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Tuesday, June 25, 2013



ET Canada On Set Of The Canyons

Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and Paul Schrader’s (Taxi Driver) headline making neo-noir feature THE CANYONS in theaters August 9th starring Lindsay Lohan brings the stunningly gorgeous, head turning, Tenille Houston opposite controversial porn star James Deen in this “psycho sexual” thriller. “It’s not the hills” Hollywood setting where actress, Tara (Lohan), runs into frenemy Cynthia (Houston) while hiding an affair with an old fling from her young movie producer boyfriend, Christian (Deen) trying to keep his trust fund intact. More recently, Houston stars in the wildly hilarious YAHOO! web series, THE FLIP SIDE quickly becoming a viral sensation garnering millions of views worldwide.

After earning a Master’s in Public Administration and climbing the ladder at Northrop Grumman, the Sacramento native honed in on her acting chops taking classes in LA while commuting from San Diego. Houston’s accolades include roles in the Charlie Sheen produced indie flick SHE WANTS ME with Hilary Duff, the snubbed ABC Kristen Chenoweth series GCB, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

In her free time, Houston enjoys the outdoors with her two dogs hiking, canoeing and kayaking while fitting in a few lessons at her local cardio barre studio.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looked great the other day when she was arriving at The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City. The star is heading to the Hampton's for a court ordered rehab soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Prince William In US Weekly

The new issue of Us Weekly has all of the details on Prince William and Duchess Kate’s plans to start a family. “They’re excited at the prospect of becoming parents,” says a confidant of the couple, both 30. Now, “they are working on it. In a dream situation, they’d love to be a step closer at Christmas.” Adds a source close to Kate, “They have been on such a high since getting married. It’s time for the next step — Kate is hoping she and William can become parents in 2013.” Though the breathless bump watch started immediately after their April 2011 wedding, the couple had a top-secret plan all along. Their first two years of marriage would be devoted to work, and Operation Heir would begin only after their grueling royal tour of Southeast Asia finished up in September. “Once their malaria medication had run its course,” says an insider, “then it was safe to start. So it’s only been a matter of weeks.” Whenever it does happen, says a source, Kate, like any first-time mom, will wait until just after the first trimester to share the news wide. “It won’t be hidden,” says the source.

Lindsay Lohan

Also in the issue is an exclusive interview with Lindsay Lohan. With Hollywood ready to write her off for good, the troubled starlet tells Us she’s finally getting her act together. “People can think what they want, and the only thing I can do is prove them wrong,” says Lohan. As for the future, Lohan says she does want kids. “I want to adopt a son,” she says. But as for love, she continues, “I’m not focused on that yet. I want to do a ton of movies first. After I win an Oscar, I can start thinking about love. I think there are a lot of directors and producers who know I’m a good actress. I just want them to get past the misconception that I’m not reliable, because I am. I’m going to make them believe in me again.”

Also included below are this week’s Hot Stuff items which include the scoop on Taylor Swift hanging out with Harry Styles, Johnny Depp saying “I love you” to Amber Heard, Katy Perry ducking to avoid ex Russell Brand, and Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding plans.


 Harry Styles

TAYLOR SWIFT: Hanging Out With Harry!

The singer holds hands with the One Direction heartthrob

Taylor Swift
Another 18-year-old for Taylor Swift? The singer, 22, welcomed a special visitor as she rehearsed for her live X Factor performance on November 15: One Direction’s Harry Styles! “They lit up when they saw each other and he gave her a giant hug,” says a source of the two (who also hung out at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6). As the day wore on, Swift got even mushier over the guy. “She was a puppy dog,” marvels another insider. “She didn’t let him out of her sight!” Not that the Brit boy-bander was in a hurry to leave. He sat with her mom, sang along while she practiced and even walked hand in hand with Swift on the set, says a witness. When she finished performing, “Harry picked her up and carried her to the trailer!” adds one insider. The unattached Styles, explains a pal, “acts like he has a crush. They email a lot!” And since splitting with Conor Kennedy, 18, last month, Swift has been ready to mingle: “She doesn’t want to be single.”

JOHNNY & AMBER: He Told Her ‘I Love You!

