's Mick. In his legendary and storied career, he's actually always embraced reggae music and world music in general. If it wasn't for personalities like him, and Clapton, reggae may have stayed a deep, dark secret. Groups and artists like Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear and Toots and the Maytals were only found and later-revered because of the actions by Mick and Eric. Now that I think of it, the late-great club My Father's Place in Roslyn, Long Island had a weekly reggae night that featured the best of the genre; and, even had Mick and Keith Richards as frequent guests (and, btw: what ever happened to that great book on that revered club that came out almost a year ago? Still would love to see it Eppy and Steve!). Super Heavy's track "Miracle Worker" is one awesome track; although it perhaps would have been better if it came out at the beginning of summer rather than the last two weeks, as the groove and energy is simply transcendent. Truth be told, it's really not all that different than from what a Stones-reggae track might sound like. I will admit right out, Joss Stone's voice melded with Jagger's is pure gold. My God, what a voice she has ... I'm actually surprised she's not a bigger-name ... but, after this, she will be! Damian Maley's reggae bursts and chants are certifiably authentic and Dave Stewart .... is well, Dave Stewart. The accompanying video strangely reminds me of 1981's "Waiting On A Friend," by the Stones; and, there's a touch of "Slumdog Millionaire" thrown in for good measure too. Simple, direct and, oh so much fun, it sorts of continues my recent musings on how we seem to have returned to some fun and rather interesting videos. It's about time I'd say. There's been a lot of discussion whether this group was whipped up by Mick to offset the terrible barbs Keith put in his recent book on him ... sort of 'Keith ... look what we could be doing!' Dunno ... but if the album is as much fun as this song and video ( I mean, Mick in a pink suit and essaying a shaman-doctor called Dr. Trik!) ... I can't wait for it next month!


Sir Paul McCartney

DISCO BISCUITS --- Don't know whether you caught this in the storied pages of the New York Times last week, but it appears that our satellite-friends at Sirius/XM Radio today are launching a four-on-the-floor channel called Studio 54; a round-the-clock broadcast of dance and disco hits, rare remixed and deeps cuts (???), many from the collections of key DJs at the time and all overseen by the channel's executive producer John 'Jellybean' Benitez. To be honest with you, I was heavily involved in the whole scene back then; working with DJs, like Jim Burgess, Richie Kaczor, Freddie Bastone, John Luongo, Larry Levan, Mark Berry, Shep Pettibone … and, to a certain extent, even Benitez, who played at one of the reigning clubs back then called The Funhouse on West 26th street here in NYC. Interestingly enough, the whole PR-campaign (certainly a new concept to DJs back then) was engineered by David Salidor … who's still doing the whole PR-thing today. Back then, no DJ had a press agent, let alone most of the clubs, but his star took off and soon was mixing records by Paul Simon and Paul McCartney. Benitez ended up as a paramour of Madonna; mixing and producing several of her records; ran his own high-financed record company and production company; amassed a huge publishing company; got married; had two kids and then sort of went under the radar. Now, I still love to listen to records from this era, but was there really an outcry for a whole station? As I remember it, disco was a celebration of the times and the fact that everyone could be famous for 15 minutes ... especially when they entered a club like Studio 54. These days, Nirvana would seem to be more the order of the day ... at least musically. Says Benitez, "None of these songs have music videos, or very few of them so as soon as you hear the song, it really triggers an emotion rather than a visual. You could be in high school, college, you could be dancing on a speaker in a nightclub. It touches people in a way that current music doesn't." Point taken, but with things like The Tea Party and Michelle O'Bachman in the air ... I don't know if this was the best time to do something like this. Me? I'll listen ... but, I'd give this thing maybe 3, 4 months!


Micky Dolenz

HERE THEY COME --- Assembled in Los Angeles in 1966, The Monkees Emmy Award-winning television show spotlighted the group (featuring Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork & Micky Dolenz) as the tried to make it big in the music world. The show helped promote the band's albums and singles, helping to bring songs such as "I'm A Believer", "Last Train To Clarksville", "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" and others to the upper reaches of the chart. Season 1 features the first 32 episodes on 6 discs. Season 2 features the final 25 episodes on 5 discs. Interestingly enough, the first round of DVD issues were via Rhino, this set is via Eagle Rock. They're also working with to put the titles up for pre-order, where the customer can lock in copies at a discount (list price, as previously reported, is $69.98 per season). The studio additionally has confirmed the street date of September 27th. We believe that the second set will include the 1969 reunion telefilm "33⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee," but we haven't confirmed that with the studio so far. We're also aware that the box art and studio description mention "25" episodes for the second season, when it seems "26" should be in order (all 26 are listed in the studio info!); we'll try to look into that, too. And confirm as to whether all the music, as originally broadcast, will be present. Stay tuned and we'll try to let you know!


