Rehab singer Amy Winehouse's brother is proud of his sister for trying to kick her drug habit and is insisting the star doesn’t miss her old wild habits.The Grammy winner is currently being treated at a rehab clinic in a bid to kick her drug problems, but took time out to participate in the famed Grammy Awards on Sunday night.Winehouse performed at the star packed Los Angeles California ceremony via satellite from a recording studio in London, surrounded by her very close friends and family. And Alex Winehouse is glad his youngster sibling agreed to go to rehab as it meant she was able to properly celebrate winning five of the prestigious Grammy awards. He says, "Detox was tough, but she did it. She was as bright and vivacious as she had been before her demons took over. It was without a doubt the greatest night our family has enjoyed in a long, long time."For the first time in God knows how long, my parents were truly happy, and Amy was too." Winehouse’s problems with drugs culminated in video footage being published by a British tabloid last month allegedly showing the star smoking crack cocaine. But Alex is convinced his sister has finally put her addictions behind her. He says, "She didn’t miss crack, she told me, and she was glad to be rid of it. Which was a nice thing to hear."