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp
Clandestine couple no more! Johnny Depp and girlfriend Amber Heard indulged in a rare date night out at Los Angeles’ AV Nightclub November 5. After arriving at 11 p.m., the twosome — who kicked off a romance in late 2011 during their Rum Diary press tour — settled in on the patio, where, a witness says, they sipped nonalcoholic beers sitting side by side. “They were flirty and engaged,” says the source. And their affection was no act. Another insider says the actress, 26, “was telling people they were officially together” at a Gucci party October 27. (Depp, 49, and Vanessa Paradis, 39, split in June 2012 after separating in 2010.) A pal says the Lone Ranger star is serious about the starlet: “They have said ‘I love you.’ ”

Katy Ducks to Avoid Russell

Katy Perry

Think fast! Katy Perry crouched under her table when she spotted former husband Russell Brand at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge, where she was dining with beau John Mayer, 35, November 11. “The hostess almost seated Russell next to Katy,” a witness tells Hot Stuff. “Katy’s face was like, ‘Oh, s--t!’” After the staffer realized her error, she ushered Brand, 37, to another section. When the comic learned Perry, 28, was there, he couldn’t help but gawk. Says the source, “On his way to the bathroom, he looked at them through a window!”

Ashley’s ‘I Do’ Plans

Ashley Hebert

Bachelorette sweeties Ashley Hebert, 28, and J.P. Rosenbaum, 35, are giddily gearing up for their walk down the aisle. A source says Hebert not only scored star planner Mindy Weiss for the December 1 event in Pasadena, California (airing on ABC December 16), she’s gaga over her gown: “Ashley can’t wait for people to see it!” Invitees getting the first glimpse include show alums Emily Maynard, Trista and Ryan Sutter and (awkward alert!) ex-loves Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey and the Lohan family are back yet again in recovery primetime, but beyond the restraining orders, sound-bites and press conferences, there are valuable lessons to be learned... lessons that can truly help millions of Americans in a similar, yet less publicized, situation.

Addiction Expert  Ben Levenson, co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers comments...

"Unfortunately, we see this everyday and it's not just in the gossip columns,” says Ben Levenson, the co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers. “Kid's of divorced parents often find ways to hide and become a statistic rather than recovered simply because their parents can't get on the same page."

The Lohan's family crisis takes the concept of recovery to whole new level. Both parents have had very public battles with addiction, but it is the venomous relationship between these parents that provide what amounts to an enabling safe-zone for Lindsey. Levenson adds, "The lesson for every family is simple; leave the interventions to the professionals. There has to be third party role in addiction, and there must be a person or place that both parents can use to get themselves out of the fray."

Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna

Friday, July 22, 2011


Lindsay Lohan

Find a psychologist or go back to jail. That's the dilemma faced by Lindsay Lohan, who's currently flouting the counseling order mandated by her probation. She's too famous for low-cost group counseling and, apparently, too poor for one-on-one sessions with a therapist. But there's another option she should consider. Call for Therapy, a 24/7 instant phone counseling service, has over 100 California-licensed mental health professionals willing to help Lohan fulfill her probation requirements--for free.

Lohan can't afford a psychologist. Judge Sautner, who oversees her probation, doesn't buy this excuse and has promised to send her behind bars again in 20 days. Perhaps the judge's doubts arise from the fact that the actress came to court in $1,195 Christian Louboutin heels.

Therapy isn't cheap either. A typical session with a psychologist lasts 50 minutes and costs around $100-$300. Ten of these sessions could easily put $3000 into some psychologist's pocket. Lohan, who cited "financial issues" as the reason she could no longer see her psychologist at UCLA, would probably rather have a few more pairs of shoes.

"She can definitely afford Call for Therapy," says company President David Gonen, M.D. "People usually pay $40 or less per half hour for our phone therapy sessions, which is pocket change compared to your average psychologist's office. For Lindsay, we'll make a special exception. Our therapists will give her all the help she needs at no cost for the duration of her probation."

Call for Therapy has a variety of licensed professionals--psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers--to speak with Lohan about her shoplifting and drunk driving habits. Plus, she can do this from the privacy of her home in Venice Beach, CA, away from the cameras and commotion.

