Wild party boy Pete Doherty is snubbing a $10,000 offer to model for an online fashion retailer, insisting the "bare minimum" for his services is $60,000. The Babyshambles singer was approached by discount clothes Web site after hearing of his financial troubles in 2007, during which he claimed to have made a profit of just $58,300 from his touring and album releases. But the troubled singer turned down the day long modeling shoot, with his management e-mailing the company's founder Stefano Passantino saying: "I think you are batting substantially below the mark. "The fee on this would be a bare minimum of $60,000 before we even begin to discuss anything." And Passantino is slamming Doherty's outrageous demands. He says, "I thought Pete could do with a day's work for what would be good money by anyone's standards. He is just not worth that much." Earlier this month, the singer charged just $200 to perform at an English teen's birthday party, while he earned $30,000 for an up-close-and-personal set for an American millionaire recently.