Amy Winehouse Today In London

Rehab singer Amy Winehouse is still upsetting her father Mitch by smoking on stage just hours after he begged her to quit the horrible habit.The troubled star sang to the 80,000 strong crowd at Scotland’s T in the Park festival yesterday, while swigging alcohol and smoking like a chimney. It came just hours after her dad Mitch made an emotional plea on television, urging those very close to the star to stop providing her with drugs and cigarettes. Mitch, who has fallen ill himself trying to cope with his troubled childs problems, went on to ask his daughter to quit tobacco because of "a small amount of emphysema in her lungs". He also warned her death would not come from drugs, but from smoking, and told her it would be "a long, slow, painful death" in a bid to shock her into quitting all her addictions. He says, "I want people to understand - even if they give her one cigarette they’re causing her harm."She has a small amount of emphysema in the top of her lungs. It’s negligible, but it could lead to something a lot more serious."