DOLENZ TIME --- Speaking of Monkees ... Micky Dolenz will be in NYC the middle of September with a bevy of activity and some surprise club-appearances. We've been sworn to secrecy. but will have an opportunity to invite some readers to these shows. Stay tuned for the news!


VACAY TIME -- I'm off to parts West for two weeks. See you when I return!

Photos By: Walter McBride/Cortes/Dziekan/Retna

Friday, June 03, 2011


Stevie Nicks

KICKS --- Every so often a new artist comes along that so dazzles, you just know a new star is beginning to burn. Such is the case with New York's Dayme, whose originality is just so welcomed and needed these days. With a tool box featuring references from Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, and Chrissie Hynde, her originality is simply sensational; referencing a time when artists actually wrote their own material and created an originality on stage. Her debut album Fusion Sundae (Imperfect Records) is set for release in early-July. She's worked with Jay Z and has Jett-manager/producer Kenny Laguna as a supporter. Says Laguna, “When I first met Dayme, I was struck by her great beauty and charisma. As I got to know her, I was impressed with her talent. But, the qualities I feel will take her all the way is her work ethic, her tenacity, and her persistence. She is a winner.” Says the artist herself about her goals and dreams, she said, “Stay true to who you are.” You can catch her next live on Friday, June 17 at Alphabet Lounge (104 Avenue C) and July 2 at Tammany Hall (152 Orchard Street).Go see her and I believe you'll see the next definitive and significant artist in rock 'n roll.


Blair Underwood

ANOTHER EVENT? --- As I've noted here in these very pages; even though I continued to watch NBC's The Event right up to its rather riveting finale two weeks back; I got the feeling I was one of the last ones to do so. When the show debuted last September it was touted as the Peacock's great-hope. A stellar cast (Jason Ritter; Hal Holbrook; Blair Underwood); a terrific pedigree of writers and producers … everything seemed perfect. But, with a terrifically slow start of episodes, awful reviews, the show soon disappeared from view, then had a multi-month hiatus and finally returned this February … with a surprising strong slew of shows. Many thought that it was over and done with and called the show damaged goods. The whole escapade reminded me of the history of the show Fast Forward (on ABC), which last year was championed as the next big thing. Me, I thought it was very artfully done … but, after another one of those awful hiatus periods, the show returned stronger than ever … but, was canceled anyway. The Event's finale was surprisingly strong; with the alien planet finally appearing in the sky and The President's wife whispering, when asked by her young song what it was: saying it was home! Wow .. what a moment! But, then NBC canceled it … but, yesterday came news that NBC's cable net sister station Syfy may try to resurrect it. These cable-nets stations have come to be seen within the TV industry as a great second-chance. NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent moved to USA several years back and continued to stay strong; so strong that NBC now shows the episode several weeks later on their own station. As far as The Event goes the jury is still out. Reading many of the posts on the possible rise-from-the-dead scenario, it's clear the show had many ardent supporters. But, would the net be able to afford the obvious-high costs for the cast? Let's face it; you get what you pay for. Me? I'd love to see it, but I'm definitely a comic-con, sci-fi type of guy. What do you think?



COLDPLAY BACK --- I don't know about you, but the title of the new song from Coldplay just slays me: "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall." I haven't yet heard it, but, I will have by Monday, but, what a title! Love those guys. The last great band for sure.


BEU IF YOU WILL --- We attended a listening party last evening for the Beu Sisters ( at karaoke-palace Planet Rose on Avenue A, for their upcoming CD Beu Tiful-Volume 1, on Beach Breakz Records. The three sisters are just terrific; weaving a very-much spiritual thread into their rhythmic music. Their single “Definition of a Lady” is simply terrific and their performance last night immediately captivated us. They've toured with Kelly Clarkson and debuted last night a video for the track which was delightful. Seen in the crowd were Chuck Taylor; Keith Girard from The Improper; PR-pasha David Salidor; Planet Rose owner Missy, manager Morgan Stone, and their press-rep Elizabeth Neff. Delightful!


Anthony Weiner

JUNK DEFENSE --- Now, I never really cared for Anthony Weiner. I've found him consistently flat, just plain rude, and a screamer to boot. To me, this whole Weiner Gate episode is comically-inspired. And, with his response being: My account was hacked .. it could be … I don't know? Who is he kidding? Karma my friend … is a bitch! As we noted a few columns back, re WPLJ's Todd Pettengill: More duty … less booty!


Sheryl Crow

CROWING FROM MEMPHIS --- Our friends at Eagle Rock continue to impress with the release this week of the DVD Miles from Memphis: Live At the Pantages Theatre by Sheryl Crow. 18 songs shot in Hi-Def and surround sound, its an exceptionally tasty treat. We've always loved Crow and as she showed on her most recent album, 100 Miles From Memphis, she's reformatted her songs somewhat, with a funky-Memphis beat and some inspiration from Motown. Her take here on Marvin Gaye's “Got To Give It Up” is simply sensational. We also loved her updating of her hits “A Change Would Do You Good” and “Strong Enough.” Crow, who is currently dating her guitarist (and, producer) Doyle Bramhall II, has been on the music scene for a while, but here completely shines. She's sensational.


