Prince Harry

Prince Harry hopes his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, would be proud of his involvement in fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The young 23 tear old who is third in line to the throne, was deployed to the war-torn country late last year, and the British government issued a media blackout on the situation to avoid any potential kidnap plots involving the young royal.
News of the prince's posting was leaked by foreign media on Thursday. And Harry hopes his mother, who was killed in a car crash in Paris, France, in 1997, would approve of his duty.He tells the Press Association, "Hopefully she would be proud. "She would be looking down having a giggle about the stupid things that I've been doing, like going left when I should have gone right, finding myself in an awkward position earlier today."Harry adds his older brother Prince William is also lending his support: "(He) sent me a letter saying how proud he reckons that she would be."


Anonymous said…
Proud? I am not sure she would have been "proud." Have you forgotten how hard Dianna worked to find and eradicate the way ward bomb? Perhaps she would have been pleased at this patriotic stand...