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Tuesday, December 12, 2017



Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff

Lee Fryd With Jonathan Fryd And Karen Fryd

Kevin Berlin & Tiffany Masters
Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, with Nathan & Alan Lieberman of the South Beach Group Hotels, hosted the Power of Art to Heal at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami 2017. The event was inspired by Mrs. Shafiroff’s desire to add a philanthropic element to the week’s events. “We all know art heals,” says Mrs. Shafiroff, citing art therapy utilized to treat those in need such as children battered by domestic abuse, veterans and individuals from war-torn countries suffering from PTSD, and incarcerated individuals for whom describing trauma might not be possible. “Art therapy is a common method of treatment by charitable organizations,” says Mrs. Shafiroff.

Jean Shafiroff With Lee Fryd And Diane Lieberman

Notable attendees included: Jean Shafiroff, Alan Lieberman, Diane Lieberman, Lee Fryd, real estate developer Jonathan Fryd, Karen Fryd, Eric Demarchelier, Catherine Demarchelier, Catherine Rodstein, Missy Hargraves, Cydni Duran, Joe Swedroe, Jack Acoco, Ruth Miller, Joyce Moore, Lisa Konsker, Randi Schatz, Sir Ivan Wilzig, Svetlana Nevodtchikova, Steve Knobel, Nicole Noonan, Marie-Claire Gladstone, Kevin Berlin, Tiffany Masters, Mark Henkin, Julie Lamb and Barbara Agozzino.

Sir Ivan Wilzig With Svetlana Nevodtchikova

Steve Knobel And Nicole Noonan

Mrs. Shafiroff felt that Art Basel Miami was the perfect event to draw attention to the role art can play in healing, and to bring the issue to the forefront of the minds of the influential art dealers, artists, exhibitors, and attendees. Mrs. Shafiroff suggested exploring how future art fairs might contribute in some way to local charities in the Miami area. In honor of the event, Mrs. Shafiroff will make a donation The South Florida Youth Foundation, founded and directed by Karen Fryd.

About The South Florida Youth Foundation:

The South Florida Youth Foundation (SFYF) began by providing educational supplies to the neediest schools in Miami’s inner-city. This engagement grew by building relationships with the City of Miami Police Department and Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Through concerned teachers and officers, the organization’s director, Karen Fryd, has been able to understand and engage with the poorest pockets of poverty. This has enabled an involvement for twenty years to directly address challenged situations in a grass-roots manner and getting quick results.

Projects have included: funding programs for disabled children, school supply drives, tickets to the arts, providing food for senior citizens, programs to incentivize better grades in school, assisting youth in attending college, programs to assist foster children, planting gardens, sponsoring music programs, prom programs, helping to create “The Shop” (a store where everything is free for students), opening a school library, and assisting in direct needs such as helping with electric bills and paying for hotels for families as they await placement in shelters, among others. All money donated to the SFYF goes directly to needs; not one dollar is spent on overhead.

The mission of The South Florida Youth Foundation: To help children achieve their fullest potential through education and to help break the cycle of poverty.

About Jean Shafiroff:

Jean Shafiroff, philanthropist, humanitarian, and author of Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by What You Give, is considered to be at the vanguard of a new movement of modern philanthropists. Jean's philanthropy goes beyond financial contributions and includes the gifts of extensive time and knowledge. Through her work she encourages and seeks to empower all individuals to become philanthropists so that they can build the fulfillment of giving into their lives.

A volunteer fundraiser, leader and spokesperson for several charitable causes, the spectrum of Jean’s philanthropic work includes improving the lives of underserved populations, women’s rights and well-being, health care, animal welfare and resources for children in need, in addition to other causes. Jean serves on the boards of New York City Mission Society, New York Women’s Foundation, French Heritage Society, Couture Council (Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology), Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (20+ years), Southampton Animal Shelter Honorary Board, Southampton Bath & Tennis Club’s Charitable Foundation and Global Strays. Recently Jean became an Ambassador for the American Humane Society. Widely recognized for her philanthropic work, Jean has been recognized and featured in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Gotham Magazine, The New York Times, New York Social Diary, Avenue, Hamptons Magazine, and The Huffington Post, among others.