"Free unlimited therapy, from any location of her choice, at any time of her choice," says Dr. Gonen. "She should take us up on our deal."

Lohan can tap into this get-out-of-jail-free offer today. All she needs to do is call 877.5.THERAPY (877.584.3727). Call for Therapy, Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in West Hollywood, CA. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Judge Posner On Lindsay Lohan

Kathy Posner

Some people might think that with my big mouth, I would have been arrested at some point in my life for something, but not so. I have lead as clean a life as possible without ever feeling cold steel handcuffs slapped on my wrists. Not so for Darryl Marlow, who recently was arrested for the 253rd time! Marlow was picked up by Chicago police on September 21st for violating the city’s ordinance against panhandling. He was arrested the day before also, for aggressive panhandling; his tenth time since March. He has been detained for public urination as well as such offenses as burglary, robbery, theft, criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance.

He has been convicted 38 times! So how is he still walking the streets of Chicago? How much time have Chicago policemen had to waste on Marlow when they could be investigating serious gang crime? What judges are allowing this man to appear in front of them for sentencing and obviously doing nothing? If they were doing anything, he would be behind bars!

Because I put my money behind my big mouth, I have decided that I cannot complain about this and do nothing. I have found out that Marlow will be appearing in front of a judge at Misdemeanor Branch Court at Belmont/Western on October 25th. I will attend his “trial” and report back here what happened. I will be a citizen advocate and monitor the hearing.

While we are being so lax in Chicago about our criminals, actress Lindsay Lohan was taken back to jail where she wass expected to spend nearly a month awaiting a hearing for violating her probation by failing a drug test.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “During a brief hearing, Judge Elden Fox said he had issued a bench warrant for Lohan based on a probation report, ‘indicating a positive test for a controlled substance.’ Fox said he needed further information from probation officials on Lohan's condition before a revocation hearing could be held. He then ordered Lohan into custody without bail and set an Oct. 22 court date.”

Later in the day, the judge reversed his ruling, release Lohan and set bail at $300,000. But he did set restrictions on her freedom, including her wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Under the terms of her original probation, if Lohan missed a drug test or got a positive result, she could face 30 days in jail. Lohan was ordered back to court after failing a drug test last week, a month after being released from jail for violating her parole in a drunk driving case from 2007. Her legal troubles began then when she was arrested twice over a three-month period for DUI. She pleaded no contest and agreed to attend alcohol education classes.

Prosecutors alleged she failed to attend the required number of sessions; and was sentenced to 90 days in LA County Jail. She served 13 days in custody before being released to a rehabilitation program at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where she got out early after spending 23 days there.

After Lohan recently admitted, via Twitter, that she had failed a drug test she was hauled back to court and then to jail last week

It is incredible how different the criminal justice results are for these two people in their run-ins with the law. Wealthy Lohan sits in jail and homeless Marlow is free on the streets.

The City of Los Angeles is jokingly referred to as “La La Land” because of its name and the characteristics of its population. The definition of “La La Land” is “A place renowned for its frivolous activity; a state of mind characterized by unrealistic expectations or a lack of seriousness.” Well the judges in Los Angeles are serious and in the Windy City it seems they are just blowing smoke.

Lohan Photo By: RD/Dziekan/Retna

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

After only spending less than a half day in jail, Lindsay Lohan was released after posting a huge $300,000 bail. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told The Associated Press that the actress left jail around 11:40 p.m. late Friday night. Lohan was jailed early Friday morning, a week after the former star had admitted to failing a court-ordered drug test. Judge Elden Fox initially denied Lindsay bail and she was immediately taken into custody following her court hearing. The move was reportedly designed to keep the actress in prison until her upcoming October 22 court date and reduce the chance of an early release due to severe jail overcrowding. However, Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, later insisted her client was entitled to bail and a second judge, Patricia M. Schnegg, overturned Fox's ruling. Lohan is going back to court next month.


