Sir Ivan Wilzig And Mina Otsuka

Had Roman Emperor Caligula or French royal Le Marquis de Sade visited the Hamptons to enjoy the first day of summer, they would have felt right at home at “Sir Ivan’s” Castle. The Recording Artist’s medieval castle, complete with gold leaf gate, chain and wood drawbridge, multi-tiered moat with seven waterfalls, secret passages, gargoyles and dragons, now possesses the most elegant dungeon in the world!“Sir Ivan” lowered the bridge over the moat to welcome some 300 guests for a very exclusive, over the top Kinky Bunny Birthday Ball for his ever present sidekick the gorgeous Mina Otsuka. Mina’s got a thing for bunnies and Sir Ivan who never does things in a small way, would never disappoint the lovely Mina. He transformed his hilltop Hamptons castle into a bunny- lover’s paradise albeit garbed in fetish fashion. American press was banned due to the sensitive subject matter, but Times Square Gossip was there. Only Channel 1, Germany’s largest TV network and Channel 6, France’s biggest station were allowed to film the party for European audiences exclusively. Everywhere on the sprawling estate there were ten foot high bunnies – some brandishing whips, others blindfolded and the rest wearing bondage gear. Over five hundred pink bunny head beach balls floated in the pool. Guests who came from all over the world were asked to don fetish -wear, lingerie or pajamas. One gent coming directly from the airport was sporting the pajamas given to him by British Airways for his transatlantic flight. Upon arrival, all were handed floppy bunny ears by sexy dominatrixes in pink fishnet stockings, who threatened to whip any one who wouldn’t put on their ears. The Veuve Clicquot Rose flowed like the Seine and culinary wizard Frank Tramontano also fulfilled Sir Ivan’s d├ęcor demands and kept the crowd well stoked with fierce Thai dishes.When Sir Ivan – in leather vest, chaps and a codpiece with black wings - and Mina in a Barbarella –esque body suit with enormous white wings descended to the stage, the crowd went wild and the dance floor exploded. The flying bunny pair led a virtual conga line around the pool before heading back to the stage where an enormous carrot cake, 6x5 feet with an eight foot bunny atop was wheeled in ablaze with giant sparklers. The revelers sang Mina a lusty Happy Birthday and then all took to the dance floor and rocked on til the wee hours with Castle resident DJ Lee Kalt. Party favors included pink bunny fur handcuffs, whips and cat o’ nine tails!
And we thought Hamptons’ weekend traffic was painful – Ouch!!