Jean holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University and a BS in physical therapy from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
For more information about Jean Shafiroff, please visit:

F: jean.shafiroff | T: @JeanShafiroff | I: @JeanShafiroff

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Sir Ivan Wilzig And Mina Otsuka

At the recent Oscars & Vanity Fair party, “Sir Ivan” aka Mr. Peaceman, an observant Jew attended Shabbas services at the Los Angeles California celeb packed Kabbalah Center only to find himself sitting next to Madonna at dinner after the service. The billionaire banker turned rocker/peace activist was thrilled to find an attentive Madonna asking him questions about his new album and “being totally supportive” of his Peaceman Foundation to battle hate crimes. Her Madgesty “ seemed to really warm up to Sir Ivan’s choice of songs for his new album like Kumbaya and his new video For What it’s Worth. After the celebrity packed dinner Sir Ivan and his lady Mina Otsuka ran into Actress Andie McDowell who admired Ivan’s cape emblazoned with a Swarovski crystal peace sign and left with a copy of his new album. On Oscar night Sir Ivan and Mina joined Madonna (again), Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Carrie Underwood, Chris Noth, Eva Longoria Parker, Kiefer Sutherland, Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, for Elton John's glittering event to raise money and awareness for his AIDS foundation, the aperitif of choice was a Godiva chocolate martini. And if that wasn't enough, a phalanx of nattily clad servers passed trays of chocolate bonbons. (Judging by the size of the dresses, it didn't appear to be a crowd that regularly indulges. But, hey, it was Oscar night. Even model Elle Macpherson was nibbling on a sweet while holding a conversation with the hyper-critical Simon Cowell.) But it was the billionaire banker turned rocker / peace activist that caught the full attention of photogs and fellow celebs in his latest brilliant custom made Mediterranean blue satin Mr. Peaceman outfit with his signature Swarovski crystal embellished cape with a peace sign. His gorgeous lady followed suit in a matching satin mini with sides cut out. The seen it all, done it all crowd were effusive in their praise of Sir Ivan’s fancy threads. Elton and husband David Furnish had some pretty spectacular shades on -Elton sported a special pair of shades made for the occasion, with EJ etched on them in diamonds. The setting designed by New York designer Antony Todd was equally spectacular for the guests who dined on risotto, black sea bass, pear compote and puffed chocolate tartlets. No recession worries here. When asked if it was a little over the top in these tough times, Elton replied “We give them the best that they can possibly afford,” before the lavish party kicked off at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. “It’s beautiful inside the tent, the food’s great, everyone will be served the best wines, but they need to be because they’ve paid an awful lot of money for a seat. Elton John, in a show of gratitude for his guest generosity, sang a couple of songs with the featured singer of the evening Raphael Saadiq.Tickets to the event started at $3,500 but then this crowd is happy to pony up the money for the work of Elton’s AIDS Foundation which does so much. The fantastic fete raised over $4 Million. Way to go Sir Elton !
Photo By: David Crotty/Patrick

