The Madonna Family

Famed pop singer Madonna is stunned by her daughter Lourdes caring and sharing efforts during the pair’s first trip to Malawi, revealing the trip made her realize she was mother to an amazing human being.The singing superstar took her daughter to the African nation just after launching a charity drive there, and she was amazed by the then-10-year-old’s willingness to help AIDS-stricken orphans. Madonna admits the Malawi adventure gave her a new respect for children. She tells America’s Interview magazine, "She spent several weeks working in the orphanages, particularly one with newborn children, and most of them were HIV-positive."She so came into her own and was so responsible and stayed for eight hours every day and worked tirelessly. I thought, ‘Why am I babying her so much? She’s capable of so much more.’ "We don’t let kids do anything. We think, ‘Oh, they’re kids - they can’t take care of other kids; they can’t do this; they can’t do that.’ And after you go to Africa, you drop all that silliness." On a subsequent trip to Malawi, Madonna fell for a little orphan called David Banda. She has since adopted the African child.