MTV and Dickhouse Productions announced the hard launch of, a joint venture that soft launched earlier this year. JACKASSWORLD will surely satisfy any urge you may have for seeing Johnny Knoxville getting kicked in the nuts, Bam Margera terrorizing his mom and dad, or Steve-O and Chris Pontius running rampant and nude throughout the wilderness, and also goes beyond the shows and movies to offer up a fresh new slate of absurd Web-based entertainment. And while you're there, you can join the millions of other fans in the JACKASSWORLD community who have already generated more than 2.6 million streams of jackass 2.5 in just over two months. "What better way to celebrate the artistic and cultural merits of the Jackass crew than to develop a new site dedicated to their hilarious and cringe-inducing antics in a way that's never been done before," said Courtney Holt, Executive Vice President of Digital Music & Media for MTV Networks' Music & Logo Group. "JACKASSWORLD unites legions of jackasses worldwide in an awe-inspiring community where they can relive their favorite moments from the franchise and stumble upon original and surprising new features added daily." To mark the hard launch of, MTV is willingly, albeit apprehensively, handing over the reins of the network to the cast of JACKASS for the JACKASSWORLD: 24 Hour Takeover" -- 24 continuous hours of programming starting noon ET, Saturday February 23rd through noon ET, Sunday, February 24th. No one really knows what exactly the jackass cast plans on doing once it has taken over the studio, but whatever it is will be going out in a live broadcast featuring new stunts, pranks and unbridled silliness with the added benefit of sleep deprivation. "This thing is going to be a train wreck and I can't wait to be there, " said Jeff Tremaine, Executive Producer of Dickhouse Productions, while Johnny Knoxville chimed in, "Who at MTV thought this was going to be a good idea?! Haven’t they ever heard the saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for?!' " Tony DiSanto, EVP, Series Development and Programming, MTV, admits to being nervous. –“I just heard they are bringing a ‘box of stuff that sucks.' Who knows what else they will bring...I'm not going to ask, but it will definitely be can't miss TV since literally anything can and will happen." In addition to the in-studio antics, Johnny Knoxville, working in conjunction with BMX legend Mat Hoffman and some of the best stunt riders in the world, hosts a super stunt spectacular in homage to the late, great Evel Knievel. A few of the guys who go for broke in the spirit of the world famous daredevil including Travis Pastrana, Scott Palmer, Allen Cooke, Davin "Psycho" Halford, Trigger Gumm, Jeff "Harley" Schneider, and Midget Mike. During the 24-hour stunt, behind-the-scenes footage and highlights will be posted in real-time to the site. Viewers can also get in on all the action by submitting video questions to the jackass cast and crew and potentially dictate what happens on-air – all by going to You can use your mobile phone to send text messages to the cast and crew. The best of the worst will make it on-air. David Gale, Executive Vice President of MTV’s New Media division, said the early enthusiastic response to the movie has proven the model for “Fans are consuming jackass content in ways that didn't exist when the show started,” he said. “JACKASSWORLD dimensionalizes the brand for old and new fans alike and reflects our strategy of creating very deep experiences around cool content that gives fans unprecedented access to the cast and the creative process behind the show.” will be the definitive place where jackass fans can unite with each other, as well as interact with the jackass cast and crew. Updated daily, will be part-magazine/part-television network and will feature all new and original programming with the jackass cast and others, editorial features, webisodes, loads of never-before-seen footage, articles, reviews, music, fashion, contests, nonsense and other scatological trivialities. Over time, the site will also become home to BIG BROTHER -- the magazine that celebrated absurdity within the skate culture in the ’90s and ultimately gave birth to jackass in 2000. The site will additionally feature all kinds of original merchandise and jackass-related stuff, as well as mobile applications, games and a jackass take on emerging new media and social networking technologies. is a joint production of MTV and Dickhouse Productions.


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