The woman everyone loves to hate, Heather Mills, the almost ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney, is planning to sue her former legal firm for "misrepresentation," according to reports. The former model is set to face her husband in court next week during a scheduling hearing as part of their divorce proceedings, but could be facing another legal battle with former lawyers Mischon de Reya. The legal firm dumped Mills in November last year, reportedly because the star ignored a gag order on talking about the couple's daughter Beatrice. In December, the company threatened legal action over $4 million in outstanding bills in relation to her divorce from McCartney, and are said to be eager to press ahead with the case. However, Mills is planning to countersue Mischon de Reya over allegations of "bad representation." Mills and McCartney's divorce case will continue next week, with Mills representing herself in court. Stay Tuned !


Anonymous said…
she's a disease that wont go away. I hope Paul thinks twice before ever marrying again.