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Billionaire banker turned rocker/activist, “Sir Ivan” aka Mr. Peaceman will be on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards. “Sir Ivan” has just completed his first album, “I am Peaceman”. The flamboyantly garbed Sir Ivan will be unmistakable in one of his colorful signature capes emblazoned with an enormous Swarovski Crystal Peace sign. “Sir Ivan” was highest bidder for Oscar tickets & entree to the Vanity Fair party at a charity auction hosted by New York socialite and music producer Denise Rich several months ago. He and his long time lady Mena Otsuka will strut the red carpet together at both events.For his new album, “Sir Ivan” re-interprets the John Lennon classic Imagine, along with 14 other 60s classics, including For What It’s Worth (the album’s first single), Blowin’ in the Wind, Eve of Destruction, Turn Turn Turn and Here Comes the Sun. “Sir Ivan” gave up a decades’ long career in commercial banking to spread his message of peace through his music. A noted philanthropist, he founded The Peaceman Foundation to battle Hate Crimes and aid victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Click On The Right To Listen To Sir Ivan....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Rock singer and peace activist, SIR IVAN, is breathing new life into the musical and social legacy of the 1960s with his new album, I AM PEACEMAN, a collection of classic 60s folk/rock hits rejuvenated and reinvented with 21st century cutting-edge style. “A lot of kids today don’t know about 60s music,” says Sir Ivan about the transformational era that shaped the Baby Boomer generation. “But now, with increased violence and war all over the world, global problems have inspired a new generation to make a difference. I think this is a good time for everyone to re-explore the music that forged a revolution.”The album’s concept actually began eight years ago with Sir Ivan’s dream to record a 60s album that would generate royalties for world peace. After building his reputation in the dance music community with a string of Billboard hits starting with his remake of “Imagine” in 2001, Sir Ivan is now ready to enter the mainstream pop/rock music arena. What sets I AM PEACEMAN apart from other modern interpretations of 60s music is its fresh, exciting blend of rich melodies and harmonies with live guitar riffs and an undercurrent of electronic beats – a sound known as “rocktronica.” On the new 15 song album, Sir Ivan once again re-interprets Imagine, along with 14 other 60s classics, including For What It’s Worth, Blowin’ in the Wind, Eve of Destruction, Turn Turn Turn and Get Together. The album is produced by FORD, who has 18 gold and platinum singles to his credit for his work with Michael Jackson, Ludacris, Britney Spears, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Mick Jagger, and many others. It was mastered by the legendary Vlado Meller who has perfected albums for numerous artists including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis, The White Stripes, Neil Diamond, and Barbara Streisand. The album’s completion is timed for release early next year to celebrate and commemorate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. “Woodstock was much more than a three-day concert,” says Sir Ivan, “it was a rallying point for a generation that rejected hate, violence and war and wanted to replace it with love and peace. Indeed, Sir Ivan’s goal is much the same. As passionate about helping humanity as he is about his music, Sir Ivan believes that music truly can make a difference in people’s lives and affect the way they treat each other. For that reason, he created The Peaceman Foundation, a private foundation which supports an array of charities dedicated to fighting Hate Crimes and treating the victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sir Ivan is donating 100 percent of his recording artist net profits from his album to his Peaceman Foundation. To further promote peace through his music and foundation, Sir Ivan always performs in peace capes, which has earned him the title “PEACEMAN,” the rock star superhero fighting for peace. Sir Ivan is planning a global “I AM PEACEMAN” tour with his band. The album is under consideration by major labels.
Click Above Right To Listen To Sir Ivan....

Monday, January 19, 2009



Sir Ivan's Cover

Banker turned singer and peace crusader, Sir Ivan, cleverly re-wrote "Kumbaya"in honor of Obama, the "Kumbaya Candidate," before Obama won the presidential election. Sir Ivan's single, "Kumbaya, Give Them Love," is from his debut album, "I AM PEACEMAN," with all royalties going to Ivan Wilzig's Anti-Hate-Crimes PEACEMAN FOUNDATION. Three of the top dance music producers in the world - FORD, Tony Moran and Eric Kupper have each created mixes for the single and they will played on radio mix-shows all over America on Jan 20th. Just in time for Obama's inauguration - every radio mix-show DJ in America has an advance copy of "Kumbaya, Give Them Love," thanks to Harry Towers, owner of Ploondeet Promotions. Who knew you could dance to Kumbaya ?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sir Ivan

You’ve seen him at the hottest events around the world wearing one of his brightly colored capes with a large Swarovski crystal peace sign centered on the back. He is Sir Ivan also known as Peaceman, the rocker/peace activist who is battling hate crimes and discrimination with his songs and deeds. In Miami Beach at Victoria’s Secret ultra exclusive fashion extravaganza, he flaunted a fiery red Peaceman cape; at the luxe grand opening bash at The Fontainebleau, he dazzled in sunlit yellow – in New York at Grammy – nominated songwriter Denise Rich’s black tie charity gala, he was elegant in glittering black. In every era, one man is born to capture the heart and imagination of everyday people.Not since the 60s & ‘70s, when John Lennon held the world in thrall with his message of peace has there been a performer who is as deeply committed to the idea of a world at peace as rocker and peace activist Sir Ivan.Unique, undeniably eccentric, and touchingly real in his mission, Sir Ivan is breathing new life into the musical and social legacy of the 1960s with his new album, “I AM PEACEMAN”. What sets “I AM PEACEMAN” apart from other modern interpretations of 60s music is its fresh, exciting blend of rich melodies and harmonies with live rock guitar and an undercurrent of electronic beats – a sound known as "Rocktronica". The entire 15 song album can be heard on his web site at, The album’s debut is timed to acquire major distribution early next year in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. Sir Ivan is donating 100% of his net recording artist royalties from his new album to The Peaceman Foundation which he created to battle Hate Crimes and treat victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Now you can check out an exclusive premiere of his electrifying new video for the ‘60s classic anti-violence song, For What It’s Worth, showing the caped crusader stopping hate in its tracks. Just click on and catch the country’s hottest singer fighting for peace for all humankind.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Sir Ivan Wilzig Presents Check To LIGALY