JUST ASKING --- What well-known NY-publicist has temporarily been benched while his clients go on a major national reunion tour? According to the benched flack: "I've received almost 50+ press requests, that I've had to pass onto to the new team. I wonder if they'll get done?" We wish her the best! Again, karma's a bitch!

Photos By: RD/Kabik/Leon/Orchon/Retna

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tom Selleck

DOES AGE MATTER – You may not have noticed, but 66-year old TV veteran Tom Selleck has one of the few huge hits of the current TV season; Blue Bloods on CBS. I never ever watched Magnum in its heyday, but I've watched every episode of his new show, and the writing (from Sopranos-veterans Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green) and acting are simply off the map. Selleck in particular is nothing short of stellar; easily stealing every scene he’s in. Sure, the mustache leads the way, but he is so commanding, so regal … every scene I'm totally captivated! Also in the terrific cast are Donnie Wahlberg; Will Estes; Bridget Moynahan; Len Carious; and, Nicholas Turturro. The series revolves around a family of cops … hence, the title. But, the success of the show has seemingly blown the lid off from the ageism of casting certain TV actors. 62-year old Don Johnson returns next year in the lead role in the new show A Mann’s World; 57-year old Tim Allen will be back then as well; 61-year old Christine Lahti is back too, and, 55-year old Dana Delany returns next week in the new series Body of Proof; even bad-boy actor Eric Roberts is leading his own show next year called Grace. And, 62-year old Kathy Bates currently has a TV-hit with Harry’s Law … yes, she’s Harry! And, don't forget 69-year old William Shatner! Is it acting chops, charisma, or just plain start power? Or, as Nikki Finke posited recently in her column, “are the broadcast networks looking to relive their glory days with some of their signature stars of the past? Or, are the baby boomers turning out in droves to support actors of their generation?” Honestly, I think it's a combination of all these factors. The shows that they're putting it ... by and large, are very, very sub par .... almost an insult to the audiences. Think about this: 1983's Flashdance ... leads Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri are both bigger than ever; she has her show with Fox's Chicago Code and, he has a reoccurring role on CBS' top-rated NCIS? And, HBO’s biggest show is fronted by 53-year old Steve Buscemi. Or, the reason could be these two words: Betty White!


New Kids On The Block

SUMMER IN THE CITY – The Turtles announced the lineup for their 26th Happy Together Tour, which will cross the country beginning in July. Joining them will be The Association; The Grass Roots; The Buckinghams; and, Mark Lindsay, from Paul Revere & The Raiders. Also touring this summer will be Peter Frampton with Yes; New Kids On The Block with The Backstreet Boys; new Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductee Alice Cooper; possibly the classic lineup of Van Halen; Poison (with Brett Michaels) with Motley Crue and the New York Dolls; Sade; Journey; and, just maybe ... Guns ‘N Roses with Axl Rose!


Micky Dolenz

Endquote -- Writer Eric Lefcowitz, on the forthcoming 45th Anniversary tour of The Monkees: “My take on it, first of all, is obviously its being done, in part, for the money. It’s also being done because there is public demand. This is not true of many groups that came out around the time of The Monkees. Of course, there are exceptions like the Buffalo Springfield who are touring. Incidentally, the Buffalo Springfield were great friends with The Monkees, But, the Byrds, to use an example decided to take a pass, It’s not easy to get these legacy groups together. Often it’s like herding cats. I'd love to say that they are always guaranteed box office… especially in this day and age when it’s difficult to sell tickets and legacy rock acts are disappearing. But the truth is, it’s just a fun brand. Hearing Micky belting out hits like ‘I'm A Believer’ and ‘(I'm Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,’ and Davy’s classic performance of ‘Daydream Believer’ is usually worth the price of admission.”


CONSTANCE – Next column we'll have a short talk with Virginia-born designer Constance McCardle, and her truly memorable collection via her CMC label. After attending the Traphagen School of Fashion in New York and working at the Gallery of Wearable Art on the Upper East Side, her studio is now based in Westchester.

