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Saturday, February 27, 2016


John Corbett

Amy Vachal

John Corbett And Chris Noth

John Corbett and Chris Noth were snapped at the 3rd Annual Eco Rock, a benefit for Rainforest Action Network at The Cutting Room on the other night in New York City. Once again, Cutting Room's own Steve Walter threw a great event.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015




Kathrina Miccio

Rita Cosby And Kathrina Miccio

Tomaczek Bednarek And Steve Walter

Larry Romano With Rita Cosby, Kathrina Miccio And Chase Backer

New York hotspot The Cutting Room hosted a fundraiser last Sunday to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise funds for acclaimed and beloved resident artist Kathrina Miccio. Kathrina was diagnosed with cancer in August and has established Paint Us Pink, a non-profit program designed to help women in the arts who are also undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Steve Walter With Rita Cosby, Kathrina Miccio And Susan Hathaway

Many celebrity friends came out for her and this important cause, including TV and Radio Host Rita Cosby who emceed the event. Also in attendance: Actor Larry Romano, Singer-Songwriter Tomaczek Bednarek, Comedian Maeve Higgins, Producer Joycelyn Engle and 25A Magazine Publisher Chase Backer. The Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson and Singer Andrea Bocelli also shared powerful video messages of support for their longtime friend. Club owner Steve Walter said, “Kathrina is an integral part of the Cutting Room family.” Cosby described her as a “true friend, true talent and true inspiration.”

For more information go to:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Chris Noth With Julianna Margulies

The Good Wife’s Chris Noth and Rainforest Action Network hosted Eco Rock: a Benefit and auction fundraiser that honored Josh Mailman, longtime RAN supporter and hero for the planet. The event took place at Chris’ restaurant The Cutting Room.Once again co-owner Steve Walter hosted a star studded event.

Starting the night off with an auction Chris was accompanied on stage by Josh Mailman and actor Holt McCallaney. Making it a very humorous and laid back. Chris’ cast mates Julianna Margulies, Dallas Roberts and director Griffin Dunne also were among guests at the event.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


May Pang With Steve Walter

Tommy James

Scribner/Simon & Schuster hosted a reception to celebrate the release of legendary music artist Tommy James' autobiography, Me, The Mob and The Music at The Gibson Guitar Studios in New York City the other evening. A motion picture based on the book is now in development and an announcement was made at the reception by executive producer Barry Rosen of Triangle Films and executive producer Mary Gleeson that they are in negotiations with Broadway producer, John Osher of Jersey Boys and Hairspray fame to bring this incredible story to Broadway. The book will be out worldwide on February 16th and is already being advertised on, and for pre-release sale. Among the many guests were Famed Cutting Room owner Steve Walter, Michele Mais and Lauren Molina, stars of broadway's Rock Of Ages, May Pang, Anthony De Curtis, Barbara Assante, David Browne of Rolling Stone, Barbara DeFina of DeFina Films,(she has produced Martin Scorsese's films) and Broadway producer, John Bonnani. the reception catering was beautifully done by Michael Mayer of Cafe Metro.
Photos By: Bobby Banks

