Janice Winehouse and daughter Amy Winehouse

Rehabs Amy Winehouse's nice mom is relieved her daughter did not attend the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles California, because it would have been "too much" for the troubled star. Winehouse won five awards at Sunday’s awards ceremony and after several Visa problems, decided to perform via satellite from London rather than flying to the United States.The singer is currently being treated at a rehab clinic trying to kick her drug habits, but took time out to perform for the Grammys. And her mother Janice is pleased organizers allowed her to participate from the United Kingdom as the trip to America would have been an enormous strain. She says, "I think it would have been too much for her because all of the travelling and flying there, I mean seeing what the Grammys was like … we could see it live from there and I thought if Amy were there, she’d be lost in it, she’d be a little girl lost in it." But she insists the stay in rehab is working as the 24-year-old is almost back to full health. She adds, "As you saw, she looks good and it’s a case of she’s on the road, and that’s what it’s about, she’s on the road to recovery. It’s Amy coming back, she’s definitely on the way back."