Photos By: Derek Storm/ RD/Dimaio/Kirkland/Walter McBride/Retna

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


James Franco

OSCAR DOO DABS- So, what did you think of the other night’s Oscar telecast? First: Franco and Hathaway: I've not been a huge fan of Franco ; I think he’s too overexposed, and last night, he looked downright stiff and snarky … many said baked too! Hathaway, on the other hand, was terrific; eight dress changes too! I've not been a fan of everything she’s been in, but I caught last year’s Love And other Drugs and thought she was just sensational. her singing was amazing too. The opening sequence of the show was to me, essentially a re-booted version of what Billy Crystal’s done for years. Funny, yes. Original, no. In fact, when Crystal himself showed up later on in the show, it was a much welcomed relief. The audience jumped to their feet and gave him quite the reception. I immediately thought at that point, he could be seriously considered as next year’s host. First presenter up was Tom Hanks who again proved himself at the consummate professional. He keeps getting asked to host, but has turned it down every time. Methinks he'd be fantastic … certainly as good as Crystal. The Fighter’s Melissa Leo was a welcomed win for Best Actress; though I'd voted for Annette Bening in my head. After those much publicized trade ads (which she bought and paid for) many in the industry thought she had cut her chances off at the hip. Her dropping of the F-bomb was somewhat too scripted for me, but certainly provided a much welcomed tension breaker for the crowd. I heard that Hathaway came over to Leo and thanked her for providing some much needed comic relief. Kirk Douglas, who I love, was an odd choice to present Leo; he seemed several times to deviate from the script, but each time brought it back home. Someone this morning suggested a better choice would have been his son Michael who’s had his own difficult year. Randy Newman was a terrific win and his speech about being “good TV” was funny. A true Hollywood personality with a terrific Hollywood pedigree, he’s always good fun. The best speech was given by The Social Network’s Aaron Sorkin, who won for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was eloquent, factual and funny. It was almost like some dialogue for his landmarks series The West Wing. Brilliant writer. Director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) told the best story of the night, about how his mother was the one who actually discovered the source material that would become the movie … from a fringe-presentation of a play in Australia. She saw it, came home and called him … and, said I've found your next movie! And, Speech screenwriter David Seidler was disarming with his proclamation as a late bloomer … very funny. It was also interesting how all the all the nominated songs were presented literally back-to-back; a bit confusing, but efficient I guess. And, who knew Chuck’s Zachary Levi had such a nice voice? I think his duet with Mandy Moore was an unexpected surprise. And, Celine Dion performing amid the always-interesting In Memoriam segment was very touching. Christian Bale seemingly forgetting his wife’s name in his acceptance speech was quite bizarre, and, none other than Steven Spielberg presenting Best Picture was an odd cop out, but, a fitting cap to a bit better than average show; though the pacing was surprisingly choppy. The hosts drew a mixed reaction; reasonably supportive, but nothing stellar. I don't think they did themselves any lasting harm; though Hathaway was clearly the proven winner. I don't think the hosts will return for a reprise, but, I'd count on Crystal for next year.


Frank Langella

NEWBIE MOVIES – We caught two new movies recently, Liam Neeson’s Unknown and Hall Pass from the Farrelly Brothers, who did There’s Something About Mary, which was a landmark comedy. I've always liked Neeson and after a year of his own personal loss, he seems to be back in fine form. With January Jones and Diane Kruger, the movie starts out with a brilliant premise and then a major, major reveal two-thirds of the way through, that' will take your breath away. When it happened, it took me more than a moment to think it through and accept it, but once I did, the reminder of the film was terrific. The movie also sports terrific roles for Aidan Quinn and Frank Langella. It’s a sleek, suspenseful tale … no question about it. Hall Pass is more of the Brothers sophomoric and sardonic fun; somewhat crude and somewhat rude, but the preview audience I was in, everyone laughed … and, I do mean everyone. Starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, it’s kind of like a lower-class Hangover. Let’s face it, The Hangover changed movie comedies for ever; becoming the #1 R-rated comedy ever! Surprisingly enough, actor Richard Jenkins has a standout role here. I enjoyed it.


Micky Dolenz

MONKEES- OK, its official; The Monkees will be appearing at Westbury (The New York Community Bank Theatre at Westbury) on June 17, as part of their upcoming ‘45th’ Anniversary Tour. The U.K. dates begin in May. I think this should be a fitting coda to all their fans that have waited so long for them to re-group. And, what of the famously unavailable fourth Monkee, Michael Nesmith? According to Anthony Pomes, chief research editor on the book Micky Dolenz’ Rock ‘n Rollin’ Trivia (Square One) and, ardent fan of the group, the possibility that Papa Nez may perform during a few shows, "Adds even further elements of suspense and added magic to all of the Monkees’ shows that will be performed." Even without Nesmith's on-stage involvement, though, Pomes feels that this 45-anniversary group reunion tour may possibly be what brings about the hotly contested Rock and Roll Hall of Fame membership that has been denied The Monkees principally by Rolling Stone founder JannWenner (despite a thousand-deep petition to have The Monkees inducted). "They have continued to grow, evolve, and excel at their craft of making first-class rock and roll music," states Pomes, "and they unleashed more innate creativity and flair on their initial run in the '60s than any other three rock bands combined, given their 'pre-Fab' circumstances. The occasion of The Monkees’' return to the concert stage is one that should meet with enthusiasm, respect, and excitement."

