Former wild actress Lindsay Lohan is insisting she is wrongly portrayed as someone who is partying every night, because the paparazzi photos make her look drunk.The Hollywood star is sick of the media fuelling her wild child reputation, claiming she is not out drinking as often as the media claims. Lohan spent most of her summer in and out of rehab and 84 minutes in a California jail after two driving under the influence charges. Her wild lifestyle also landed her in trouble with Hollywood studio bosses angry about her showing up late or not at all. But the star won't take the blame for her actions, but puts the blame on photographers for making her look intoxicated all the time. She tells U.S. magazine Harper’s Bazaar, "The cameras are constantly there, and they’re constantly looking for the negative. So one roll of the eyes and you’re deemed drunk. One wrong step, your ankle twists, and you’re drunk. They can declare, ‘Lindsay drunk in the day!’ Which I never was in my life, actually."


Anonymous said…
Based upon the media swarm on Brit, I would say they were WAY out of line... easy to see why Diana died...How many more will die being hounded and chased?