Gender Bender Ashley And Randy Jones

Steve Walter With Susan Hathaway And James Edstrom

Randy Jones With Derek Storm And Gerald McCullouch

Keith Collins With Randy Jones, Steve Walter And Susan Hathaway

It turned out to be some party for famed photographer and art dealer Derek Storm's 40th birthday bash. On a very cold windy night in New York City, from Times Square we headed to Cuba restaurant at 222 Thompson Street in the heart of the village to help Derek celebrate his getting younger. What a very nice evening it turned out to be. Village People icon Randy Jones was there with all his YMCA glamour. Party King and Actor Keith Collins, who is in the middle of shooting so many film projects, was hanging out with Cutting Room owner Steve Walter and Susan Hathaway. CSI star Gerald McCullouch also stopped by to wish Derek the very best. The restaurant food was superb, and the downstairs party room was the perfect place for a intimate celebration. We do not know why, but Derek's birthday bash every year is a smash.
Photos By: James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
great show!!!
thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
This party was awesome!! Great place and alotta hotties!!