Lindsay Lohan

Licking Lindsay Lohan's outspoken dad Michael, says his words were misinterpreted when he made comments about "kidnapping" his daughter in order to help her kick her alleged drug habits. Michael claimed the actress is hooked on prescription drugs she buys from one of Hollywood's biggest drug dealers, an allegation the star and her mother Dina are both denying. Michael also went on television on Friday to issue a public plea to his daughter to get professional help, but went one step too far when he told reporters he was preparing to snatch her in a bid to save her from herself. In an interview with, Michael said, "If I can't get a conservatorship, then I'm going to take her to an undisclosed location and get her straight. But I know I'm going to get charged with kidnapping." On Monday, reported Lindsay was seeking a restraining order against her dad, with a source claiming she was "scared" and had instructed her lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman to prepare the legal papers. But Michael insists his comments were "twisted" to mean something more sinister and is adamant he would never force Lindsay to do something against her will. He tells Newsday, "I just meant I'd like to detox her myself ... but of course I'd get arrested. "People will twist my words to mean what they want. The bottom line is, Lindsay needs help, and no one wants to do anything."