Randy Jones brings down the house

James Edstrom with John Smith, The Dude, Bulldog and Phone Girl

Randy Jones with Listeners Frank and Marilyn

John Smith with The Dude, Bulldog and Phone Girl

Well we did it. I finally went down to Ocean 98, our favorite radio gig in Ocean City, Maryland to hang out with the crew of the hit show "The Rude Awakening", staring Bulldog. And I brought The Village People star himself, Randy Jones to join me in this wild fun adventure. Despite being pulled over on the New Jersey turnpike going who knows how fast, the trip started off with a bang. I can honestly say, I never seen a cop write a ticket so fast. Within 5 minutes he had us ticketed and on our way. That’s the kind of service I love. And Randy Jones. He did not miss a beat. We are pulled over on the side of the road with Randy doing an interview with Spin Magazine and you would think he would tell the reporter he would have to call him back. Not Randy.... He continued to do his interview and I just looked at him and pictured him still talking to this reporter while we are sitting in some jail cell somewhere. As the adventure continued, we finally arrive at Seacrets nightclub where we were there to judge The 3rd Annual Ocean 98 Idol contest, where the winner (left) gets tickets to The 50th Annual Grammy Awards, including round trip airfare and accommodations in Los Angeles. It also helped that that Radio station is also inside this huge complex of bars and Palm trees right on the water. I finally got to meet in person all the people I'm on the air with all the time, like The Dude, John Smith and everyone’s favorite "The Phone Girl". You got to love Phone Girl. Since I never met her before, she decided to play a dirty little trick on me. She approached me in the club and said I was cute and would I like to go back to her hotel room. Right away I knew when someone says I'm cute; they are either on drugs or a hooker. I thought she was both. And the little dirty things she was saying to me. I kept saying I'm not into it and kept looking around for Bulldog to save me. When I finally see the King of radio himself, he was in the corner laughing his ass off. What a set up. You would have thought I would have recognized her sexy voice from all the times I talk to her on the phone. Besides meeting some great Ocean 98 listeners like Frank and his wife Marilyn who turned out to be my only fans besides me, the night was wild with performers and the partying just never stopped. Then Randy Jones decided to take the stage and sing a few songs from his hit CD "Ticket To The World". The finale shocked the audience when all of a sudden 'YMCA' went on and all the crew from the Rude Awakening Show jumped onstage dressed like the Village People. The crowd went wild. Of course the next morning was not so much fun with the killer hangovers we all had. I stumbled out of my condo to head over to the Radio station to join everyone on the air and I was not such a happy camper. I grabbed a mike and filled the airwaves with my hangover complaints and bitched about everything including Phone Girls coffee. All that was going through my mind was my hangover and the dirty little trick phone girl played on me the night before, which at a future date will be repaid in full. Maybe a sex ad on Craig’s List with her cell phone number will do. Randy Jones finally woke up from his beauty sleep to join us in the studio where we said farewell to our listeners and fellow cast members The Dude and John Smith. Bulldog decided it would be safer to put us on a train back to New York City to bypass being stopped by the cops. I urge you to go to Randy Jones website and to listen to 'The Rude Awakening Show' right in the comfort in your home, anywhere in the world. And to think all this was happening while Britney Spears was being carted off to the mental hospital. Guess the world does not revolve around Britney!

The Rude Awakening Regulars

Mr. and Mrs. Dude
Photos By: James Edstrom