Ellen Page

Another Hollywood celebrity is blaming the media for its treatment of wild and crazy singer Britney Spears, calling their behaviour "sickening". Ellen Page says she sympathises with Spears because she could have been in the same situation if she began her career at such a young age. Page was asked to relocate to Los Angeles to star in a new Television sitcom at just 13, but turned down the role to finish schooling in her native country of Canada. The young star is alos convinced that if she had accepted the part, she could have been a misled teen, and a victim of the tabloids’ wild paparazzi. She said, "It definitely happens to some people and it doesn’t to others.It’s really unfortunate, I wish there was more compassion for those people versus just relentless judgments. It’s sickening. "I feel bad, you know, they were hyper-sexualized at the age of 16, not guided or taken care of or nurtured properly. And now people treat it like it’s a joke. Let’s splatter their face on newspapers every day and show them being taken out of their house on a stretcher! It’s like, why don’t we ask why this is happening? It makes me very angry."
Editors Note: What is this, blame the media week ? Every celebrity is blaming the media for their drug and alcohol problem. Did the paparazzi make any of the celebrities drink and do drugs? Read below for more celebrity complaints !


Anonymous said…
It is time to turn in the gun you paparazzi are using to hold to their heads & FORCE them to drink & do drugs! LOL
Anonymous said…
I tried to shoot ellen yesterday, she wouldn't have any of it, but she did pose for a fan.