Randy Jones With Danielle Calcagni

Enrique Soto With Randy Jones

Keith Collins With Theresa Galeani And Randy Jones

Randy Jones With Mr. Boogie

So much action is happening this time of year in Atlantic City, one of our favorite destinations. Since we were in the seaside mecca for a few days, we just had to hit our favorite hotspot Boogie Nights at the famed Resorts Hotel And Casino, So I packed up a few of my friends to take along. We grabbed 'A Fight For Survival' stars Keith Collins and Theresa Galeani and Village People's most famous cowboy Randy Jones who was in town performing, and we headed into the sunset to dance the night away. Boogie Nights is the ultimate 70's and 80's dance club every Friday and Saturday night. This is the place to be and I could think of no better place to bring Randy Jones who is a legend in his own time. Sometimes things just work out perfect and by chance. As we entered the club and made our way to the ultra VIP section, YMCA started playing to the packed house. The crowd went crazy when they realized Randy Jones was in the house. Not missing a beat, Randy promptly grabbed the mike and sang along with his most famous hit. Our hosts at Boogie Nights Enrique Soto and Danielle Calcagni really know how to throw a 70s and 90s bash!

Photos By: James Edstrom