Heath Ledger

Hollywood star Heath Ledger will be buried next to his grandparents following a private funeral in his hometown of Perth in Western Australia.The actors parents Kim and Sally Ledger have decided not to have a public funeral, preferring to invite only close family and friends to the Karakatta Cemetery in Perth.The Ledger family allegedly turned down an offer from his former school Guildford Grammar to use their chapel for the funeral, according to The Daily Sydney Telegraph.However, the Ledgers have agreed to use the chapel if they choose to hold an Australian memorial service. They attended a private ceremony for the star in Hollywood on Sunday. It is not known if Ledger’s former partner, Michelle Williams, will fly to Perth for the funeral.Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment last month at the age of 28, and it is suspected that prescription drugs played a role in his death.
Editors Note: I can't understand why Heath Ledger has not been laid to rest yet.


Anonymous said…
Me neither. The conspiracy theorist in me believes he has been laid to rest, and all this is a ruse.
Anonymous said…
Let's hope they did so while they could still do an open casket for family.
Otherwise...Good Grief! They are gonna have him worn out even in death from all of these memorial services.
Wasn't that one of the reasons given for him being on meds & not able to sleep...traveling all over the world?
Sadly ironic if you ask me.