Rock singer Sir Ivan went to Bayshore on Tuesday to present LIGALY’s CEO, David Kilmnick, with a check for $10,000 toward the organization’s successful Safe Schools Initiative, which, through its workshops in over 90 school districts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, has created a safer environment for GLBT youth. LIGALY’s comprehensive program offers a broad base of services and programs to help students and staff develop a school culture that fosters support, understanding and respect for GLBT youth, families and educators. “Sir Ivan’s contribution is a tribute to his personal caring and sensitivity, and is evidence of a growing awareness and acceptance of GLBT rights as a human rights issue. We are honored by his generosity,” said Kilmnick. Sir Ivan, the banker turned singer/peace activist, has for some time dedicated the royalties from his recordings to The Peaceman Foundation, whose mission is to battle hate crimes and to treat victims of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS) all over the world. He is continually inspired by his late father, the legendary banker and Auschwitz survivor, Siggi B. Wilzig, who witnessed the murder of 59 of his family members by the Nazis and suffered with PTSS for many years afterwards. His father’s tragic experience motivated Sir Ivan to create The Peaceman Foundation and to select John Lennon’s Imagine for his first recording. Sir Ivan has been a notable supporter of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation and the family-endowed Wilzig Hospital in his native New Jersey.Appropriately, the LIGALY check presentation took place in the same Bayshore hall where the GLBT Center is displaying the exhibition “Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: 1933-1945." The exhibition, on loan to the Center from the U.S. Holocaust Museum, honors a persecuted population whose stories are largely unknown by the public. On hand for the ceremony were two distinguished New York State Assemblywomen, Ginny Fields and Patricia Eddington.Sir Ivan will be a guest of honor at LIGALY’s upcoming On the Bay Lawn Party & Auction, which will take place at the Diamond Ranch in Watermill on August 16.For more information about LIGALY, visit their Web site http:// For further information on Sir Ivan, visit his Web site and his MySpace page

Monday, July 21, 2008



Chace Crawford Poses With Players

Sir Ivan With Mina Otsuka

Fox News Roger Friedman With Ann Lawlor

Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford, dressed in Ralph Lauren, hosted opening day of the 2008 Mecedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field. Many of the Hampton's elite were stylishly in attendance, mingling in the VIP tent with celebrity guests including, Nicky Hilton with brother Conrad Hilton, Samatha Cole, Ramona Singer, Sky Nellor, Stephanie Seymour, Joe Francis, Jamison Ernst, Eric Villency, AJ Calloway, Caridee English, Greg Bello, and Black Watch Polo team member hunk, Nacho Figueras.The opening day events started the season off with a bang and set the pace for this seasons Polo Games. This summer’s matches promise to be some of the most exciting in the sport of polo with five more exciting weeks to go! Sponsors of the event included, Tag Heuer Eyewear and Grueneyes, Polo Ralph Lauren, Zino Platinum Cigars, stride rite, Piaget, St. Regis, Catherine M. Zadeh Fine Jewelry, Champagne Perrier-Jouët and Stolichnaya Vodka, Capricho Luxury Resort, FIJI Water, T-Mobile Sidekick, Coca-Cola, Hpnotiq and Peroni Beer.

Chace Crawford Poses

New York Post's Branden Keil And Family

WABC News Jeff Smith With Actor Emanuel Sylvano

Page Six Icon Richard Johnson And Family

Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ivan Wilzig

In 2001, billionaire commercial banker and Watermill Resident IVAN WILZIG traded in his pinstriped suits for a wardrobe of campy “peace capes” and a new, sincere incarnation as SIR IVAN, a melodious interpreter of 60s classics with a dance beat. His rocking covers of John Lennon’s Imagine and Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) both scored big on Billboard’s dance charts in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Now, Sir Ivan is about to release I AM PEACEMAN, a new album of fifteen 60s hits, produced and arranged by FORD, who has 18 Gold and Platinum singles to his credit. At a special performance at NYC hot spot Arena, “Sir Ivan”, a passionate Obama supporter, treated the crowd to a preview of his upcoming CD release including his rendition of Kumbaya one with an irresistibly groovy beat and a voice-over of portions of early Obama speeches. The release is timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, the 50th anniversary of the iconic peace symbol and, not coincidentally, the Democratic Presidential Convention. Sir Ivan’s royalties from the album as well as his Arena performance fee will benefit his Peaceman Foundation, dedicated to fighting hate crimes and healing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sir Ivan Wilzig And Mina Otsuka

