Toxic singer Britney Spears' father Jamie is boiling mad at the huge amount of legal fees his daughter's custody fight with ex-husband Kevin Federline has garnered and he is planning to contest the $1.1 million invoice at a court hearing next week. Dad Jamie Spears was appointed conservator of the troubled former stars legal and financial affairs last February and is in charge of her estate, with court-appointed observer Andrew Wallet, until July 31, after he was granted an extension on Wednesday.But Jamie is reportedly disputing the high attorneys' fees he has been billed for -- $500,000 from Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, and more than $600,000 from Britney's representatives Trope and Trope -- for work carried out in the last five months, from October to February. According to, Jamie has filed documents with Los Angeles Superior Court to challenge the invoice and a hearing is set to take place on Monday, on the same day Spears is due to face her ex in a child custody/visitation case.