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Peter Boyle

MARS GOODBYE – Kenneth Mars, the actor who played two of Mel Brooks’ zaniest characters, has passed away of pancreatic cancer. He was 75. He had been on Broadway and appeared in several hit TV shows (including Get Smart and Gunsmoke) when he was cast as the Hitler-loving playwright in Brooks’ 1968 comedy The Producers. Six years later, he was cast as Transylvania’s one-armed, eye-patch-wearing police inspector who leads the rioting townspeople against the titular monster Peter Boyle, in Young Frankenstein. My favorite scene in that movie was when he was playing a game of darts, and he kept his waiting darts pinned on his, obviously, fake arm. Terribly funny! Along with the late-Marty Feldman, another of Brooks’ repertory company has passed on. He will be greatly missed.


Lady Gaga

LA GAG GAGA – According to The Daily Beast’s Jacob Bernstein, “Lady Gaga’s new song ‘Born This Way’ was intended as an anthem to diversity and acceptance, but her fan base thinks it’s just a pandering piece of pop. She implores listeners ‘don't be a drag, just be a queen,’ and continues ‘it doesn't matter whether you love him or Capital H-I-M.’ The singer has said she wanted to create the ultimate gay anthem, and perhaps she’s succeeded, as by last Friday night it had topped the iTunes charts and gotten a stellar plug from her gay consigliere in cyberspace, Perez Hilton”. Still, among a specific set of urban gay men, the reaction was surprisingly mixed. Aaron Hicklin, the editor of Out said, “Gaga shmaga.” He urged friends to go out and buy the new Adele album instead. Eric Ord, an openly gay real estate agent in New York said, “I think she sees herself as the gay messiah and it bugs me.” He continues, “The song would be like white people writing a song about breaking free from slavery and expecting black people to worship us for it.” And, Aaron Newbill, a modeling agent, referred to a recent quote where Gaga said she wrote the song in 10 minutes. “She should have taken at least 11,” he said. Just for the record, as I posited on Monday, the new song sounds too damn much like Madonna’s “Express Yourself,’ and, though she’s gone to great pains to deny any shameless behavior … it’s just too damn close. I must admit that it does sound great on the radio every time I've heard it … but, it does bring to mind Madonna every time and what a great track “Express Yourself” was.


Mostly Moptop

GET BACK (WARDS) -- Long Island’s Mostly Moptop will perform their Beatles Tribute show in reverse chronological order at the Dix Hills Performing Center this Saturday, February 19; From the group’s intense break-up period between their Let It Be and Abbey Road eras, and, all the way back to the first glorious moments of Beatlemania as it hit around the world in 1963. Just as people used to their records backwards to hear strange clues and conspiracy secrets (real or imagined), Mostly Moptop will takes their audience through an amazing trip through their unbelievable catalog; from the end … to the beginning. The group features our friends Anthony Pomes and John Tabacco. You can get tickets here.


Matthew Perry

TV WARS – Have any doubts that the TV-scene is a tough road to hoe? Entertainment Weekly last week listed the TV shows that would definitely would return; those shows on the dreaded bubble; and, the shows that most certainly would by using these catchy phrases: Sure Things For Next Season; Strong Odds; Could Go Either Way; Danger Zone; and, Dead And Buried. Ouch! My favorite show of the last few years Fox’s Fringe is fighting for its life; I hope it makes it as it's firing on all cylinders this season. Another fave, NBC’s The Cape is sadly a goner; and, the brand new Chicago Code featuring Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke, is terrifically well done. It’s from Shawn Ryan who created The Shield. In fact, when I watched its debut last week; it instantly reminded me of that show. Delroy Lindo as a corrupt politician (hey … aren't they all?) was rather splendid too. Ratings weren't great … but, I'd give it a view. Also, Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine was rather delightful in its fits of ironic humor. I have spoken to people who loved it; and, ones who hated it. I loved it. Ratings wise; its doing quite nicely. Exceptionally good TV!


CITYBOY ENDQUOTE– Bruce Pegg, CEO of CITYBOY RECORDS, says: “In 2010, rock only accounted for 3% of total music sales. Rock is dead, they say? This City Boy remembers when they said that in 1976. And, they said it in 1991. It’s now 2011. Time for another 6-string revolution to begin. Long live rock!"