Thursday, September 24, 2009




The Shells

Dynasty Electric

Steve Walter With The Improper's Keith Girard

Q104.3's Jonathan Clarke With Steve Walter And The Pasha David Salidor

Keith Girard threw a fabulous party recently at the Gibson Studios on West 54th in Manhattan for his terrific online infotainment -site The Improper. Girard, former editor of Billboard Magazine, has created a true online lifestyle guide filled with news from the theater world, music, restaurants, and fashion. A veteran writer with a gifted eye and ear for upcoming trends and distinctive lifestyles has created a winner for sure. The site’s Front and Center guide is updated several times a day and has drawn raves for its scintillating reportage. Girard had one of the lead stories on the recent Elliot Spitzer outrage, by featuring the first reporting on Ashley Dupree.The space, which was once the storied Hit Factory Studios (where the likes of John Lennon, Paul Simon, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, and, Kiss, among others recorded) is a fabulous free flowing series of studios and open spaces which easily accommodated the featured bands (Zigmat, The Shells, Heavy Road, and, Dynasty Electric) as well as a crowd, that included: Aubrey Reuben from Playbill; PR-man David Salidor with his latest addition, singer/songwriter Larry Stevens; the Cutting Room’s Steve Walter, who teased us all with imminent arrival of a new Cutting Room opening very, very soon; Jonathan Clarke from Q104.3; Billy Gaus, from the Songwriter’s Circle; graphic wunderkind Meredith Spector; Anne Marie Principe with her lovely daughter Micaela Rispoli; and, Girard-co-hort Samantha Chang . The superlative food was from Il Punto restaurant and Whole Foods, and the bar was serving a new vodka product on the scene, quite terrific, called Bison. Quite dazzling! The Hit Factory as a proper recording studio closed on April 1, 2005, however, with Gibson now in charge, it features a walk-in guitar room filled with some of their more amazing pieces from their collection. Salidor, Stevens, and Walter at one point found themselves in there commenting on the historic aspects of the room and how then business has radically changed. The Hit Factory at one time was the leading studio in NYC.
Click Here To Visit The Improper....
Photos By: James Edstrom

Thursday, May 21, 2009




James Blunt And Steve Walter At Cutting Room

Weston Blelock, author and editor of WoodstockArts’ forthcoming Roots of the 1969 Woodstock Festival: The Backstory to “Woodstock,” has confirmed a rumored 40th anniversary concert to be held on August 15 at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. Blelock will co-produce the show with his sister, Julia, in association with Steve Walter, formerly of The Cutting Room in New York City. Walter, whose Cutting Room club hosted a series of top-notch music acts like Sheryl Crow, Stills and Nash, Paolo Nutini and Keane, notes, “I am booking bands that will evoke the original festival energy and bring it back home to Woodstock.” Blelock adds, “The town has long been at the epi-center of music festivals—from those on the Maverick beginning in the 1900s, to the Sound-Outs in the 1960s, and the mega-concert of 1969. Simply due to space constraints, some of these failed to happen in the town of Woodstock itself.” Part of the proceeds of the concert will fund the town’s Zero-Carbon Initiative, passed in 2007. The concert team is also in discussion with a media partner to film and record the event. According to Walter, “We want to mix sixties acts with the up-and-coming to connect with the Woodstock legacy, but also to embrace the cutting-edge vibe of tomorrow.”

Concert developments can be tracked at

About the Blelocks:

Weston and Julia Blelock have had a presence in the Woodstock area since 1956. During the sixties Weston was at school in the UK, but summered in Woodstock. He attended several Sound-Outs and the ’69 festival in Bethel. During the 1990s he was a radio journalist in Canada. More recently he co-founded WoodstockArts, a publishing and production company. He is currently Vice President of the Historical Society of Woodstock. Julia Blelock also grew up in Woodstock. She left town to pursue a marketing career in information technology, based in New York City and Los Angeles. She recently returned to Woodstock and has become an ardent promoter of area artists through her work for the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Arts and the Woodstock Arts Consortium. She is a co-founder of WoodstockArts.

About Steve Walter:

Managing partner and booker for The Cutting Room from 1999 to 2009, Walter is a graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music. He began his career as a lighting director at the Sunshine Inn on the Jersey shore, for acts like Procol Harum, Johnny Winter, Seals & Croft and Richie Havens. In 1999 he launched The Cutting Room, and within ten years it became one of New York’s top showcases for talent as diverse as Sting, Donovan, Melanie, Alanis Morrisette and Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

About WoodstockArts:

WoodstockArts is a publishing and production company based in Woodstock, NY. As a publisher it specializes in quality regional art books. A recent title, Woodstock History and Hearsay, is an award-winning art history of the town. As producers the company’s principals have worked on a number of local projects. One such was staging a guitar sculpture auction in conjunction with Sotheby’s/eBay in 2002 for the town’s Byrdcliffe Art Colony centennial celebration. Last August WoodstockArts produced the Roots of ’69 Woodstock Festival panel discussion and Contemporary Sound-Out. The firm is planning a July release of Roots of the 1969 Woodstock Festival: The Backstory to “Woodstock.”
Photo By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Gender Bender Ashley And Randy Jones