Editors Note:
This is just not right. If I have done the things Lindsay has done, I would have been kept in jail. Any non-star would have been remanded to prison. Lindsay will not learn a lesion because she gets special treatment. She knows this and continues to party. Lindsay Lohan lies to everyone. The media, the courts and everyone else. She needs to be kept in jail where she can maybe learn the seriousness of her actions. I remember when Lindsay was partying underage at Scores, the now defunct Upper East Side topless club. She was with Kate Moss and they both were a mess. I watched for hours as they partied and made fool of themselves. They were pole dancing, drinking, loud and rude to me. I wonder what everyone will say, if Lindsay dies from a drug overdose while she is out on bail. I would blame the courts!

Photo By: RD/Kirkland/Retna

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Lindsay Lohan Kisses Her Freedom Goodbye

Our readers have spoken. 89 % of them said Lindsay Lohan should go to jail. 8 % said no and 1% are just not sure. If you ask what we think, we agree with our readers. Lindsay has been given more chances than any normal person would. She has not kept her agreements with the judge and the court and it's time she went away to learn that her actions will not be allowed. Michael Lohan can cry that she needs Rehab, but that did not work once before. Maybe if Michael had kept his mouth shut all these years about Lindsay, none of this would have happened. He fed fuel to the fire. The only person that Lindsay should have ever listened to, was mom Dina. Dina knows the score and she should be the only person anyone listens too. Besides, we think Lindsay will get a Paris Hilton get out of jail free card. Now how wrong is that?

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

Former actress Lindsay Lohan is going to jail for failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.The crying Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail at a probation hearing in Los Angeles California yesterday. Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lohan to surrender to court on July 20th.The judge declared Lindsay was in violation of her probation on a 2007 DUI arrest for skipping classes. Her alcohol education program director, Cheryl Marshall, took the stand at the hearing and testified that the former star had failed to attend nine court-ordered classes. Marshall told the Los Angeles court Lohan came up with excuses that were "endless and disrespectful". The explanations Lindsay gave for not attending classes ranged from missing flights to promoting a clothing line. Marshall said Lohan also called to excuse herself, claiming her uncle had died and she had to fly to New York - the week before she flew to Cannes, France in May.

Meanwhile, We knew Lindsay's outspoken father Michael would have something to say. Michael is attempting to overturn his daughter’s " harsh" 90-day jail sentence - he has written to the judge urging her to let Lindsay spend six months in rehab instead. But Michael Lohan is adamant his daughter does not belong in jail and has written a letter to Judge Revel asking her to reconsider the sentence and allow the actress to spend six months in a treatment program instead. He tells CNN reporter Larry King, "Any time in jail is harsh, especially for a young lady like Lindsay that doesn’t need jail. I’ve been there myself, and I know jail didn’t do anything for me with my addictions… I’m sorry. I’m just… a little upset… "This girl needs a rehab. She needs help… If Lindsay’s lawyer and Lindsay would have just listened to us, she would have been in a rehab, she would have been on her way to being clean and sober and have her life back. Instead, she got jail and - jail and rehab." His lawyer, Lisa Bloom, adds, "I don’t want there to be misinterpretation that Michael and I think the sentence was appropriate because we don’t .. And we sent a letter to the court today. We sent one previously, begging the court not to incarcerate her because I’m a pragmatist, Larry. What message does it send to someone if they go to jail for 84 minutes or for a day and a half? "Mandated six months or longer in an in-patient treatment facility that knows what they’re doing, a facility that will take her off all the drugs, the prescriptions, and otherwise, and then give her life back." Lohan’s mother Dina has also condemned the decision to send the star to jail, telling, "This is so not fair to do this to my child.

Editors Note: We can feel the parents pain, but Lindsay thinks she can do what ever she wants. She has been given more chances than any regular person would get. She plays games and thinks shes smarter than everyone else around her. Well she is not smarter than this judge and the public that has watched her get chance after chance. Besides we are sure this will be a Paris Hilton sentence. She will go in for a few hours or a few days and be released. And publicity hungry Michael Lohan and his even hungrier publicity lawyer Lisa Bloom will get their airtime. Everyone will be happy kiddies. The only real person I feel bad for is Dina, who is a wonderful mom and is the only person anyone should be listening too.