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Lorne Michaels

VERY CARREY SATURDAY – Jim Carrey’s stint as host of the weekend’s Saturday Night Live was not only hilarious; but, it delivered the best rating for the show since the terrific Betty White/Jay Z episode last year on May 8th. Don’t get me wrong, I love SNL … but, it has been on for 36 years, and the last few years have proven somewhat maddening in the talent selections. Svengali-Lorne Michaels’ war horse goes on and on; although in recent years his choices of hosts and acts has become somewhat problematic; at issue is the fact that what he liked when the show began all those years ago ... does it really jibe with what he chooses now? - Always a dicey issue for sure. Carrey’s opening was terrific, especially when he seemingly approached a random female in the audience … and, proposed to her. I couldn't tell, nor have unearthed, whether it was real or not, but he/it was terrific; as his comedic talents have shown no signs of diminishing. His takeoff on The Black Swan was equally as funny; with some people telling me the skit was much better than the movie! I've been a fan of the comic since his turn in the 1998 epic The Truman Show; to me, that movie showed off not only his spectacular comedic talents, but his dramatic flair as well. Director Peter Weir really pulled off one terrific movie back then. And, Ed Harris’ take as the puppet master was equally as awesome. The Black Keys were the musical guests as they were spotlessly terrific as well; really bringing a nice dynamic to the show. Musically, the group doesn't do anything terribly new, but their conviction and visual presence is impressive. Carrey’s take as an actor-turned-mystic was pretty good too; as he did a series of celebrity-voices; including Jimmy Stewart and Alan Thicke! I mean, really, no one does Alan Thicke anymore! All in all, a great episode.


David Lyons

CAPE HEAVY – Last night was the two-hour season premiere of NBC’s heavily-hyped new show The Cape; and, you know what … It didn't suck. And this is coming from a certified comic con devotee too! I watched Heroes; their first year was terrific, then it sputtered out like a spent firework; then NBC abruptly canceled it. Their show this season called The Event could have re-titled The Dud as three-months into the show, nothing challenging or interesting (for that matter) ever really happened. In fact, when the show ended its run; seemingly going into a winter-hiatus … there were more questions posed than at the start of the show. In reality; I don't think it will ever be back as it turned out as more of an embarrassment to all involved than anything else. The Cape had an interesting premise, characters, and, the story moved swiftly. With some terrific special effects and great actors (including David Lyons as the lead character; Keith David, and the stunning Summer Glau as the mysterious Orwell) it presented a very viable storyline and tale: Cop gets seemingly killed after learning too much about a possible foe; re-invents himself, with the help of some shady carnival characters; then, tries to re-unite with his family while not giving his new identity away. Nothing terrifically new here, but done with verve and flair. I loved the obvious nods to The Dark Knight with The Cape standing alone on a mysterious and very tall skyscraper. Lyons is terrific; as is Keith David as the mysterious Carney-person who teaches Lyons some tricks. James Frain as the arch-enemy Chess/Peter Fleming is over-the-top with just the right amount of sarcasm and glee. Glau , who remains the mysterious friend, seemingly to be able to help the title character thus far. When he asks her who she is … she says no one special. Let me predict she'll be the wife of Fleming! The ending of the first episode had Lyons in a grocery store trying to make a purchase when two thugs arrive to hold it up. Enter The Cape and the dastardly deed is ended. When the store owner thanks The Cape he asks him what his name is? Lyons says The Cape and the response from the owner is somewhat muted; he says “well ... you'll work on it.” Funny! I'll say one thing; NBC didn't spare any expense which is always a good sign; but, as the current #3 network, and more misses than hits; they'd do well to make this one a success.


Katie Holmes

KENNEDY DOUBLE DOWN – Much has been made this weekend of the History Channel’s decision to yank its forthcoming miniseries on The Kennedy's. When the project was announced almost two years ago by filmmaker Joel Surnow, the Kennedy faithful came forth and made a pretty convincing argument about why not to make it, arguing that it was more or less an expose of JFK’s personal habits rather than on the family. Actors Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes signed up and from a well-placed source on the set, the movie came together surprisingly well. Also, reportedly in the miniseries were characters like mobster Sam Giancana and Judith Campbell Exner, JFK’s rumored lover, giving added fuel to the rumors that it was more about JFK’s sex life. Surnow, the producer of the film is a former Fox News producer and a close friend of the very biased Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh. He also donates money to the Republican candidates and causes. It makes you wonder what the original motivation was in even shooting this. My source also confirms that Holmes’ role as Jackie Kennedy was nothing short of sensational and would have given her even more industry cred; something every actor can use. I’m quite sure it’ll pop up somewhere along the lines; maybe even going straight to DVD. A loss!


The Palm Restaurant

SALIDOR BACK AT PALM WEST? We got a call several weeks back from the PR-pasha-himself David Salidor inviting us to the Palm West where a caricature of then-Governor David Paterson was to be held. In attendance was well would be Wally Ganzi, one of the owners of the stellar eatery. Turned out that the Governor fell ill and the session was postponed; but, does this mean that the Palm has re-enlisted Salidor as their PR-mouthpiece? He toiled there for almost three years and we heard about the hallowed chop shop on a weekly basis. Truth be told; we haven't heard anything till this latest effort with Paterson. We'd love to hear more!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Gweneth Paltrow

TV – GLEE - What more can you say about this show that hasn’t already been said … at least several dozen times. Leave it to creator/writer/director Ryan Murphy to come up with a brand new theme and take … and, run with it like never before.

