Toxic Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline and her father are reportedly going into business together - as restaurateurs. Professional caterer Jamie Spears and the back-up dancer have taken over a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles California.The restaurant, Casa Cordobes, has been a favorite of Federline’s for years and he once ate there with Britney. Despite his ongoing custody war with Britney, Federline has maintained a friendship with his former father-in-law - the pair was spotted playing golf together earlier this month


Anonymous said…
Fortunately, Britney Spears and her monies were rescued by her father in perfect timing from a story that could have evolved into another Anna Nicole story!

I hope everything turns out well for her and those adorable little boys!
James Edstrom said…
Scary thing is, it still could turn into a Anna Nicole Smith story....Sad but true.