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Monday, June 14, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

As if we care anymore, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Fred Segal in Los Angeles, California on a shopping spree.

Photo By: AB / RD / Retna Ltd.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

Licking Lindsay Lohan may have lost another movie part, thanks to her long stay at the Cannes Film Festival in France> A judge has forbidden the former star from leaving Los Angeles California. Lindsay appeared before Judge Marsha Revel this morning, five days after she failed to appear at a mandatory hearing, and was ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs. The judge, who initially issued a warrant for the star’s arrest last Thursday after she failed to show up, told Lohan she could remain free on bail, but she must wear a SCRAM device on her ankle and submit to random drug tests. Judge Revel also insisted Lindsay must attend weekly alcohol education classes. The lawmaker ruled that Lohan risked jail if she failed to comply with any of the stipulations of her bail. Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, pointed out that the restrictions would prevent Lohan from travelling to Texas for a movie, but the judge was unsympathetic. Lindsay angered Judge Revel when she failed to show in court last week, claiming her passport had been stolen at the Cannes Film Festival and she was unable to get back to Los Angeles in time. She flew in yesterday. In a pre-hearing interview with, Lohan insisted she didn’t deserve jail time or a rehab stint. She said, "I don’t see what reason I would go to prison for. I’ve been more than compliant with everything having to do with the court system." Lindsay already has failed to complete a prior court-ordered alcohol education course.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Friday, May 21, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

A bench warrant has been issued for licking Lindsay Lohan's arrest after she failed to attend a mandatory probation hearing in Los Angeles California yesterday. The former star was ordered to appear before Judge Marsha Revel at the Beverly Hills Courthouse after only completing 10 of her 13 court-ordered alcohol education classes, stemming from her 2007 arrest. But Lohan found herself stranded in Europe on Tuesday after losing her passport while attending the Cannes Film Festival in France. She claimed her papers had been stolen and turned to U.S. Embassy officials for help, but they weren't able to replace the documentation until Thursday, which resulted in Lohan missing her court date. The probation hearing went ahead anyway and Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley tried to explain the passport problem to Judge Revel as the reason for Lohan's absence. But the judge refused to accept the excuse, telling Holley, "Actions speak louder than words," adding the actress had "a history of not keeping scheduled appointments." The judge also stated there was reason to believe Lohan had violated the terms of her probation, which could result in a 180-day prison sentence. The bench warrant was issued and bail was set at $100,000. Gossip reports are suggesting Lohan will fly back to Los Angeles today and she is expected to be taken into custody upon landing in America. If Lohan posts bail she will be allowed to remain free until her next court hearing providing she agrees to abstain from alcohol, wear an electronic monitoring device and undergo random drug testing at least once a week. Lohan's next court date is not yet determined. Meanwhile, French police are reporting her claims her passport was stolen after revealing they have no record of the crime at all. Lohan's lawyer and mom Dina are insisting they reported the theft to local authorities.

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Friday, April 30, 2010


Ali And Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan & her sister Ali Lohan on a double date at Bottega in west Hollywood, California. Smoking cigarettes, eating off her dates plate, laughing over grabbing the last peace of pizza at a restaurant called Bottega in west Hollywood. After lunch Lindsay & her friends walked over to Crumbs Bake Shop & bought some cup cakes. Lindsay had a few black & blue marks on her legs. Maybe we better call daddy Michael to investigate. Stay Tuned.....
Photo By: RD / AB / Retna Digital.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Michael Lohan