Steve Walter With Susan Hathaway And James Edstrom

Randy Jones With Derek Storm And Gerald McCullouch

Keith Collins With Randy Jones, Steve Walter And Susan Hathaway

It turned out to be some party for famed photographer and art dealer Derek Storm's 40th birthday bash. On a very cold windy night in New York City, from Times Square we headed to Cuba restaurant at 222 Thompson Street in the heart of the village to help Derek celebrate his getting younger. What a very nice evening it turned out to be. Village People icon Randy Jones was there with all his YMCA glamour. Party King and Actor Keith Collins, who is in the middle of shooting so many film projects, was hanging out with Cutting Room owner Steve Walter and Susan Hathaway. CSI star Gerald McCullouch also stopped by to wish Derek the very best. The restaurant food was superb, and the downstairs party room was the perfect place for a intimate celebration. We do not know why, but Derek's birthday bash every year is a smash.
Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Gerald McCleod And Chris Noth

La La With Joan Rivers, Chris Noth, Steve Walter, Dominic Chianese And Randy Jones

Susan Hathaway With Son

Keith Collins And Richard Corkery

Steve Walter With Parents

Keith Girald With May Pang And David Salidor

STEVE WALTER'S CUTTING ROOM closed last night, and as expected, went out with a big blow out. When I arrived, they still hadn't let the audience in for the closing night performance of JOAN RIVERS ... making it body-to-body from the moment I entered. Many of the regulars showed as promised including co-owner CHRIS NOTH, DAILY NEWS-photographer DICK CORKERY, Public Relations Powerhouse CLAIRE O'CONNOR, Pasha DAVID SALIDOR, Times Square Gossip's JAMES EDSTROM, KEITH GIRARD from THE IMPROPER, Penthouse Magazine's LANIE SPEISER with Pet-JUSTINE JOLI and AMIE CAMPBELL, HENRY EDWARDS, Q104's KEN DASHOW, JUDY KATZ, Party King and actor KEITH COLLINS, JON MOORHEAD, DENNIS FERRANTE, RUSS TITLEMAN, SANDY HICKS, among others, and the always wonderful staff there, PETER ABRAHAM, SUSAN HATHAWAY, HOWARD MARK and owner Steve Walter. It's hard to believe that the club has been there for 10 years and in that time, certainly made its mark as the premiere live music attraction in NYC. Since The Bottom Line closed, The Cutting Room has been THE musical destination in the city. And, its presented some of the best music around, NEIL YOUNG,MAZARIN, BILLY J. KRAMER, DONOVAN, MELANIE, AL STEWART, JIMMY WEBB and, many, many more. Much of the conversation centered on what's next for the music mecca. And, while rumors will abound, I predict it will be re-open in the next several months in a new location. If you haven't given yourself the opportunity to sample this room's special magic ... make sure you're front and center for the re-opening. It always presents the best New York City has to offer musically.
Photos By: James Edstrom

Monday, February 04, 2008


Micky Dolenz and Steve Walter

After 100 days on the air with his own radio show, MICKY IN THE MORNING; a triumphant MICKY DOLENZ returned last night (Sunday) to the New York-airwaves on WCBS FM ... for his 101th show!. If you recall, CBS abruptly changed their format, to the then-reigning radio trend JACK, and abruptly let their entire air staff go, including Dolenz. Funny thing was, Dolenz and his air staff, had just concluded a live show at BB KING's in NY, celebrating their 100th show. Dolenz pr-man DAVID (PASHA) SALIDOR remembers it well: "It was a very early morning that day, as the show was on from 6AM-10AM ... but, it was a fantastic event with several celebs stopping by and announcing their congratulations, as well as Micky's performing band. At one point, I was standing by the entrance and I saw the then-head of CBS FM, Chad Brown, walking in, talking on his Blackberry, with a look on his face, that I honestly couldn't explain ... and, sort of concerned me. Three hours later, I was in my office when Micky called and told me ... I couldn't believe it. But, at least we hit 100 shows!The JACK-change was met with a resounding thud and last year, the station returned to its original format ... attracting back some of the same names, but not all. Dolenz had proved himself a commanding and entertaining radio voice and last night's event had all the earmarks of the his earlier radio success. I must say, Dolenz is terrific on the radio and someone should bring this Monkee-back to New York immediately!Also at CBS, was CUTTING ROOM impresario STEVE WALTER, with the club's SUSAN HATHAWAY, who announced on the air, that Dolenz would be performing there on Monday, March 3, as a benefit to Broadway cares Equity Fights AIDS. Dolenz and Walters also talked about DONOVAN who appeared Thursday at the club and was fantastic.This is Dolenz's first NYC-appearance in quite some time and something that team-Dolenz has been trying to put together for 2 years. Dolenz, who appeared Friday night at Mohegan Sun is thrilled to be back here. "I have a connection with NY that is real and very exciting ... and, I have participated in several Broadway Cares events, like 'Rockers On Broadway.' This will be a great night ... I can't wait!"TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP will be front-and-center for that one.
Photos By: James Edstrom