Had Roman Emperor Caligula or French royal Le Marquis de Sade visited the Hamptons to enjoy the first day of summer, they would have felt right at home at “Sir Ivan’s” Castle. The Recording Artist’s medieval castle, complete with gold leaf gate, chain and wood drawbridge, multi-tiered moat with seven waterfalls, secret passages, gargoyles and dragons, now possesses the most elegant dungeon in the world!“Sir Ivan” lowered the bridge over the moat to welcome some 300 guests for a very exclusive, over the top Kinky Bunny Birthday Ball for his ever present sidekick the gorgeous Mina Otsuka. Mina’s got a thing for bunnies and Sir Ivan who never does things in a small way, would never disappoint the lovely Mina. He transformed his hilltop Hamptons castle into a bunny- lover’s paradise albeit garbed in fetish fashion. American press was banned due to the sensitive subject matter, but Times Square Gossip was there. Only Channel 1, Germany’s largest TV network and Channel 6, France’s biggest station were allowed to film the party for European audiences exclusively. Everywhere on the sprawling estate there were ten foot high bunnies – some brandishing whips, others blindfolded and the rest wearing bondage gear. Over five hundred pink bunny head beach balls floated in the pool. Guests who came from all over the world were asked to don fetish -wear, lingerie or pajamas. One gent coming directly from the airport was sporting the pajamas given to him by British Airways for his transatlantic flight. Upon arrival, all were handed floppy bunny ears by sexy dominatrixes in pink fishnet stockings, who threatened to whip any one who wouldn’t put on their ears. The Veuve Clicquot Rose flowed like the Seine and culinary wizard Frank Tramontano also fulfilled Sir Ivan’s décor demands and kept the crowd well stoked with fierce Thai dishes.When Sir Ivan – in leather vest, chaps and a codpiece with black wings - and Mina in a Barbarella –esque body suit with enormous white wings descended to the stage, the crowd went wild and the dance floor exploded. The flying bunny pair led a virtual conga line around the pool before heading back to the stage where an enormous carrot cake, 6x5 feet with an eight foot bunny atop was wheeled in ablaze with giant sparklers. The revelers sang Mina a lusty Happy Birthday and then all took to the dance floor and rocked on til the wee hours with Castle resident DJ Lee Kalt. Party favors included pink bunny fur handcuffs, whips and cat o’ nine tails!
And we thought Hamptons’ weekend traffic was painful – Ouch!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Christina Penza And Sir Ivan Wilzig

Sir Ivan with Governor Paterson and Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Sir Ivan Wilzig gave us a great show today as his alter ego, Sci-Fi channel's 'Mr. Mitzvah' in the Israel Independence Day Parade in New York City today, where he was Honorary Grand Marshall. Many politicians and celebrities showed up to celebrate by marching up Fifth Avenue. Governor David Paterson along with Mayor Mike Bloomberg, City Council member Christine Quinn and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa joined superhero Mitzvah on a beautiful sunny Big Apple day. Dr.Ruth was even watching the parade and jumped into the street to give the Mayor a huge kiss. With a estimated 100 thousand participants, the parade turned out to be a huge success in the 60th anniversary year of this great event. Funny at times, was watching the hundreds of reporters and photographers all fighting to get a shot of the dignitaries as they waved to the thousands of people as they marched up the famous avenue. Even more funny was I was able to get the shot everyone wanted. The WB Channel 11 News icon Christina Penza made the day even more enjoyable as she interviewed Sir Ivan about his adventures on being a superhero. As I waited for Mr. Mitvah to pose for pictures with his young fans, we finally hoped into the waiting Limo where Sir Ivan started telling me about his other projects, A CD, Music Video and a new Television Show. My God, where does this guy get the energy !!!!
Photos By: James Edstrom