Publicity hungry Lindsay Lohan's father is going to fly to Los Angeles California in a hope to persuade his troubled daughter to check into rehab, because he's terrified she will die without professional help. Licking Lindsay has earned herself a reputation as a Hollywood party girl in over the years thanks to so many wild nights out, arrests for drug possession and driving violations and a stint in rehab. Lindsay hit the gossip columns again earlier this month when she was snapped falling into a cactus bed after a night out in Los Angeles. She was also photographed with a mystery white dust on her designer shoes last week. Michael Lohan, who has publicly spoken about his daughter's alleged prescription drug addiction in the past, is admitting he's seriously worried for his daughters health, and he's appealing for her to seek professional help before it's too late. During a press conference yesterday, he said, "Lindsay's not OK. I think we've seen that, we all know that. It's really hard for me to do this. A lot of my family members know what's going on. "I've tried every way possible to reach out to my daughter, talking, text, we've met. And, in difficult times, she reaches out to me. It happened last week when she fell into the cactus. She said, 'I need security.' I'm her father and I love her. "I think we all see and know what's happening with Lindsay. I get calls from her closest friends and it's worse than you can imagine. My daughter needs to let me help her. I don't want her to be a statistic. My heart goes out to people who have lost their children." Michael Lohan wants to meet with his daughter's legal team because he wants to help Lindsay of disruptive influences in her life. He adds, "Lindsay needs help now and I'm asking everyone out there to help her and if you're an enabler (to Lindsay) get out of there. I want to meet with Lindsay's lawyers and sit down with her privately to work something out, discuss the situation. "If she refuses to do so I guess we will take measures. I hope Lindsay is accommodating. We all know the truth. God knows the truth. I love her and I want her to be healthy. Her life will not be taken from me."

Editors Note: I never saw a more press hungry person in my life. As much as I do not like Lindsay, because of a night out at the topless club Scores, where Lindsay and Kate Moss were so nasty to me, I really think her father has just gone too far. When Michael Lohan was in jail, he called me several times wanting me to get in touch with Lindsay. He even had his mother send me a letter to give to her, which we still have. We never got involved, because we could see what he was. A publicity hungry we-don't-know-what.... It's one thing when your daughter makes headlines by herself, but it's another thing for her father to makes things worse by throwing these press conferences, that bring even more attention to her. One night I was hanging out with Lindsay's mom Dina. I told her the things I knew Michael was doing and she said he's always up to something. Dina is a great mom, I adore her. How she has put up with Michael all these years, is beyond me. It is clear that Lindsay has not wanted anything to do with Michael for many years now. Why can't he just leave her alone. Everyone knows Lindsay has made huge mistakes, but she has to learn all by herself. When I was younger, I did just as many stupid things as Lindsay has. As I grew older, I learned. Lindsay has to do the same. I think it's time for Dina Lohan and Lindsay to sit down and talk about what to do about Michael. This guy is press hungry. He will not stop. He has hurt Lindsay's career, or whatevers left, more than she has done herself. Leave Lindsay alone Michael. Get a life of your own!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was not too happy outside a club in Los Angeles California on Thursday night after the bouncers refused to let The Mean Girls actress in. Lindsay had to stand outside the Trousdale in Hollywood for 15 minutes while the venue's security guards decided whether to let her inside. Lindsay was so angry about the incident that she wrote on her Twitter page to complain about it, insisting she was "scared" when she was left outside surrounded by paparazzi and "random" people. In a series of Twitter posts, she writes, "I've never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to L.A. - isn't security, after I respect them and their work and tip - aren't they supposed to protect us? Rather than man-handle and scare us (girls)? Not to mention, I was heading to bed & got attacked by paps & randoms at a place (the club) where I was simply going to say hi 2 my friend from NYC. That was scary, mean, arrogant, and unnecessarily aggressive. I pick New York just like Jay-Z... Wouldn't you?" A rep for the club tells Perez Hilton, "(It) was a private event with a guest list. The lounge is open for business on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so any events on other nights are private." Looks like Lindsay's star power is almost over!
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit over an advertisement which allegedly used her name and parodied her life for profit. Lindsay is seeking $100 million in damages and compensation over the commercial from the financial firm E-Trade, which depicts a baby girl called Lindsay as a boyfriend stealer and a "milkaholic", according to the New York Post.
The commercial shows a baby boy playing the stock market and apologising to his girlfriend for not calling her the night before.The baby girl then gets suspicious about a rival female baby, referring to her as "that milkaholic Lindsay". Lohan filed the lawsuit yesterday in Nassau County Supreme Court over the advert, which debuted on television during the Super Bowl last month. Lindsay's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, is claiming Lohan’s first name is just as recognizable as other single-word monikers, used by stars such as Madonna and Oprah. Ovadia says, "Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit. They used the name Lindsay. They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan." The lawyer alleges company bosses used Lohan’s "name and characterisation" without paying her or asking for her approval, thus violating her rights. Ovadia also is insisting the company has earned large profits from the promo because it would have been seen by millions of television viewers watching the Super Bowl. But chiefs at the advertising firm which created the commercial for E-Trade are dismissing the claims, insisting they chose the name Lindsay at random. Chris Brown, a spokesperson for the Grey Group, says they "just used a popular baby name that happened to be the name of someone on the account team." Lindsay is seeking $50 million in exemplary damages, as well as $50 million in compensation.