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Lainie Speiser With Steve Walter And Cable Queen Robin Byrd

There's a new book out on the care and feeding OF THREESOMES ... called THREESOMES (For Couples Who Want To Know More) on Quiver Press, and last night it was properly launched at Steve Walter's Cutting Room by its author LAINIE SPEISER, and V2 Vodka.Speiser (who is already preparing her follow up book) also doubles as the PR-chief at Penthouse Magazine ... and several of the penthouse pets (including the luscious Krista Ayne) appeared at the fete last night.Ironically, there is no other book on the market currently that explores (and, Illustrates in somewhat graphic detail) the subject of threesomes. According to polls, 24% of Americans (16% of men and 8% of women) admit they have had a threesome -- and that doesn't even account for all the people that fantasize about them! Among those lost deep in fantasy last night, were: ROBIN BYRD; IVY SUPERSONIC; Playbill-photographer AUBREY REUBEN; MARIANNE GARVEY from the POST; pasha DAVID SALIDOR (who was at one point handcuffed at length to Ms. Supersonic); CLAIRE O'CONNOR; Penthouse September 07 Pet JUSTINE JOLI, and, Mr. Times Square Gossip himself JAMES EDSTROM.
Ivy Supersonic Handcuffs David Salidor
Photos By: James Edstrom

Friday, September 28, 2007


Josef K. Performs at 'Cutting Room'

Cutting Room owner Steve Walter with Jann Wenner and son Gus Wenner along with Jack Byrne and mom Ellen Barkin

What a pleasant night at one of New York City's best clubs 'The Cutting Room'. Rolling Stone and US Magazine's Jann Wenner joined actress Ellen Barkin to watch their sons band play at the famed club. It's all in the family for Jann and Ellen as they watched their teenage kids perform to a packed house. The band Josef K. is fronted by Jann's son Gus Wenner and Ellen's son Jack Byrne. As always, Cutting Room owner Steve Walter made sure everyone had a great time and as always he made sure I left the place smashed. Ellen was sure her son would not pose for this picture, but surprise, we got the shot thanks to New York City's best hostess Susan who never takes no for a answer.
Jann Wenner with Ellen Barkin and Steve Walter

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Les Paul with rocker Adam Bomb

The legend himself Les Paul celebrated his 92nd birthday with a huge bash at New York City's 'Cutting Room' hosted by Steve Walter and Gibson Guitar. The electric guitar inventor wasted no time heading to the stage and throwing jokes at the audience and grabbing a guitar and playing a tune to a standing ovation crowd. Gibson guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz took the mike to sing the praises of Les Paul, while Les wasted no time on commenting that he always turns his hearing aids off when Henry speaks. 'Beatles' John Lennon's girlfriend, the beautiful May Pang stopped by to party as did 'Threes Company' star Joyce Dewitt who was the hit of the evening. Rocker Adam Bomb played a set on stage while Public Relations powerhouse Claire O'Connor made sure I had a huge hangover the next day. Mission accomplished ! Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewiez and Steve Walter

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Gary US Bonds and Steve Walter


On another trip to the Cutting Room, I caught up with my old friends "MAZARIN", the original Slaves To Rock And Roll. Having watched them play since I was 17 at the old Wooden Ships Inn on Long Island, it was great to hear the old songs and to see my friends perform the songs that made them famous. Another surprise was Gary "US" Bonds who jumped up on stage and performed with them to a standing room only crowd. In case you are wondering how I was in a club at 17, then you are too young to know the drinking age used to be 18, and drivers licenses had no pictures and if you fit the description, you were in. GOT IT KIDDIES ?