Dennis P. Zine's Letterhead

The city of Los Angeles California is holding a very low key, almost secret meeting on July 31,2008 to discuss laws against the paparazzi. The man behind the stupid idea is none other than Dennis P. Zine, a city councilman. Our spy's in Los Angeles mailed us this letter that this public servant asshole has sent out to possible witnesses on the paparazzo's behavior. He has formed the Regional Paparazzi Task Force with confirmed participation from Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Los Angeles, West Hollywood as well as The Screen Actors Guild. Maybe someone should tell this loser councilman that there is Freedom Of The Press. They are going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars defending any new law as media outlets will fight it. If they try to make any laws against the paparazzi, then media outlets such as CBS, NBC, ABC and so on would also have to abide by these same laws. The constitution guarantees Freedom Of The Press. Every news outlet will fight these laws, as they should. There are already laws on the books to use against any paparazzi if he breaks the law. Perhaps voters should vote this guy out next election. Show him how democracy works !

The Paparazzi Letter