I knew this show was something unique when in its first season -last year- it was already renewed for two more. Last year’s show were so new, so rich, that everyone who watched was immediately smitten. This year’s slate so far has built wonderfully on the first season. Who can forget Kristin Chenowith beautifully mashing up Bacharach/David’s “One Less Bell To Answer” with their “A House Is Not A Home.” It was, pretty awesome. Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest shot as substitute-teacher Holly Holiday was sheer joy. Not only can she sing like the dickens, but the plot was terrific. And, how about Matthew Morrison; Lea Michele and, newcomer this year Darren Criss. Just an absolutely amazing mix of talent and know-how. Also, The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles Alan Cumming, and Chris Noth. Some of the best dramatic writing I’ve ever seen. Their plot line echoes everything from Elliot Spitzer to the current administration … and, it’s all very believable. And, while we’re on TV, how about Scott Caan in the re-imagining of Hawaii Five-O, as Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. I thought he was pretty spectacular on Entourage, but, here he steals every single scene he’s in. He was just nomination for a Golden Globe and well deserves it. I predict a win. Last subject re TV: Fox’s Fringe, created by Lost’s J.J. Abrhams. Sure, it’s sci-fi, but done so well with such terrific actors (Anna Torv; John Noble; and, Joshua Jackson), that you’re immediately hooked. The first half of this season dealt with parallel worlds and parallel characters … and, you know what? It worked terrifically well. It’s not getting the degree of ratings it should be, but is it a wonderful inventive show.


Carlos Santana

MUSIC – Has there ever been a more undervalued musician than Steve Winwood? He was a part of The Spencer Davis Group ("Gimme Some Lovin'" and "I'm A Man"); Blind Faith ("Can't Find My Way Home)"; and, Traffic ("Forty Thousand Headman" and "The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys"), and, for the past year he’s been on the road with Eric Clapton, and though I haven’t seen the show, I hear it is splendid. His solo hit, with Chaka Khan of all people, “Higher Love” (1986) was a terrific amalgamation of all things-Winwood. Purists will recall him as a singularly terrific keyboard player, but when I saw him play guitar on a video, he was even more stellar. There’s a track on a new compilation of his called Revolutions featuring a song (with Clapton on guitar) that was released as a single earlier this year called “Dirty City” that evokes all of those earlier bands. Terrific artist; he has gotten his due … but, he should have gotten and deserves much more.

It’s been 10 years since Sade’s last album (Lovers Rock) and her new cleverly titled Soldier Of Love opus was released this year and as much as we wanted to love it … especially the album’s title track which was the lead single and which featured some very natty dance steps from some very natty dancers on the live stage … we were ultimately left wanting much, much more. There’s something to be said for consistency, but it almost seemed like we were back in 2000. I remember years ago seeing the artist in concert at NY’s Radio City Music Hall … and, while she was simply mesmerizing, I nodded off and awoke much later feeling really renewed. And, I do mean that as a compliment; the music calmed me so! Solider Of Love was a good one … but, it should have been better.

I’d be remiss in not mention Carlos Santana’s much heralded release this year entitled Guitar Heaven; The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time. First off: What kind of title is that? And, second … whenever an artist releases his interpretation of the best … it all gets kind of blurry. Now, Carlos has produced numerous excellent conceptual albums, but, does this latest release means he’s run out of ideas?

Hearing him play guitar on Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” made me squirm because the originals are so good, I’ve never once thought to hear someone else’s interpretation. If I want to hear the song “New York, New York,” I want to hear Sinatra do it … not Joe Blow. Right or wrong? Also, the album/CD cover struck me an odd choice … and, it was brought into sharp focus as someone compared it to a K-Tel one. K-Tel being a label in the 60’s and 70’s that had other musicians and artists performing the country’s Top Ten hits; the reasoning being that their albums were priced much lower than the others, so if someone wanted to hear the hits, they could buy this one! Same song; different artist! The label’s biggest hit was the album Hooked On Classics selling over 10 million units. Carlos also covers T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” with none other than Joe Cocker on vocals. A mightily confusing mess this is. I barely got through one listening.


