Kevin Federline and ex-wife toxic Britney Spears are planning a secret trip together in a desperate bid to see if they can still remain friends.The couple has staged a bitter divorce and custody battle since Spears split from the dancer in 2006, but now it seems a reconciliation might be possible. A source tells Star magazine, "They saw each other on Easter (sic)." And reports suggest the private meeting went so well that the former couple has agreed to take a trip together to work on their relationship.The source adds, "Kevin wants to take Britney away to see if there is anything to salvage between them. When he suggested it to her, she told him she was ready to go anytime he was." Meanwhile, Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has applauded his client’s ex for the way she appears to be turning her life around with a little help from her father, Jamie. Kaplan says, "Jamie is doing a really good job. There was a situation and that seems to be stabilized."Obviously, before Jamie, it wasn’t a question of what was going to happen it was a question of when."