Pete Doherty

Wild Pete Doherty delighted an American millionaire by agreeing to perform in his own front room in England, despite turning up over six hours later for the gig. Computer games tycoon Greg Thomas flew from the United States and paid $30,000 for an up close and personal performance by the Babyshambles frontman.The private concert was to take place on Friday evening at the star’s Burbage, Wiltshire home at 9pm, but was delayed as Doherty was ‘too out of it’ to perform, according to his literary agent Paul Roundhill. However, the one-hour performance for Thomas and his wife Cynthia later took place at 3am on Saturday, with the couple staying at Doherty’s residence following the special concert. Doherty says, "The gig went really well. It was really nice. I got to try out lots of new material. These people were real aficionados. They certainly know their stuff. Everything I played went down really well, from old songs all the way through to my new stuff which no one’s heard."They were a really nice couple as well. They’ve got three children and it was just nice all around, just for a bit of pocket money." Doherty’s latest unique performance earned him significantly more than his last personal gig, he was paid just $200 to play at an English teen’s birthday party earlier this month.