Dick Clark

BOOKS – Three books this year gave me the goose bumps (and, right now I’m reading the Keith Richards one): Peter Dogget’s You Never Give Me Your Money; The Beatles After The Breakup which is all about what happened after The Beatles broke up; the late-Clay Cole’s Sh Boom! The Explosion of Rock ‘n Roll 1953-1968; and, Me, The Mob, and The Music from Tommy James. Having always been a fan of all-things Beatles, the first title again portrayed the four fellows as totally adrift once the mania began; with the right intentions, but once they became The Beatles and all hell broke loose … everyone wanted a piece of the Apple-pie. The late-Linda McCartney is quoted in the book, when asked about the business, said “All I know is that we’ve sent a lot kids to college; paid their tuition; and, bought a bunch of homes in Scarsdale.” Funny! Sarcastically, one can see the phrase it’s all in the preparation being the key, but, ultimately it becomes one really sad opus. So much talent; so little direction. Anyone going into the music business end … this is a must-read. With the passing of Cole last weekend, hopefully the millions that never watched him or knew of him have gotten a sense of what he was able to accomplish. Many of the articles compare him to Dick Clark and though the analogies are somewhat appropriate, he was much more focused and really introduced such groups as The Rolling Stones and Eric Burdon and the Animals to the public’s psyche, where Clark played it totally safe. Cole had to abandon his duties here for a variety of unsubstantiated claims, but his book, written with The Daily News’ David Hinckley succinctly details all of his accomplishments. A great read. Lastly, James’ book successfully captures the mood of the times when he and his Shondells ruled the airwaves. His dealing with the notorious Morris Levy is the stuff of movies; and, this would make for a terrific one. Having grown up in these times, I knew every small-fry restaurant, cheesy hotel mentioned, and remember well what the streets of New York City looked like back then. A road-map to what NYC looked like back then. Again, a terrific read.

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Monday, December 20, 2010


Elton John

BEST BESTS – As we come down to the end of the year, we wanted to start listing our Best Bests of the Year: First and foremost has got to be Lungs from the British-Florence and the Machine aka Florence Welch. Simply put: The best and most joyous album of the year. “Dog Days Are Over” was the first single that seemed to resonate with everyone, everywhere. The new single “Cosmic Love” (which was performed to perfection on last week’s David Letterman Show) is just terrific. Inspiring, joyous, and really like nothing else we've heard this year. My personal favorite on the album is “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).” To this writer; the best thing from England since Amy Winehouse… remember her? Also, the Elton John/Leon Russell collaboration, The Union. Sure, it made you feel like you were back in 1972 listening to John’s Tumbleweed Connection … but, is that a bad thing? Bruno Mars debut album Doo-Woops and Hooligans was a standalone smash too. Part Prince, part Kid Creole And The Coconuts aka August Darnell, this young performer is destined to have a huge career. Look for him to explode across the board next year! His song “Grenade” is an amazing song … and, video. We also loved Brandon Flowers solo work Flamingo. Sure, we missed his group The Killers … but, this was a bountiful record to listen too. Also, Micky Dolenz’s solo album King For A Day killed too. Sad that it wasn't on a bona fide label that could adequately promote it. Save for one ad in USA TODAY, it seemed lost once it came out. I don't get it. This one could have been a major contender for sure. Micky’s take n “Crying In The Rain” and “Just Once In My Life” with Bill Medley are just classic works. Produced in tandem with Beach Boy-aide de camp Jeffrey Foskett, it is a standout work. The long-awaited authorized book from the classic rock venue on Long Island called My Father’s Place came out in November. We still haven't seen a review copy even after repeated requests, but from what I hear … they've decided the media cannot see it. Is it a photo book, or what? This club, which I frequented many times in those early 70’s days, could have been a real contender too, but save for a mention or two in Long Island’s Newsday … we don't know much about it. This is the venue that presented first, acts like: Hall and Oates; Chick Corea; Larry Coryell; The Brecker Brothers; Bruce Springsteen; Blondie; The Talking Heads; Aerosmith; Jimmy Cliff; Madonna; and, many, many more. With talented photographers contributing to the book, like Gary Graff and Ebet Roberts; I'm sure it’s quite nice to look at too, but, I hope they told the real story!


Tera Lane

Tera Lane – Tera Lane is an experienced professional sidereal astrologer with 25 years experience. She is also a certified soul coach using her talent and extensive training for both professional and professional consultations. She’s just come out with a lavishly illustrated book called Enchantment in the Sky (Xlibris Publishing). The book depicts each of the zodiac signs and a whimsical description of their meanings it’s a great read. Often recognized as the weather person and movie hostess from her days with KMIR-TV, Lane is also an award-winning talent who also hosted her own TV show called Tera On The Town. Based in Rancho Mirage , she adds, “Each of us shares in a vital and timeless partnership with our planet and the ancient rhythms of the seasons; which are not only universal, but instinctive.” She's also become an in-demand motivational speaker for her creative and wining ways. Bringing the old religion to the forefront of our minds, Lane takes us on a fascinating journey for sure. The accompanying photo immediately caught our eye too; part mystery; part Stevie Nicks … we loved it and so will you. Check out her web site

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