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sir Ivan Wilzig

Sir Ivan Wilzig aka Mr. Mitzvah, the first Jewish superhero on TV, will be Honorary Grand Marshall for the Salute to Israel Parade this year marking the country’s 60th Anniversary.
Although his late father Siggi B. Wilzig, an Auschwitz survivor and legendary banker, bought over $100 million dollars worth of Israel Bonds in his lifetime and received the Prime Minister’s Medal for supporting the State of Israel, it was his son’s hysterical over-the-top performance as Mr. Mitzvah, the world’s first Jewish superhero, that inspired the Israel Independence Day Parade organizers to pick “Sir Ivan” Wilzig to be the Honorary Grand Marshal of the parade this coming Sunday. According to I.M.D.B., the television industry’s internet measurement guide of popularity, “Sir Ivan” was by far the most popular contestant on the Sci Fi Channel’s hit reality show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” produced by comic book superhero creative genius Stan Lee. The Mr. Mitzvah character stood out from the pack and was particularly unusual because “Sir Ivan” looked like the bleach-blonde rock star Billy Idol but sounded like the Broadway comedian Jackie Mason.“Sir Ivan” in his Mr. Mitzvah superhero costume will be marching alongside Mayor Bloomberg, the actual Grand Marshal of the Parade and talk-show host Larry King.The Salute to Israel Parade is the largest and most exciting Jewish community parade in the world. In this 60th Anniversary year, 100,000 participants will step off on Fifth Avenue, cheered on by an expected one million spectators. Millions more will watch the parade on television. This year, the event celebrates sixty years of Israel’s independence and brings together groups from many segments of the American-Jewish community in an affirmation of American-Jewish loyalty to Israel.The Parade route begins at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and continues north on Fifth Avenue to 79th Street. The Parade will take place from 11 AM to 4:30 PM rain or shine.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Silvia Miles with ace reporter Jill Nicolini

Rita Cosby with Ivan 'Mr. Mizvah' Wilzig and Superbunny

International techno-pop and dance music recording artist, Sir Ivan can now add reality TV star to his list of accomplishments. Beginning July 26th at 9.00pm (EST) television viewers can see Sir Ivan's alter-ego "Mr. Mitzvah" in the new NBC Sci-Fi Channel series "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?"To kick off the series, Sir Ivan hosted a superhero themed costume party at his legendary Hampton's castle on Saturday July 21st. Hundreds of guests, including Oscar Nominated Silvia Miles, Ch 11 ace reporter Jill Nicolini, Emmy winner Rita Cosby, covergirl Cindy Guyer, singer-producer Tomaczek Bednarek and MSNBC producer Andrew Dallos with his beautiful wife Laurie. Media from around the globe got a sneak peek at the world premiere episode of the new series on a huge drive in screen behind the Castle, with food, drinks and superheros everywhere.Guests when they arrived received a superhero costume and were greated by champagne and anything else you could have wanted or even dreamed of. Sir Ivan provided luxury transportation from Midtown Manhattan to his Castle in the Hamptons for media and celebrity guests. In the show, Sir Ivan adopts the mantle of "Mr. Mitzvah," the world's first Jewish Superhero. He created the character to honor his late father Siggi B. Wilzig who was an Auschwitz survivor, and to promote Holocaust education for future generations. Says Sir Ivan: "I am asked all my guests to indulge their superhero fantasies and to come in costume as their favorite characters. The party is sure to impress Stan Lee, the genius who both created the show and the world's most famous comic book superheroes."Sir Ivan, the 51 year old philanthropist and heir to the Wilzig banking empire, is best known for his music career, scoring three consecutive Billboard hits including: "Imagine," "San Francisco," and "Peace On Earth." These songs, an unreleased version of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind" and his newest single, a remake of the Buffalo Springfield classic "For What It's Worth," will be available in July on iTunes through his global Internet label PEACEMAN MUSIC.For almost a decade Sir Ivan has carried the mantle of "Peaceman" -- recognizable by his elaborate capes encrusted with crystal peace symbols. He says he hopes through his music and his appearances he can encourage people to focus on peace instead of war, love instead of hate. "We live in very dangerous and deadly times. I want to use my power as an entertainer to project positive healing energy," says Sir Ivan.
Ivan Wilzig aka Mr. Mitzvah with Adam Sands

Jill Nicolini interviews Covergirl Cindy Guyer

Tomaczek Bednarek with Rita Cosby and Ivan Wilzig
Photos By: James Edstrom