Editors Extra: This is so stupid, this case should be thrown out of court. Maybe I'll start suing everyone that uses the name James. And Lindsay is famous for drinking other things, not milk!

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Monday, February 22, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

Licking Lindsay Lohan is blaming her father for exacerbating her drug problems, because she hit "rock bottom" after he began talking to the press about her private life. Michael Lohan first spoke up about his notorious daughter in 2007, and has subsequently become very well known for talking about his grievances about their relationship in public. Lindsay has entered rehab twice in 2007, is very insistent her dad's decision to talk about her in the media made her problems worse, and her drug taking spiraled out of control. She tells the British newspaper The Sun, "When my father was going public, that's when I hit rock bottom. I abused substances too much and it wasn't the answer to my problems. People need to know that. I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances. Now I'm in a place where I don't need to use anything and I can feel emotions because I choose to. I learned from my mistakes and now I'm healthy and happier. "I never want to be close to losing everything I worked for and aspired to my whole life. I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad. I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid, and wanted to see what it was like. It's not something I ever want to do again." She also says, "Mind-altering substances are so dangerous. If I can teach others, especially teens, by sharing my experiences, then that's what I will continue to do. I've made some dreadful mistakes but learned from them - that has probably saved my life."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/RD/Dziekan/Retna

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Jessica Alba

Hollywood star Jessica Alba is speaking out in the defense of licking Lindsay Lohan, after only months after the troubled actress was accused of kissing her husband in a nightclub, calling the rumors "ridiculous lies." Lindsay once again hit the headlines in November when a magazine claimed she was spotted getting close to Alba's hubby Cash Warren, at a Hollywood nightclub. Lindsay called the stories "absurd," and now Jessica is speaking out in favor of her friend. She is insisting she doesn't pay attention to tabloid gossip. She tells Cosmopolitan magazine, "Lindsay's had to deal with this for so long. When people wrote lies about me before I had (my daughter) Honor, I'd get upset or I'd get nauseous or I'd get angry or I'd want revenge. Now, it's like, it's just so ridiculous and it's not even close to being the truth."And Alba admits her husband may have a future with Lohan - he's considering teaming up with the actress for a new TV project. She adds, "My husband may do a TV show with Lindsay - ironically, about the ridiculousness of tabloids."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Lindsay Lohan

The Los Angeles police said they received a phone call Sunday a little after midnight from Lindsay Lohan's assistant reporting that the former stars car was involved in an accident outside a Hollywood night club.The crash, which involved a black BMW, took place outside The Hotel Cafe on Cahuenga Boulevard, according to Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman. Authorities could not immediately confirm whether Lohan was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Police took a report and said they did not consider the case to be a hit-and-run, Eisenman said. Authorities could not immediately confirm who, if anyone, was injured in the accident. No arrests have been made. The driver was not identified, but TMZ is reporting a photographer was injured.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Michael Lohan

The Suffolk County police on Long Island say Lindsay Lohan's dad is accused of violating an order of protection by calling his estranged girlfriend. Suffolk County prosecutors report that Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor charge of criminal contempt. They say the alleged phone call was made on Sunday morning. In June, a judge said Michael Lohan would avoid prosecution on a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment if he stayed out of trouble for a year. Lohan denied that he threatened to kill his girlfriend and himself if she left him. Lohan's attorney says his client is the victim of fabricated claims. He says the ex-girlfriend called Lohan. Lohan is heading back to court on Jan. 8th.
Photos By: RD/Kabik/Dziekan/Retna